Where the Virus Really Originated

Runaway materialism and tragically misguided priorities of many human beings have created these problems

In order to understand the COVID-19 pandemic and why it hasn’t been contained and controlled yet in the US, a good place to start is with this letter to the president.

You’ll notice that the author makes a compelling case about the dangers of keeping the economy shut down, based on the expertise of various financial and economic advisers and some apparently very accurate computer forecasting methodologies, etc.

It would seem to be a very impressive and persuasive argument except for the glaring, invisible elephant in the room, i.e. the complete absence of any mention of the squandered trillions and trillions of dollars spent on weapons of war, designed to “protect” us from the many enemies we’ve made through our aggressive, exploitive, violent, murderous, thieving foreign policies.

It also fails to mention the combined wealth of the country’s billionaires, which totals well over $10 trillion. And, perhaps coincidentally, they’ve continued to get even wealthier, while the majority of people are suffering:

American billionaires have gotten $280 billion richer since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

Americans have long worshipped those who amass great wealth, be it politicians, sports stars, celebrities, etc. They willingly throw their money away on gambling, various lotteries, etc., in vain dreams of joining the super wealthy who, they imagine, must live in perpetual happiness, security and glee because of their wealth. Indeed, there are Americans so delusional and consumed by greed that they shamelessly invite a deadly plague to ravage those from whom they seek to profit:

Las Vegas mayor: Reopen casinos, let the ones with the most infections then close

Money to Burn and…Kill With

It seems the majority of Americans also subscribe to the notion that finding a workable healthcare system for the populace is neither possible, nor anywhere near as important as building more weapons to kill people.

So, while an ever-growing number of people are suffering and dying from COIVD-19, no billionaire I know of has called upon any of their fellow billionaires – or all of them combined – to provide our hospitals with the necessary hermetically sealed environments, with air locks, sliding doors, etc., and provide the required safety equipment to the medical personnel, the very people on whom many people’s lives already depend…with untold numbers more yet to come.

In a world being ravaged by a pandemic, certainly economics and financial conditions are on many people’s minds. But as time marches on – and the obscene imbalance between those with massive wealth and those with diminishing financial resources continues to grow – we must question the purpose of amassing huge fortunes.

There’s nothing wrong with wealth per se. But why do people pursue the excessively unnecessary, or unnecessarily excessive? What actual good is it to amass infinitely more than one truly will ever need, when your fellow human beings are in such great distress…and when helping to assure the common good doesn’t really diminish you, or the quality of your life?

We have ample historical evidence that the super wealthy rarely leave this world with a zero balance. Squabbles and conflicts over vast estates are legendary. Huge amounts of money are senselessly squandered, lawyers get richer and the whole ordeal quite often brings out the least wonderful parts of people’s natures.

So, while Martin Armstrong is crying about the tenuous world financial system and the threat of war related to it, which he says “never emerges as long as everyone is fat and happy”, the fact is that the runaway materialism and tragically misguided priorities of many human beings have created these problems.

The creation of bioweapons – for the specific purpose of genocide – itself reflects the real, underlying disease that has spread rampantly, in fact for millennia, as a result of degenerated human consciousness.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the economic collapse are the results, the effects, caused by such very wrong human thinking. They are exacerbated by the incomprehensible resistance on the part of those who command great wealth to utilize it to help solve the problems that money can actually solve.

Money doesn’t bring happiness, peace of mind, successful relationships, etc., but the prompt, proper, right use of it can greatly enhance the quality of life for oneself and others. That in itself can truly enrich the giver and help to eradicate the deadly virus that’s taken hold in human consciousness.



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Daniel Leavy

I also would like to say I appreciate all the work you do Michael.

John Webster

Paired up with a deceived population overdosing on an endless supply of entertainment, personal health maintenance goes out the window while our world is subject to nothing less than corporate genocide!

If I’m overlooking something, I invite feedback on this:

brigitte de Roch

Hi John,
Thank you for the video. This video confuses me because on one hand they are inline with what Billy says in his new prophecies but on the other hand they are too much against vaccination and are asking people to go back to work.
Also, anything that has a religious connotation is one thing I stay away from like the virus.

John Webster

Thanks brigitte, I was already aware of the ‘religious connotation’ you point out, and yes, there is a level of mixed messaging in the words of Rashid Buttar.

david gustafson

Wow Anti Vaccine protestors will have a field day with this.

Brigitte de Roch

They will get there. They are good potential addition to the group. I will look for their contact info and send them a note. Good finding John.