CDC/DOH Guidelines Hampering COVID-19 Containment Progress

Dangerous disregard of Plejaren medical advice still putting people at risk; aggressive new mutation further increases threat

I just received information from a medical professional on the east coast that doctors, hospital directors and related medical professionals are being  hampered by CDC/local DOH guidelines, that only allow them to hold people for two weeks inpatient, usually for the elderly. and with home isolation for younger patients.

This is in dangerous disregard for the actual necessity for much longer containment times, and necessary protective protocols, as specifically expressed by the Plejaren here.

If you know any doctors and/or other medical professionals, please let them know this information. They will be free to accept and learn from it and thereby possibly contribute to saving many lives.

It is extremely important that they understand the nature of the spread of the disease by asymptomatic people and that the Plejaren say that children are the main, hidden spreaders of the disease.

Also, possibly the first reported human-to-animal transmission of the coronavirus also confirms what the Plejaren specifically warned about.


And this new warning about the coronavirus now having mutated into two strains, one of which is even more aggressive, makes the dissemination of the information from the Plejaren imperative!

Here’s more information on the current worldwide status from Reuters.

And it looks like Italy is taking very important steps, which should be followed everywhere the rampantly spreading disease appears.

The Unprecedented Plejaren Outreach

We should carefully consider that the unprecedented outreach by the Plejaren extraterrestrials, while not yet known and/or grasped by most of humankind, in itself conveys the still largely unrecognized magnitude of the threat to humankind from this rampantly spreading disease.

In these articles you will also see the progress, or the lack thereof, of the medical implementation of things that correspond with the Plejaren recommendations (oldest to newest):

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CDC/DOH Guidelines Hampering COVID-19 Containment Progress

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NYC Physician Reports First COVID-19 Case in His Hospital

Thanks to Mike Basal, Annie Newman and Norm DeCindis for article links.

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30 Replies to “CDC/DOH Guidelines Hampering COVID-19 Containment Progress”

  1. Is this is the best the DHS, the CDC or its health professional operatives can do? This would be laughable if not so serious. Now, of course, this “screener / medical professional” has contracted the virus, so how many others were infected like the screener was? And yet we are told the screener had “proper protective gear.” Obviously NOT and / or lacked in proper procedure! (Or, as we know from the Plejaren, his protective gear, unless it was a full body suit with proper filters, unlikely, was useless) Also, how many others did the screener infect? There is NO WAY this does not get a LOT worse. 4-6 weeks is my best estimate, currently, until things start really looking very bad here in the good ole USA.

    A quote from this article; “The person last worked screening air travelers for illness on Feb. 21, DHS said in a statement, which also said the medical professional had worn the proper protective gear while working. The internal email described the person as a “contract medical screener” for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

  2. The hits just keep coming. Honestly, I am finding it hard to keep up with these new reports now. Soon, it will be virtually impossible. Question; What about all the other passengers, were they contacted? How about everyone they had contact with? And on and on and on. Sigh! My 4-6 weeks estimate, above, may be overly optimistic for the USA and, even more likely for the rest of the planet.

    A quote from this article;

    “It comes after a woman travelled from Milan to Singapore on Singapore Airlines and then on to Auckland in February on Air New Zealand.

    She took an internal flight to Palmerston North and back to Auckland a week later.

    Her diagnosis was confirmed on Tuesday night.

    A spokesperson for the airline said it was updating staff regularly and giving them information on best ways to protect themsevles.

    Singapore Airlines also asked pilots and cabin crew who were on the Milan-to-Singapore flight with the woman to take leave.”

    Coronavirus: Air New Zealand stands cabin crews down | RNZ News

    1. Thanks, Michael. All this idiocy keeps taking me back to one of Michael’s films from a few years ago, “And Did They Listen”. I had always hoped that the answer would eventually be yes, but the world is quickly driving the train off the tracks at this point. It’s like watching a horror movie and knowing that a young couple is going to go into the woods late at night when a crazed madman is on the loose. You know it’s crazy, and I know it’s crazy, but none of the main characters seem to understand the seriousness of the situation.

      1. Good morning Mellissa. You are welcome but, really no need to thank me, we are all on this insane world ride together. It is, indeed, like you said, you and I can see how crazy all this is (does not have to be, of course, though) but most others just cannot no matter what warning signs, reason or help you try to give them. In fact, I have found over the years, more often than not, it is people like us that are deemed the crazy ones. The “herd mentality,” if you will, prevails. I also bought Michaels DVD of “And Did They Listen,” years ago. From the first time I watched it, I somehow just knew the answer to its title was, NO. Sadly so. Salome.

  3. Here’s one more and I am taking a rest from this for a while. It is pointless to continue this.

    Quoting from this new article;

    “Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency over the novel coronavirus after a California man died after falling ill with the virus while on a cruise ship.

    Officials are trying to locate hundreds of other Californians who disembarked from the Princess cruise ship in San Francisco last month. Officials want to determine whether they might have also contracted the virus. “

    California coronavirus emergency amid worries about Grand Princess cruise ship passengers – Los Angeles Times

  4. One of the key things that stood out to me from the Plejaren information was the fact that children can be carriers but no display symptoms as adults do. If this seems outrageous the same was discovered during the SARS outbreak, children were carriers, had mild symptoms, and not as fatal as adults.

    This article so far has stated 400+ kids have tested positive for coronavirus, but have symptoms more associated with the common cold.

  5. Longer then 2-week incubation confirmed…

    PUBLISHED: 12:53, 5 March 2020: “Recovered coronavirus patient, 36, dies of the disease five days after being discharged from a hospital in Wuhan”

    “Li Liang was discharged on February 12 after being treated for 13 days at the Guobo makeshift hospital in Hanyang District of Wuhan.”


  6. The current fatality rate must be based on the number of available tests that can be done OVER TIME in order to confirm infection, not on how many people would have actually died from COVID-19.

    In early stages of spread, a few countries have reported higher fatality rates, over 7% in Iran in early reports and then there must be a capacity issue in terms of how many tests can be practically done on the dead.

    Doubt there’s the capacity in any country to carry out tests for this virus on every person who has died, since the outbreak, and where those countries are more likely to burn the bodies of the dead to reduce the spread, thereby making tracking actual fatality rates very difficult and likely inaccurate at this time.

    1. Correction: Not difficult, you would have to check the total number of deaths above average for the year, subtracting the deaths from natural disasters, for more accurate figures, which is likely to have been done already.

  7. The long incubation period of up to three months makes this virus scary, how many people have mingled on a plane, a ship, a bus, a train, THE AIRPORT TERMINAL ? At the end of March we will know. Surely someone at the CDC has been impulsed by the plejaren .

  8. Regarding the mutation that made the virus more dangerous, the now proven “Meier told you so effect” is here much bigger than commonly realised. If you read what virologists had to say about the normal development, you learned that the virus, once migrated from an already pretty well adapted animal to a human host, would evolutionise towards over there become less lethal, so as to itself not dying out but moving along from human being to human being. Us now witnessing the type L which is able to seriously affect average Caucasians in Iran and Italy is therefore anything but easy forecasting.

    1. Thanks Stefan,to be clear, does that mean that it’s mutating along an unpredicted, not “normal”. more virulent course? Are more people now understanding that Meier’s been right about all this, where you are?

      1. The scientific article from China makes it clear that type S, the less dangerous one came first, then a new variation evolved.

        It seems that over here in Korea the bad but less lethal S flavour fortunately prevails. The specific crisis related info has during the last days indeed created extra interest amongst my workplace colleagues. Regarding social networks, my sole use, but rather intensive is Linkedin, a medium for sharing info at a rather professional level. So a somewhat unsuited/limited channel. Nevertheless, it raised for example already Corona-related interest and questions regarding my sources from a Korean university professor. It goes without saying that I did then happily share.

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