Whistleblowers on COVID-19 Frontlines in NYC, LA Reveal CDC Cover-up



  • Swiss source published how to contain COVID-19 three weeks ago, CDC still hampering
  • Doctor on frontlines in NYC says CDC hampering efforts, putting medical personnel, patents and public at greater risk
  • Respiratory Therapist in L.A. confirms dangerous conditions exist at UCLA, St. Jude, Torrance Memorial hospitals
  • Real incubation up to THREE MONTHS, airborne nature portend crisis for months unless protocols implemented
  • Accurate info first published on February 25, more than three weeks before most info known or implemented

On February 25, Swiss sources provided all the – now confirmed as accurate – information pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, many critical warnings in this information have not yet been heeded.

Within days of publication, a whistleblower physician on the frontlines at a major hospital in NYC, confirmed that the Swiss information was 100% accurate and that the CDC was still hampering efforts of all medical personnel, nationwide, and thereby endangering their health and safety and that of patients and the public as well.

Shortly thereafter, a Respiratory Therapist, working at UCLA, St. Jude and Torrance Memorial hospitals in Los Angeles, reported the same issues at these facilities are posing a great risk to all concerned. Additional information received from the Swiss sources, on March 16, reveal additional details – still unknown to our medical authorities – about the actual scope of the airborne transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Whistleblowers will interview with mainstream media, provide detailed critically important protocols for all hospitals to protect medical personnel, patients and the public


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28 Replies to “Whistleblowers on COVID-19 Frontlines in NYC, LA Reveal CDC Cover-up”

  1. I have just completed watching a documentary entitled “Pandemic” on Netflix. The date that this info was garnered for this series (1-6 episodes), was at least several years ago and participants in it said that another flu-like contagion was coming and it would be big, although they could not speculate when. Was there any way to prepare, if no one knew anything about it? At least we have been given guidance from the Pleijarens, who are our ancestors and have had experience with this situation. My thanks and esteem to them, for trying to help through this malady. Mark Weatherly

    1. contagion is very similar, a movie about a virus from the Guangdong providence going global in 30 days, leading to the government suggesting social distancing, sanitizer, etc. coincidence ?

    1. That’s correct Barry, but also because of many serious things, including Economic Depression, Martial Law, and civil wars, according to the Ps, the USA will break up into 5 independent areas after 2020. In my opinion, that will happen sooner than later. 5 independent “countries” that will probably not get along very well. This extremely dire pandemic, where one person is dying from it per hour in NYC, that is crushing the US economy, that will bring extreme social unrest and Martial Law, is the first step in that direction. Fasten your seat belt, prepare to crash, there’s no avoiding it!

  2. Maybe we could put the infected on medical ships, help them recover, meantime the virus can’t continue to spread into neighborhoods . It would be offshore separating it from everyone else = containment. One ship has 1,000 hospital beds, all the needed lab tech, etc.

    1. That might help a little, but in my opinion there are 500k to 1mil infected Americans already, and growing. We will know the numbers better in 2-4 weeks. I think the only thing that can stop this horrific pandemic is a cure or vaccine, which is at least 1 year away. I don’t believe that it has slowed down in China through social distancing. The Chinese ALWAYS lie. Every government lies. They think they have to in order to save their economies. Also, I am totally against unrealistic wishful thinking and false hope pandering related to this pandemic! Trump is the worst offender in that regard.

    2. There are vitamins such as C, D3, Selenium and antivirals such as echinacia, raw chopped garlic and ginger, turmeric, elderberry extract and spirulina that kill virus and boost the immune system. In light of the fact that there is little treatment and no vaccine, the prudent thing to do would be to take vitamins and natural antivirals.


      1. Thanks, we also can add licorice root extract, colloidal silver and colloidal copper, etc.

        One must be careful with licorice though, see the cautions online.

      2. Sorry, there is no scientific clinical proof that any herb or plant can kill a virus. They can strengthen your immune system, which can lessen the symptoms of a viral infection, which is good, of course, but they cannot kill it. Do your absolute best to not contract this bioweapon virus, which IS bioengineered to have HIV, FLU, and PNEUMONIA IN IT. My niece, who is a doctor, and was working in a hospital in NYC, tested positive for the coronavirus 3 days ago. She is very sick today. She is 30 years old and previously healthy. Trust me, there is no cure for it!

  3. The Way to Live
    496: When one recognises that the nature of the consciousness is identical, in a remote form, to the spiritual consciousness, then the cognition also awakens that a separation from the Creation is not possible, because the spirit which inhabits the human being is one with it, whereby the Creation is also present in the human being. If this inseparableness of the human consciousness, spirit and Creation is recognised, then gratefulness and deference develop for the existence of the Creation and the life, which widens into honouring in dignity, and broadens the human being’s range of vision so much that he/she recognises the creational laws and recommendations and, in striving for higher things, follows them, conscious of responsibility. p 450

  4. COVID-19. Italy 53,578 cases, 4,825 deaths, 789 deaths today. USA 25,896 cases, 316 deaths, 24 deaths in NYC today.

    Medical experts are warning that hundreds of millions of people around the globe could eventually catch COVID-19, and if that actually happens, millions of people are going to die. Globally, less than 12,000 people have died during this pandemic so far, and the level of fear we are witnessing is off the charts. The entire western world is shutting down and economic Depression setting in. People are freaking out like we have never seen before. So what is going to happen if the global death toll soon gets 1000 times higher? According to the CDC, in a “worst-case scenario” more than 200 million people could become infected in the United States alone.

    Some people that get this virus only experience minor symptoms the entire time, and that is definitely good news,
    but many others have been hit extremely hard. Some survivors experienced “blinding pain” for weeks, and many felt like they were constantly being suffocated. And even if you survive after going through all that, there is a good chance that your lungs could be permanently damaged for the rest of your life. In fact, one Belgian doctor says that the lung damage that he has been witnessing is nothing short of terrifying. Also, since this bioweapon has a HIV component, victims could contract HIV AIDS.

    1. Can you post a link to the scientific data that says you can catch HIV if you’ve had COVID-19. Nothing in the data that I’ve read seems to suggest that and I can’t find any doctors who can confirm that either. It’s only a very small sequence and the HIV proteins are said to be what makes the virus bind to the cells more easily.


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