As I Warned on March 11 Watch the FOOD SUPPLY

There’s no way of sneakin’ ’round that sticky, stubborn ol’ law of cause and effect

More than two weeks ago, I raised questions about situations now being discussed in this just released article:

Workers Critical to World’s Food Supply Are Starting to Fall Ill

…in my March 11 blog. And, as I also pointed out in this video, what Dr. Osterholm said on Joe Rogan’s broadcast has indeed been proven…dangerously wrong.

Cause and Effect

You can simply reverse engineer* the Meier prophecies, and apply the understanding of the immutable law of cause and effect, to better understand not only what’s happened but what’s coming…as the time fulfills.


Don’t forget to get your exercise. I got some recently with the help of the many intrepid, dedicated, young investigative journalists on the cutting edge of the latest developments in the life-changing realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. And did they listen?

*See below:

Reverse Engineering the Billy Meier Predictions

Looking back from the future to see how we got there

Reverse Engineering the Billy Meier Predictions, Part 2

Looking back from the future to see how we got there

Reverse Engineering the Billy Meier Predictions, Part 3

As the world spirals out of control, we are still completely self-responsible for everything in our own lives

Reverse Engineering the Billy Meier Predictions, Part 4

Another coming volcanic eruption and rising methane levels puzzle scientists

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Barry Smith

We need every medical person caring for the sick, to be in full Hazmat suits . Gotta keep harping on this. Keep it online , keep it on the radar , full body protective suit full hermetically sealed breathing apparatus. Good luck to us all , Salome.

Tony Vasquez

Ok, let’s look at this pandemic with a clear mind and good logic. Why are we where we are?

Here in the US, we now have more confirmed cases than anywhere else in the world. Trump’s bad decisions are the main reason for that. If you tell me that a nation with 120,000 confirmed cases is not a big deal, I would laugh at you. And even though about half the country is currently under some sort of a “shelter-in-place” order, the virus just keeps on spreading very quickly. In fact, the number of confirmed cases, and deaths, in the US has doubled in just three days. The incorrect measures that have been implemented have not slowed down this rate of growth, and every healthcare system in America will soon be completely overwhelmed. Of course this has already happened in New York, and now other hotspots across the country are starting to become major catastrophes.

The very first coronavirus case in the US was confirmed by the CDC on January 20th. Just a little over two months later, we are in the middle of the biggest economic shutdown, and the worst public health crisis, in US history. That is because this a biological war attack. According to one recent survey, 11 percent of all Americans personally know someone that has caught the virus.

At first, a lot of Americans, including Trump, were mocking this pandemic, which caused 1000s to lower their guard and get infected, but now people are starting to understand that once you catch this virus you can go from being “perfectly healthy” to dead in just a matter of 5-6 days.

On the one hand, if extreme measures – a national lock down for 3 months – are not taken, it is likely that millions could die. On the other hand, shutting everything down is going to take us directly into complete economic collapse and the next Great Depression. Actually, even if they do everything right, we might end up with both results anyway, because Trump screwed everything up from the beginning.

I don’t expect Dumb Trump to make any good decisions related to this pandemic. He will probably make only bad decisions, as he has already, that will continue to hurt the situation.

Take care of yourself and your family. This is a REALLY bad situation! People are dying left and right and down the center!

Alonzo Gomez

We need to stay positive no matter what. Follow the guidelines that Billy Meier and Michael Horn set out for us and trust that the advice they give us will help us….for their insight on this matter was inspired by the Plajaren

Tony Vasquez

This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no fooling around! This is as serious as a heart attack! This pandemic/biological war attack is killing 100s of Americans every day, and there’s no cure in sight. That is extremely tragic, but also, as I have been warning for weeks, this pandemic is going to plunge the US and the entire globe into a horrifying economic collapse. As America literally shuts down from coast to coast, the job losses are going to be absolutely staggering. In fact, we are being warned to expect numbers that are 10x worse than anything we have ever seen before.

To me, there is only one way to stop this thing – a complete nation wide stay-at-home order. Right now there are 27 states that have those orders. Those states contain more than 225 million people, more than 2/3 of the US population. With 1000s of more cases and 100s of more deaths every day, the federal government will soon have no choice but to give a national stay-at-home order. That will not be pretty! Since I do not see this thing stopping, or even slowing down, for 6-12 months, I am expecting the worse case scenario – massive unemployment and all of the evils that come with that, plus a Depression with very few businesses and companies remaining open.

Terry Carch

Tony, If you remember the impeachment trials this past winter especially in the senate especaily the Republicans and esceally Mich McConnal aquided Trump instead of convicting Trump plus Trump signed 2 trade deals with China,this is where we are NOW! ” TRUMP DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO SAY Im SORRY! He just goes ahead and does things without realizing the consequence of his action,he doent realize the consequences of his actions! Trump runs this world like the “Mafia!”

Luis Sanchez

Their calling it a war. The civilization that is unnaturally inclined to war…an addiction or symptom caused by MAOA (IF you’ve read teachings/ or a federation members you understand this). Many are obvious to the fact as stated in contact report April 3rd 2005 contact report the following:

The fact is, which will of course be vehemently denied by China, that this lung disease was caused by experiments in a secret laboratory for biological weapons in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong.

secret laboratory for biological weapons
This after discussion between Billy and Quatzal speaking about weapons of mass destruction.

So a civilization unnaturally not by whim of nature accelerated towards addictions in barbaric intrigues such as war. Had other factions of its civilization creating self imposed bio weapons that causes destruction. This not a war against a virus… universally this is an opportunity for the overall civilization to conquer its real epidemic…it’s addiction to death, destruction and mercilessness. 2 universal choices:

1). The civilization rapidly develops high human values in love, compassion empathy reason, self achievement amongst other high values and ambitiously and rather quickly achieves high medical achievements (cures of illnesses, life expectancy increased)

Or the barbaric cravings and intrigues caused by MAOA and the symptoms of MAOA

2). Compound the biological chemical weapons do nothing and let your civilization die.

…..let me make this very clear…this is NOT war against a weapon fools self created. This a universal opportunity for evolution, or what the overall civilization is already unnaturally inclined to…degenerate barbarism. Self imposed Evolution and unfolding…or compounding the degenerateness and addiction from the epidemic MAOA,… that is quarantined on earth…only.

Terry Carch

Lois, What is MOWA?

Luis Sanchez

Contact Report 649

The fact is that interestingly they call it ‘warrior gene’, with the name ‘MAOA-L gene’ or ‘monoamine oxidase A gene’ respectively, while it was called ‘combat gene’ by the Sirians, so the two names are not far apart.

Terry…The “Original Sin” is MAOA, the Siren Creator Overlord genetic manipulation.

Tony Vasquez

I didn’t need Billy to tell me that Trump was dumb (unintelligent)and unfit to be president(not qualified, I knew that a long time ago. But when I did see and hear Billy say that, I knew he was correct.

Let’s take a quick look at Trump, because he is the main reason this virus is tragically killing 100s of Americans every day, and will continue to kill many for a long time.

Since he calls this a war, and it is biological war, let’s start with Trump is not qualified to be Commander-in-Chief of the US military. He has no military training whatsoever and was never in the military at all. Also, how can he be qualified to hold the highest governmental office in the land when he never held any office before. He is basically a realtor and a TV personality. That does not qualify him to be president in any way. Also, he is morally and psychologically unfit to be president, many psychologists have come out and said that he suffers from many psychological disorders, including narcissism and compulsive lying . So, a man like that has no business being in charge of the country and in charge of the federal government’s effort to defeat this pandemic!

Let’s take a quick look at what he’s done so far to help spread this pandemic. Early on he downplayed it and said it wasn’t anything serious, that it would go away in a week. That stopped many people, especially Republicans that blindly and stupidly believe his every word, from protecting themselves from this virus, and caused 1000s to be infected. Among those stupid Republicans is the Governor of Florida, who took a similar stand regarding this virus early on because of Trump, and now Florida is a catastrophe. Next, Trump did not release tests soon enough, about a month late, which disenabled the medical professionals to do their job correctly, because they had no idea where this virus was concentrated and how badly. Third, he’s arguing with governors and not giving states the ventilators that they need, that will kill many 1000s of people. All of the above serious mistakes and bad decisions, among many other things, prove without a doubt he is dumb and unfit to be the president. I don’t expect him to make any good decisions regarding this pandemic. He will make all bad ones, and cause this thing to be much worse and much longer than expected.

One more thing – many people say to stay positive and have hope about this pandemic. That is an exercise in futility and very unrealistic with Trump in charge. He will blunder, blunder, and blunder some more in this. It’s literally impossible for him to handle this correctly. It’s like he’s trying to put out a fire by throwing gasoline on it. He needs to be kicked out of office as soon as possible!

Terry Carch


Tony Vasquez


Luis Sanchez

Interesting Tony, because not once did you actually make any correlations to Wuhan, China and their biological weapon secret laboratory it contrived from. Regardless of the person residing the presidency or even the present circumstances the world is dealing with, people are failing to grasp and comprehend the overall issue…Why are scientists around the world pursuing biological weapons in secrecy to causes mass murder?
What is the causes of this addiction for such mercilessness?

It didn’t just take water from the ocean to be diverted into underground volcanoes to destroy Malona. It took megalomaniac scientist and fratricidal wars, and a gene…an invisible gene…to be left with the remnants of a planet that’s now simply a quarantine asteroid belt barrier around the earth.

Yesterday it was something else, in the future future they ‘ll blame other things also…except themselves and…the invisible gene MAOA . Until scientist begin to look in the mirror and tap their own veins as to what’s Coursing through them MAOA (a artificial genetic manipulation epidemic…quarantined to earth only). They cannot build a future. Because they’ll always be others like them just as in the past and…future desperately cringing like wolves to destroy in mercilessness.

Melissa Osaki

That’s exactly right, Luis. Until we say enough is enough and put an end to all the weapons of war, biological or otherwise, and rid our countries of these megalomaniacs, we will continue to have more of the same.

Tony Vasquez

Hi Luis, I am fully aware of MAOA, and I have been for 30 years. Also, I did mention the Lab in Wuhan, China in other posts. As far as MAOA I suggest that you read the excerpt below, because in my opinion, you are not understanding it correctly.

And how large is the percentage of Earthly population in relation to the gene manipulation that still exists today and in the future, and is it possible that those people who are still gene manipulated and who do not have such manipulation of the X chromosome are suggestively influenced by the manipulated and also become violent, etc. by the still gene manipulated?
12. We do not have precise data on this, but only estimates which show that the entire Earth’s population is roughly equal. 13. And with regard to suggestive influence, our findings show that even non-genetically manipulated people can be suggestively influenced by genetically manipulated people for the use of force, etc., as these are characteristic of the effectively genetically manipulated.
14. However, it must be said that the influence is much smaller than from gene manipulated to gene manipulated.
An equilibrium, aha, then it can be assumed that everything is beautifully interwoven. And that non-genetically manipulated people can be suggestively influenced, as of course also genetically manipulated people, depends, in my opinion, with regard to the strength of the influence ability of the individual people, on how the people in question are influenced with regard to their character traits, their sense of justice, their steadfast own positive opinion, their courage to resist degeneration, dishonour, inhumanity, injustice, lack of dignity, as well as the courage to decide for themselves, self-determination and attitude to life, behaviour, perception of responsibility, perception of reality and truth, righteousness, etc. are of a kind. And I think the less of these factors people have in a positive way and to a good extent, the less resistance they have to influence.
15. This is true, because every time a person is influenced by other people, the values you have mentioned are the most important factors that determine whether or not an influence can take place. 16. A person who carries and uses the factors you have mentioned as good values and in good measure will never be influenced, persuaded and transformed by suggestive influence on evil, negative and iniquitous things.
So only people who lack the corresponding values, as I have called them, ‘tip over’ and allow themselves to be influenced in an unjust way, regardless of whether they are gene manipulated or non-gene manipulated.
17. There’s no doubt about it.
Your father Sfath explained to me in the 1940s that the gene manipulation of the X chromosome carried out by Sirians could be reversed by the gene manipulated persons themselves over the course of time and the new births of the always new personalities, which also happens continuously with Earth humans.
18. Of course this is correct, because the gene manipulation can be changed and dissolved by the world of thoughts and feelings and by the factors you mentioned, and can therefore be reversed, which has also happened continuously since the immigration of the refugees from the Sirius area, and consequently many people have freed themselves from the gene manipulation that took place on the X chromosome.
As I already know from your father Sfath, gene changes normally correspond to an evolutive process, whereby in the first and main way the thoughts and feelings of man, as well as his state of consciousness and psychic state and heredity do the most important work for gene changes, while only in the second place all natural influences and changes of the planet etc. are decisive.
19. This corresponds to what is given regarding gene formations.