HOW the CDC Spreads COVID-19

Total disregard for the health of medical personal, patients and public at large because of the…bottom line

We posted this information yesterday and now I have permission to post the letter below, from one of the whistleblowers at  Torrance Memorial Hospital.

Please understand that their desire to remain anonymous is quite understandable, in light of the risk they face. Of course, in this age of online anonymity – often used by hordes of people to attack others – I’m sure we’ll extend our understanding to them.

And, for those who truly understand that the CDC is actually, in no uncertain terms, spreading this disease because of its total disregard for the health of medical personal, patients and the public at large, we’ll share this information and extend our gratitude to them for bringing it forward:


I’m an RT or respiratory therapist and I’m writing this because we’ve experienced a lot misunderstanding and confusion when dealing with the Covid-19 virus at the hospital. I am certain that when the Chinese shared their findings with the world and deemed it airborne it would benefit the rest as to how to deal with it. However, the CDC has downgraded the virus to droplet precaution and I’m not sure why. The US’s sample size is much smaller (but growing) than of other countries and having done this will increase the spread of the virus.

So I asked our educator about why the Chinese deem Covid airborne and the ya doesn’t. He said that it might be the difference in language classification. I am not seeing the cdc state that it is droplet. It just speaks to the precautions to take. Surgical mask/face shield is what you need until you intubate or give treatments up close then a respirator will be needed.

I have seen first hand the chaos of trying to implement safeguards for health care personnel (hcp) in regards to how we isolate a patient and the personal protective wear we use. Hospital staff, especially in the ER, were not ready for the diligence required of containing the spread of an airborne threat. Let alone trying to move a higher risk patient through the hospital to a more permanent location. Frequently, I was instructing hcp’s the proper technique to even don the equipment while not contaminating the very things they were about to wear for protection. Several times staff broke airborne containment thinking they were the exception because they were supervisors or directors jeopardizing the whole effort.

The paramedics and emts who arrived with these patients have had little to no education and were simply not provided the proper protective equipment. Further increasing the risk of spreading the virus.

I hope this bullshit is not political or economical because we should be listening and learning from others’ experience. I don’t know what the CDC is doing.

I wish to remain anonymous.

And…why is the CDC hampering the effective containment of this rampantly spreading disease? The answer, of course, is that good ol’ American God, the…bottom line.

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11 Replies to “HOW the CDC Spreads COVID-19”

  1. tried to disseminate the information as much as i can, sometimes it sadden me whenever the people ridicule me about the source of information came from UFO or aliens.

    1. Remember Ritchie, the ONLY thing that matters is that the source (Meier) is again correct and is being backed up now by medical professionals.

  2. Hi All

    Confronted with the arrogance and ignorance of the irrational thinking human being, and you have already seen many. Use your toy phone to show the doubters the blog below. Point out the date to them.

    The part that Ptaah said “A lung disease will also break out…and so on. In contact report 251.
    You will find that when this is show to them, the doubter will go silent.
    I find women are more attentive to what is said:-
    “Children are the main spreaders and it can last up to 3 months before the symptoms show”.
    But feel assured that what you read on this site is the truth. so feel confident, in what you say to others. Yes it is tiring but keep on at it. As regards to ufo bit: –
    My approach is “In Switzerland there is a man, who, for 70 years has been trying to warn people (experts and all) of the coming catastrophes, and so on. One can also point out the 4 pending catastrophes coming to our planet.
    The ufo is the eye candy, “now I have your attention will you pay attention”.
    Good luck

  3. The scribes and Pharaohs of the third millennium can’t accept that there are people smarter , older, and more technologically advanced than them. AND THEY TELL THE TRUTH. Which exposes the fakers, liars, egomaniacs and power hungry officials. Billy foretold epidemics, climate change, volcanoes, stronger earthquakes , AI, cell phones, the EU , Mufon, etc , all in the 1940’s. History proves him correct every single day. If only the Goblet of truth would spread like the Corona virus. We could get face to face help.

  4. Youtube is blocking me from commenting on your new video , sooo frustrating. Very important update . Many thanks Michael .

  5. I spend a lot of time on YouTube commenting on different channels giving billy’s information. YouTube has never censored me until now. Thanks mellisa.

    1. I think some of the information has touched a nerve. China has been censoring much about being responsible for this virus and even some of their people have gone missing.

      My county has been put on lock-down, or shelter-in-place, for the next 3 weeks. Only essential businesses are allowed to remain open, but everyone is trying to fit themselves into the description of an essential business. I keep telling people that’s how Italy ended up on full lock-down, but of course, no one listens.

  6. People here locally are beginning to understand it’s time to be calm and prepare. The shock of the situation is wearing off. Most have accepted we will be quarantined at some point. The after effects is what concerns me. Enochs prophecies.

  7. These documents and emails obtained from the CDC show their lack of preparation and understanding, exactly as described by Billy and Ptaah in Contact Report 729 and 730 on January 2nd and 6th.

    The CDC fumbled its communication with public health officials and underestimated the threat of the coronavirus even as it gained a foothold in the United States, according to hundreds of pages of documents ProPublica obtained.

    by Caroline Chen, Marshall Allen and Lexi Churchill March 26, 12:18 p.m. EDT

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