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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

Don’t Lose Sleep Over It

Right, let’s take a break from the onslaught of distressing news to take very good care of ourselves


To the Earthing company’s great credit, they responded positively to my request that they donate a number of their stress-relieving mats to physicians on the frontlines in NYC.

Get the best nights sleep you’ve ever had

You know, I’ve only advertised two outside products on my blog and website. The reason I’ve added the Earthing line of products is because I first got them a couple of years ago and…they work.

I chose this particular link because even now, in the relatively early stages of this disease, many people are getting very stressed out. And the first thing to suffer can be your sleep. Then every thing else can be even far more difficult to deal with than it already is. Not getting enough sleep is also damaging to the immune system. And we don’t need more of that.

I should tell you that I was first interested in the Earthing products because of my many years of practicing T’ai Chi and Chi Gong. And while I do my best to practice regularly, my averaging 10+ hours per day on the computer can still be challenging.

I use one of the mat’s that you can sleep on. So, with home confinement, and previously unknown stresses and concerns, I really suggest you get one too. Get the best nights sleep you’ve ever had…and consider taking an occasional nap on it as well. You’ll feel more rested, stronger and better able to flow through the challenges of these times.

Here’s some additional information from Earthing

A 2004 study indicated that grounding the human body during sleep reduces night-time levels of cortisol more in alignment with a natural 24-hour circadian rhythm.

A 2006 study showed that Earthing generates positive changes in the electrical functioning of the brain and musculature and on blood volume pulse. Taken together these changes reflect reductions in overall stress levels, tensions, and a shift to greater calmness in the nervous system.

Also speaking of which, you might want to review the video here. And there couldn’t be a better time to begin , and/or deepen, your study of the spiritual teaching:

The Might of the Thoughts

Get It Here!

Additional tools for relaxing in the center of the storm:

Consciousness Awareness Workshop

A good affirmation:

Stets bleibe ich entspannt und gewinne dadurch Macht über mich selbst.

(I always remain relaxed and thereby gain might over myself.)

Sit & Get Fit

A seated movement, flexibility and stress relief program.

Arahat Athersata

“After several cover-to-cover readings of the Arahat Athersata book, I became able to neutralize or eliminate my migraine headaches within seconds.”
Eddie M.
“I just finished reading the newly translated Arahat Athersata and I must say that it is the most helpful book I have ever read. The book puts it in simple and easy terms how anyone can change their bad thinking nearly overnight, a manual for a healthy mind if you will.
And a human can not only eliminate pain, anxiety, doubt, desperation, etc. but also real illnesses by just thinking as nature intended it for the human being.”
Anthony A.


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david gustafson
david gustafson
Blog Member
May 5, 2020 5:00 am

I cannot predict the future or what will bring onto the world, or to the United States. But I will say this.

What would cause a civil war ?

take away their jobs, their food, their homes, while tensions rise in parallel with fear and anger.
What can cross the line of the peoples of the U.S. and may throw them into a civil war, is maybe when the people of the States will be the last country on earth to still hold the COVID-19 and that has the most deaths of any other country and people will demand from the wealthy and of
the very government that has bled them dry for decades as it continues to give them excuses of how they have no money to help the people.
Entertainment will no longer be ally for the powerful.

It’s just like 1859, everyone is mad about something and everyone has a gun.

david gustafson
david gustafson
Blog Member
May 28, 2020 3:47 am

Well, it happened. Faster than I expected, but, the US is now the top leader in corona virus deaths in the world.

The U.S. loves to be #1 and boldly proud of it. Sorry i must have be talking about something else.

Sadly this may become more than double when the next 2020 election time comes in full force. Interesting don’t ya think that the release date just may very well be timed for November 2020 elections. Far be it by me to assume here.

Anthony fauci the top disease expert for the U.S. announced that a cure maybe available near Nov Dec 2020. That will be a nice Ace up their sleeve for the election candidates to convince the world (and voters) that they will be just fine in the land of opportunity. By faking the news as they did in the in Vietnam war, both Gulf wars and now the death tolls from the corona virus It may be too late and the U.S. economy will return back to the downfall that began in March 2020. It may become so bad that poultry, beef and pork will not longer allowed to be exported be it by fear from foreign importers or by supply problems or heaven forbid an other sanction retaliation.