They’re getting closer, if that’s any comfort, but MUST implement the Plejaren Protocols

The “experts” blather on but the full truth was published on February 25, 2020 HERE

Once again, the public is being DANGEROUSLY MISLED by inadequate, inaccurate information from the CDC, which was quoted in a new study:

“People are most likely to spread the virus when they are the sickest, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

‘Some spread might be possible before people show symptoms; there have been reports of this occurring with this new coronavirus, but this is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads,’ the CDC said.”

I pointed out yesterday that Dr. Michael Osterholm was also WRONG about:

Lack of awareness of true incubation period up to three months

Keeping children in schools because they are the main hidden spreaders

Not realizing that shutting borders DOES work, as Russia has shown

Hotels, Dorms, etc.

As I mentioned in previous blogs and videos, there are still largely unconsidered and undiscussed factors that can compound the difficulties during – and after the presumed end of – the pandemic.

There are also factors that could extend the presence of the disease, especially because of the actual incubation periods and the fact that children are the main hidden spreaders.

We need to find out how much of a problem…hotels, dorms and offices may turn out to be, because of the possible use of recirculating air systems, etc. While it is to be hoped that the risk of infection isn’t great in such locations, in a sense these may be equivalent to “stationary cruise ships”. More information is needed to correctly evaluate the risks.

Difficult Choices

Certainly, schools must be closed for all stated reasons. Of course, this poses very large problems for many parents, many of whom are also single  parents or others critically important to supporting their families for various reasons.

This is one of a number of difficult choices facing parents, where either choice is fraught with problems. Taking into account that children are the main hidden spreaders of a deadly disease presents previously unprecedented challenges.

Bullet Points

Among the most critical – still not fully recognized/implemented – points raised by the Plejaren, in addition to those already proved accurate from the beginning, are:

  • Actual incubation period up to four weeks to 3 months
  • Spread by asymptomatic people; through air, breath, clothing, etc. 
  • Breathing masks useless, virus penetrates because so small 
  • Full-body protective suit, breathing apparatus only real protection 
  • Hermetic quarantine required, must be longer than 2 weeks 
  • Virus becomes more aggressive over time, claiming more lives
  • Children largely immune but main hidden spreaders of disease** 

*This must be taken into consideration for any and all international travelers, no matter what countries they may have been to, since it must be considered that they have encountered many other travelers who may have been to those countries and/or who may be asymptomatic disease spreaders as a result of exposure themselves.

 Information received, from Switzerland, on March 1, 2020.

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24 Replies to “CDC WRONG AGAIN!”

  1. You and I are amidst a very severe test brought about by overpopulation (Nine Billion at this time, which may be Three Billion very soon). In order to strengthen yourself you must create in yourself again and again the strong feeling that you are standing in the sea of the light, the love, the joy, the peace and the truth of the Creation and that you are situated in it’s life even if you are not yet able to comprehensively grasp this. Knowing this truthful information provides might to KNOW the proper action to take regardless of what someone unknowing might tell you. The virus can lay dormant (apparently) up to three months and children can carry it yet remain asymptomatic (without symptoms), many schools are closed in your area and the children are incubated with their older parents when they need to be hermetically separated!.

    Again and again: You are standing in the sea of light, the love, the joy and peace and the truth of The Creation.

    Salome: be greeted in peace and wisdom.

  2. I am ‘screaming’ (so to speak) to the Dutch health authorities right now, have sent them multiple emails, telling them that they should take the Plejaren stringent recommendations seriously, even announcing myself as a medical doctor, with providing them a couple of recent links on this site, especially advising them to close down the childcare facilities and schools immediately, like pres. Macron of France did, but all I get is ‘thank you for your email’. And our prime Minister Rutte (a ‘weak knees softie know-nothing at all’) only tells the public ‘it’s not necessary to close down these facilities AS THE CHILDREN ARE NOT ILL (you don’t say…)
    So, ‘we’ don’t listen…

  3. In Poland all schools, kindergarfens have been closed as for now for 2 weeks which might be not enough. All universities, theathers, cinemas as well. Unfortunately the government is very pro catholic so the closure does not involve churches which is stupid when considering the fact that most people that attend the mass are the elderly. We had recently a shocking discovery of a guy who helped the priest serving the comunion that turned out to be covid positive. This happened in small place called Czapury and as far as I know most of the local community is on cuarantine. I don’t even what to think how many people got inffected…

  4. Hi Michael you are working so hard for the mission,and doing a very good job and I thank you for what you are doing.
    Home made PPE

    Listening to the radio and media (nurse), they have said the following:-
    Virus stays in air 30 mins
    On metal surface it lasts 12 hours?
    Can live on hands for 5 to 10 minutes?
    On fabric 10 to 12 hours?
    Landry detergent will kill it?

    Dettol kills the Covid 19 virus

    Iran’s mass burial sites seen from space. Friday prays in mosque’s spread the pathogen.

    Spain enters state of emergency

    European virus cases increase

    People cannot trust the media for information on the virus. scroll down for the tweet.
    Be aware and take care

  5. Hi Michael
    Following up on home made PPE

    his person in Poland has the right idea. Just like the early days December/January in China.
    From the Chinese social media, people laughed in the background, as people wore similar home made suits. I don’t think they are laughing now.
    How hermetically sealed it is up to the person(s) making their PPE. It looks like he used thin plastic sheeting and heavy duty bin liners, cut to size, and using “Duck tape/Gaffer tape” (The name maybe different in USA). Its the water proof tape with a fibre weave in it. Hardware stores will have both. At least it will protect you from someone coughing, near or behind you, who doesn’t cover their mouth, and also it’s protecting your clothing.
    Brigitte de Roch’s video is worth reading/listen too.

    Removing your protective suit.
    Firstly, when at home switch off fan/Air conditioning unit, as you don’t want the virus to be blown off your suit and around your home.
    If you are a couple then you can decontaminate each other, before you take off your suit, using “wipes” /Dettol spray and a cloth.
    Single people, spray left hand rubber glove first, then right hand rubber glove. Next start at your boots/shoes, spraying them first before removal, and placing them in the “safe area” in your home, the bathroom is best place if close/convenient. Then wipe/ spray the trouser part, before removing them. Followed by the top part of the suit, which will be tricky, as you will have the hood attached or as a separate item. Assuming you are at the stage were your arms are the only parts covered, pull one arm out of the sleeve and glove, holding the glove so you can put your hand back into the glove, therefore enabling you to slide the other arm out of the sleeve. You still have your mask on, right!
    You then can use a cloth to wipe and dry the suit. Wipe the gas mask before you take it off; and breath easier. Wipe/dry the cloves before you take them off, and place them in the safe area. Now wash your hands with soap and water or use the sanitizer geal that they recommended in your country.
    It all sounds very complicated, but its quite easy; think logically through it, step by step. And do some practice runs in the safety of your home first.

    But remember, you will heat up in a hermetically sealed suit, so go at a slow rate, don’t rush. And make sure your suit is baggy. This is not designer wear.
    Why the military haven’t released their manual, on bio warfare protection, I don’t know. It would help.

  6. Your newest video is spot on, Michael. The incompetency of the leaders and the media around the world is astonishing. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s worse than anything I could have imagined. They are thick-headed elitists who just don’t understand the true human condition. They live in their rich fantasy worlds away from the average citizen. I’m so sick of all of them and I’m equally sick of the political and conspiracy nonsense.

    If we don’t find a way to come together and end the secret labs, the weapons of war, the hatred of others and the total disregard for our planet, our distant descendants won’t have a habitable planet.

  7. It’s not incompetence… it’s being done on purpose so the sheep don’t panic. The economies are so fragile and the leaders are so afraid of losing control of the potentially rioting people they will lie and ignore as long as possible, usually until it’s too late. Did anyone here expect anything less??? The dumbest of the dumb run the show.

    No one mentions that Russia shut their borders immediately weeks ago. No major issues on their end to date. Canada is still flying people in from China, even after the idiotic prime minister and his wife have Cov19.

    Stupidity is rampant… we’re screwed.

    1. Yes, of course the leaders are trying to downplay the situation, but they are also incompetent, or they would have done more earlier on to track cases and quarantine smaller groups of people. You can’t tell me that those at the highest levels didn’t know what was really going on in China. Instead, they let the whole thing blow up out of control and now the mass panic is unstoppable. The media, scientists, medical professionals, health organizations, etc. have also been incompetent with their lackadaisical attitudes. It’s a mixture of both incompetence and suppression that has led and will lead to unfathomable mass hysteria and panic buying.

      Also, please use your first and last name when commenting. Thanks.

      1. Definitely a little bit of both but the govt has plans for all these scenarios and there seems to be too many chiefs in the mix. Only 50 years of sick leadership would allow 90% of your medicine, useful face masks, and disaster relief items to be made by another country consisting of brutal leadership.

        Many smart people in govt have been ringing the bell about this for years and no one listens and the average joe and Jane will suffer for it.

  8. So.. in the Netherlands we just had a national press conference by the government: we are going in virtual lockdown until (at least) April 6th.

  9. Dreams / reflections:

    Bright sunlight has been used for centuries as a natural disinfectant. In medieval Britain, people would place their pots and pans out into direct sunlight after washing, as the ultraviolet rays kills bacteria. Keep that in mind if you have no money or there are no supplies. Reserve days out for when the sun has been shining all day.

    Second, maybe first, to hand-washing, the most infected place is wherever you tread. Be mindful of what you can pick up on the soles of your shoes. Identify an outdoor pair of shoes and put them on and take them off outside of your property and wash your hands each time. Store them outside and upside-down with the soles facing the South to catch the direct sun. Washing them could be dangerous due splashing.

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