BREAKING: COVID-19 Pandemic May Last Two to Three Years!

Why we mustn’t let impatience, selfishness and immaturity cause an unimaginable devastation

The Lockdown Must Not Be Lifted!

Please see the two excerpts below to further understand the urgency of this message:

“But that will change quickly; consequently the rampantly spreading disease will then also encroach on younger human beings, which will claim 200,000 deaths worldwide within the next two months.”

“According to the assessment of the strength-intensity of the coronavirus, which will remain for a long time in this form, it can be assumed that the virus will survive for a long time and may even survive for up to two or three years and wreak havoc.”

The above quotes are from the following document, from March 2nd, which contains a significant amount of new information:

The 732nd CONTACT

Ever So Slowly the “Experts” Are Catching Up

Longer incubation period, more children contracting the virus, confirm Billy Meier’s COVID-19 information

So, regarding the much longer than recognized incubation period:*

Not much needs to be said to those who follow this blog and the impeccably accurate information about COVID-19 from Billy Meier and the Plejaren that we’ve been publishing since February 25th.


The sorrowful fact is that most of the people who read this information will most likely be doing so in retrospect, looking back from a rather grim future and perhaps wondering why “somebody” didn’t warn them, why “somebody” didn’t bring this to the attention of the experts and officials who, in their incompetence, allowed the once stoppable and containable pandemic to spread completely out of control. My wish would be that they would be laughing at my exaggeration, instead of lamenting that these words have come true.

If we take good care of ourselves, we will have quite a bit of time to learn how to strengthen, correct and hone our thinking to consciously create a world that lives in true love, peace, freedom and harmony, through:

The Might of the Thoughts

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See also:

*”So, regarding the much longer than recognized incubation period:

(NOTE: I removed inaccurate information I posted, which Joshua Vandiver corrected. MH)

Thanks to Richard Ouellette for the link ot the article about children with coronavirus.


43 Replies to “BREAKING: COVID-19 Pandemic May Last Two to Three Years!”

  1. GREETINGS. Caution Alert- important to know – from IAPMO Standards – the plumbing and mechanical standards of the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials

    Caution Recommended When Using Public Bathrooms

    A recent study from China has indicated that COVID-19 has been found in the feces of some infected people.
    The study involved 73 patients that were hospitalized for COVID-19 in early February and had their feces tested
    for the presence of the 2019-nCoV virus. Feces from 39 of the patients tested positive for the virus even after
    swabs from the nose and throat of those patients tested negative.

    The results raise concerns that the virus can
    also be spread through the digestive tract.
    The study further states that diarrhea occurs in 10 to 20 percent of patients that contract the disease. While
    researchers have extensively warned about the potential for COVID-19 to be transmitted through respiratory
    aerosols of infected patients (coughing, sneezing, speaking), transmission through aerosolized feces may be a
    less apparent source of transmission.

    While direct transmission from the feces of an infected person is not likely,
    concerns have been raised that transmission may be possible from the
    aerosols produced from toilet flushing. It has long been known that toilets
    produce aerosol “plumes” when flushed that have the potential to spread
    disease. Those aerosols can linger in the air and contaminate surfaces in
    Researchers are recommending that people close toilet seat lids prior to
    flushing in order to reduce the volume of aerosols that are generated by a
    toilet flush by 80 percent.

    However, the plumbing codes in North America
    do not require most toilets in public bathrooms to have toilet seat lids.

    It’s extremely important to know that there is no evidence that COVID-19
    has been spread through toilet plumes…..”

    THINK while it is still legal – There are Billions of Flushes!

    (There are 3or 4 types of Toilets, the newer low water usage are ok – its the older types seen in the WIKI on this topic – hover over toilet type to see the type to be aware of – but still – close the lid before flushing)

    <<<- many links of how to re-open the 5.6 million buildings that were shut down, eye-opening!

    Again the Plejaren have helped us with this awareness in advance of 'no evidence' …yet- . Thank you Ptaah and Billy!


    PS: this is a nice idea for the Future of dining Out:

    IMO this is a viable business idea for outdoor restaurants, since take out is permitted. 'Do Feed the Humans.'

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