Sacrificing the Children Leads to the Death of Society

When blind obedience to questionable authorities, unprincipled subservience to economics, override survival instincts


84 students, 20 staff test positive at Mingus Mountain Academy

‘Major concern’: Nearly 100 New York children treated for mysterious inflammatory illness thought to be linked to Covid-19

Mayor: 52 NYC children diagnosed with inflammatory syndrome

I recently sent this email to 30 childcare facilities in Arizona, many of which are already open:

“Dear Childcare Professional,

While it’s understandable that we all want this pandemic to end and be able to return to normal business, there are some facts that need to be known.

First, this is an Ebola level, ever-mutating pathogen. It doesn’t operate in accordance with our preferences. The lockdown needs to be months longer…because the actual incubation period is up to three months. And it’s largely spread by asymptomatic carriers. Further, most of our medical facilities are inadequate to control, contain and stop the spread of this pathogen and, in fact, can inadvertently spread the disease to the community.

Of huge concern is the potentially very deadly toll that will be taken on our children, as they are now not only spreaders of the disease but becoming victims themselves:

5-year-old is first child death from COVID-19-related inflammatory syndrome reported in U.S

Rare syndrome tied to COVID-19 kills three children in New York, Cuomo says

It is unconscionable to gamble with our children’s lives. Whatever information “official sources” may provide, it is still up to each and everyone of us to…think for ourselves. And to do so keeping our children’s health and well-being in mind.

It’s a matter of record that I’ve been informing officials, hospitals, media, educators, etc., in AZ since March 5th, regarding the actual facts about this disease. All of the information I’ve sent has subsequently been corroborated. Had it been investigated, let alone heeded, many lives wouldn’t have already been lost in our state.

This communication too is now a matter of record. Hopefully, history will show that it was important enough for you to discuss, pose questions, challenge, etc., in pursuit of the truth, good health and safety of all concerned.

I am calling for childcare facilities to remain closed until this pandemic is verifiably under control and no longer a threat to our children’s health, which is interconnected to the health of our families and communities. 


Michael Horn”

I received one reply so far, from the Director of the Goddard School, in Buckeye, AZ, an apparent supporter of prematurely ending the lockdown:

“The school follows the CDC as well as AZDHS guidelines and recommendations. You are stepping way out of your scope of practice and professionalism contacting childcare facilities with this information with the understanding we are not under your medical care or seeking your advice. I will be reporting you to the appropriate contacts including the Arizona medical board as this is harassment. Please do not contact us again at this school.”

To which I also replied:

“Thank you for your response.

Since you obviously don’t have sufficient thinking capacity – or the natural protective instincts – to prioritize the safety of the children, I will be publishing your response broadly as well.

Of course, if you know that this isn’t a highly contagious, Ebola level disease, also spread by children as per the articles below, please feel free to provide…substantiated evidence in rebuttal.”


The Eyes Have It

Here is yet another “new” scientific finding:

Coronavirus CAN enter the body through the eyes: Scientists find eye cells are a prime target for the deadly virus to attach to

However, on March 16, nearly two months earlier, we published the following information, already warning about contamination via the eyes. Additionally, transmission through “other body excretions” is also corroborated in this new article about sexual transmission:

9. Ninethly: An infectious contact can also occur via infected persons that are coughing and sneezing, or by dogs and cats, because also pets can be carriers of the coronavirus. Also, the indirect way of contact infection or smear infection with the virus from items, body surfaces or food on which the infectious air borne droplets have settled, leads to contamination if they subsequently get into the body via the mucous membranes, for example, the mouth, nose or eyes. A transmission via the faecal-oral way and other body excretions is also possible, as is a transmission via infected animals, creatures and house beetles, such as cockroaches and so forth.

Not So Fast

We’ve also learned German Towns To Reimpose Shutdowns Over Virus Clusters as people are slowly beginning to realize that it ain’t over till it’s over, a lesson that our beloved country of complainers should heed, lest our impatience leads to this plague exploding and leading to even greater numbers of casualties.

UPDATE thanks to John Bryant.

Coming Attractions:

The Predicted Worldwide Volcanic Eruptions Begin

See also, for all FIGU-related Corona-Virus warnings:

!! FIGU Corona-Virus Warning Service !!


53 Replies to “Sacrificing the Children Leads to the Death of Society”

  1. Let’s hope this pandemic doesn’t lead to sectarian fanatics playing a dictorial role per the HP:

    “Anarchy will be the worldwide condition that will prevail and torment human beings over a long period of time, as human beings will also be tormented by the many epidemics and diseases, many of them new and unknown to human beings and for this reason incurable. Due to this fact, the bodies of many human beings will slowly and miserably decay, while unbearable pain will also occur as well as blindness and terrible respiratory problems that lead to suffocation. The consciousness of many human beings will become impaired and succumb to feeblemindedness and insanity. And all these gruesome occurrences will be traceable to biological and chemical weapons, which are the cause of not fast, but gruesome and slow deaths; and this will also occur due to the use of ray and frequency weapons which are already being developed today.”

  2. ‘Coronavirus Lockdown May Spur Surge in Mental Illness, U.N. Warns’

    This in just a short time-frame, makes you wonder how inmates and others locked-down get by with the limited resources $$$.

  3. Ned I think it`s high time we better join the Plejaren Federation so that Patah and his administration can do something to put a
    stop on this corona virus and all these other terrible diseases that might just make us even more sick, deaf and blind and dumb,etc,etc,etc! Why must we all suffer and wait 800 years with death at hour doorstep! Must we all die with so short a lifespan without the longlife 3rd strand RNA and DNA and the liegiving Creational laws with its commandments, recomendations and directives to help us live to be 1000, 50,000 100,00 years of love, kindness,peace,logic,rational thinking,reasoning thoughts,altruism and so on as the people rom Erra and other good Plejaen worlds have learned so many thousands of milllions of years ago> “If we`re the yongsgters of this Plejaren Federation,don,don`t you think it`a time we learn to grow up and stop behaving like jealous little kids who won`t listen to mommy and daddy and to stop fighting one anogther witj their borthers and sisiters and start to learn from mommy and daddy a bout how to behave with kindness,politeness and graciousness with good table manners wear a mask when you go out(put a napkin on your lap,an analogy as an example) if you understand what I`m getting at? The people of Earth need to stop acting like misbehaving teenagers and start now to grow up into loving caring kind helpful adults and not wait 800 years to receive our college diplomas and our Phd degrees in math,science, and the laws of Creation! That is why we are here in the first place if we are going to ever learn and evolve with peace,love, kindness and altruism , etc,et,etc! “No more wars,crime,diseaes, phobias of other races,cultures and so on if we`re going to finally join the Plejafren Fedration NOW!!!”

  4. The point I`m making here is if this COVID 19 is now a permanent part of this world like the flu and the common cold and there is NO possibility of a vaccine and or a drug due to the mutation of all theses SARS-covid-2 etc, why not wait 800 years to find and get help from a more evolved peaceful world such as Erra that has long ago learned to overcome all these terrible disasters by way of birth stop and birth check without these nefarious danaerous killing o so many people by way o the Deep State,MIBs, Greys, politicians,, corporations and religious fanatisims, fossil fuel, industries,nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons,etc,etc,etc! “Time to grow up and learn to clean up this world and it`s envotnment with safe clean alternative health,eneries and so on as the Plejarens have done so many millions of years ago,etc!”

    1. Terry,

      Please read what Billy has to say about the “little Greys” and the hysteria surrounding them. They aren’t here killing us. Mostly everything that’s spread around about the Greys is nonsense. Salome

      “Anything pertaining to the “Little Greys” must be scrutinized with extreme caution, for too many fantasists, madmen, charlatans and delusionals are in the habit of jumping on the bandwagon. There are also the many infamous machinations going on within the secret forces, particularly in the USA, geared to induce fear and horror regarding the extraterrestrials in people, e.g., through animal mutilations and the brainwashing of humans into experiencing horrifying recollections of purported extraterrestrials. Hence, not everything a person sees, hears, feels or is told, is the actual reality. One must be conscious of this fact, especially regarding these “Little Greys”.”


  5. well good news in Virginia. Some of the summer camps are closing their doors for this season. Thank goodness. I was very worried about this. Hopefully all of them will close but that still remains to be seen. My daughter was going to be counselor in training at one of them. I am so relieved. If all camps across the country don’t close for this summer, I don’t even want to think about the effects of that.


  6. Without help from the Plejaren , I just don’t us getting over this virus. Earth is replete with people who have zero common sense. They gave information to stop the spread, and our leaders are so full of ego and self Importance , they ignore a helping hand. What chance do we have ?

  7. Hi Michael
    It looks like Kawasaki disease has been given a new name linking it to Covid19.
    It reads-
    Scientists suspect developing Kawasaki Disease could be a reaction to COVID-19.

    Medics have given the deadly condition a new name, PIMS-TS, in the fight against COVID-19.

    The NHS urges parents to urgently contact their GP or the NHS if their child shows symptoms.
    The main symptoms of Kawasaki disease have been described as a fever.


    1. Hi Al the visual symptoms of the Covid-19 induced Kawasaki disease in children is red eyes, bright red tongue, cracked lips, swelling of hands and feet.

  8. Hi Michael
    Over in France as schools opened, up goes the covid19 in the children.

    The dumb quote from the article.
    (Although the idea of children being silent “super-spreaders” has been largely debunked in recent analyses, last week France recorded its first death of a child….).

    And in the UK, to help spread the virus,

    As cases increase in Belgium, Doctors display their trust in their PM.


    1. The crybabies are demanding that we reopen everything here in the states. I’m afraid that many will be forced to decide between their jobs and their health if we are forced to open back up in the next few weeks. It’s pretty obvious and inevitable that another huge wave of infections and deaths will occur, and it’s all due to the stupidity of our current economic system. We’ve paid into a system for most of our lives and that system offers no safety net in the event of a catastrophic situation. Our money goes to everything under the sun except for the people who actually pay into it. When will folks finally wise up to this scam.

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