One month ago the people were warned again…and they still didn’t listen

YOU Are in Danger Now Because of CDC!

I just received this update from the doctor on the frontlines in one of New York City’s besieged, underequipped hospitals, where staff and patients alike are at great risk because of the bureaucratic delays by the CDC’s and hospital administrators’ failure to heed the Plejaren warnings.

This says it all:

From: xxxxx <xxxx@xxxxxxx.com>
Subject: Hermetically Sealed Quarantines Now!
Date: March 25, 2020 at 10:40:07 AM MST
To: xxx@xxxx.org
Cc: michael@theyfly.com
Hello xxxx –
Michael forwarded your email to me. I am a doctor on the frontlines in NYC and have been aware of the Meier info regarding coronavirus since about 1 month ago and have been trying to warn leadership and our departments on the need to implement the Plejaren protocols (hermetic quarantines for much longer than 2 weeks) right away or else this will be even a bigger disaster.
We need to get Covid pts their own triage/treatment/quarantine space completely separate from hospitals because they are infecting our unprotected healthcare workers and other patients as the Plejaren indicated would happen due to it being so highly contagious and airborne. Unfortunately a young coworker had contracted the virus working diligently and I learned of their passing recently due to coronavirus. This can’t continue to happen to healthcare workers and other patients.
The healthcare workers at all times require full hazmat suits with gloves, boot/shoe covers, goggles and with PAPRs (purified respirators) preferably, since you can inhale this from infected or asymptomatic coronavirus carriers in close proximity, or even in closed ventilation spaces such as the ER department/rooms. Again, as the Plejaren info indicated a month ago in their warnings. This is of vital urgency for all our hospitals/localities to employ if we have any chance of mitigating coronavirus impact on our country.  Or else our frontlines will be gone.
Be in touch.. and stay safe
NYC doc on the frontlines

NOTE: EVERY reader of this information must pressure your hospitals and local officials to heed what this doctor – and the Plejaren – are saying about hermetically sealed quarantines, proper hazmat-type protective equipment, breathing apparatus, etc. You, your families, your communities are all at risk from the incompetent, economically motivated, barely half-measures taken by the CDC, hospital administrators and the rest of bureaucrats who are showing they are unqualified, incapable and incompetent to protect their constituents.

Act now BEFORE your hospitals, medical facilities and personnel are overwhelmed by the COVID-19 disease and all of its consequences.

Published February 25:

Harsh Truth from Plejaren About SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic

Published March 16:

Newest COVID-19 Information from Swiss Sources!












  1. I’m so happy to see that there are good folks out there who are actually trying to do something to help others. So many people have lost their ability to REASON and THINK.

    We need more doers and less know-it-alls who spout nothing but nonsense.

    It’s going to be the doctors, nurses, medical technicians and other low paid essential workers who are the real heroes of this tragedy.

  2. I spent all day communicating info from this site to a cornucopia of local / provincial / national gov’t and medical ‘pros’. I received a load of [conveniently prepared instant replies] from same. They don’t have time for any back-n-forth regarding information one would stress importance on. They just want you to read all the links they include in their conveniently prepared replies. I call it the convenient brush off!
    Thanks Gordon, I think / feel that people like Prof. Francis Boyle should be given a good ear. I’m not a David Icke fan, per se, but I think he, along with others, should be heeded as well. IF any sort of global conspiracy IS unfolding exponentially, then perhaps Icke’s words, “if you want to see what unfolds tomorrow in the west, then take a look at China today!”

  3. I wonder if the Deep State is also behind this corona virus(COVID 19 to reduce this worlds population down to 500 million? Seems to me if the Deep State is behind this nefarious COVID 19 danger wouldn’t`t we all know that there are far safer and better ways to reduce this worlds by way of a birth stop and birth check than to infect this world with such a very dangerous virus such as COVID 19 and other dangerous diseases such as the sika virus,etc, etc, etc?


    The pace at which Americans are losing their jobs is absolutely horrifying and depressing. According to the Wall Street Journal, the largest number of new claims for unemployment benefits ever recorded in a single week prior to this year was 695,000 during the week that ended October 2nd, 1982. So that means that what we are now witnessing, 2 million per week, is completely unprecedented. That number could reach 30 million in a few months. About half the country is currently under some sort of a “shelter-in-place” order, and there has never been a nationwide shutdown of businesses anything like what we are currently experiencing. Many are hoping that America will be able to “get back to normal” soon, but that all depends on the progression of this pandemic. To me, that is wishful thinking and false hope. Being realistic and judging the situation correctly, I think it will last at least 18 months, with the most severe damage to public health and the economy ever recorded.

    The number of newly confirmed COVID-19 cases in the US spiked by more than 11,000 on Wednesday, and the number of new deaths continues to escalate at a very alarming rate, 220 people died in the US from this virus today. Until those numbers start to improve, life is definitely not going to “get back to normal”. People who think this is a hoax or like the Flu, are seriously mistaken, and could easily bring about serious illness and death to themselves and their loved ones!

    Of course, something is better than nothing, but the $1200 that congress will give to the unemployed workers is not nearly enough to pay the rent and bills for months on end. We will see absolute economic collapse and all of the evils that come with that this year.

    The Ps and Billy tried to warn us years ago that 2020 was going to be the start of the end of the USA, if nothing changed towards the better, and it clearly hasn’t. They were correct again. You can have all the hope that you want, and have positive thinking and an optimistic outlook, it will do you no practical good at all in this! Also, it will not change this worldwide situation one iota. We all better prepare as well as we can for the worst case scenario. To me, you are witnessing the beginning of the end of the “good ole USA”. Read my other posts on this blog for further details and explanations regarding my opinion as to what the near future holds for us.

  5. The worst mistake that Dumb Trump has made/is making, among many, regarding this horrific pandemic, is with testing! Tests are absolutely necessary in fighting this virus, and possibly stopping it.

    Billy Meier is world famous, this blog is world famous, I don’t who reads it, I’m sure many important people do. If anyone close to this madman Trump, reads this, do everything that you can to make sure tests are available everywhere in the nation and free! Without those tests, the medical profession cannot do their job and stop this thing. Only with tests can they know what is really going on with it, and where. Then they can act intelligently to fight this! Enough tests should have been out 2 months ago, instead very few tests have been done, compared to what should have been done. That contributed to the spread of this virus more than anything! Gov. Cuomo of NY said even though testing has increased, from 1000 10 days ago, to 16,000 today, STILL half of the people that need tests are not getting them. That’s absurd and very dangerous! Trump and the Federal government MUST provide tests for every person in the nation who needs one or wants one. Now!

  6. Billy did warn only to outcomes could happen… Birth checks on there own or the government’s would step in… Hmmm not sure if that applies right now… But the timeing

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