Billy Meier Right AGAIN as Virus Can Survive for DAYS

We also need to get way ahead of possible spread by mosquitoes in warmer weather

Once again, the inaccurately titled “news” mainly serves to confirm the information from Billy Meier and the Plejaren, regarding the true facts about the COVID-19 pandemic. In this new article, we learn that the virus can survive not just for hours but up to many days…as was also spelled out on March 16.


Also, the following paragraph caught my eye and perhaps hints at another great cause for concern:

9. Ninethly: An infectious contact can also occur via infected persons that are coughing and sneezing, or by dogs and cats, because also pets can be carriers of the coronavirus. Also, the indirect way of contact infection or smear infection with the virus from items, body surfaces or food on which the infectious air borne droplets have settled, leads to contamination if they subsequently get into the body via the mucous membranes, for example, the mouth, nose or eyes. A transmission via the faecal-oral way and other body excretions is also possible, as is a transmission via infected animals, creatures and house beetles, such as cockroaches and so forth.

If the beetles and roaches can transmit the coronavirus, what about…mosquitoes? A quick search confirms that:

“Diseases that are spread to people by mosquitoes include Zika virus, West Nile virus, Chikungunya virus, dengue, and malaria.”

Unless the transmission of the coronavirus by mosquitoes can be completely ruled out (by whom?) I suggest that this is also the time to prepare, to get way ahead of a possible exponential spread of the disease in the coming months. All measures for mosquito control should be activated and ready, since this could greatly compound the other problems that warm weather may bring.


I spoke with Scott Antes, the professor that invited me to give two presentations at NAU. He pointed out that the COVID-19 virus attacks the respiratory system and, as far as we know, is not transmitted through the blood, as the other viruses (mentioned above) are. However, we’re also told that the virus mutates and, since there are still many unknown factors, I think it’s best to err on the side of caution.

As my earlier blog points out, some people may succumb to the desire for more lax behavior during warmer weather, perhaps favoring the incorrect information that it would “significantly slow the spread of coronavirus”. This could include engaging in more social contact, less concern for social distancing, irresponsible use of alcohol, drugs and a more “defiant” attitude…born out of denial.

In warmer climates, where the imposition of self, or mandated, quarantines have been in place, those unaccustomed to such constraints might want to “bust lose”, etc. The warmer climates are more friendly to mosquitoes and certainly self-discipline and self-control should be augmented by efficient public services tasked with mosquito control, as well as other insects.

Speaking of Bugged

It seems that bad business is bugging the president more than the deadly pandemic that’s already changing the lives of millions of Americans, whether infected not. So, since repetition is the mother of learning:



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  1. The world needs to come to reason master their own fears by mastering their own inner worlds, and prevent the Henoch Prophecies.

    1. the world does not reason. It operates to serve the top 1% and on quarterly earnings for wall street and london.
      Wake up !

      1. And what the hell difference are YOU making by more conspiratorial complaint? Go do…something meaningful with the information we’ve provided.

  2. The masses of people out there have been brainwashed and programmed to disbelieve all UFO material and all billy meier material. If anyone tries to promote the billy meier messages and teachings they are immediately labelled as crazy, a lunatic, a nutjob, a nutcase, mentally unstable, mentally ill, a freak etc. and they will be ridiculed, ignored and fobbed off. Their name and character will be destroyed in public. They could be put into a mental hospital. For many years and decades billy meier has failed to get his message across to the masses of people and to the mainstream. Recently Michael Horn was ignored by the press and media in the USA. Surely michael horn and billy meier learned from this harsh and bitter lesson. Its been the same story of failure for over 50 years.
    These are the facts. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs and evidence. if billy meier, michael horn and the plejaren want to get the masses of people to believe them and their messages, then the plejaren must appear in full view of the public and in front of the press and media of the usa and other countries and provide the evidence of their existence. I give this challenge to plejaren and to billy meier. Humanity has matured enough and is ready for this encounter. The time is now !

    1. Hi Michael,

      Correction: Any and ALL claims ONLY require the application of scientific methodology to determine their factual accuracy.

      That other statement is a commonly accepted, belief-based bit of nonsense. Wasn’t Galileo’s claim about the earth revolving around the sun, etc, an “extraordinary claim” at the time?

      Honestly, neither Meier, me, nor most of us “learned” anything new as a result of (again) being ignored by the press. While it may take a long time, it is the people of earth who – sooner or later – must learn the truth. The truth doesn’t and isn’t going to change for their/our convenience.

      And no, there won’t be any photo ops, “personal appearances”, etc., for the inane god-believers to create yet another religion around, or for people to go completely psychotic, suicidal and genocidal over. The truth is the truth, in time people may just accept and get used to it.

      1. unless you provide the evidence of existence in public and for news and media and scientists you will be viewed as crazy, a lunatic, a nutjob, a nutcase, mentally unstable, mentally ill, a freak etc. and you will be ridiculed, ignored and fobbed off. Your name and character will be destroyed in public. You could be put into a mental hospital.

        These are the facts of human nature which someone with basic intelligence can understand. Its time for the plejaren to step up to the plate and deliver. No more excuses.

        1. There won’t be any photo ops, “personal appearances”, etc., for the inane god-believers to create yet another religion around, or for people to go completely psychotic, suicidal and genocidal over. The truth is the truth, in time people may just accept and get used to it.

          It’s time for all people who think this way, which is a dependence on religious, political, outside sources, to stop whining and do their part to inform others of the truth…for the sake of their own future survival.

          NOBODY is coming to save you, jump through hops, perform at your command, etc. Your life is…YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

        2. The question here is; who cares what non-thinkers say or think about us? The truth doesn’t require their belief or acceptance. The truth remains the same for all time and the Plejaren are under no obligation to “deliver” anymore than they already have. That’s such entitled thinking.

  3. Of course, nobody here needs reminders from ME … but as I close in on finishing MOTT, THIS is a healthy reminder for ME! How’s evrybody doing in regards to the following?
    from pg 334:
    “Wise human beings rely on neutral-positive-equalized knowledge and on the wisdom which results from it, because they thereby not only form their lives correctly, in a healthy manner and evolutively, in a form based on the creational laws, rather, through their thoughts, which are directed in the same way, they also contribute everything necessary for keeping the psyche healthy. And if the psyche is healthy, then that also has an effect on the entire body, because healthy thoughts and feelings – and, with that, also a healthy psyche – also promote one’s physical health, which doesn’t mean, however, that the entire health of the human being is only dependent upon his/her psyche, because truthly there are also many illness factors which are not associated with the psyche.”
    “Right thoughts and right feelings are therefore able to promote health across the board, while, in certain cases, wrong thoughts have an encouraging effect on illnesses AND CAN promote them. And exactly in this regard there are many human beings who tend and nurture illness-related thoughts and allow them to stream out of their consciousness directly into their bodies.”

  4. Thanks MH & Melissa…

    …so I checked out the “this new article” link posted, as well as the study it’s talking about. My notes:

    The article is all about downplaying the fear-factors… and again with the talk of human aerosol as only being emitted in coughs and sneezes () which consist moreso of larger, heavier particles that settle faster than the “aerosol used in the study.” They are totally ignoring that much finer, lighter aerosol particles are released in every exhale… again as Ptaah so thoroughly and clearly explained in that March 16 doc.

    Furthermore, the article states that the study said the aerosol is viable for 3 hours, but the study itself did NOT say that. The experiment simply ONLY LASTED 3 hours!!! …during which time the virus bits reduced from ~3162 units per liter of air to ~501 units per liter of air. If we extrapolate that reduction rate, the aerosol virus particles would continue settling for a total of 13-21 hours (my own calculated estimates… i could be wrong), before totally reaching zero in the atmosphere (meaning all viable particles then settled on the surrounding surfaces).

    Link to the study (as someone already shared it, thanks!):

  5. Hi Michael
    I Forgot this one from Iceland. A patient has 2 strains of Covid19.

    The warmer day time weather in UK has brought out the mosquitoes. I sent 2 to the “other side” early January. Friends had not noticed Bumble bees either. Some people just do not see nature, or the truth when it’s starring them in the face. Like flowers that have not died back during winter (over the last 3 or 4 years).
    Be aware and take care

  6. I sense as the world overcomes this vermin from bat caves of the red dragon China…the present world is also assisting the future earth in their time course with…wolves hollowing from the Red planet Mars. Perhaps one day in reason people confront the real monster…overpopulation ….with a world wide birth ban. Salome

  7. If people are staying home by videos instead of inperson wouldnt it be nice if the Plejarens would introuce us to t hem by videos such as Youtube,video steeming etc,etc,etc. I think this might help get their messages across to us even if not all of this insane world wont learn to control their stupid insane politics,r religions, etc. After all the Plejarens are human beings just like all of us but more evolved,etc,etc. As I`ve always said the people of earth need to learn to gorw up!

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