One month ago the people were warned again…and they still didn’t listen

YOU Are in Danger Now Because of CDC!

I just received this update from the doctor on the frontlines in one of New York City’s besieged, underequipped hospitals, where staff and patients alike are at great risk because of the bureaucratic delays by the CDC’s and hospital administrators’ failure to heed the Plejaren warnings.

This says it all:

From: xxxxx <xxxx@xxxxxxx.com>
Subject: Hermetically Sealed Quarantines Now!
Date: March 25, 2020 at 10:40:07 AM MST
To: xxx@xxxx.org
Cc: michael@theyfly.com
Hello xxxx –
Michael forwarded your email to me. I am a doctor on the frontlines in NYC and have been aware of the Meier info regarding coronavirus since about 1 month ago and have been trying to warn leadership and our departments on the need to implement the Plejaren protocols (hermetic quarantines for much longer than 2 weeks) right away or else this will be even a bigger disaster.
We need to get Covid pts their own triage/treatment/quarantine space completely separate from hospitals because they are infecting our unprotected healthcare workers and other patients as the Plejaren indicated would happen due to it being so highly contagious and airborne. Unfortunately a young coworker had contracted the virus working diligently and I learned of their passing recently due to coronavirus. This can’t continue to happen to healthcare workers and other patients.
The healthcare workers at all times require full hazmat suits with gloves, boot/shoe covers, goggles and with PAPRs (purified respirators) preferably, since you can inhale this from infected or asymptomatic coronavirus carriers in close proximity, or even in closed ventilation spaces such as the ER department/rooms. Again, as the Plejaren info indicated a month ago in their warnings. This is of vital urgency for all our hospitals/localities to employ if we have any chance of mitigating coronavirus impact on our country.  Or else our frontlines will be gone.
Be in touch.. and stay safe
NYC doc on the frontlines

NOTE: EVERY reader of this information must pressure your hospitals and local officials to heed what this doctor – and the Plejaren – are saying about hermetically sealed quarantines, proper hazmat-type protective equipment, breathing apparatus, etc. You, your families, your communities are all at risk from the incompetent, economically motivated, barely half-measures taken by the CDC, hospital administrators and the rest of bureaucrats who are showing they are unqualified, incapable and incompetent to protect their constituents.

Act now BEFORE your hospitals, medical facilities and personnel are overwhelmed by the COVID-19 disease and all of its consequences.

Published February 25:

Harsh Truth from Plejaren About SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic

Published March 16:

Newest COVID-19 Information from Swiss Sources!












  1. Well, I reached out to my local hospitals. Remains to be seen if any heed is taken…I provided some evidence so hopefully they take notice.

  2. As I said before, Billy Meier is world famous, and this blog is world famous. I don’t know who reads it, but I think some important people do. If YOU are close to Trump, or can get a message to him, tell him to go to this blog below. He can learn the truth about COVID-19, and what to do to stop it. Thank you.


  3. There are still a lot of people not taking this pandemic seriously, which is evident in the lack of precautions and the numbers of people gathering in groups. There is one hospital in New York that has been giving coronavirus patients vitamin C, with some promising results. One cannot underestimate immune boosting vitamins and antivirals such as Echinacea, sprirulina, raw garlic and ginger, elderberry extract.


  4. HI All, no one is talking about frequency healing, a big topic that need many minds to determine a path, one which is the shattering frequency of the COVID19 virus cell. Is there a bio-electric aware doctor in the house here?

    1>>> http://www.royal-rife.com/

    Virus and Bacteria Could Be Killed

    What Dr Rife claimed is that each microbe has its own resonance frequency. With the Rife technology, he bombarded the microbes with light frequency which matched that of the microbe at an intense level. He called his machine the Beam Ray machine. What he said happened was that the microbes would explode or shrivel up and die. Some researchers today are reported to be corroborating Royal Rife’s discoveries.


    John Kanzius, K3TUP, of Erie, Pennsylvania, passed away February 18 in Florida from pneumonia. He was 64.

    Kanzius was best known for his research into finding a cure for cancer using radio waves, specifically 13.56 MHz.

    … After retiring to Florida, Kanzius was diagnosed with leukemia in 2002. He summarized his chemotherapy in a February 2008 article in QST as “Hoping we kill the cancer before we kill the person.” In October 2003 — thinking there had to be a better treatment —

    Kanzius had the idea to kill the cancer cell with radio waves, not a new idea. But Kanzius went a bit further: Instead of using needles, as was currently used, why not “trick” the cancer cells into absorbing a metal target into the inside of the cancer cells, leaving the healthy cells alone?

    In 2005, Kanzius teamed up with cancer researchers at M. D. Anderson (part of the University of Texas health system in Houston) and Rice University (also in Houston).

    Using nanoparticles — metallic objects measured in billionths of an inch — heated by RF using a machine that Kanzius invented, the researchers were impressed: “The research scientists at Rice were stunned to see that my device could heat nanoparticles at the 13.56 MHz frequency,” Kanzius said.

    Kanzius credited his father for his inspiration: “Trying to build an array that would heat particles one billionth of a meter in length was challenging. But building equipment all of my life was inspired by my dad, W3NRE, who was licensed in 1934.”

    Kanzius told ARRL Media and Public Relations Manager Allen Pitts, W1AGP, that if it were not for his Amateur Radio background, “and all the days of experimentation to improve my station, this new procedure for treating cancer, which continues to show such promising results, would probably not be on the cutting edge at the largest cancer center in the world [M. D. Anderson].”

    3>>>ALL< please give this a think, I can only suggest at this time.


  5. Royal Rife was a genius. Humanity has had many in its midst throughout history. Unfortunately our nature keeps us from embracing them. We’re just not emotionally and intellectually advanced enough to be comfortable and trusting of such people. Even now, it’s hard to grasp all BEAM has to transfer to us but more to the point, it all seems too overwhelming. Practically speaking, just this virus alone seems way beyond our ability to handle. If there were ships to teleport everyone into space quarantine, with all the people and equipment and food to support it all, I could see a possibility. As it is, we don’t even know who should be in quarantine! Even trying, how are we going to win this battle?

    1. thanks Chuck for that question !

      https://www.shungitebeehives.com – proof that bees thrive with Shungite.


      “Inhalations on shungite water are especially effective during pneumonia, bronchitis, colds, and strep throat. To do this, water, in which there were pieces of shungite for several days, is added to the nebulizer and inhaled or heated to the temperature of 90-95 ° C, and covering the patient’s head with a towel, let him/her breathe in the vapors of shungite water for a few minutes.”

      Whilst cooking place sungite stones on stove top and inhale water molecules DAILY since viral particles are larger.

      Many thanks to MH for hosting this site for neutral positive thinking. You are a beacon of hope, with logic, and Billy is the BEAM


      PS: testing for TRUE shungite: remove a small flashlight’s rear cover and push shungite on battery, it will LIGHT if true. I did this at local metaphysical shop who had bowl of fake from China (it looks like coal) . Purchase wholesale from Russia, shipping = product so get ELITE and small raw pebbles for maximum usage. I drink it daily and wear around neck for the EMF attenuation capabilities it possesses. It is probably in a shop near you, bring flashlight.

  6. It’s amazing. Four years ago Donald Trump was a billionaire builder TV star whom no one took seriously. NOW he’s responsible for EVERYTHING bad in the world! Mayors aren’t responsible for their cities nor governors for their states yet Trump is held responsible for the world! When did all you people lose your grasp of reality? Even all the talk about overpopulation. Did not BEAM himself contribute with children? Let’s face it, overpopulation is just a natural result of humanity living longer because of better living conditions and less death. Who knew there was a limit on a planet’s ability to sustain life? Who believes it now? There’s an old saying that we get smart too late. Can we ever expect to get smarter sooner?

    1. The magnitude of the ramifications and consequences of Trump’s blunders and ignorance far outstrip those of a mayor or governor. They can’t destroy the world at the push of a button, or with ill thought out words and decisions.

      Trump epitomizes a certain mindset (or two) in America that has gorged itself with all sorts of excesses and willingly deluded itself with ridiculous cultic religious beliefs, etc.

      Maybe we’ll learn not to do – or vote for – that kind of crap again.

  7. All politics is local. For want of a nail the shoe was lost, etc,etc. Cities and states come first. THEY have to be responsible and do their jobs first. Parents have to take care of their kids. It’s hardly responsible to depend on the federal govt if the smaller institutions don’t do their jobs first. To give them a pass is a copout.

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