News: Children Spread Virus – WE TOLD YOU SO Two Months Ago

How many thousands of people have died because Billy Meier’s information is suppressed?

This “new evidence” about children spreading the disease isn’t “new” to those of you who’ve read what we first published on March 2nd:

“Further, while Australian doctors are baffled by children’s resistance to the virus, amidst the increasing numbers of confirmed cases, the reality is that infected children are also the main ‘hidden spreaders’ of the rampantly spreading disease, as stated by the Plejaren. So, while children may not come down with the disease, they can carry it and infect others.”

Watching the “experts” slowly “discovering” what we published months ago isn’t merely frustrating, it brings to mind the thousands of people who have needlessly died because every one of the people to whom we sent the information…ignored it.

Every single one.

If you feel the way we do, NOW’S the time for YOU to start sending the information to EVERY possible news source, alternative and mainstream.

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Terry Carch

I just found this article from c2c in the news from The new York Times: Scinetist Consider Indoor Ultraviolet Light to Zap Coronavirus in the Air Here is another idea too also along with using copper to zap the coronavirus pathogens too.

David Hurlburt


So, children touch many objects as they experience life, – this explains some of the Virus transmission.


The results revealed that in just 30 minutes, the glow in the dark paint had transferred to the hands of every single person at the buffet, as well as to the tableware.

What’s more, the paint was discovered on the faces of three of the participants, showing just how quickly germs can spread in confined areas.

“A place where the unspecified majority can easily touch is called a high-touch surface, which is harboring danger. I want you to be aware of the risks and take appropriate measures.”

‘Coronavirus found in human feces more than a month after patient tests negative. The team highlights that, as most coronavirus patients are asymptomatic, there’s a ‘significant’ risk of the virus spreading through sewers.’

CONCLUSIONS – (Remember, we are all in thought together, please add your reasoning)

1. Minimize surfaces and objects touched by children; Less is More.
2. Children must wash hands after play
3. All toilet lids to be closed BEFORE flushing; in public restroom with no lid, Flush and leave room immediately, or simply do not use. Wear eye goggles when entering public rooms.
4. Portalets – aka Porta Potties for the public, – not be used under this observation due to no water to sanitize hands.
5. Survival Tip should water be unavailable or undesirable: – Many toilets tested – ‘bottom’ line is 5 gallon bucket with dirt added, after usage. IMO, good idea to buy extra plastics toilet seats (~$20) now before this becomes well known; remember the shortages of Toilet Paper of the early-mid 21st century, circa February 2020? !? : – )
From Arahat Athersata, Page 170 line # 692: Tempests of people, illnesses and plaques, expropriations, catastrophes and devaluations of money , etc. had to inevitably come onto the Earth Human beings because they are the teaching materials of the school of life’
We are learning to let go – in more ways than one

THINK while it is still legal: There are millions of objects!


Luis Sanchez

The people of earth can’t grasp, the whole concept of the circumstances. People who left rubble (from Mars, to Malona…and earth). Can not recognize their own doings.
On the other hand a people who located themselves in a solar system with its central sun that will burn out sooner then expected.
A people who have a artificial genetic manipulation that only allows a tenth of normal human life…who are clearly aggressive towards all natural life and natural life supporting surroundings . The culmination of such things, a people who cannot maintain a history, unwilling to preserve a history, by destroying leaving only rubble, that are located literally in a environment in the solar system we’re it’s support by nature the sun…reflecting back to them their half life existence. Then they are provided with the necessaries and spiritual provisions of the truth teachings…to survive it all and thrive in the future refuse and refuse and refuse and refuse to take interest? People of the earth need to come to reason

Luis Sanchez

Just to add to my last statement. If a people who have done so much illogic through war all kinds of war. Are reflected back they’re own reality of the finiteness of their time but still prefer to go about all kinds wars? Then they truly oblivious to evolution itself…which is an unfolding and necessary for…the maintenance of life.

Barry Smith

We only learn the hard lessons when we mess up. It was only after the destroyer did it’s work, that the survivors refined their consciousness and gained the knowledge to anything they wanted to know . There has to be better days in the future for us. Look whats been done to earth by us . The destroyer might as well have hit us. We’ve polluted the water, the air, the ground, the cosmic space around us , and we’re so busy making biological weapons. Never considering the consequences of all our actions. I am on the wrong planet .

Shiva balu

This is so true.How do you talk to people about spiritual teaching when they are so immersed in religion whichever it is. It is always about conquering or surrendering and both are war. We also understand that this is because the agression Gene is defective. Until this Gene manipulation is reversed in the distant future, even to make a conscious effort to overcome aggressions that exist in society as overpopulation ,religion, caste and politucs is going to take lot of effort.

Diane Grebe

Hi Terry:

Yes CHF is congestive heart failure and is typically an older person’s disease but now this virus is affecting different areas of the body for children. It is quite scary. I heard over the weekend that 3 American children have died from it and one 14 year old in London also died. The virus seems like it is mutating into something much more aggressive and I think we are in for a worse summer and fall. I do agree with some people on this blog that the virus will be around for 2-3 years. I can’t even imagine what the death rate will be when it is finally over.

Take care of yourself,
Diane Grebe