The Delusion of David Icke: Reptilians Yes, Virus No

What happens when a charlatan finally gets Facebook to make his conspiracy theories come true

Ah yes, poor David Icke. Censorship sucks. So my question is why is David Icke, who CENSORED Billy Meier’s information all these years, complaining? Actually, he may not be complaining because the censorship is probably good for his business, which is selling conspiratorial b.s. to ignorant people.

This dummy twists the truth about a real, deadly pandemic into a fake scenario, manipulated by the “dark forces” that are, fortunately for him, behind everything that goes wrong in the world.

Are there nefarious parties intent on controlling and enslaving everyone and using every situation to do so? Sure, as has been the case throughout history.

Are there “Reptilians”, “Dracos” and “Archons” similarly threatening humankind? No. But that didn’t stop this slime ball from creating lunatic conspiracies that can put people in danger who think his information is credible, perhaps even more so since he’s been banned from much social media.

For instance, Icke says that children aren’t vulnerable to COVID-19 (which doesn’t exist anyway, according to him) but only the elderly and those with underlying conditions. We know from the Plejaren information that it’s more a matter of the strength and condition of a person’s immune system, not their age. And the early immunity that children had is no longer a protective factor, as they are already showing signs of infection and particularly terrible afflictions to their lungs and hearts, including strokes in some cases.

Arrogance and idiocy combine in Icke’s denial of climate change, which he sees as yet another conspiracy, though he cites polluted cities as giving rise to health conditions that he says are mistakenly being called COVID-19.

So, should Icke have been censored? No. the fact that there are people so stupid as to believe and follow an equally stupid person has also long been the case through history. And to try to protect people from themselves simply perpetuates the infantilization of people and indeed the control over them. So, censoring Icke supports his conspiracy theories and his dangerously crazy denial of the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Billy Meier COVID-19 Information Confirmed…Again

Regarding the real numbers of COVID-19 infections, as we published on April 9, 2020: “There are already 9 to 10 times more infected people than is reported.” Now there is this corroborating information from Germany:

“The number of Covid-19 infections across Germany could be 10 times higher than official numbers show, researchers have concluded after conducting a study in one of the country’s hardest-hit towns.”

As you’ll see, the story also corroborates Meier’s information on asymptomatic spreaders.

Speaking of which, from a new article in the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Of the 62 people who tested positive, more than half, 53%, showed no symptoms — highlighting the risk of pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic people spreading the virus.”

Scientists say a now-dominant strain of the coronavirus appears to be more contagious than original

And, as the Plajren stated as far back as February 3rd, children will also fall victim to the disease:

“And this virus is particularly dangerous because it is equipped with a mutating gene modification ability from which new variations of disease symptoms can emerge and attack various other life forms than just adults, including adolescents and children and other living beings. It is difficult to determine what a disease is, because such infections reveal symptoms similar to other and already known diseases, and can therefore be misdefined and consequently treated medically incorrectly. Children, for example, and especially the younger ones, are affected by one of the various mutations of the corona virus, which has a particularly inflammatory effect on the heart and lungs.”

Now these reports are coming in confirming Meier’s information:

COVID-19 May Cause Severe Heart Condition in Kids

Coronavirus updates: 15 children hospitalized in NYC with mysterious syndrome possibly linked to COVID-19

This documentation is mainly for going on the record as to the unfortunately impeccable accuracy of the COVID-19 information from Billy Meier and the Plejaren.

For now, because of the stubbornness, suppression and denial of “official, non-Reptilian, Draconian or Archon sources”, I’ll just provide this appropriately titled link:



Thanks to Rocky Waters for new corroborations.



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  1. Terry Carch, that shows…

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  2. I started watching David after seeing that Billy had some of his books in his study. I watched till he started speaking of Reptillians then I stopped. Lately he claims they are censoring his “truth” which BTW does not allow the Covid-19 virus he feels is phoney or not very dangerous, virus but our Swiss friend says it effects the population differently due to ethnicity. Well there were 25,000 people who died yesterday from it, it appears to be serious. Children are getting it and there are stokes happening in younger people as well so the virus is rapidly mutating I think. We need to be well rested, vitamined up (C &D) and exercise regularly. We need to use our thoughts to prepare ourselves for it ramping up in our area. Salome

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