COVID-19 Emails Sent to Arizona Officials Since March 5th

Proof we warned Arizona officials – even before the W.H.O. and CDC – of most important pandemic facts, precautions

COVID-19 Emails Sent to Arizona Officials Since March 5th

Beginning on March 5th, 2020, these are some of the emails I sent to dozens of Arizona governmental and medical officials, news media, scientists, reporters, journalists, etc.*

I received only one courtesy response, no inquiries, questions, challenges, etc.

Due to the extensive documentation, I’ve included all of the correspondence in a PDF file below.

Michael Horn

COVID-19 Emails Sent to Arizona Officials Since March 5th



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Sheila Clark

It’s all very frustrating to know health officials don’t care about saving lives. At the very least you have all the documentation to start a class action lawsuit for negligence. Negligence being knowing information that can save lives but doing nothing.

Shaylyn Furnari

Good news tonight from AZ Governor

Something that crossed my mind with witnessing all your efforts and series of posts today…aside from providing the information to Billy and Billy’s camp to you (sorry if that’s incorrect system flow) how have they been sending out and sharing these protocols with everyone? What are their efforts I suppose to ask. Hopefully that’s not offensive or taken wrong but I see your effort and not sure what goes beyond the contact notes. Are there others who are from the FIGU group that are reaching out as you have been to various outlets and officials? If this has been explained before I apologize but I’m curious, not judging just curious.

Melissa Osaki

Hi Shaylyn,

You can sign up for the FIGU newsletter at the link below. It’s on the left-hand side of the page. If you don’t speak German, you will have to run them through a translator. They do sometimes send an English translation.

Shaylyn Furnari

Hi Melissa,

I don’t speak German, but I’ll look into translating. Thank you.