As the World Turns and Paris Burns

Another one of those glorious moments in human history when more light is the result of more darkness

As happy young rioters do their part to improve visibility conditions in under-illuminated, low-income housing areas:

Riot Police Deployed as Youths Set Cars Ablaze in Paris Suburbs

…we’re reminded of the eventual , inevitable outcome:

“Paris will be destroyed from within”: Billy Meier, 1981

Like an elephant that never forgets, the unstoppable, immutable law of cause and effect plods along, on its way.

It may be said that, for their role in the Crusades (that nasty, genocidal lunacy done in the name of an imaginary savior) France wins the maybe-we-shouldn’t-have-done-that prize, with the final delivery date determined but…not yet announced.

But in case anyone is tempted to gloat, just refer to this stuff from the Henoch Prophecies:

217. Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction.

218. The cause for this will be manifold.

219. With its global conflicts which are continuously instigated by it and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against itself, worldwide, in many countries.

220. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth.

221. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.

And there’s Jeremia’s little reminder about what happens to one of the “big mights across the big ocean” when we, er they, fulfill Henoch’s warnings from thousands of years earlier.

Or, as Meier pointed out more recently:

Ah, human beans, aka Brain Amputees, ya gotta luv ’em.

23 Replies to “As the World Turns and Paris Burns”

  1. Who said I was blaming Creation? On the contrary, life’s impulse to “press on regardless” is why people are so obstinate about being sidelined by ANYTHING! There’s no other way! To the extent I can, I DO talk about these ideas to others, but as you already know, even in spite of decades of syfy, most people are hard pressed to grasp the REALITY of it all. It’s more fun and constructive To have these kinds of conversations. As to other countries, the reason I bring up history is the reality of having to deal with various bad actors, some of whom have wanted to take over the whole world! I think the hope at the beginning of the country was that we would start in a new direction from the past and be a good example going forward. Unfortunately, so far we have been infected with our own bad actors as well as major bullies who just can get along well with others! We all wish people would stop being bad, but unless you’re willing to totally “turn the other cheek” and risk total annihilation, I’m afraid the inclination to protect oneself and one’s country from those belligerent forces just isn’t going to go away. Now if we could just get the kind of leaders we need, but that’s another conversation!

  2. Hi Michael
    It looks like other countries are going back into violent protests.
    The Yellow Vests (of France) have conformed to “some” of the lock down measures, however they haven’t gone away completely, their movement started approximately 18 months ago.
    The scenes are somewhat disturbing.
    Now to Hong Kong.
    While back over in Germany.
    While Paris burns nobody learns. History repeating its self?
    Most have heard of the French Revolution. Back to 1381 when Mr Tyler made a fatal mistake…..for trusting the authorities (King and Church). A pole tax by all, to fund the war the royals had started. After the plague and famine of course. And all they wanted was their Freedom. A golden opportunity missed.
    What happened in 5 minutes.-The Peasants Revolt.

    But more importantly.
    Why and How it happened, Parts 1 and 2. Does it sound familiar?

    And as for the poor old brits, as many people still walk about, wrapped up in their self induced lobotomy. Tho, this sounds like the UN-Patriot act.
    Roll on 6th/7th June.

  3. All of the predictions of Billy and the Plejaren come true every single day now . Have you noticed it doesn’t take a month or two like before ? The Plejaren leave earth for good in2029. People are so divided . The machine wants Trump gone. Small business wants to open. Citizens want their life back. Government wants to print another 3 trillion. It’s a powder keg on steroids for disaster. The next 9 years are going to be spooky. Until we erase religion globally, patience is all can do . It’s so true , evolution is a slow slow process.

    1. Hi Barry, I think the reason why all these predictions are happening is because this is a very very predatory world that is that all these primitive people of Earth are just preying on one another through religions, politics. militarism, corporations, competitions etc to win each other over to say who is better than the other i.e. “I`m the authority, I know more than you,I`m better than you which to me is very very inhumain and and below being human,hence war,diseases,crime,etc,etc,etc! I think this is why the people of Earth can`t seem to climb out out of this childish stage of evolution! “As Semjase and Star Trek`s Q have said the Universe(s) are wondrous places to visit and travel but as Semjase said there are good and bad all over the Univers(s) and Q said the Universe(s) is not for the timid and
      squeamish! The people of Earth need to grow out of their crib and start to walk and talk and learn from their parents(Plejarens) just what is right and correct just as the Plejarens have learned 52,000 years ago not to make the same mistakes they made millions of years ago and the people of Earth must now learn to do the same with math,science,Crational laws and directives,etc and to learn why we are here in the first place! The people of Earth are still in this school learning how to behave and and get along with one another how not to fight shoot and kill one another and get along with one another without all these wars,,crime,poverty, and diseases,etc,etc, etc!”

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