COVID-19 Pandemic: No End in Sight

Premature lift of lockdown, opening schools, religious gatherings, etc., will lead to more uncontrollable infections

New information was just received from Billy Meier and the Plejaren about the COVID-19 pandemic. As readers of this blog know, we began publishing the still most impeccably accurate information about COVID-19 on  February 20th and  February 25th.

And yet the abysmally stupid politicians, so-called leaders, scientists and others proceed blindly, also pressured by various political, economic and religious parties to lift the lockdown, which will only result in many more uncontrollable infections and deaths.

While it can be said that humankind as a whole is also reaping the consequences of putting, or allowing, such miserable know-nothings in power, there is no solace, or improvement, to be had at this moment.

We should note that the  extreme overpopulation, along with the massive amount of migration and  international travel due to globalization, have made conditions ripe for this rampantly and rapidly spreading pandemic.

But before beginning, here’s the latest WE TOLD YOU SO:

736th Contact Report

Further Important Information and Recommended Measures for the Current Situation

Seven hundred and thirty sixth contact Sunday, 19th April 2020, 7.09 am

Billy Hi, you are waiting already; you are early, dear friend. However, welcome. Salome, Ptaah.
Ptaah Greetings, Eduard, my friend. Yes, indeed I am here at an early hour, but it has to be so because there is a duty that has to be done and prevents me from coming here for two days. That is the reason I called you so early already.

Billy That is not a problem for me, because all my life I have never had any problems with jumping out of bed quickly when I am called. I also do not know any morning grouchiness because that is not in my nature. But now that you are here, could I tell you something I find a little strange if you have the time? Even though you have probably come to tell me what we will discuss tomorrow about our further behaviour in terms of the pandemic, but I think that what I want to say is also important.

Ptaah I think so too, because I already know what you …

Billy Well, then it is so. I actually should have guessed, because day and night you … Oh the heck with it, then: It is now already the second time in a short while, because already ten days ago, on the 9th of the month, it was about 11pm at night that a UFO convoy moved along over Schmidrüti, as has been observed in various countries in Europe frequently for several weeks already. Observations in this regard are reported to me again and again by telephone or in writing, wherefore I will then publish some of such reports in the September bulletin.

Well, it was the same again last night, because then, in a long chain, this UFO fleet moved over our center again, but this time not from the southwest to the southeast, as it was on the 9th of April, when it was a bit hazy and not myself but only Barbara and Andreas could see those things. However, nine hours ago, when Barbara called me at 10 pm, I was also able to see, high above in the starry sky, the whole armada flying along in a long chain, in fact from the southwest to the northeast, which several of our persons had been able to observe for a longer period of time. In that instance Barbara, Andreas, Uèli, Atlantis and Bernadette were in front of the house, as was I. However, this was also the case again last night and I find it strange that these vehicles now fly high above our area within a short time. What do you think of it, my friend?

Ptaah As you guessed correctly, due to our controls I know what has happened last night and also 10 days ago and so forth regarding the air crafts, and indeed also … now, we should not have any more words about it. You know why, and …

Billy All good; I am not saying anything, but the earthlings will still be surprised when they learn … … Stupid. One is always very close to making a slip, so we had better talk about what you have to say, because that is the reason you have come here. So what is to happen further with regard to the behaviour in terms of the rampantly spreading corona disease? What are we from FIGU to do, what shall we pay particular attention to, how shall we behave in the center and how shall our association-members behave around the world?

Ptaah That is right, because it is only too quickly that, while talking, something is said that must be kept secret, and especially when it can cause harm. Of course, the whole thing is important, also that the aircrafts fly over your area repeatedly, but to say more about it openly must not happen for certain reasons as you know, even though it would be important to talk about it. But now it is important to respond to your questions, because my time is limited and I have to go again and apply myself to my duty. Thus I will mention the necessary points that are important for you:

1)  According to our observations and cognitions/findings, the situation regarding the intensity of the coronavirus pandemic has not changed in any form and will therefore continue to exist likewise for a long time to come, and additionally the number of infections and deaths will increase again, in fact in all of Europe, which is the most affected by the rampantly spreading coronavirus disease with over 50 percent of all infected ones and deaths compared to all countries together worldwide. This fact means that consequently the recommended safety measures and rules should still be kept up.

2)  The recommended measures and rules must absolutely be extended because, in the future, for the sake of all health and safety, it is necessary to wear face masks and to completely avoid direct contact with other persons when leaving one’s home and property; and if communication with other persons is unavoidable, then a minimum distance of two to three meters from them is necessary.

So now the measure of wearing a protective face mask is imperative, and indeed as a consequence of necessity, because the foolishness, inadequacy, lack of intellect and irrationality as well as the irresponsibility and carelessness of the state leaders is causing an increase in infections and deaths already.

3)  Protective face masks should not be used unnecessarily everywhere, but without exception only in public where necessity requires it, but also at workplaces, in department stores and in localities and places, and so forth, where several human beings move about or inevitably get together.

4)  The fact is, as we have ascertained, that wearing protective face masks entices many human beings to carelessness and unconcernedness; consequently, on the one hand, the protective masks are worn below the respiratory organ instead of over it, close to the eyes, and, on the other hand, also the urgently required distance of at least 2 meters from other persons is not adhered to – which endangers health and safety – due to the false assumption that the simple masks would very well offer sufficient protection. However, this corresponds to allowing oneself to be lulled into a false sense of security, which in turn leads to an increased spreading of the rampantly spreading disease, to infections and deaths.

5)  The occurring fluctuations in the numbers of infections and deaths correspond, on one hand, to a natural consequence, as emerges with all epidemics and pandemics.

6)  It is erroneous to assume that the intensity of the rampantly spreading disease is diminishing according to the fluctuations and the temporary decreasing of infections and deaths, because that is incorrect.

7)  If there are fluctuating fewer infections and deaths, then this only means that the first large wave of infections and deaths is based on the fact that the rampantly spreading disease has hit and decimated those human beings who were not comprehensively stable due to their weakened immune system and consequently were the weakest in terms of health. In those instances their age was actually not of great importance, rather only the fact of the immune deficiency which occurs naturally in old age as a result of wrong nutrition, as well as due to a lack of significant physical activity; however, also disregarding intelligent and rational safety measures against the coronavirus pandemic was a very decisive factor.

8)  The decrease in infections and deaths from the coronavirus pandemic corresponds only to imagination, because it is not based on an effective decrease in intensity of the rampantly spreading disease, rather it is because a large part of humanity – due to fear or due to intellect and rationality as well as according to official regulations – has adhered to the curfews, as a result of which the contacts between many human beings has been restricted or completely prevented, which has led to falling infections and deaths. However, as a result of low intelligence, inability and the pressure of the economic system on the state leaders, these official orders are now loosened far too early, which in turn means that parts of the population, in many respects, feel encouraged to behave publicly as they did before the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic. From that is arises that – through the low intelligence and softness as well as through the likewise irrational and unteachable responsible ones of the state letting themselves be blackmailed due to the demands of the economy as well as the religious believers, many human beings indulge in prepandemic modes of behaviour – even before the new regulations can be put into practice. As a result, the number of infections and deaths is already rising again today, because state leaders are giving in under pressure from business and the unteachable ones and are repealing far too soon various safety regulations that will be necessary for a long time to come.

The thing that arises just in regard to the believers who want to run to their houses of prayer and who, in their imagination, believe that their imaginary God will hear them and bring them help, corresponds to a factor of a dangerous delusion because, due to the banding together of believers in churches, synagogues, temples and mosques, uncontrollable sources of infection will arise, just as they will with hair dressers, in schools and other places where human beings gather in groups or crowds.

9)  While humanity’s intelligent and rational ones have observed the curfews and continue to observe them, the ones without intellect and rationality did not and do not do this, consequently the decrease in infections and deaths only occurred for a short time and is now expanding again, and indeed also due to the unknowledgeness, carelessness and inconsiderate irresponsibility of all those who disregard the officially made, necessary and effective safety measures and already loosen them again, as pompous and blackmailable state leaders also do, who allow themselves to be influenced by economic powers and their demands as well as from the pressure of the believers and so forth, in relation to loosening the restrictions, and indeed even though the peak of the rampantly spreading coronavirus disease has not yet been reached and consequently can bring new waves of infections and deaths. And this can then have the consequence that those human beings whose immune systems are far stronger than those of all who have already died will henceforth be the ones who fall victim to the further waves.

It can be seen in public offices how inconsiderately certain leaders of state and other responsible ones and so forth, act and prove how incapable they are in their offices, namely not only in Germany and in the EU dictatorship and in other countries, but also in Switzerland, as we were able to see in the past few days. For example, that which concerns the Swiss government – with regard to safety regulations, that is to say, their relaxation, as well as with regard to the allegedly poor transmission of the rampantly spreading virus by children – corresponds to an unprecedented irresponsibility. If I describe the whole thing as an act of contempt for human life and consciencelessness, then that still gently expresses what these people, who are supposed to care for the health of the people and should take and implement the right safety measures, do and instigate. However, that which was conceived by these responsible ones of the state with double the bean-straw-like low intelligence, and which was widely publicised, clearly and precisely proves their inability to hold office, wherefore it is necessary to ask why such persons are elected to a state leadership at all, because from them there comes no leadership but a harmful misdirection, and therefore they do not belong in the positions they hold but cannot fulfil. That, Eduard, my friend, is all I had to explain regarding your question.

Billy So I no longer have to show you these newspaper clippings, because you are already otherwise informed about the nonsense that is ‘cadgingly put together’ and sent out into the world by certain government officials in our Federal Palace in Bern and which proves, as you have just said, that certain people in the governments are useless and do not belong in the offices they have been wangled into – unfortunately also here in Switzerland, wherefore in the Federal Palace I can really only appreciate one single person out of seven people in terms of their work, humanity and loyalty to their homeland and responsibility for their homeland. This while others dishonourably betray our homeland Switzerland through an unacceptable framework treaty and sell it to the EU dictatorship and thus, due to limitless stupidity and EU dictatorship delusion, want to allow the whole Swiss population to be enslaved by this dictatorship. Even the sneaky nature of another person cannot win any respect from me, nor can the incapable behaviour of others, to which, however, I have to say that I have not yet got smart enough about the person leading the FDJP in order to come to a precise assessment.

Ptaah I can understand your comments well in this regard, because, as you know, I am also concerning myself with the assessment of these persons, as well as with many others from other countries. But now, Eduard, my friend, I have to go because I cannot postpone my duty. So goodbye, dear friend.

Billy Good, goodbye.

Translation: Vibka Wallder, Australia; corrections: Vivienne Legg, Australia and Christian Frehner, Switzerland.

Published April 22, 2020

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40 Replies to “COVID-19 Pandemic: No End in Sight”

  1. EARTH DAY 2020. Greetings, Below is from an ER COVID19 nurse who nebulizes H202 – 3x a day – and offers great hope. Researching her advice, I found the instructions, do read carefully. It works, and gargling with it is good too, but the food grade is best. Usually one can find 8% which MUST be diluted, with distilled water.
    The device to apply therapy will fit in your pocket.

    FIRSTLY – HOW TO – ‘The hydrogen peroxide inhalation method from Bill Munro has been one of the most popular natural remedies on Earth Clinic for over 15 years. Articles on this page include detailed instructions on the hydrogen peroxide inhaling method and testimonials from hundreds of our readers who have tried this method for viruses, COPD, lung issues, chronic coughs, asthma, cancer, herpes, and more.’

    Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method Instructions…..[SEE LINK]


    3% Hydrogen Peroxide in Nebulizer Protects Nurse From COVID-19
    Joeann from Delaware. April 19, 2020 at 9:06 am

    ‘Ok folks. As a nurse, I’m currently on the front lines of this virus and how I keep myself from getting it is as follows:

    A) 1/2 teaspoon of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide added to 1 teaspoon of filtered water.

    B) Add the above to a nebulizer cup chamber. Be sure to use a face mask that covers your mouth and nose

    C) Nebulize for five minutes every time you get exposed.

    My routine involves once before work and once right when I get home. At lunch I take the same mixture above (4x the amount) and place into a nasal bottle. I squirt my nose and mouth once at lunch time.

    The corona virus breaks down at less than 0.5% h202 strength so the above recipe works well.

    At the first sign of cold, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia etc…do the above 4X a day for several days.

    Share this with others. It works – turn off the tv….juice, exercise, laugh. – don’t get stressed – be empowered.’


  2. Those are fake news. According Aneeka the extraterrestrial from Taygeta, the virus does not exist, it is false.
    The elite just want to vaccinate the population with a letal vaccine that it is truly deadly.
    Some pleyarians like Asket know it because they are part of the Federation and they have a special agenda for the humans, that’s why Anneka, Swaruu and others decided separate from Federaton’s plan because they desagree with such agenda that only want to scare the population.
    Covid-19 does exist, but it is not deadly neither a pandemia.
    Billy should ask to Ptaah about Aneeka or Swaruu because they come from the Pleyades as well.

    1. What absolutely doesn’t exist are the imaginary, fake “extraterrestrials” and their dangerously wrong information.

      This is the kind of disinformation – from lying, cheating charlatans – that makes people dangerously stupid.

      So, if you want post any further comments here:

      1. Use your first and last name

      2. Don’t post ANY garbage from online idiots who spread stupid disinformation

      Thank you.

    2. I think you are confused or deliberately spreading conspiracy theories because COVID-19 is both real and deadly. You might have to actually open your eyes and learn how to think in order to finally see what’s right in front of you. Either way, don’t come on here and spread nonsense about Asket or any of the other Plejares because they have nothing to do with any of your nonsense conspiracy theories.

      Also, use your first and last name when commenting.

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