The New Treatment Quarantine Centers

While we regain our health, we can also regain our prosperity in the process

Among the many things learned, on February 25th, is that the true incubation period for COVID-19 is up to three months, hence asymptomatic spreaders continue to unknowingly spread the disease. This also explains why the Plejaren protocols made clear the absolute need for hermetically sealed quarantines:

“The quarantine measures currently practiced by homeward-bound travelers from China are completely inadequate in view of the possible transmission times, especially because the isolation period is far too short at 2 weeks. In addition, the quarantine would have to be absolutely hermetic, which means that even those persons who come into contact with suspected cases under quarantine must be protected with a full body protection and appropriate breathing apparatus and under the necessary safety precautions such as airlocks, etc., because not only can they infect themselves, but they can also spread the virus through their clothing, their breath, bodily contact and possibly through food.”

The largely unrecognized, highly dangerous situation is the inadvertent spreading of the disease by hospitals, medical facilities and personnel. Even first responders are subject to contracting and spreading the disease.


Having pointed out the immense amount of wealth possessed by the American billionaires, this is also the opportunity to invite them to truly help save the country in which they’ve been able to thrive…and to honor them for doing so.

What is called for now are New Treatment Quarantine Centers, specifically constructed to provide the kind of airtight environments in which the stringent protocols are maintained to provide evaluation, treatment and monitoring of all suspected and/or confirmed COVID-19 cases.

These New Treatment Quarantine Centers are absolutely essential if we are to stop this pandemic…and prevent wave after wave of new infections and mutations. The centers will serve to protect the patients and the medical personnel, as well as preventing the current virus leakage from hospitals to the public.

The New Treatment Quarantine Centers should be named after the gracious, individual billionaires that fund them. This new philanthropic effort will create an enormous amount of work and desperately needed American jobs. The new facilities and required equipment will produce a new industry in facility construction, and manufacturing of all medical equipment and protective suits, etc.

Once again, Americans can emulate the “can do” spirit of generations past, who also have faced great challenges. And, while we regain our health, we can also regain our prosperity in the process.

And it’s no secret that one of the most well-known people in the world is a builder, as well as…the President of the USA.

The urgency to construct these centers is not solely because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also because of:

The Pandemics Yet to Come

While we are already aware of the many previous warnings related to this pandemic, and now have every possible reason to respect the accuracy of the source, then we should carefully consider this warning, from September 11, 2018:

“And this will be especially the case in the future in relation to diseases and epidemics which, on the one hand, as a result of globalization, will be spread to all countries and spread many times over, even in the industrialized countries, while, on the other hand, diseases and epidemics will continue to spread, also as a result of climate change, and will appear in countries which, because of their cooler climate, have been spared by it until now. In particular, future diseases and deadly epidemics from the southern hemispheres, such as Africa and South America in particular, will break through the borders of their southern regions, invade the northern hemisphere and bring fatal disaster to people.”

We must not be taken by surprise again. We must not be caught unprepared.

So, no matter what your politics may be, let’s make America and the world…safe again.

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Thanks to krymed W and Doctor-on-the-frontlines-in-NYC.




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  1. I was just wathing 60 Minutes when i found out about acomany that is called Blue Dot which just came up with an idea that is an old idea that tracks weather and plans to use that same idea by tracking viruses and diseases. You can check this out on http://www.wcbstv/ You might want to alsio check this out on Youtube about Blue Dot tracking viruses and diseases etc too for 60 Minutes too if you can so we can start to track and prevent these viruses and diseases from ever ever happening again in the near and far future as Sfath told Billy years ago before Sfath before he died. Mabye this might help prevent these horrible predictions from ever happening here on Earth. in the first place.

  2. There is an aticle you ned to check out: From GIZmoto: Recovered Fom COVID 19 ? WHO Says That`s No Garantee You Can`t Get It Again Jody Serrano Yesterday 3:27 pm,Filed COVID 19

  3. In India Plasma therapy has yielded some hope for covid patients on ventilators. Some of them have recovered and testing negative we are told. But not very practical and plasma donors who have ‘recovered’ from covid should be free from other diseases. Again this procedure involves money.

    1. I saw the info from China from awhile back. This also confirms what we were told about the virus being spread through the air.

    2. >>>thanks, Taro. This is important to consider for those still at working large buildings. Anyone affected/sick must not work , recent examples are in warehouses.

      >>>Reading the entire article ‘COVID-19 can be spread by building ventilation, argue Canadian researchers working on an HVAC fix’ we see: ….A CONCLUSION !

      ‘ The team hopes to have solid results by the summer of 2021’
      Then, we read in the comments: ( I always look for in the field proof)

      “Non ozone generating UVC lights installed in the duct work. I’ve had one in my home for years. It lights up the highly reflective duct work for some ways in all directions (but don’t be looking at the light or let it shine on your skin).”

      Don’t be surprised there will be ‘new’ information that the 6 foot rule alone is of limited effectiveness. The virus can travel no problem much further than that. It makes sense for all to wear a mask AND keep apart at least 6 feet”

      >>> Summer is coming, does your home have an large AC system?
      This year the humidity is good, , as it makes the air heavier, and slows transmission in gatherings, so tough it out, do sweat – and leave AC off.

      >>> Those protesting no work -as MH posted today, ‘Country of Complainers-The virus didn’t leave when we told it to, now what do we do, riot in the streets? ‘

      …. could study, innovate and learn a new skill, to install UV lighting in ALL HVAC systems- a new industry born out of a crisis.

      Think – while it is still legal. There are MILLIONS of buildings!


      1. PS: Another opportunity – from knowing that fecal particles aerate the toilet stall because they do not have lids:

        ….. could study, innovate and learn a new skill, to install TOILET COVERS IN ALL COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS
        1/ TOILETS – WHY. : Since commercial rest rooms toilets have no lids, and fecal sprayed particles circulate after each forceful flush – install COVERS labeled or colored Safety Yellow so that user will see the LID after use which is to have new day. grow sticker, ‘ ‘Close Cover BEFORE Flushing’ and at sink, ‘You MUST Wash your hands for the Greater Good’ on all 4 walls of Public Rest Rooms, in 2 or 3 languages.


        Rest Rooms not improved for CV19 should have warning signage on the Door. ‘ Enter Masked, but FLUSH at your own risk’

        2/ Of concern is the Forced Air Dryer at sinks which blows high velocity air at the hands – and SHOES – indicating that Toilet Rooms will need constant HEPA air cycling, or, – less expensively, remove Hand dryers and replace with Paper Towels since Viral particles would remain in trash bin and not be circulated through out entire building.

        This CONCEPT for the Building and Construction Industry Professionals and Property Managers, etc, etc. Please pass it on to your local Mechanical contractor if you cannot do this yourself or form a small business to implement.

        Think – while it is still legal. There are MILLIONS of buildings!

  4. 27. April 2020

    Dear Michael,
    Your excellent YouTube video published today, titled «How Do You Know the Truth?», brought to mind remarkably cogent, practical, and powerful Creational Knowledge and Truth documented, for all time and in all space, by Hilak, Sfath, Billy, Quetzal, and Ptaah. Although less known from among these five enduring, helpful, and remarkable Teachers, Hilak’s thoughts remain practical, synergistic, and immensely helpful during these stressful times, having lost none of his energizing sovereignty in my own consciousness when I read his thoughts, contemplate his ideas, and meditate upon his lessons. So I include Hilak’s comments here because of the “same or similar key” the sound of his written thoughts continue to play in contemporary consciousness as a guiding “voice in the wilderness” speaking the language of Truth, i.e. the Spiritual Teaching (die Lehre der Wahrheit, Lehre des Geistes, Lehre des Lebens) and, as an ancestor of Ptaah, Hilak taught the creative-natural Laws and Recommendations to ancient Earth cultures.

    1) Nicht ein einziges Haar der Gerechten gekrümmt werden wird. (Not a single hair of the righteous will be harmed.)
    2) Jeder muss sich aber dafür selbst wie ein neuer Kontinent formen, und wie eine Insel aus dem riesigen Meer auftauchen und sich in seiner Liebe und in seinem Wissen nach bestem eigenem Vermögen ausbreiten. (Everyone must form himself/herself like a new continent, and emerge like an island from the huge sea, spreading out in his/her love and knowledge to the best of his/her ability.)

    Billy and Sfath:
    Wie das Licht die Dunkelheit erhellt, erstrahlt die Wahrheit über die Lüge und Verleumdung. (As Light Illuminates the Darkness, the Truth shines above the Lie and Slander.)

    “Dumm kontra gescheit” at SSSC, 21. Oktober 2015, 11.18 h.
    In der Politik wird ein dummer Mensch mit beschränktem Kopf mehr geschätzt als ein einfacher Mensch mit gescheitem Kopf, der klar bei Verstand und Vernunft, sehr weise und daher voll der Liebe und des Friedens ist; fern allem Despotismus, Hass und Hirnlosen.
    (In politics a stupid person with a dull-witted mind is more appreciated than a simple person with a clever mind, with clear rationality and intellect, very wise and therefore full of love and peace; far from all despotism, hatred and thoughtlessness.)

    Quetzal: Kontaktbericht 146 / Contact Report 146:
    71. Liebe ist auch zum Zorn fähig, besonders dann, wenn die Erkenntnis beweist, dass die dargebotene Liebe schmählich missachtet und beschmutzt wird in der Form, dass der in Liebe dargebrachten Wahrheit weder Beachtung noch Erkenntnis oder Befolgung geschenkt wird, wodurch für jene Schaden entsteht, die in Liebe und Wahrheit auf böse Folgen aufmerksam gemacht und belehrt worden sind.
    71. Love is also capable of anger, especially when one’s cognition proves that the offered love is shamefully ignored and defiled in the way that neither attention nor cognition nor compliance is given to the truth offered in love, causing harm to those who, in love and truth, have been made aware of the serious consequences and have been taught them.

    Aller sonstigen Dinge der Wirklichkeit, kann nie für alle Zeiten verheimlicht, verleumdet oder geleugnet werden, denn früher oder später findet jede Wahrheit den Weg ans Licht.
    (All the subsequent things of Reality can never, for all Time, be concealed, slandered, or denied, because sooner or later every Truth finds it’s way to the Light.)

    Salome! Live In Peace dear friend!
    Mögest Du Weiterhin Im Frieden Und Sein Der Schöpfung Leben.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

    1. Dear Nestor,

      Thanks so much for including the wise sayings of our great teachers. I am going to be doing some videos with quotes from the spiritual teaching for these times.

  5. “WOW MH a wonderful idea especially in these very very dark times where there is no light at the end of a very very long tunnel. We all need some kind of inspiring inspiration of enlightenment if we want to be motivated to live a long and healthy life and to prosper as the Plejarens have done for well over 52,000 years on Erra. Salome

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