Joe Rogan Choked Out by One-armed Man!

All the money in the world can’t make you smart when you can’t tell your ass from your elbow


In this latest installment of our sizzling series, “The Perils of Pot”, we feature a tribute to Joe Rogan, a proud, living testament to what happens to a person’s ability to think straight when they perpetually puff on the deceptively harmless killer of brain cells.

In Joe’s case, we tested the effects of the evil weed on cognitive abilities by literally putting Billy Meier’s beautiful UFO Photo-Inventarium right in his cannabis stained hands. The effects were…instantaneous and astounding.

Joe immediately referred to Meier’s 617, stunningly clear, still irreproducible UFO photos – all taken between 1964 and 1981 – as products of…PhotoShop! Even Joe’s guest, actor Dan Aykroyd was incredulous but, fortunately, didn’t go into Royd rage.

So, as the country falls apart all around us, we take a nostalgic moment to consider…what could’ve been, had Joe not lost his thinking capacity, had he not been otherwise choked out too many times on the mats.

And to think that now Joe’s been choked out again, in under two minutes, by our friendly, one-armed…time traveler.


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Shiva balu

That is so true Terry. But covid related deaths are also passed off as being due to other health issues so that the real number of covid deaths are kept low.

Barry Smith

Found out today my wife’s co-worker tested positive for corona virus five days ago . Now the wife needs tested, and me and everyone we’ve been around .

Al Jedd

Hi Michael
This looked like a step in the right direction, but alas it’s only temporary.

But what is of concern is the news from the Swiss government.

And thank you Melisa for the explanation regarding the banner “Forbidden” which has been popping up on “Theyflyblog” during the last few days.

Stan Del Carlo

Is Big Red, Apophis 99942 , still maintaining its predicted course?
Thank You.

Melissa Osaki

I haven’t seen any reports to suggest that it isn’t still on course to smack us upside the head. Last I’d heard, Russia was the only country working on it in a serious manner. That was a while ago though.

Stan Del Carlo

All the internet information stated by the “know it all’s,” say Apophis 99942 will miss the earth by a million miles.

Melissa Osaki

Joe is stuck on Roswell. He thinks Bob Lazar is a hero.

Here’s his latest comment (from Twitter) on Lazar:
“Imagine sticking your neck out in 1989 and telling an insane story about working on back engineering alien spacecrafts, dealing with ridicule for 31 years only to have the pentagon come out in 2020 and vindicate you, and to see it printed in the New York Times.
That’s the story of unitednuclearbob. We are truly living in the strangest of times. ”

No one has stuck their neck out more than Meier…ever. It’s almost as if Joe deliberately ignores the information from Meier, even though he reported on Roswell years before Bob Lazar. Joe is thicker than frozen peanut butter. Even Dan Aykroyd gave an eye roll at Joe’s idiocy.

1987 (Speaks with Quetzal about the details of the UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico. Starting after # 73)

1985 (Mentions the UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico. Starting after # 12)

matt lee

I am just thinking Melissa at how we can penetrate through that drugged up thick skull of his to get Michael on the show.
I wonder if we can through one of the UFC fighters who is up and coming.
Give him one of Billy’s book to ponder upon or even through one of their coaches.
What do you think?

Melissa Osaki

That’s actually a pretty good idea. He respects those guys enough that it might work. Maybe we can get one of them to bop him on his bald head too. Ha ha!

John Webster

Excuse me for butting in … there HAS to be a better conduit than Rogan. Why keep beating all the dead horses? The import of the spiritual teachings will continue to reach people on an individual basis, as people permit themselves to intake truth. As for Rogan, I can’t see anything worthwhile in chasing him down.

Melissa Osaki

It’s mostly because he has a large following all around the world. I think he’s become agenda driven in his later years and that’s why he won’t allow certain topics to “take off”, but if Michael could get on the show, some folks would benefit.

Joe’s a bit of a brain amputee, but I often wonder how much of that is forced. He smokes a lot of that wacky weed, so he could just be fried.

Cecil Porter

Why is it so difficult to order GOBLET OF TRUTH.

Melissa Osaki

What difficulties are you having? Have you tried to order it from They Fly Shop?

Al Jedd

Hi Michael
I could not believe this from RT news. Maybe Trump is going to pot?