Nobody’s Coming to Save Us But Somebody Came to Help

How to help disseminate Plejaren warnings about COVID-19 pandemic

Michael Horn Live, EP 37

Friday, March 6, 7:00 PM Pacific Time

We’re going to do a show tonight to discuss the Plejaren warnings about the COVID-19 pandemic, provided to, and published by, Billy Meier well before all the true facts were known and acted upon.

We’ll focus on how you can assist your community, health professionals, government and political leaders, etc., to become fully aware of the reality, the magnitude and scope of the pandemic.

Because of the ever-increasing news pertaining to the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic, I am listing some of the stories carrying current information.

Most now confirm the accuracy of the Plejaren information, first published by Billy Meier, in German, on February 23, 2020, and then in English, on February 25, 2020…all well ahead of the recent  “discoveries” and revelations by the medical community, government, media, etc.

Because there are so many, I am not bothering to title each one. I leave it up to you to click on the links:


See also:

CDC/DOH Guidelines Hampering COVID-19 Containment Progress

Dangerous disregard of Plejaren medical advice still putting people at risk; aggressive new mutation further increases threat

Thanks also to Mike Basal, Melissa Osaki, Annie Newman, George Champaninh, Matt Knight, Bruce Lulla , Matt, Norm and others for updates.

Yes, the people were warned…now will we listen?

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3 Replies to “Nobody’s Coming to Save Us But Somebody Came to Help”

  1. Feeling a little better about my identity being displayed, I posted some of what ive noticed about all this on the healthcare whistle blower post. Whoever you are getting your information from it seems legit to me. I would normally be skeptical, not that Aliens and Humans have contact with each other but I am skeptical of people who claim they are one of “the chosen”

    My observations both physical and intuitive lead me to believe you will be a good source of information in the future.

    I’m feeling like this is going to devolve into total chaos here in the US and result in the crashing of the economy, banks and even the petrodollar itself to make us beg for an alternate system that is ready to roll out. I’ve had to make some hard decisions and many more are to come.

    I feel like an animal that senses a grave danger that cannot be otherwise seen or heard, my hair is standing on end and I am having a hard time leaving this state of hyperawareness. Its like being a Marine at war all over again, except this time the war is at home..

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