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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

Prepare for More Stupidity and UNNECESSARY Risk to YOUR Life

Government decides to assure that COVID-19 will continue to spread

As spelled out in Contact Report 726, from November 12, 2019, as well as more recently:

“If, however, this is not understood, not considered and immediate measures are not taken accordingly, and if strict isolation and travel bans are not imposed, then this is an irresponsibility.”

So why has Secretary of State Pompeo called on all Americans abroad to return immediately with no mention of precisely how and by what means they can do so that guarantees that they are not infected and not a danger to this country? Is the government going to require and provide hermetically sealed quarantines – of far longer than two weeks – to protect them and everyone concerned…which now includes the entire country?

Don’t Hold Your Breath

And how about this “new discovery”? Start with the info from February 25th, March 16th and the recently posted 731st & 734th Contacts.

Now, if you are under the illusion that the news services in this country want the real truth no matter the source, etc., then you haven’t seen my video. And, to drive the point home a bit more, here’s a log of Mark Leaver’s efforts to inform the news media in Alabama about the impeccably accurate information form Billy Meier and the Plejaren, the ongoing neglect and suppression of which has now cost…thousands of lives:

Alabama Department of Public Health -Montgomery        
3/23/2020 302pm form submitted

AL.COM 3/23/2020 345pm form submitted
Birmingham Magazine 3/23/2020  351pm Editor form submission
Mobile Press Register 3/23/2020 354pm form submitted

Birmingham News 3/23/2020 408pm form submitted
Huntsville Times 3/23/2020 411pm form submitted


Alabama Public Television WBIQ (205) 328-8756 3/23/2020 532 emailed


WIAT CBS 42 (205) 322-4665 3/23/2020 423pm emailed

WBMA ABC 33 205.403.3340 3/23/2020 426pm emailed

WBRC FOX 6 (205) 583-4333 3/23/2020 432pm emailed

WVTM NBC 13 (205) 558-7312
3/23/2020 510pm form submitted

WTTO  WABM UPN 68 205.403.3340 3/23/2020 516pm emailed


WDHN ABC 18 (334) 793-1818 3/23/2020 333pm emailed

WDFX FOX 34 (334) 794-3434 3/23/2020 416pm emailed


WHNT News 19
3/23/2020 328pm form submitted

WZDX FOX 54 (256) 533-5454 3/23/2020 322pm emailed

WAAY ABC 31 (256) 539-3131 3/23/2020 316pm emailed

WAFF NBC 48 (256) 533-4848 3/23/2020 314pm emailed


WALA FOX 10 (251) 434-1050
3/20/20 310pm  no operator for 15 min disconnect 2x
3/23/2020 1055am same as before, found email address
1111 emailed

WKRG CBS 5  (251) 479-5555
3/20/20  3 minutes into the conversation no reply line open
Julie just wanted an email without talking…
I like her thinking…I don’t need a conversation either
351pm emailed

WFGX WEAR (850) 456-3333
3/23/2020 1054am no answer just rings 5 minutes
1122am emailed

WPMI NBC 15  (251) 602-1500
3/23/2020 1129am emailed
WMPV (251) 661-2101 media@TBN.TV
3/23/2020 talked to Ritchie in Tx. had a dream about covid… drink boiled pineapple skin tea…apparently his subsequent research showed him that boiled skins have an anti-inflammatory effect     1202pm emailed
WJTC UTV44 (251) 602-1513 3/23/2020 1209pm emailed
Cumulus Broadcasting Inc (251) 652-2000 3/23/2020 1213 emailed
iHeartMEDIA (251) 450-0100 (210) 822-2828 3/23/2020 1249pm left message               3/23/2020 0219pm no answer       no email


WAKA CBS 8  and WNCF ABC 32 3/23/2020 0240pm emailed
WCOV FOX 20 334.288.7020 3/23/2020 246pm  submitted form

WSFA NBC 12 (334) 288-1212 3/23/2020 254pm emailed

SELMA 3/23/2020 0240pm emailed

TROY 3/23/2020 0240pm emailed

Don’t be discouraged. This is simply what we’re up against and, unfortunately, it makes the pandemic even more deadly. And that means that…you’ve got to do what you can to help break through the stubbornness, ignorance, abject stupidity and arrogance of the farce that is the media, the…fake news.


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Barry Smith
Barry Smith
Blog Member
April 3, 2020 1:43 pm

I must say it , a very humble thank you to Michael , Billy , Ptaah, Quetzal, Semjase, Florena, Enjana, and all those from the Plejaren federation as well as those here that comment , and give reports, articles, and opinions. We would be in the dark during these very dangerous times without the contributions of everyone. The fact this blog is here and open to those willing to travel down the path to finding the truth , on our own terms is a blessing. Every day I grow a little more . my own stupidity stares me in the face. It’s right out of a darn movie , we only change when faced with extinction. I’ve been far too lazy. I take this isolation time to re-learn , re-read , and ponder the Billy Meier case. You learn something new Every time you read Billy’s and Ptaahs conversations. Although we have never met, I consider you guys/gals friends. Big friendly hug from uncle B . Hey we are lost in the woods of our leaders stupidity but , at least we have a map , and we’re not afraid to climb into the unknown. Salome.

Tony Vasquez
Tony Vasquez
Blog Member
Reply to  Barry Smith
April 3, 2020 1:56 pm

Well said Barry.

John Webster
John Webster
Blog Member
Reply to  Barry Smith
April 3, 2020 7:11 pm

As Tony stated, “well said Barry”.

Blog Member
April 4, 2020 3:08 pm

Hello, Michael
thank You for publishing the guidlines to protection !
As a comment: the pharmaceutical industry is governed by so called API active pharmaceutical ingredient and the approved and restricted production methods for the latter. This means monopoly and franchise (the domain of greed) In the current pandemic it would make much more sense to “allow generic manufature” of treatment related drugs. Thus new production plants could come about without proprietary conciderations e.g. hydroxychloroquine etc. Regards Christer

Melissa Osaki
Melissa Osaki
Reply to  Christer
April 4, 2020 4:27 pm

Please use your first and last name when commenting. Thanks.