The WHO Is Dangerously WRONG!

As Plejaren said, asymptomatic people can spread disease; incubation up to three months


Regarding this new report:

Number of coronavirus cases from unknown source growing in U.S.

This is largely due to the inaccurate and inadequate information from the WHO.

With new cases popping up, and baffling the authorities because of no known travel or other exposure, please note what the Plejaren already told us about this rampantly spreading disease:

  • Real number of infections and deaths much higher than reported
  • Actual incubation period up to four weeks to 3 months
  • Hermetic quarantine required, must be much longer than 2 weeks
  • Breathing masks useless, virus penetrates because so small 
  • Disease spread through air, clothing and animals as well
  • Full-body protective suit, breathing apparatus only real protection
  • Asian races initially most susceptible but is spreading to others
  • The WHO is culpable for not immediately proclaiming pandemic risk
  • China, US and other countries suppressed truth for political and economic reasons

And it’s critical that hospitals immediately become aware of the inadequacy  of the commonly accepted and recommended medical protocols, equipment, etc., and the necessity of hermetically sealed quarantines, etc.

For those who may be hesitant to spread this information because of fear of ridicule, etc., please consider the possible consequences of not doing everything possible to help warn and inform the public, as well as all those who are known to you.


While most of humankind is simply incapable of recognizing the factuality of the extraterrestrial source, it should be sufficient to heed the information because the warnings themselves are – repeatedly – proving to be accurate everyday.

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  1. Without naming names, I’ve exhausted all my contacts in the UK for getting this info out, anonymously.

    So far, health bodies are calling for calm, as if this is helpful (when it comes to Brits, overreaction is the least of your worries) and so the UK will see figures rise sharply over the next few months. It also appears that research is too slow in catching up with the info from the Plejaren. Social indicators may tell us more:

    Big problem here is that people in positions of authority are often irresponsible egoists, whose only ability is to ‘look’ the part. It’s like trying to convince the Mayor of Amity Island in ‘Jaws’ to close the beaches and the World Health Organisation’s director general, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is playing the part of the Mayor to a tee, further supporting what Ptaah said:

    ‘The Express’ is to be commended again for it’s coverage, which appears to be being informed by Billy, but, can’t prove that.

  2. Hi Michael here are a few links, which pertain to the worsening predicament we are ALL in.
    With the virus comes more war talk, food shortages due to years of floods and droughts etc, which are increasing in frequency.
    The main media does not publish and/or suppresses the truth, to make money on the latest “hot topic”
    The minority knows the truth, so we must prepare for the worst and hope for the better. As fore warned is fore armed.
    The Peace meditation is so important, and apologies to all if I have duplicated links that are already in the blogs.

    As of 29/2/2020 in Europe

    Immigrants and/or fundamentalists that may be carrier’s of the virus.

    Turkey, disturbing to watch, scroll down to the video

    Virus victim in Surrey UK

    Shoot them in the head if they have Cov-2 (Korean gossip?)

    In the USA ques/line at a shopping mall

    War Turkey Russian

    Weather and food


    Locusts invasion in Al Shabab area. Pakistan PM declares State of Emergency. Other countries involved, India-Africa. We will know in 3 months to how these plagues pan out .

    Subscribe to this site below and you will get important info, as what “wild edible plants” to eat, stocking up on water, food, candles, dry milk, pharmaceuticals and a lot more.

    It maybe worth subscribing to some of the other sites above, to get world wide news a.s.a.p.
    Be careful purchasing “Hasmat suits” as some are porous and others will leave you soaking wet as the body evaporates moisture during the day..
    If Power station workers become victims of the Cov-2 virus, it means no electricity. Which means no gas/water/sewerage. You can see the picture develop.
    Be aware and take care

  3. It looks like things are starting to get out of control everywhere and the WHO is still kissing butt! This is worse than I imagined the incompetency would be. The deaths are starting to pile up in the U.S. and I’m sure there are thousands of cases and untold deaths across the country being filed under pneumonia or something else. What a disaster!

  4. Its pathetic to hear the WHO are not doing what they are supposed to and all presidents and prime ministers of every country are doing nothing or have decided not to let the public know what they are going to do or the truth at least so the public know how dangerous to virus and give us correct info on how many deaths have occured not mentioning how corrupted and guilty they are.

  5. Thank you for this information, very succinct as usual.
    It appears this new SARS virus has a 3 MONTH incubation period with no symptoms (asymptomatic) so the call of Gavin Newsom (Govenor of California) not allowing the Princess Cruise Ship into port of San Francisco was a good one. I think it would be prudent to keep them on the ship or remove them hermeticall one by one or to a less populated place. When transporting folks infected they must be hermetically sealed not face masks but total air ciruclation blocks as this is most likely an airborne virus. I know trust is not an issue in this world but this might be a good time to trust that this virus is a real Pandemic at the moment and do not drop your guard. Benjamin has a good video on Colloidal silver here: Take care, Salome: Be greeted in Peace and Wisdom.

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