COVID-19 Quarantines, Consequences & Concerns

UPDATE March 8, 2020:

“‘Fauci said he did not think the US would impose total shutdowns – but said ‘anything is possible’.

‘We have to be realistic. I don’t think it would be as draconian as nobody in or nobody out,’ he told Fox News Sunday.

‘But if we continue to get cases like this, particularly at the community level, there will be what we call ‘mitigation,’ where we have to essentially do social distancing, keep people out of crowded places, take a look at seriousness, do you really need to travel, and I think it’s particularly important among the most vulnerable.’”

See also: 

Sacramento police ordered all residents in a California neighborhood to stay inside on Thursday due to a coronavirus death in the area.

As I warned in the video and blog below, the quarantines are NOT out of the question and the points I raised are NOT yet being discussed. A tremendous amount of social breakdown could occur with the quarantines, as well as the overwhelming of the medical facilities and resources. Be prepared.


An update on newly emerging medical situations; possible repercussions regarding personal safety from extended quarantines 

Some of what’s discussed in the video:

    • The physician says that: “The protective personal equipment (PPE) protocols we have at my hospital will not be enough and even worse, I as a hospitalist/nocturnist, will have to see the coronavirus cases exclusively but without full body hermetic suits and necessary breathing apparatus as the Plejaren recommended. Also in speaking with my ER colleagues – they are not testing unless there is a specific contact or exposure/travel history, even if patient is highly suspected of possibly having coronavirus despite not meeting the criteria (the community spread route). Good news, my friend in a well-known, Harvard-affiliated hospital in Boston says they are doing face mask with face shield, N95 respirators and full gowns, which the CDC is saying is overkill, but they are instituting it anyway.They are using negative pressure rooms (the same they use for TB), N95 respirator masks with face shields, and I assume contact precautions gowns (for C diff (Clostridium difficile, inflammation of the colon), TB, RSV a common virus with cold like symptoms) for now…  In their discussion with CDC re these protocols, CDC thought hospital’s ideas may be too much. Now I don’t want to impugn sinister or hapless motives to CDC but it could be because of resources allocation…but then again this virus is showing day by day how dangerous and contagious it is.”

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13 Replies to “COVID-19 Quarantines, Consequences & Concerns”

  1. I would say it is getting a bit more intense and desperate in Italy, sadly so. At least they are realizing the significance of this virus spread. Here, in the USA… ?

    “Italy’s government has placed more than 16 million people — a quarter of the population — under lockdown, in a drastic bid to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

    The Lombardy region, including the city of Milan has been quarantined, as have other cities including Venice, Parma and Modena.

    Meanwhile in the U.S., the first case has been confirmed in the capital Washington D.C. and hundreds of other cases have been reported around the country.”

    Coronavirus updates live: Millions quarantined in Italy as D.C reports first case

    1. A much more in depth report on the Italy situation. In it there is also this snippet;

      “ While many scientists said the world is clearly in the grips of a pandemic — a serious global outbreak – the WHO isn’t calling it that yet, saying the word might spook the world further.

      “This outbreak meets all the definitions for a pandemic,” said Devi Sridhar, a professor of global public health at the University of Edinburgh. ”

      No, we don’t want to spook he world or make it worse. The virus is already doing that just fine all by itself, in part by the lack of the WHO having taken this seriously to begin with.

      Travel chaos erupts as Italy quarantines north to halt virus

      1. It would be nice if these quarantine measures in Italy work but, I think it is becoming clear, especially for most everyone here on Michaels blog, because of the Plejaren information, which we know to be accurate, this is likely already too late and will only now bring new problems. Which would have happen anyway even if this had been done sooner. Many of which Michael eluded too in his latest video update here as well, though Italy is not the USA in terms of culture, so maybe they will fair better under a quarantine.

        Coronavirus: Northern Italy quarantines 16 million people – BBC News

        “The question is whether this is all too late. It’s believed the virus was circulating in Italy for weeks before it was detected. And there have now been cases in all 22 regions of the country. The government is now taking the most extensive containment measures outside of China. But is this a case of trying to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted? “

        Have a pleasant day everyone.


  2. Hi Michael Thank you for putting out COVID-19 Quarantines, Consequences & Concerns and the live show last night-ep37.
    Here are only a few links to show/warn others. As many do not know that it can take up to 3 months (90 days) for symptoms to surface.

    100,000 victims to come from today
    The Sun newspaper Blog
    Washing your hands, by a UK doctor

    US Navy sailor in Naples 1st confirmed coronavirus case among American servicemen in Europe
    News from Italy

    For those lucky enough to have a suitable Hazmat suit as you have mentioned, you will need to practice using it/them now! .
    That is, a few dummy runs, like going into the shower for a soapy wash down wearing the suit, if you have been outside and near
    people. And the correct procedure for taking the suit off. You will make mistakes, and logically thinking it out now will prevent you accidentally transferring the virus to other surfaces like door key, door handles, light switches (before you shower of course) and more. Place flash lights and candles in known positions in your home for the inevitable power cuts. Position furniture so you wont fall over them in the dark looking for your flashlight.
    We are at war with an invisible enemy, please be prepared.
    And thank to our friends for the warnings.

  3. The authorities should quarantine the infected. I hope some lab tech somewhere is working on a cure 24/7. It seems this virus is spreading like wildfire , last night before I called it a night John Hopkins showed roughly 105. 030 infected today it’s 109, 575 infected globally. 3-08-2020. 1:25 pm.

  4. That was a great video, Michael, and you’re absolutely right. It’s just a matter of time before the grocery store shelves start to empty out from panic buying. Toilet paper seems to be one of those hot items right now, but eventually the canned goods, rice, sugar, soap and other long term storage items will be completely emptied from our shelves. I remember when folks used to empty out the bread and milk items when an overnight snowstorm was expected. That was in small-town USA, so the larger cities are definitely in for a complete whirlwind.

    The naysayers and the ones who like to compare the flu and other diseases are only fooling themselves. Most of the diseases they use to compare, like heart disease, diabetes, etc., are things that, in most cases, can be prevented by leading a healthy lifestyle. We are talking about apples and oranges and I have no time to read that crap. Everyone is at risk of getting Covid-19 and no one is guaranteed a recovery. The other thing they fail to understand is that those other diseases don’t overwhelm our healthcare system. Covid-19 requires ICU hospitalizations in roughly 20% of cases. The world doesn’t have enough oxygen machines and healthcare workers for 20% of the population. Many that could have been saved will die from not having enough available resources and healthcare workers.

    We now have an opportunity to pull together as one unifying voice. We should remain calm and lend a voice of reason to those who are terrified or in a state of panic. Some of us have had years to prepare for these coming chaotic times, so let’s put that preparation to good use.

    1. Melissa,

      Yes, I haven’t seen anyone acknowledge how easily the entire health system(s) can be overwhelmed in an unprecedented manner.

      And with the CDC dragging its feet, many healthcare works may become…patients.

    2. Hi Melissa,

      I lifted a big burden off my shoulders by sharing the updates of the virus which also contains everything a person needs in order to become a true human being. Since the information on the blog and site are presented in the most logical and efficient manner, I rest assured that I am sending the most beautifully packaged knowledge and this, with just one click. Consequently, I remain calm and steadfast as everything is happening simultaneously.

      A huge thank you all the refining you are consistently doing. It does not go unnoticed on my part. I pay attention to all the details and how everything is accounted for.

      1. Thank you Brigitte. That’s the most important thing we can do at this point. If we remain calm, logical and steadfast, we’ll make the biggest impact possible. Thanks for also spreading the information far and wide. Every action makes a difference.

    3. Melissa:

      I agree completely with you. My cousin is an EMT and works in Suffolk County Long Island NY. I called her last night about this virus and she said she is not the least bit concerned about it and that I should stop watching the news on TV as they are only trying to whip everyone up into a frenzy and that more people die of the Flu!!! She said if I must watch any news, it should only be Fox!!! I almost dropped my phone from shock!!!! She is a 57 year old EMT and I am worried about her and her lack of concern due to misinformation she is receiving. She is a breast cancer survivor and is still taking tamoxifin for this. Also the neighbor/friend that was going to take the whole family to Japan on spring break, has finally cancelled the trip and is now very pissed that she can’t get her plane fare back. She spends more time talking about that, then the actually state of affairs with this virus. She also, like my cousin, stated that everyone needs to calm down and that we have a greater chance of contracting the flu and that if the government really felt that this was a pandemic, Trump and others would say so. By the way, I know that she is a long time Fox viewer. Just sayin something is not right here. How can there be so many Americans who don’t think there is any big deal with this virus!!!!! I know I can’t put the blame solely on Fox news as other far right wing conservative radio talk show hosts are also telling their listeners the same thing. Like Sandy Rios. We really are very stupid and arrogant people to not be able to see things happening in real time in Europe and what is happening here and connect the friggin dots!!!!!! It is beyond sad. It is stupidly pathetic!!!!!

      1. Hi Diane,

        I agree with you so much. I have seen people on both sides of the political spectrum, who I thought were somewhat level-headed, give the most asinine advice regarding this virus. I follow quite a few different personalities, but many of them are out to lunch on this issue. The constant bickering about politics is so exhausting that I have to mute certain people for periods of time. These folks who only follow one side and refuse to look at things in a neutral and logical way are only cheating themselves. The ignorance and outright stupidity is unbelievable and unbearable at this point.

  5. Hi Michael from today’s announcement by WHO, links below, it looks quite clear that they don’t really know the facts about this virus, which they are being paid for. Dithering about and nervous replies, together with the fact that they are telling us, the “professional and health care workers” do not know how to decontaminate and remove their PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, while an air borne virus, that, is floating about, is now spreading at an alarming rate.

    Fast forward to 46 minutes to listen to the experts that cannot think outside the box.
    WHO talking.

    I forgot to add to my last comments that; a bath full of water, may be the only water one will have for a while, if the public utility service’s slow to a halt.
    A battery operated radio will be handy . So you can hear the “all clear” later, if this virus gets badly out of control.
    And spare batteries, also for flash light etc.

    If there is a power cut in your area, mobile phone cell sites “should” operate from backup batteries for about 12 hours. Longer if the telco operators can move their standby generators from site to site and recharge them. Keep the chat short.

    And thank you to the gentleman who wrote a previous blog, on a improvised bio suit, which I would like to add to.
    For those who have bought “Marigold” gloves for washing up the dish’s/protection. Wearing cotton gloves or similar inside will delay the time it takes for your hands to soak the inside of the rubber gloves.

    Baggy, water proof, top and bottoms be purchased, wellington boots, thick elastic bands to seal trouser bottoms ” over” the boots. And for the wrists, the rubber gloves sealing over the arms of the top piece. One must be aware of over-heating in a bio suit and limit ones actions. A baggy suit allows air to move about inside.
    The powers that be, are dragging their knuckles with providing suitable PPE. Basically they do not know how to address the problem. May be the military have answers to a biological attack, assuming they are not ill with the virus.

    Most of us do not know what the future holds at present, or how it will pan out. Living under curfew/marshal law, if it comes to that, is not that bad. You do get used to it.
    The first time is always the worst, empty streets etc., As was the months of December/January in Chinese cities, as they were placed in lock down.
    For single people, stay with a friend for company, and go 50/50. As we could be looking at 90 days.

    And remember some people “count the flies while the elephats go marching by”, that’s true of the british and WHO and so on.
    And all please don’t forget what you have read, and you speak the truth, the truth that-is eternal that Nokodemion had written down , regrettably the majority are still living their life in their “illusion of life”, religion or what they believe is life; sex,drugs, rock and roll, football, boxing and so on, as they feed their bodies and not their mind and this virus is just “beep beep” and I’m alright attitude.

    We are all on the learning curve of life, and of course many more to follow, the majority do not know this, so one has to be sympathetic towards them,” as they know not what they do”. Later you will be thanked by some and they will say, they wished they had listen to you earlier, when you offered help.

    As our “know it all scientists” only understand 3% of DNA (the working set), and 97% is referred to as DNA desert/jungle. It will take time for them to find the correct vaccine, and up to 9 months to “tool up” for mass production with the inevitable hic up’s on the way.
    We are at war with an invisible enemy, that is airborne, we must respect our enemy.
    It might seem like a long haul as humanity faces its darkest hour (again), but we will get through it.
    Be aware and take care

  6. I was wondering if tea tree oil would work to help protect folks. it was used durning the black plague by those that took up the bodies and carted them off. from what I understand they wore these snout like masks that were filled or soaked with tea tree oil. few to none of these folks got infected. it may work with this situation we find ourselves in. also there is a product called pure works. that has proven to kill off all sorts of infections as well as aids. but only out side the body. its worn on the hands and face. I have been using these together. but I do not know if these will really work on this virus. maybe? Robert

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