Corona Virus Epidemic Predicted in 1995…by Billy Meier

Now will people listen and heed the warnings…while there’s still time?

As clearly and unambiguously as possible, the following was stated by Billy Meier in 1995:

A lung disease will also break out in humans through the guilt of China, where bioweapons are being researched and a carelessness is releasing pathogens.

As previously stated, the UFO cover-up is over. It has always and only been about keeping this invaluable, life-saving information from the American people and the world at large.




The Billy Meier UFO Contacts – The Key To Our Future Survival


Thanks to Subhabrata Mukhuti for finding this definitive corroboration.




19 Replies to “Corona Virus Epidemic Predicted in 1995…by Billy Meier”

  1. Hi Michael,
    I have cross referenced this information “A lung disease will also break out in humans through the guilt of China, where bioweapons are being researched and a carelessness is releasing pathogens.” from contact report 251 on futureofmankind with a contact reports pdf download I have from 2010, and it only has this “another horrible epidemic and pneumonia will break out among human beings.”
    Can you possibly check this with the original contact blocks in German ?

    1. Hi Paul,

      I’ve written to Figure to check it.

      I think it may be that the October 2019 translation may have been done from a later German version of CR 251, in which they included the specifics. This has happened before of course but the significant thing to note is the October 2019 translation, well before the outbreak.

      I’ll post the response I get from FIGU of course.

      1. I’ve checked the PPKB hardback volume 7 , copyright 2005, in my possession, and it indeed contains the text “Auch eine Lungenkrankheit wird bei den Menschen ausbrechen, und zwar durch die Schuld Chinas, wo Biowaffen erforscht werden und durch eine Unvorsichtigkeit Erreger frei werden.” translation: “A lung disease will also break out in people, and this is due to China’s fault, where biological weapons are being researched and pathogens are released through carelessness.”

          1. Thanks for the confirm, James.
            However, there must be errors in that report unrelated to the virus info.

            “But what happened around Henok about 12 billion years ago, in terms of his people, has never been said before. ”

            Because the Nokodemion spirit-form is said to be ‘only’ 9.6 billion years old and Henoch, according to the GoT, lived from 9308 BCE to 8942 BCE, therefore only about 11,000 years ago.

  2. Hi Michael,

    While scrolling through YouTube videos to learn certain German word pronunciations, I came across “GEDANKENtanken,” which looks like Germany’s version of TED-Ed. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Billy Meier could be the speaker of a large arena? Has FIGU ever thought of applying to speak at GEDANKENtanken? Also, you dazzled the CBS reporters, good job!

    Salome and Take Care,


  3. I checked all my 251st Contact report versions in hand, and located a German version that is available here:,16

    Where 193 read like this: “Doch mit all dem wird noch nicht genug sein, denn eine weitere, schlimme Seuche und Lungenkrankheit wird bei den Menschen ausbrechen.”

    From Deepl: “But all this will not be enough, because another terrible plague and lung disease will break out among the people”

    I do not know the original posting date of this German version, perhaps someone in the know can shed some lights on this?



    1. Hi Tony,

      No one from above will be helping us. They are not permitted to get involved in our affairs. Their help comes in the form of information. It is our responsibility to act on that information and help ourselves.

      1. the offer was presented long ago for them to meet with the words leaders, but the president of the usa declined;/ why cant it be obtained now? as times have changed and were in an awakening ?

        1. They still weren’t going to get directly involved in our affairs. They have repeatedly stated that they will not get involved as their directives do not allow it. That meeting was supposed to relay important information about the overpopulation, the climate catastrophe, life in the Universe, and informing the public that the religions of the world are utter nonsense. It was in the hopes that humanity would finally come to reason and take responsibility for the mess that we’ve created on Earth. They would not have gotten directly involved.

  4. When seeing this post, the first thing to research was to see if there were any research facilities in Wuhan. Secondly, carelessness was correct, as they allowed people to leave Wuhan, with little to no efforts on a true quarantine.

    Now here in the States, we have 1 lady arriving to Chicago, with no symptoms until recent. No other reports of other passengers on the same plane, being infected just yet.

    The Wuhan mayor admitting that half of the city left before quarantine could be set in place, thus allowing further possible infections globally. I can only suspect that this is just a test to see how virulent this coronavirus is on the population, sure not too many people may die but this is a test none the less.

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