People DON’T Want to Know the COVID-19 Truth

Otherwise they wouldn’t put up with the suppression, denial and censorship 

Wouldn’t it be of the utmost importance for the people of Earth to know that virtually all of the most important, specific information about the COVID-19 pandemic was first published on this blog, beginning on February 20th?

But they wouldn’t listen and…people died. Unnecessarily. And it continues.The uncomfortable truth is that people rather (have other people) die than deal with the truth.

Who can deny the truth of what Meier said on February 3, when he spoke about:

“The bottomless idiocy and irresponsibility of the majority of earthlings, of those in government and the authorities, and of the population…”

So, this terrible and rampantly spreading pandemic will continue to spread and, like a fire that was thought extinguished, flare up over and over again…unless and until the warnings from February 25th are absolutely heeded. And the most critical now of these warnings is still the dire need for hermetically sealed quarantines and hazmat level PPE equipment for all medical personnel.

Up to Decades Later

The problem is that because the people still don’t want to know the full facts about the disease, how it mutates and how unimaginably long it can remain hidden in the body, and then can be transmitted – up to decades later – there is no real sense of urgency to contain and control it. It gets briefly “discussed”, bandied about, given lip service by politicians and bureaucrats. And certainly they, the ones who control the narrative,  also seem to know the public can’t handle the real truth:

A highly advanced, extraterrestrial human race has been in contact with one man in Switzerland for over 78 years. Together, they have tried to warn humankind that it is destroying itself, that we are destroying ourselves, and they’ve provided all of the warnings and actual facts about this disease and how to contain and control it. But the problem is that:

The people were warned and warned and warned and warned and warned and warned …and continued to let themselves be lied to.

Real Numbers of Infected, as of March 19: 2,000,000+

17 Replies to “People DON’T Want to Know the COVID-19 Truth”

  1. A tiger at the Bronx zoo has tested positive for Covid-19 having been infected by an asymptomatic zookeeper. When will they heed Billy Meier’s warnings? That this can be spread by the asymptomatic infected. Just yesterday Canada’s Chief Medical Officer said asymptomatic people are only contagious for 2 or 3 days when it’s a lot longer than that. It’s actually 3 months and possibly longer.

  2. You are 100% correct Michael. People don’t want to know the truth about COVID-19, and many of them get upset when you tell them the truth of what REALLY going on, and there’s a lot going on. Especially noted should be how idiotic people are behaving in their response to this bioweapon virus pandemic.

    Billy said:

    “The bottomless idiocy and irresponsibility of the majority of earthlings, of those in government and the authorities, and of the population…”

    He is 100% correct, and that is the main reason this pandemic will continue for a very long time. In the state where I live there is a stay-in-home order, yet I went out yesterday for food, and MANY people were out, not wearing masks, and congregating all over the place. I guess MORE people have to die before they take this seriously.

    There are 340,000 reported confirmed cases, and 9,700 deaths in the USA so far, yet many people are STILL not taking this seriously. I mostly blame Trump and his blind stupid supporters for that. The way he downplayed it in the beginning, called it a Democratic Party hoax, and said it was no big deal that would go away in a week, about 6 weeks ago, was absolutely criminal. He cause millions to be infected, and 1000s to die. He should be considered a mass murderer, brought up for trial, convicted, and sent to prison for the rest of his miserable life.

    And what about all of the pastors across the country who are telling their congregations to come to church by the 1000s. One pastor in Atlanta got sick last week with the virus, and 100s of his congregation are sick too. People all over the country are not social distancing, even though the CDC has come out and said this virus can be spread by talking and breathing!

    And people don’t take this seriously even though the economy has been crushed with 10 MILLION people out of work, and more MILLIONS coming! MILLIONS of people don’t have jobs or money! What are hungry Americans going to do when the food banks don’t have any more food for them? Over the past couple of weeks, we have witnessed the largest spike in unemployment in all of US history. Since most of those workers did not have any sort of a cushion to fall back on, a lot of them have been forced to seek out emergency assistance for themselves and their families almost immediately. Of course, our national network of food banks was not built to handle this sort of a scenario, and many of them are already starting to run out of food. But if things are this bad at the very beginning of this new economic downturn, what are things going to look like a few months from now? WOW I don’t want to see it.

    And Dumb Trump and his gang came out yesterday and said that the next to weeks are going to be devastating, worse than ever, with many deaths. How does he know that for sure? Does he know a secret? Like the virus will be intentionally spread in some way. I don’t put anything past these stupid evil people.

    This is biological war people. Protect yourself at all times. Anyone can have it, and anyone can get it!

  3. The numbers keep on increasing!

    World – 1,310,669 reported confirmed cases, 72,635 deaths.
    USA – 349,992 cases, 10,349 deaths.

    Of course, the REAL numbers are probably 3x as much.

    Is that enough sick people and deaths for all of the naysayers, skeptics, and doubters to shut up, and start to follow all measures to reduce this pandemic?!

    And you have Trump and his gang saying to expect a REALLY bad two weeks coming up! Many more deaths are expected by them in the next 14 days. The Surgeon General said that America will experience a time this week like 9/11 or Pearl Harbor. A time of shock and panic. They think we will eventually reach 240,000 deaths in the USA. I think that is a very low number actually. I think we will see 1 million deaths in this country. Especially since the population refuses to stay at home, wear correct masks, and social distance. Maybe it will take a million deaths here before people change.

    1. Yes Tony its bad. Focus on food for now, stock up asap. See below – good data from this site. As for masking yourself, think re-usable. A bandana can be boiled later, AND the inner filtration is made from HEPA vacuum filter cut to cover nose and moth and taped all around onto face. Plus, Eye goggles, gloves, take off shoes at doorway, take off outer hoodie etc. Someone here posted to steam clean clothes and objects. See YouTube for gardening tips, like growing from cut veggies – plant potatoes in pails…. Stay neutral positive and think resilient. PIW

      FEMA/DHS Food Shortages Timeline Leaked / China Panic Buying Food / Have Hope
      by Ice Age Farmer | Apr 4, 2020

      Leaked DHS/FEMA document reveals timeline for food shortages in the US — measured in days to weeks. The Chinese have started panic buying rice and cooking oils, having lost all faith in the lies from the state. Please share this absolutely critical broadcast and start growing food now.

      1. A bandana is useless and dangerous. It will not protect against the virus at all. I have a medical mask. The rest I knew. Thx.

  4. It feels impossible to fight, at least in the UK. The policy seems to be to keep it going. If I hear about curves again, I might explode. These are people! There is a BELIEF – we can model this and manage it. However until the inputs to the model are corrected we are not working with reality. Everything said so far checks out. I do have some questions though – sound like Billy

    An immunologist very factually stated what they knew about the virus. It was interesting as he used these facts to illustrate that an antiviral agent would be found. Unfortunately he is not in charge and I can’t say if his research will win the popular vote from those in power. He did think it possible to have a vaccine in six months.

    This lifted me somewhat even as a quick fix starts to get promoted for profit. That is the sad truth while the majority are reasonable and not greedy. The minority are totally irrational and very greedy – how are the minority in charge – is it possible to remove them peacefully?

    No doubt Billy has other items to consider however the road appears to be hard and those in power are insisting they eat our transportation before we cover much ground…

    1. Hi Robert,

      If I’m not misunderstanding your reference to Billy: As someone pointed out a few weeks ago (sorry I forget who this was, but, thanks) Billy provided scientists with a way to “prevent almost any disease” almost 3 decades ago, on the 18th May, 1991:

      370. This substance GAMMA-INTERFERON must now only be isolated by the responsible specialists and separated from the corresponding products, which contain this high-quality defence substance against pathogens, in order to then process it into a corresponding medicine, which can be administered to humans.

      371. The substance GAMMA-INTERFERON is a natural product of chemical transformation, e.g. when milk is converted to YOGURT or KEFIR.

      372. So it is only necessary that the GAMMA-INTERFERON is removed from the mentioned products and converted into a drug.

      … … …

      378. It is able to prevent almost any disease and to nip it in the bud, even cancer of any kind, because when taken and used in appropriate quantities, it is able to destroy even the most persistent viruses, not to mention less resistant pathogens.”

      Original German below, as the difficult translation work, mostly done voluntarily over decades to get this info to us, also gets missed:

      370. Dieser Stoff GAMMA-INTERFERON muss nun nur von den zuständigen Fachkräften isoliert und aus den entsprechenden Produkten ausgesondert werden, die diesen hochwertigen Abwehrstoff gegen Krankheitserreger enthalten, um ihn dann zu einem entsprechenden Medikament zu verarbeiten, das dem Menschen verabreicht werden kann.

      371. Der Stoff GAMMA-INTERFERON ist ein natürliches Produkt chemischer Umwandlung, so z.B. wenn Milch zu JOGHURT oder zu KEFIR umgewandelt wird.

      372. Also ist es allein erforderlich, dass das GAMMA-INTERFERON den genannten Produkten entzogen und zu einem Medikament umgearbeitet wird.

      … … …

      378. Es vermag beinahe jegliche Krankheit zu verhindern und im Keime zu ersticken, sogar Krebs aller Art, denn in angemessener Menge eingenommen und angewendet, vermag es selbst hartnäckigste Viren zu zerstören, ganz zu schweigen von weniger beständigen Krankheitserregern.”


      But, did they listen?

      1. Yes he had mentioned immunology in another section. However thanks for reproducing this.

        I got my first Kefir grains a few weeks ago. While I don’t have the expertise to isolate anything, the probiotic is helping my family with other issues. I guess we ride this out.

        The big question for Billy is how the human race could organise. We have so many negative feedback loops built into the system – even those who enter the halls of power with good intentions tend to turn a blind eye. They console themselves with small victories while great evil surges nextdoor.

        It is frustrating as this is really the first time the human race could manage itself. However we have no way of doing it as everything is set up for minority rule. I can’t see us dislodging the minority.

        That puts us on the path of some of the worst predictions and the prophecies on top. It is a bit bleak. While I understand some of this must happen – it’s unfortunate we can’t collectively take responsibility and share the burden.

        1. Hi Robert,

          Re: “The big question for Billy is how the human race could organise.”

          Billy has provided all that detailed info and much, much, much, much, much, more. Briefly and partly…

          – National/regional distinct country boundaries would have direct democracies, where no decision affecting citizens would be taken forward without 100% agreed consensus from each citizen, whereby disagreements are discussed, the truth established, or, further discussed until consensus (or not) is reached, whereby no new legislation would be approved without 100% agreement.

          – Each nation would contribute the same amount of soldiers to make up a global military peace force whereby no single nation would dominate and only interior bases would exist – with the same amount of arms, but, there would no global central base, only national bases, and these forces would be able to coalesce quickly and use harmless gasses, not bullets, to put down any dictator, criminal gang, enemy, anywhere in the world and overwhelm them with as much force as is required to overpower the threat.

          – No private military or secret intelligence groups or global governance. All groups would be national and accountable to each citizen in that nation.

          – Some form of responsible department/s in each nation would organise and regulate for all basic resources, care and health, food, water and education needs of the population and this would be something that is supported by each citizen working for a minimum number of days/hours each week in exchange for society’s infrastructure, basic food, goods, treats, transport. living, etc.

          – The individual citizen would decide what they want to do based on listed needs of the society and their interests, so that they can work at a place, school, industry, farm, lab., etc., anything that interests them whereby the task benefits the whole of society and all the basic needs are met by the citizens and they are trained properly in that. All my life, I cannot stand the current paradigm where you’re stuck in a career or discipline for life. It’s too inflexible and irrational. Their hours would be electronically recorded and this used to obtain goods (cards).

          – Elected experts (proven track records and demonstrable) would work within departments overseeing the basic needs of society for organising food – not using chemical pesticides – and regulate, strictly, the manufacture of all goods, so these are done to highest standards, and regulations, so they are clean and non-damaging to the environment. The regulations would need to be much, much tougher than they are today where capital is king, e.g., ban use of all harmful plastics, pollution/s, enforce strictest health and safety practises, industrial, lab., practises, etc.

          – We would also need a department to oversee child planning, educate and supervise, with responsibility for ‘overpopulation’ and to oversee global birth stopgaps at a national levels working with police. They would oversee sensible child licensing programmes lead by those who adhere to the rules, have children and whereby no corruption, exclusions, favours for cheating the system could arise, etc. Strictly, 3 children max. with 2 year minimum gaps between births for any family in the non-global-birth-stopgap times.

          – Limited visitation of foreigners in each nation, must not be rife and be for the genuine study, learning, experience, but, not for permanent residency unless as a result of a very limited number of intermarriages whereby the couple choose to reside in one nominated country and gives up permanent residence in the other. Support for refugees from war and disasters would be given for the time needed until the danger/threat has subsided, whereby they would have to return home.

          – Goods should be produced to meet all citizen’s basic needs and well being and these must be made internally, with surpluses traded with other countries’ surpluses, or, to help with disasters, etc., but, gloabl trade must be properly controlled for safety.

          – All criminals would be separated from the benefits of society and live in a place of segregationto work to grow food and read. No TV. No radio. No phones. A spade, hoe, soil, barn, books, water and basic goods, dwelling and seeds would be provided. Escape would be impossible, e,g., a very remote island.

          The list goes on for pages and books, but, I think it’s unfair to say Billy needs to say anything about how we organise as he has. In fact, I can’t think of a subject he hasn’t covered… Candle-making?

          1. Rocky thanks for posting.

            I guess I/we need to think how we get there. I can’t see the current power structures adapting to this in a gradual way.

            Curiously enough a UK series – yes minister – the system above was described, for government. The earnest hero (the minister) attempted to implement it only to be guided back by his appointed mandarin to the status quo. It’s very funny but sadly also true.

            Those that have in the current system believe it is working. They believe this so strongly that even when it is not working: they have obscene capacity to ignore it. Thanks again for the information.

            1. Thanks Robert,

              Cynicism is a symptom of a disease caused by the virus of politics and religion that’s been spreading for thousands of years and because they’re all based on swindles, lies and pointless, distracting, side-shows.

              Some part of the human being acknowledges all this BS, but, few work it out fully, strive to question, challenge and change consciously, emotionally, internally, externally, wholly and on which true progression relies and is realised.

      2. Hi Rocky,

        Like MH has put in bold this time at the start of the blog; BEAM has had contact with benevolent individuals attempting to help us for over 78 years. However, a very small % of earth mankind will listen.


        Robert J.S. Olson
        Sound Money Advocate
        Senior Vice President
        Chief Marketing Officer

  5. Like the saying goes, ‘you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.’

    Civilization still keeps going back to the so called truth tellers being politicians, the media and religions (to which religiously they try to do good tho based on false teachings) who continue to ramp up the misinformation. As opposed to using logic and common sense while seeking to find the truth themselves/individually.

  6. Truth must be gained through a personal investigation. The process is to read, study, think, analyze, understand, discuss, and apply.

  7. Request for help from anyone who is a knower (Spiritual Teaching).
    Due to the stay in place thing, I’m stranded in north central Florida.
    The place/family I am at/with are christian/bible hard core believers.
    That being said, I can not speak up & I am not really welcome here.
    If you can assist me (520) 365-7246 and/or

  8. “ALL”, BEAM has mentioned that society needs several WAS(P)’s.
    We are the ones that are the knowing ones that have to go do this.
    Without a solid foundation in the “Spiritual Teaching”, I do not feel that to many others in society are up for accomplishing this task.

    Robert J.S. Olson Sr., Sound Money Advocate,

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