You Can’t Eat Gold

People won’t be in a rush to exchange food, clothing, etc., for shiny, undigestible trinkets

You Can’t Eat Gold

I recently heard from a friend who has a particular interest in the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

American oil crashes below $0 a barrel — a record low

As someone invested in precious metals, etc., he focused on the death of the dollar, which he sees looming on the horizon. I don’t think he considered that people won’t be in a rush to exchange things of real value, like food, clothing, etc., for shiny, undigestible trinkets.

We’ve previously presented information regarding the economic meltdown:

Maybe, as Ken Herkenhoff, suggested, Billy Meier is just a “good guesser”.

“Anybody Could’ve Said That”

Perhaps because of the stunted thinking capacities of human beings resulting from any, all, or a combination of factors such as reliance on online technologies, politics, religion, etc., the know-it-alls – and even people who don’t claim to be scientists – are often quick to respond to learning about Billy Meier’s prophetic and/or predictive information with that endearingly stupid phrase, “Anybody could’ve said that.”

While the fact is that they never can show you where anybody actually did state all of the specific, error-free, prophetically accurate scientific information published by Meier long before “official discovery”, trying to make that point with people whose intelligence – and sense of seriousness about life – is exemplified by one American governor, has proven to be an Olympic level exercise in futility.

Since the topic under discussion now, and perhaps for a very long time to come, is the rampantly spreading COVID-19 pandemic, here is some of the pertinent information and documentation about it published on this blog since February 20th:

Contact Report 230, 1989

699. In addition to the HIV i.e. AIDS known already since 1981, i.e. the ‘Human Immunodeficiency Virus’ (= human immune system weakness virus), which however already appeared about 50 years ago in Earth-humans, but was not recognised as such, unfortunately still further epidemics and diseases will appear, which could be prevented or contained early, if the governments would not conceal the truth.

700. In the same way, this will be the case in the new millennium for a serious lung disease that results from a laboratory accident in China during criminal experiments for new biological weapons and is spread throughout the world.

701. Animals too will be carriers of the disease, spreading it and transmitting it to the human beings.

702. Furthermore, all governments around the world will always trivialise everything and claim that this or that would have no harmful effects on the human beings as well as the world of animals and plants, be it with regard to any gas leaks or other leakages of substances into the air or into the water from chemical factories etc., or with regard to military or secret service machinations.

Contact Report 2511995

A lung disease will also break out in humans through the guilt of China, where bioweapons are being researched and a carelessness is releasing pathogens.

Contact Report 3412003

30. The fact is, which will of course be vehemently denied by China, that this lung disease was caused by experiments in a secret laboratory for biological weapons in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong.

And I wonder if people also noticed this from Meier’s predictions from 2017:

“2. The calculations also point to the possibility that infectious biological materials will be used secretly for the decimation of humanity, and that their lethal effects will be presented to the public as new and incurable plagues, whereby the toxins permeate the entire organism via the respiratory tract and the mouth or also through the skin or mucous membranes, so that inescapably, unstoppable mass die-offs occur.”

February 20th, 2020 

According to new information from Billy Meier, the actual current coronavirus is a mutation of the SARS virus,which has been produced in a secret bio lab in China. This time, again, the virus has “left” the lab, and two of the involved scientists have died in the meantime. While the research on these viruses continues, it’s important to know that the Chinese Government is NOT involved. There are two secret labs in China which are working on secret projects, the objectives of which Meier is not allowed to disclose.

February 25th, 2020 

The following all proved to be impeccably, prophetically accurate, long before any “official discovery”:

  • Avoid airplanes, ships, mass transportation, crowds
  • Stay at home to avoid exposing yourself to risk of infection
  • Real number of infections and deaths much higher than reported
  • Actual incubation period up to four weeks to 3 months
  • Spread by asymptomatic people; through air, breath, clothing, etc. 
  • Breathing masks useless, virus penetrates because so small 
  • Full-body protective suit, breathing apparatus only real protection
  • Hermetic quarantine required, must be longer than 2 weeks
  • Asian races initially most susceptible but will spread to others
  • Virus becomes more aggressive over time, claiming more lives
  • Children mainly immune, main hidden spreaders of disease* 
  • China, US, etc., suppressed truth for political and economic reasons
  • The WHO culpable for not immediately proclaiming pandemic risk

March 16, 2020

Click to access New-Info-on-Covid-19.pdf

March 31, 2020

731st & 734th Contacts

April 3, 2020

Contact Report 735 

Going Back in Time

There are additional transcripts dating back to November 12, 2019, January 2nd, and 6th, and February 3rd, 2020.

And lest I leave out some very early references to “rampantly spreading diseases”, such as Covid-19, we do have this information dating back…quite some time.

We were also pointedly reminded by Meier that:

If people are illogical, then the economy will collapse

If people are logical then the economy won’t collapse and only then will we have a chance against the virus

So, while “anybody could’ve said that”,  have we really learned the lesson, or are we about to…roll cigarettes with our paper money?

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Thanks to Laurent for information about Contact 230.


26 Replies to “You Can’t Eat Gold”

  1. Actually, the PPEs are useless. The virus is too small to be contained by them. Feel good, but limited at best. That’s why I wonder if soldiering thru isn’t the best idea. After all, BEAM has pointed out there IS a future, whatever that might be. Obviously, the virus can’t get us all!!!

  2. Chuck I couldn`t agre with you moer!You are so very right! Those PPEs are so flimsy! Why aren`t the doctors and nurses wearing the biohazred suits(haznet suits) that Billy and the Plejarens suggest they wear which are a better protection from the corona virus and other viruses? If Billy and the Ps say things will get worse over time, then that is why I have this creepy suspicion unless we send a warning to all of the general public on radio and TV etc that we need to stay vigilant,follow the rules and get a better handle on this ever worsening virulent mutating virus otherwise we wil succumb to all these viruses and DIE if we don`t come up with a cure quickly!!! Who knows what the CIA and the Deep State will think of next to get control of ALL the people on Earth! These Dark Forces will just make life harder,more difficult and try to kill ALL of us sooner or later just like in the book 1984 by George Orwell etc. Salome

  3. Hello Mark
    Pulses means group of crops that come under legumes .This includes
    dry beans grams etc actually 12 different crops please Google pulses for more info.

  4. It’s been months already in the USA with COVID-19 and while following how the government is “handling” this situation it’s clear that we wont be bouncing back to anything close to normal. Those in power here are truly greedy and do not care about us regular folk. I think the best thing to do is stay calm, see things for what they truly are, and learn to master your thoughts. Prepare your mind for the coming times, for it will be a very precious resource.

  5. It goes without saying, MH as a person, as a devoted informer, doesn’t need to be ‘placed on a pedestal’ … he wouldn’t be comfortable with being labelled as an example of typical notoriety. That said, it IS highly remarkable how steadfast and accurate his unwavering efforts continue to exude. I can easily forward the same feelings onto others within the totality of FIGU. My core appeal here … with all the ‘extra time’ that many people have these days, continue with the spiritual study, and, rather than spending any available funds on items one doesn’t REALLY require, make a contribution of your available funds to the invaluable efforts within theyflyblog.

  6. Hi Michael,

    I appreciate you and your blog.

    I’ve been studying the Billy Meier materials for a couple of years now.
    It has helped me to free myself in many ways.


    I have some questions and comments in regards to gold and dollars:

    The theory behind investing in gold is to be able to keep one’s purchasing power when fiat currencies inflate and lose their value.

    Historically, gold keeps it’s purchasing power when countries devalue their currency.
    Thus, based on history, one would be able to buy food during a time period when dollars are worthless.

    In Arizona, gold and silver are legal tender.
    I know this to be true.

    At least one major grocery chain in AZ is set up at the register to be able to start taking gold and silver should it be necessary.
    It’s already programmed in and can be switched over.
    I think.
    I was told this by a precious metals dealer and I can’t confirm it.

    I understand one can’t eat gold.
    One can’t eat dollars, either.

    I know you’re not a financial adviser, but a statement like “You can’t eat gold”, leads me to wonder if you think this time is different.
    I understand we ARE in some different times.

    It leads me to a couple questions:

    1. What do you think people WILL trade for food in the not too far off future?
    If not gold or silver or rapidly devaluing dollars.
    Or the coming digital currency.

    2. If one had some $$$/gold, what would your recommendation be other than you can’t eat it?

    Buy all the food one can?
    Food availability is dropping and that window is closing, it seems to me.

    I understand the basic truth in “You can’t eat gold” but what is your alternative?
    Other than the givens of studying the Spiritual Teaching and being as self sufficient as possible.

    3. Should one NOT try to be responsible with what they have in terms of $$$?


    Tim Thomas

    (Sorry, I posted this to the wrong thread first.)

    1. Hi Tim,

      Thanks for letting me know that you’ve benefited from the Meier material.

      As for all of your questions, you’re correct that I’m not a financial advisor by any means. And even Meier had said (

      “At this time money will also be abolished, but this will not last long and for the time being will only remain an experiment, because the trade with values, such as precious metals and diamonds, etc., will continue underground.”

      But you’re speaking more about these times. My point is that the first concern would be to secure the things you can eat, clothe and shelter yourself with. Certainly some people may be able to trade with precious metals, jewels, etc. But I think that will still be a smaller minority. And because one does have, and can trade with, such things, there’s also the possibility of being targeted by those who may become aware of, and track, such people, etc.

      I’m not trying to spread paranoia, but just like the other things I warned about, i.e. food shortages, interruptions in the supply chain, social unrest, etc., the likelihood of opportunistic crimes would possibly include robbing those who are able to trade in precious metals, gold, etc.

      And as I see it, whatever value gold, etc., has, is still a value…created by human beings. You could have a sack of gold on a cold night and if you can’t find a way to derive heat from it…it’s valueless in that situation. Food, clothing, shelter, etc., have intrinsic values to human beings that don’t fluctuate with the (manmade) markets, but perhaps more so with the weather, etc.

      Just my thoughts!

  7. Thanks Michael.

    I understand it is a dangerous time for all and one should do their best in these times to secure the necessities of life.
    Food being of utmost importance.
    And shelter.
    And to secure themselves and their property.
    As much as possible anyway.
    It’s hard to cover every base, IMO.
    On the specific topic of gold/money and fiat $$$/currency, there are no clear solutions, in my head, as to how to prepare for the future.
    (Money, by the Federal Reserves definition is gold and silver, $$$ are “Notes”/currency, at my current level of understanding.)

    Based on the prophecy that one might as well roll cigarettes with paper money, it wouldn’t seem one would want to hold any extra paper dollars than necessary.
    If one has some extra $$$, but one wants to possibly use them to be able to buy food and pay for services in the future, one would want to convert those $$$ into something else that would hold it’s value.
    To convert back into whatever currency the powers that be demand we use in the future.
    Or for food.
    If still converting back to dollars, then hopefully more $$$ to keep up with inflation.
    If digital currency, then digital currency.

    In my personal findings through research, there are very few affordable things that even have a realistic chance of doing that.
    Gold and silver, more specifically collectible coins, could POSSIBLY do that for an individual.
    They have historically.
    If they’re not confiscated or price fixed.
    Collectible coins haven’t. Under 1933 law they are exempt from confiscation.
    In many states out gold and silver is now legal tender and one can pay their taxes with it.

    I don’t know much else that even has a chance of keeping value.
    I understand that value is in the eyes of earthlings, of which I am one, but the value of gold and silver has been ingrained in the heads of the people on this planet for a long time.

    I personally don’t trust crypto’s.
    I don’t trust $$$ in the bank.
    I don’t trust the future value of paper $$$.
    I trust gold and silver less now.
    I just don’t know of an alternative for anyone that may have some extra $$$ that they don’t want to lose as the Fed prints to infinity.
    Something that one can hold oneself, and be their own bank.

    Could someone rob you? Yes.
    Will the banks and pension funds and 401K’s rob you in near future? Yes.
    Are most property values going down? Yes.
    So anyone with equity and/or more than one house will lose what they think to be wealth.

    Tough times to be plotting a way forward.
    For the record, I’m not in the industry and am not advising anyone on what to do.
    Especially since the best that can be said on this topic is that there are no clear answers, only speculation.
    Perhaps there are other things to worry about other than one’s finances, but IMO finances would be an important one during this time.

    For example, what thinking person would want to leave their $$ in their 401K or market right now?
    What do they do with the $$$ if they take it out?
    Leave it in the bank for the banks to steal?
    Roll cigarettes? 🙂
    I think these are important questions people should be asking themselves right now.
    It seems to me that everyone should at least TRY to protect their finances, IMO.
    At whatever level they’re at.
    We could be headed toward anarchy soon but if not we apparently will be dealing with a devalued currency.
    So whatever $$ a person has now will be worth less at at least some point in the near future.
    If they leave them in $$.

    I personally want to to be able to first be able to support my nuclear family, but also to help family and others in the coming now unstoppable future.
    If possible. I’m going to try.
    The more people in this country that have “money” in the future, the better off we’ll be.
    Which isn’t good no matter which way you cut it.
    I’d prefer to at least TRY to have something left to live on when they start adding 0’s to dollars.
    The prophecies point out the confusion that IS already accompanying our time.

    This topic is an example, IMO.

    Tim Thomas

    1. Just wanted to give some food for thought being that I’ve also looked into getting gold as soon as this whole pandemic fiasco started but there was a shortage of available legitimate places to get gold coins. So much so that about a month ago I read an article stating that even the gold coins made in Canada were reporting a type of ‘out of stock ‘ at the moment due to too many recent purchases. Also the value of gold has been climbing these last few month, a lot.
      On another related note, I remember reading about Billy and the Plejaren conversing about precious metals becoming the standard currency when earth eventually have extraterrestrial trading relations. The interesting part was when they mentioned that precious metal like gold are valuable among human races around the universe because it is needed for advance technology. That being said, so long as one has access in the near future to groups who need precious metals for their advance technology, like gov space programs or electronic manufacturers, then you would be at an advantage because you would have a very valuable asset.
      That being said, precious metal are not cheap, and I think that for most of us, the money that we do have will likely be put into better use else where. Probably best in things that will be reusable or important in an emergency, like vitamins, seeds, repair/ medical/ troubleshooting/ self defense skills, and even knowing how to start a fire. We all live different lives in different communities and it’s something each one of us should take a moment to really think about what are important. Like when we pack for a trip. Last thing anyone should have to experience in a time like this is the “dam, I should have packed that!”.

      Stay safe everyone <3

  8. Another exacting hit for Billy’s predictive info…

    CR 731: “…the experts of virology, and so forth, have researched the SARS virus, wherethrough so far certain valueful cognitions have been gained, although the entire approach, however, is far too lax. Therefore it is not recognised that through this valuable research and its results valueful substances have been acquired, which could be worked out in a relatively short time and be used against the coronavirus which is mutating and independently changing into new genetic variations.”

    Sky News 04/05/2020: “Coronavirus: Scientists hail ‘groundbreaking’ discovery of antibody which prevents infection: Building on research into antibodies which target the SARS coronavirus, scientists have identified one that blocks COVID-19.”
    Research Published: 04 May 2020:

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