The Wuhan “News” We Already Told You Months Ago

How many more lives will be lost because of suppression of Plejaren COVID-19 information?

While the debate rages:

State Department cables warned of safety issues at Wuhan lab studying bat coronaviruses


The actual answer was published on February 20th:

“According to new information from Billy Meier, the actual current coronavirus is a mutation of the SARS virus, which has been produced in a secret bio lab in China. This time, again, the virus has ‘left’ the lab, and two of the involved scientists have died in the meantime.”

…and on February 25th:

“The current Sars-Cov-2 virus, or the Coronavirus as it is popularly called, was accidentally and unintentionally carried off and released from 2 secret laboratories in Wuhan.”

Let’s now emphasize the details about the virus that are still, and may remain, unknown:

“accidentally and unintentionally carried off and released from 2 secret laboratories”

Hold on! Here are even more “new discoveries”:

HIDDEN KILLER Fears coronavirus can HIDE in cells and reactivate later after 51 recovered patients test positive again

…the answers to which are explained here.

In case the lesson isn’t clear about how contagious this pathogen is:

Coronavirus cluster in China stretches from dinner party to hospital to charges of breaching contagion laws

Please refer to some of the original bullet points from February 25th:

  • Avoid airplanes, ships, mass transportation, crowds
  • Stay at home to avoid exposing yourself to risk of infection
  • Actual incubation period up to four weeks to 3 months
  • Spread by asymptomatic people; through air, breath, clothing, etc. 

Coronavirus can survive long exposure to high temperature, a threat to lab staff around world: paper

Not bad, but…we told you so ONE MONTH AGO:

“How long the corona virus will remain active is not foreseeable at the present time. However, it can already be established that it will probably not diminish with the rising temperatures. Influenza and some other viruses react sensitively to warmer external temperatures and therefore usually diminish in spring and during the summer months, which means they become inactive. Observations in regard to the coronavirus speak against this dependence on the ambient temperature, because it does not only appear aggressively in the colder regions of our planet, but also in Southeast Asia and, for example, in Australia and other warmer countries, where it is spreading just as quickly as here. Therefore, it is to be noticed that this virus is not subject to any climate dependence and that the risk of infection is also independent of the climate.”

So, a gentle reminder:

Thanks to Bruce Lulla, Annie Newman and Jacob Smits.



6 Replies to “The Wuhan “News” We Already Told You Months Ago”

  1. Earth is shaking. The whole of nature revolts against the insanity of overpopulation. Any event right now could devastate America . The virus has put lady liberty in the crosshairs.

  2. My thoughts concerning the current circumstances of the world and its solutions are within line of Eduard albert Meier/ as well as Plejaren federation, any or all High Council recommendations pertaining to the prevention of further mass murder by the intentionally made biological chemical weapon (known universally as SARS 2), which was unintentionally exposed to the world. Those responsible (from 2005-forward) with their manifolds of guilt should in my opinion make amends to the world In order to expunge such disgust.

  3. Just to add to my last statement it would helpful if The Plejaren Federation helped with “Opening this Shirō Ishii type Kimono” of the ones guiltily and responsible for this global disgust.

  4. There is a lesson here , notice the affect on the whole World by the actions of TWO people . What we do in this life matters . How we think matters . Our deeds are a result of our thoughts . The rub is whether it’s positive or negative , constructive or destructive . Today’s epiphany for me. Salome

  5. Thank you for your information and if there is any room aboard one of those beam ships can you beam me up please. Not kidding!!!

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