The Indestructibility of the Corona Virus

What is absolutely required in order to survive this mutating, “extraordinary and dangerous ultra-multivirus”; includes excerpt from the 739th Contact

The latest information from Billy Meier and the Plejaren. The following is an unofficial, unauthorized translation that will be replaced with the official translation, once available.

Information about further necessary modes of behaviour and further information concerning the origin of the rampantly spreading disease

Excerpt from the 739th contact from Friday, 22nd of May, 2020

Billy … Well then, I really do have to ask a few things, especially with regard to how we are supposed to continue to behave with regard to the rampantly spreading corona disease, because it will be necessary for one or the other of us here in the Center to actually go out, because things are coming up that we can hardly put off or cannot any longer put off. It is indeed only the 22nd of May, although you said that you will give us your next information regarding the rampantly spreading disease at the end of the month.

On the one hand, my question is about family matters, which are slowly causing problems because there are simply human beings who cannot cope with a situation such as has arisen due to the pandemic, which leads to strange expressions, for example, relationship breakup and so forth, because being together or being able to put one’s arms around each other is not possible for a longer time and one cannot accept it. However, I have to say thereto that these problems do not originate from someone here in the Center but from family members and relatives and so forth, who do not live here. I can indeed understand that longer periods of separation can lead to problems among human beings if they are psychically unstable, which they themselves, however, refuse to accept and therefore cannot comprehend/logically follow it1. On the other hand, however, such behaviour is also based on an egoism, which is expressed through allowing pathological thoughts of loss to emerge due to the need to renounce hugs and so forth, which correspondingly inevitably creates negative feelings and likewise negatively affects the psyche and therethrough causes the morale to plunge. This plunging of the morale then leads to the fact that temporal separations cannot be accepted and are reacted to with strange expressions, such as relationship breakup, behavioural disorders and thoughtless as well as uncontrolled modes of behaviour which even pervert into quarrels and is of course incorrect, which therefore corresponds to nothing other than an act of switching off the intellect and rationality.

In fact, such occurrences unfortunately come about worldwide during this period of the corona pandemic, whereby our KG members here at the Center are also confronted with them, however, not in our small Center community itself, but with relatives living outside, who unfortunately cannot come here or cannot be visited. But there are also problems when with those in need of help or with very elderly persons a visit needs to be enabled and where one should not hug due to ensuring health-maintenance-safety.

However, if we now take a look at ourselves here in the Center, we do not have the slightest problems with our isolation, although we are also affected by the separations from all family members concerned, from friends and acquaintances, because we all have – based on intellect and rationality – adjusted to everything that is necessary and simply stick to it. This changes nothing at all regarding our thoughts, feelings and our behaviour towards our external family members, friends, acquaintances, KG members as well as passive members, and so forth, because we do not make our relationships dependent on egoism and an exuberance of thoughts and feelings, which with an ‘inability-to-fulfil-them’ lead to inner discord with one’s present destiny. And this presentation of the matter effectively corresponds to the truth, which also further explains that out of this discord then false accusations, quarrels and evil things arise, right up to the relationship breakups and the being cursed and so forth of those who, due to an emergency situation and so forth, cannot avoid an inevitable longer separation. This is especially the case when such an emergency situation consists of breaking a necessary

1 According to Billy, to translate the German term ‘nachvollziehen’ with ‘comprehend’ is insufficient, because ‘nachvollziehen’ goes further; namely that we follow everything in logic or consequentially, which means, sequentially according to how things happened in real time, including the thoughts and feelings we had at the time when that experience happened. Therefore, the English translation ‘to logically follow sth.’ comes closest to the German meaning. That may confuse the English reader, who is used to the term ‘logically’ being used as an adverb to qualify how something is done. However, in the context of the spiritual teaching, ‘to logically follow’ can be seen as the term to describe ‘nachvollziehen’. ( because of a visit, get-together or hugging, and therewith the health or even the death of one’s own person as well as that of the other person or several of them is being compromised.

Well, although we live here in the Center with 12 persons in a small circle and sometimes almost tread on each other’s toes, so to speak, there is no hassling or quarrelling and so forth, because we all behave according to your given guidelines and, in addition, rationally, being conscious of the fact that we are doing the best for ourselves if we behave according to that which the situation demands now. For me the whole thing is nothing new, because also in the last world war we had similar times here and there, when we had to ‘disappear’ into our cellars, like others had to into air-raid shelters. In various countries I was also confronted with similar situations to now, because sometimes I was inevitably isolated, for example, when I had to be ‘pestered’ with certain necessary vaccinations.

On the other hand, in order to address the other problems, we unfortunately cannot avoid having to grapple with finances in our materialistically designed world, namely in connection with the post office and the bank, because regarding finances we can neither do without them, nor can we do without sending books and brochures and so forth. Therefore it is necessary that someone has to leave the Center and undertake certain financial matters with the post office and bank, which is not a problem in and of itself, because … strictly adheres to the security guidelines, as … and … also have to do this with regard to their ageing mothers, who need help. In addition, … and … also frequently have to do some things away from home, as sometimes also …, in which case, however, all of them comply with the safety measures, such as wearing suitable protective masks and keeping the necessary distance to persons from outside.

Well, for my part, I stay in the Center consistently and do not go out while … works for his employer via computer in the home office. … unfortunately was less lucky, because his boss and the wife of his boss unfortunately had no understanding for his situation with us; consequently the two have terminated his employment and he will have to look for a new job when the time for it comes up again, which, however, may still take some time as you said.

Concerning the food that we need, this is not a problem for us, because as you know, since the last world war I have always directed myself to having a sufficiently large food store in the house in order to have a supply of it for two or three months if necessary, even also for all persons living here in the Center. Nowadays it is also possible to have food brought here by the postal service or by transport companies, which I also have been using since our isolation, because in this regard I have arranged with an acquaintance that he brings us fresh vegetables and so forth from his sister’s shop every Tuesday. On the other hand, … and … help me with their credit cards – because I do not have one of my own – so that I can buy food from Migros via the computer, which is then sent to me by postal delivery. The costs incurred in each case I can pay to … and … who can pay the money back into their account via our mailpersons. Of course we observe our security measures also with the mail carriers, because when they come here, we put all our mail out for them, ready to go, consequently they can take all of it with them and deposit the mail they brought to us undisturbed and without us coming into direct contact with the people. Therefore everything is arranged, namely also when members living outside the centre come to the centre, such as …, or …, …, …, …, …, …, …, …, …, …, …, …, …, …, …, …, and …, and so forth, which is possible for them, while …, the wife of …, in Germany as well as … and … in Austria are unfortunately blocked due to the border closure, as are … and … with the children.

Ptaah All of that which you have explained corresponds to what I know, about which I want to say that you have organised everything well, as all of you in the Center and also all members of the core group and the passive group residing elsewhere follow my advice and do well with it. Unfortunately, however, it is obviously the case, as you say, that various persons from the circles of family and a quaintances are ununderstanding and cannot cope or can hardly cope with the current Corona pandemic situation with regard to the prevailing and necessary isolation. This is extremely regrettable; however, on the one hand, the life and safety for it as well as for health take precedence, as do necessarily the observance of official regulations and so forth, which must not be disregarded and ought to be respected, even if, due to the unknowledge and incompetence of the state leaders, they do not entirely correspond to that which would be correct in the matter, but nevertheless they can prevent the worst. This must be understood in such situations as now prevail and which serve health and life security. If, therefore, inevitable temporary separations between persons are unavoidable, then this can and must never be a reason for relationship problems of any kind, especially not when deeper personal connections exist. However, if problems still arise in this respect, then a deep reaching clarification is probably necessary.

Billy That is also what I think, but my question is not only about that, rather it is about the fact that the so-called lockdown is henceforth to be relaxed in various countries. Actually, the term literally means ‘lock down’ or ‘lock under’, which is actually completely idiotic, just as the English language is from the bottom up, but generally the whole thing is sold to the earthlings as ‘curfew’, ‘shutdown’, ‘closing’, ‘end of transmission’ and ‘close down’ and so forth; however, in any case really none of these interpretations actually explain the word term, which is why I asked you if you can ask your language experts for the actual word value.

Ptaah That is what I have done and received as an explanation that, in the right form, ‘lockdown’ corresponds exactly to this and is to be translated into German, as you have just explained, written down and given to me in order to present to our linguists. Additionally, it was also explained that, unfortunately, it is not possible to bring forth clear and comprehensible as well as exact relevant terms from the term-deformed words of a language, as in English in this case. In the English language this appears at an alarming rate, whereby a single word even embodies different terms, as if, for example, the letter X was also the letter A, and this is again equated with the value of the letter U.

Billy Well, then that is cleared up; to which, however, I think that the delusion of speaking English and its intended spread throughout the entire world is the last idiocy of a worldwide linguistic dumbing down by US-American megalomania and hegemonic striving. But let us leave it at that, because I would prefer that which you have to say. With regard to the end of this month, if you already know today what can happen for us of FIGU with regard to rational, safety-related and responsible relaxation in relation to dealing with the outside world, thus for all of us here in the Center, for everyone of the core group here in Switzerland, in Germany and Austria, however, as similarly also for all passive members around the world, of whom you indeed have a complete list.

Ptaah Which is right. … With regard to the number of infections and deaths worldwide caused by the coronavirus, I explained to you that the number will rise to 5 million infections by the middle of the year. This number resulted according to our advance calculations in February. Since then, however, due to the reckless and wrong behaviour of the state leaders themselves, even the attitudes of various national populations have largely changed in a negative form and into a form that does not correspond to the circumstances so that the number of 5 million infections – and I had earlier mentioned this expected high number to you – has already been exceeded. And since everything is continuing uncontrollably in its previous form and is increasingly rampant, it can now be assumed that the number of infections due to the coronavirus will be around 8 million by the middle of the year. This, while the number of deaths is also increasing at a higher rate and our calculated figure of 500,000 will probably be reached by mid-year. This does not include the estimated number of unknown cases.

Even with the onset of the cold season – in addition to the thoughtless and dangerous lifting of various protective measures – under some circumstances a renewed strong acute outbreak of the rampantly spreading coronavirus disease can loom again. As our research has shown thus far, this virus – in its ability to mutate – has developed into an extraordinary and dangerous ultra-multi-virus, that is to say, an extreme multiple pathogen. Overall this is a matter of a very peculiar virus in which many kinds of characteristics have come about through mutations, which cause many kinds of diseases and can infect and make any organ ill, just as it can also produce completely new diseases. This happens without distinction in human beings of all ages, because every unborn as well as newborn life can be affected by these manifold diseases, as also can all human beings alike up to the highest attainable age, as I already explained to you on the 3rd of February. However, you concealed this in our contact report from that time, because you feared that an anxiety-hysteria could spread in certain circles of the po ulation when the report was distributed. However, today I have to object to this because in the meantime we have ascertained that such a disclosure would have aroused really serious rational impulsations only in a few Earth’s human beings, as would have also been the case with regard to the facts I named on the 3rd of February, and which I will mention yet again now.

Billy You do not really have to, because I have written down your explanations regarding this, but then removed them from the conversation, therefore they were not published; however, I have them here in the computer … , look here … .

Ptaah Good, then insert them straightaway at the current spot of our conversation when you retrieve and write down our current conversation.

Billy Okay, I will add it here straight away to my words.


3rd February 2020
Ptaah: … …along with the rampantly spreading corona disease’s occurring symptoms, which I have so far mentioned since the 20th of November 2019, such as fever, speech difficulties, breathing difficulties, loss of smell, headaches, discolouration of fingers or toes, shortness of breath, movement problems, visual difficulties, dry cough, kidney problems, conjunctivitis, constant fatigue as well as diarrhoea, skin rashes, loss of taste, sore throat, pressure in the chest area, allergy attacks, pain in the limbs, loss of orientation, loss of concentration and control and so forth, there are other important points to mention, which I still want to explain as follows:

1)  The coronavirus corresponds to a multi-organ virus, which can attack all organs and, as a multi-pathogen, can call forth manifold forms of suffering and disease.

2)  The coronavirus corresponds to a mutating virus species, which can emerge in typical and atypical corona-forms, therefore, in atypical forms it is difficult to recognise it as a corona species.

3)  The coronavirus is unpredictable and can infect any human being of any age, namely already the fruit in the womb as well as from infancy to old age, and indeed both woman and man.

4)  In its type of mutation, the coronavirus is particularly dangerous with regard to the full blood count, which, due to the virus, shows serious changes in all measurement parameters of the leukocytes, erythrocytes, haemoglobin, haematocrit, MCH and MCHC measurements; just as the virus also brings about blood clotting disorders.

5)  To have been infected by the rampantly spreading corona disease once and to have been cured, depending on the case, does not mean absolute immunity against the virus for human beings, because, after some time, that is to say, indefinite time, a new infection through external influences can be always probable, which can persist for life.

6)  The coronavirus can never be finally eliminated, rather it will remain existent under the surface for a very long time, namely for many millennia, thousands of centuries or even millions of years, just as other viruses can continue to exist likewise and depending on their type.

7)  A corona affection can cause life-threatening forms of thromboses in all organs of human beings of any age.

8)  A corona affection can trigger existing epilepsies, but can also call forth new epilepsies of various kinds.

9)  A corona affection can bring forth heart disease and heart failure in a human being at any age, which can end fatally, of which even children can be befallen.

10)  Even after a recovery, a corona affection can lead to possible life-long health disorders and various organic afflictions and illnesses.

11)  A corona affection can quickly or over the course of time call forth a susceptibility to allergies, which can apply to manifold kinds and also persist for life.

12)  Due to a corona affection, long term effects can develop in relation to various health-damaging, permanent impairments, which can occur in different organs.

13)  Our latest cognitions show that a corona affection can, under some circumstances and after convalescence, cause partial or total blindness or, equally, a partial or total loss of hearing, as a result of long-term effects.

14)  Further research cognitions show that immunities, which used to be present after recovery from previous diseases, can be reversed after an illness from the corona virus and consequently old ailments and diseases can reappear again.

15)  A corona affection can let each organ collapse independently of another and also have a deadly effect in this form, because the virus as such corresponds to a multi-organ virus and therefore can attack any organ.

16)  In a corona affection, the multi-organ virus can call forth a sequential failure, that is to say, multi-organ failure that corresponds to a severe functional impairment of various vital organ systems of the body, in addition to the ‘simple’ symptoms of the disease that are also known to terrestrial medical professionals.

Billy You can say that out loud, because all your explanations and statements were and are very far-reaching. No doubt certain explanations need some explanation for us laypersons, however, they can still impart much knowledge to us. And precisely for this reason I want to ask you what your last explanation means – namely ‘a sequential failure, that is to say, a multi-organ failure’. Exactly what is actually fundamentally to be understood by that?

Ptaah A ‘sequential failure’ is, otherwise explained, a matter of a ‘multiple organ failure’. The most common causes for it are sepsis, that is to say, a generalised inflammation of an organism. This applies equally also to polytrauma.

Billy Aha, my intelligence is just enough to understand the whole thing. The ‘multiple’ means in French ‘manifold or multiple’ and so forth, and if you speak of a ‘generalised’ inflammation of an organism, then I understand by this that, on the one hand, it is a ‘comprehensive’ inflammation, but, on the other hand, also that such an inflammation can only come about when thereby corresponding bacteria with their toxins enter the bloodstream and call forth other toxic influences, in which case perhaps viral infections, fungi or other substances can also play a role.

Ptaah That is right. But with this, Eduard, dear friend, we should have said enough about all the important factors of this rampantly spreading disease for today and since the time of our first conversation on this subject on November 30, 2019, and therewith mentioned the most significant of our cognitions.


Billy Good. However, in this case I think that from now on we should no longer be concerned with all the stuff about the coronavirus and the corona pandemic. That means: first you should still explain to us what we are to do in our Center and in the circle of all core group members, as well as in the circle of our worldwide passive group members, and how we are to behave overall in the future. It is still only the 22nd of May, and you were only going to give us more clarifications at the end of May.

Ptaah These explanations I can also give today, because they will probably also be the same at the end of the month, whereby, however, I will continue to monitor and assess the situation until then.

Billy Good, then I still have a different question now. Namely – through your observations and research today – how far are you in relation to your cognitions regarding the progress of the whole matter that Mao Zedong and the vengeful American … … brought into being in the 1970s? With that it is also not clear to me why Mao even got into this thing. You also said that the Chinese leadership actually had nothing to do with producing the coronavirus. This, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, also that there is nothing true about that which is being spread with the stupidly imbecilic claim that it could be proven that the Germans and the Chinese are developing a biological warfare agent together for the purpose of war and are thus working towards another world war.

An unparalleled imbecility of a conspiracy theory, wherethrough it is claimed, as you can read here in this fax-writing nonsense from the USA, which I received four days ago and kept only to show you. If this imbecility of a conspiracy theory has been beamed not only to me, but to other people as well, then I can vividly imagine what ultimately results from it in connection with the warmongering that the wannabe presidential clown Trample-Tramp-Trump, who is of low intelligence and simple-minded, is doing in the USA against China and Russia. Thereby I can also still vividly imagine that all of this imbecility could have been penned by Trample-Tramp-Trump himself or that he entrusted it to someone who only beamed it to me. In my opinion only an irrational lunatic could come up with such an idea. It is really crazy that ‘China’ would want to force another world war with such a bio warfare agent in order to eradicate the populations of other nations and in this way win new land for their own huge Chinese population. In my opinion, it smells like Trample-Tramp-Trump, because that is exactly his style. And the fact that this fax also states that the Germans, as Nazi descendants, would be in cahoots with the Chinese in this respect, because they built the high security laboratory in Wuhan together and work together there, opened it in 2017 and since then have the opportunity to research the so-called BSL-4 pathogens, that obviously does not suit certain people in the USA. But since I didn’t know what BSL-4 means, I looked it up on Wikipedia and now I know that BSL means ‘biosafety level’, which I translate as ‘biological protection level’.

Well, I think that everything corresponds to a deliberately malicious libel, which possibly serves the purpose of spreading the nonsense written here as conspiracy theory, or that therewith the lie is to be spread that the Chinese government would actually carry out research for a bio-weapon of war, which the Chinese government is supposed to have ordered and so forth, which of course would be a reason for all conspiracy theory believers worldwide to harass the Chinese government, ‘Chinasia’ and its people. Thanks to the feeble-minded assertions of the Trample-Tramp-Trump-clown, this is already partly being done in the USA on the open street, as I have seen on the TV news, when an over seventy-year-old US-Chinese man was pursued on the open street by Trample-Tramp-Trump believers and was beaten up miserably. This obviously happened as a result of the bean-straw-like, primitive and imbecilic accusations, which are of low-intelligence, of the US American presidential clown against China because of the rampantly spreading corona disease, which had just been shouted into the microphone of a journalist.

Ptaah This man, who you have also called USA chief puppet, is a completely irresponsible, selfish, pathologically irresponsible, unaccountable clown figure, as you also once said. Now the time has really come that I will probably have to finally resort to your terminology and use it to describe facts and data as they effectively are. Therefore, from now on I will also use your modes of expression, because they describe the corresponding facts with the right terms, and since I am still capable of learning at my age, I have no problem in doing so. However, it would be pointless to go on about how incapable, irrational and sect-oriented the senile US wannabe-great is in reality.

In fact this fax letter, which was actually sent to you from the USA according to the data here, is not only ridiculous but also dangerous with regard to already existing and further developing lies and conspiracy theories against China, but to lose further words about that as well would be senseless.
Over the past few months, we have made a thorough effort about everything concerning your question, and while doing so we have ascertained and gained clarification that in the entire extent of it everything corresponds to purely nonsensical conspiracy theories, however, nothing to the truth in any form. But nevertheless, the conspiracy theories are taken up by their believers and spread without hesitation just as much, as are all the actual corona virus conspiracy theories of any kind, which have come about especially through the irrationality and fault of the US government clown – you have found a good and appropriate term for this. In all lie assertions of this kind, not the slightest iota could be found which would have indicated that in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, in the high-security laboratory in Wuhan, a bio-warfare agent of some kind is being researched by the Germans and Chinese, because the Chinese microbiologists there are engaged in real research work, consequently they are not assigned to any government contract for the production of a bio-warfare weapon and do not carry out any such work.

If the Chinese state leadership is reproached with senseless, malicious and slanderous reproaches and accusations regarding the rampantly spreading corona disease and is even accused of having had the rampantly spreading disease produced in the form of a biological weapon, then this corresponds to a malicious lie and slander. That which is being done in this regard is an irresponsible disgrace, such as, for example, the good-for-nothing president-clown of the USA practises, because he blames the Chinese leadership for something, for which it is not responsible in any form, namely the rampantly spreading corona disease.

The corona virus was caused and spread elsewhere in Wuhan, however, no information will be given about this, because only by means of silence can various persons and families be protected from state harassment and the death penalty, because the Chinese criminal law regulation is even more inhumane and human-life-disdaining than also applies to the USA, Saudi Arabia and Iran and so forth. That which until recently was carried out in a secret backyard laboratory from the mid-1970s on the orders of Mao Zedong and with the cooperation of the client, the vindictive American … … until recently, in order to … … … is now part of the secret history, because the last three persons who were co-responsible for the rampantly spreading corona disease were also infected with the corona virus and died a few weeks ago. Furthermore it has to be said that during the last 16 years the laboratory experts who worked on the virus had no idea what it was actually intended for, because the knowledge of its purpose was lost when the last person carrying the secret died without having passed on the secret. However, since the work continued in a secret form, the purpose of the research and the American’s revenge were finally fulfilled, although the spread of the rampantly spreading disease did not affect the USA as planned, but the entire world.

Billy His plan was indeed only aimed at the USA, but in his revenge the American, that is to say, … … did not think that other nations or even the whole world could be affected. But I think we should no longer talk about it, because the whole thing has happened now and can no longer be changed. Besides, it would also not be good to say anything more than what has already been said. Well, what actually comes up is my question, what is further to be, if you …

Ptaah Of course, because that is important. Before I start with that, however, I still want to say that I have thought about it and I think that everything we have talked about so far should basically be made public and you should spread it via your website. This should also include what I still have to explain in a general form, while however, it should not concern everything that relates to internal FIGU matters.

Billy We can do that, if you say so. But then I think we should no longer deal with the rampantly spreading corona disease, because I am slowly getting sick and tired of all that which has been going on for the last few months, and besides, there is certainly nothing that can change the misconduct of those who are of low intelligence and are as simple-minded as bean straw and are hung up on conspiracy theories and corona lies. For the rational ones, on the other hand, everything necessary has probably been said, so there is no need to talk about it any further, is there?

Ptaah You can see it like that, yes. However, should new important things arise, then I would address the necessary things nevertheless. An exact prediction is not possible, because the thoughtless and fickle behaviour of the majority of those human beings on Earth of all ages does not allow for the fact that they, in terms of their intellect and rationality, still remain pathologically in infantile stages of development, and in relation to the rampantly spreading corona disease react in an immature-egoistic rebellious form to the necessary safety measures of all kinds, disregard unavoidable safety rules, deny the rampantly spreading disease or believe in conspiracy theories and therethrough act completely wrongly and foolishly and force along the rampantly spreading disease even more.

Billy That is good, because in fact I too have often thought that the majority of earthlings are actually infantile, namely regardless of whether they are twenty, fifty, seventy or one-hundred-year-olds, and also regardless of whether they are governors or title holders. Effectively, I have ascertained over and over again during my life that the majority, and indeed no matter how educated they are, really do have a childlike immaturity and, through infantility, show themselves to be uneducated human being in terms of truth-thinking, reality-knowledge and truth-knowledge.

When I observe and consider the majority of humanity, which also includes those ‘highly educated ones’, that is to say, the majority of those who swing the titles of doctor, professor and theologian about, who think of themselves as being a particularly clever elite, but who are even of bean-straw-like lower intelligence than the last jungle monkey, who is under the illusion that he is a jungle creator. This pseudo-elite also belongs to this group, in which it is frightening to note that they, like the general majority of the mass of earthlings, creep through life indifferently and do not care about making true human beings out of themselves. All real and truthly knowledge of being a true human being, as well as every effort to become a true human being, who as such is conscious of his/her duty of being responsible and protective of all life forms and also fulfils it, is alien to all these human beings. All of them have no knowledge, let alone any idea, of the spiritual teaching, that is to say, creational teaching, and thus of the effective reality and truth. They all go through their existence and life blindly, unknowingly and with low intelligence and know absolutely nothing of that which the spiritual teaching, that is to say, the creational teaching teaches, because they do not even know that it exists. All of them also know nothing about all of that which is connected with the energy of Creation, namely all and anything, because all of them lack all knowledge about the Creation Universal Consciousness, which has nothing to do with the nonsense of an imaginary god, feeble-mindedly imagined god-creator or god-father. They do not know the reality and its truth, because this knowledge is an abomination to them, namely also because the whole thing also requires heedfulness and attentiveness, for which these human beings have no interest, nor a clear use of their cognition. If, in contrast to this, I observe and consider our FIGU-members, who are spread all over the world and who make an effort about the teaching of the spirit, that is to say, the teaching of Creation – which is also expressed further in all my corresponding books – then, brought about by them, there is such a blatant difference between them and the infantile majority of earthlings, that it cannot be explained at all, not even with black and white. And this fact is also perceived by all our members around the world, which is very sorrowful for all of them, because they, as responsible thinking and acting ones, perceive that the earthling-world all around goes about indifferently, irresponsibly and unscrupulously destroying everything and does not care about progress.

In all countries I have observed, experienced and learned again and again what kind of infantility arises in the whole world, especially with earthlings who thought they were particularly clever and flaunted their religious delusions. In India I even experienced that such a religious midget went crazy while talking with me, started screaming like a madman and began foaming at the mouth and then ran away crying, never to be seen again. Although these kinds of human beings grow up physically, they do not in terms of consciousness, however, and therefore also not in terms of their intellect and rationality; rather they remain infantile for life and therefore, in terms of their intellect and their entire cognition, they remain immature, silly and of low intelligence in this or that matter, make fools of themselves, are ridiculous and foolish.

Ptaah As you once said: “You speak a true word calmly”, and you just did that, my friend.

Billy Then I have still one more question for you concerning the machinations of the governors: when I follow the news on television, I notice over and over again that the governors responsible for the nation, and therefore for the populace, are constantly letting out new, stupid and irrational sayings and proposals for this, that and the other, in a form that is of low intelligence and silly. This in terms of new regulations, state holdings in ailing companies, corporations and associations and sports clubs and so forth. All in all, however, everything is only imbecility, nonsense and idiocy, especially the participation or the financial grabbing-under-the-arms of ‘poor’ economic powers, whose companies and corporations are suffering as a result of the rampantly spreading corona disease and have to be ‘supported’ financially in order to save jobs and so forth. This is the case, while the bosses of the companies and corporations are sitting unburdened with their millions and million-millions of assets and do not put a single cent of their mammon into their company or corporation. However, the stupid heads of state then do this at the expense of the taxpayers, who are then simply burned up with new and higher taxes in every kind and wise possible in order to fill the state coffers again, which have been imbecilically pumped empty by the simple-minded governors. However, the majority of the immature populations of low intelligence still rejoices about this, because it only sees its own well-being but not the reality and truth and due to its low intelligence, it cannot even recognise them. Instead of the bosses of companies and corporations economising their dough and the governors economising correctly the states’ money, they rather over-fill their own pockets with money and additionally squander the dough on nonsense, instead of making provisions for times of need, and thereby debt after debt is accumulated for which the social strata of the working class must then again face the music with new or increased taxes of all kinds. About that, Ptaah, I would like to know, what you think about that?

Ptaah That I can only answer in a way, as you have already expressed many times before; namely that the entirety of what you have explained corresponds to the truth and clearly and precisely shows the incapability of the majority of all those state-leaders and economic powers who behave and act in the form as you have explained. The whole thing clearly and precisely reveals what the case is with these irresponsible leaders; namely, simple-mindedness. There is nothing more to be said about it.

But now I would like to speak in general terms about that which is to be said and should also be mentioned publicly, which I would like to present as follows: on the one hand, the coronavirus corresponds to a dangerous, insidious and unpredictable factor, whose existence-persistence in all the forms I have mentioned since the 30th of November, 2019, can continue for a very long time and can extend its effectiveness to the next two or three years and thus be active continuously or in stages. This is the case while, on the other hand, the whole thing can undergo a transformation in a short time, in weeks or months, in such a form that an unexpected end occurs and everything appears to be just a past, bad horrific experience.

With regard to the coronavirus’s further persistence and its further spreading of itself, no exact statement can be made, rather according to the reasons given, only an indefinite and two-valued statement can be made, because such a certain prediction would require a viewing of the future. However, we must avoid such predictions and we are not allowed to make them, because this would call forth an influencing of the modes of behaviour of the human beings on Earth. True future viewings of any kind and the publication of seen real future events leads – as old records and experiences prove – to completely wrong modes of action being committed that lead to catastrophes and damage, which is why we can only make prophecies.

An exact prediction regarding the rampantly spreading corona disease cannot be made, on the one hand due to the uncontrollable mutability of the virus and, on the other hand, because the majority of terrestrial humankind is as unpredictable in its infantile mode of behaviour as applies to the coronavirus. Therefore now I only have to clarify the following:

1) Special features: Before an infection can be detected externally, the corona virus already establishes itself in the tear fluid of the eyes and in the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth, which means that an infection, that is to say, a contagion to other persons, can already occur without an already existing infection being detected.

2)  Children: Contrary to inconsiderate, erroneous and irresponsible claims of unteachable, irresponsible know-it-alls as well as medical, virological and immunological ‘experts’ and so forth, children are just as susceptible to the corona virus as adults are.

3)  No reliance: Relying on official and governmental safety-based orders, regulations and ordinances should never be taken into consideration as seriously being right, because, according to our realisations, they are insufficient as well as partly also wrong and damaging, therefore additionally the adherence to one’s own comprehensive safety measurements ought to be adhered to and carried out.

a)  Negligent, reckless and irresponsible modes of behaviour by persons from the population who do not comply with security measures to protect against the coronavirus, should also not be heeded in any form and their wrong actions and behaviour should not be imitated. The dangerousness of the insidious coronavirus does not allow for any laxity, carelessness or recklessness and so forth in relation to disregarding the safety measures, because even if the danger is played down by the irrationality of the authorities, governors and experts and relaxing measures are decreed, the dangerousness of the coronavirus and its ability to infect still persists.

b)  Official and governmental orders, rules and regulations should be obeyed regardless of their deficiencies and the rules of order given and associated with them should be adhered to, because in one way or another, with regard to a rampantly spreading disease situation, a code of conduct must be legally given and supported by juridical authorities and governments and must also be observed.

c)  All possible safety precautions against the coronavirus, however, should first and foremost be taken personally in self-determination and in the best possible frame and be practised responsibly, just as other valueful advice in relation to safety modes of behaviour of all the right kinds also ought to be utilised.

d)  For the next indeterminable period of time, it is predictively to be explained that intellect and rationality demand for the existing security measures to continue to be strictly observed and complied with in an unfettered form, namely contrary to the irrational and far-reaching loosening of the security measures initially decreed by the authorities and the government, some of which have proven to be effective and have prevented many infections and deaths.

4) Wearing of protective masks as required according to the circumstances in relation to work and also while dealing with other persons. Under some circumstances this can include family members not living in the same household, friends and close acquaintances and so forth.

a) Depending on the case, masks of the type FFP 1, FFP 2 or FFP 3 ought to be used. Self-made masks should not be used. Purchased paper masks or fabric masks of any kind that have not been explicitly tested by experts should not be used and their reliability should not be trusted.

b) Close or direct contact with strangers should be avoided as a matter of urgency. However, if close contacts cannot be avoided as a result of work and so forth, or due to the recklessness or annoying attempts of other persons to approach, then distance should be demanded by fending off with hand signals, however, a protective mask should also be donned if the necessity for it exists.

5) Keeping a distance between two or more persons is of the utmost necessity and must be a duty, namely when dealing with unknown persons. A minimum distance of two (2) metres between two or more unknown persons must be maintained unconditionally; namely especially when talking to each other and so forth, and actually especially when nothing is known or cannot be determined about the state of health of the other person being faced.

a)  If a minimum distance of two (2) meters is not possible due to certain other circumstances, for example, while shopping, visiting a doctor, a pharmacy, a clinic or a bank and so forth, then in any case and as a matter of urgency the wearing of a suitable protective mask is required, in which case an FFP 2 mask is recommended, however, under some circumstances a good, professionally tested mask of the FFP 1 type is sufficient.

b)  A two-metre distance without a protective mask can only be correct when there is no wind, thus therefore protective masks must also be worn at various wind speeds, or the distances between and to other unknown persons must be greater according to the wind conditions, because the wind carries the aerosols, that is to say, expiratory droplets further than is the case when there is no wind.

c)  Direct contact with other persons – who do not live in one’s own household or in a community household and thus unavoidably live in a physically close community – must be absolutely avoided.

d)  If there is a need to conduct unavoidable conversations which cannot be conducted at a greater distance but require a certain proximity, then such conversations should only be conducted through a glass or plastic partition and so forth, in order to guarantee a protection against the spread of aerosols to the conversation partner.

e)  Overall, the entire body hygiene care and body cleanliness is of enormous importance and, moreover, is not only limited to cleaning and disinfecting the hands, in which case no chemicals ought to be used rather only purely natural, non-toxic cleaning and care products that neither act like an attack on the skin, nor penetrate the body through the pores, damage organs or call forth illnesses. If that is not the case, then all precautionary measures would be counterproductive.

These mentioned points are important as general guidelines to be observed and should be mentioned publicly with all that which has been mentioned and explained so far, because these rules should be important for all FIGU core group association members and worldwide also for all FIGU passive group members, and they should be encouraged to observe and consider them and to follow and comply with them in the interest of their own health and safety.

Billy Thank you, Ptaah. Everything that you have explained should really be enough to make intellect and rationality prevail and to follow your advice.

Translation: Vibka Wallder; corrections: Vivienne Legg and Christian Frehner.


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Terry Carch

P.S. If this COVID etc and wearing mask,gloves, shields is going to last for 3 or more years, etc, how are we all going to survive in such dire horrible conditions like this here on Earth? How are we gong to survive if at all?

Shiva balu

Ptaah says “this pandemic could last for 2 to 3 yrs or certain kind of transformation could occur in weeks or months when an unexpected end occurs and all this would be a big spook.”
That would be good news.

Luis Badano

That caught my attention as well… what kind of transformation does Ptaah refer to? Natural transformation? Human transformation?

I wonder what he meant by that.

Shiva balu

Probably ptaah meant the virus since it is constantly mutating?

Rocky Waters

Yes, that was my take from that sentence from Ptaah Shiva, i.e., it sleeps/hibernates waiting to reemerge and cause mayhem anew and we’re going to have to negotiate the public carefully during those sleep times for various reasons.

Luis Badano

But what does it mean with “This, while on the other hand the whole thing can undergo a transformation in a short time, in weeks or months, in such a way that an unexpected end occurs and everything appears to be just a bad spook.”

And end of what? Of the pandemic? And with “bad spook”, it means as if a “bad dream”.

So… it is obvious that the virus is mutating but are we sure this is what he’s talking about on above’s sentence?

Ned Duke

‘Hostile Illusion’ is what comes to mind. A false sense of securiuty that the worst is behind us when its not.

Brigitte de Roch

Maybe since the virus is man-made in a lab meaning that it is not natural it will lose its ability to copy itself onto humans, infect them less and less and in this way transform itself and disappear. Just like a copy machine that makes copies that become faded over time.

I say this because while the cases are going up the death are coming down. Does this mean that the virus is less fatal? Or that it does not get into the cells anymore and hijacks the body?

Meanwhile, here is yet another corroboration on the multiple organ destroyer:

I got some responses recently from posting the blog. They take a long time to come in depending on the topic but for some reason Roundup and the Dalai Lama topics were the biggest hit.

Brigitte de Roch

Hey Brigitte I think you’re better off sticking to what you do best because here you have fallen for the confusion as well.

You say that the deaths are coming down because you looked at the daily death rate from the worldometers which does show a lower death rate. But you forgot that the Plejaren are saying otherwise.

So, don’t bother trying to be smart by blogging because of hear say. Just know that the blog and the Plejaren are correct no matter what is published or said elsewhere. This will save many headaches and give you the peace, freedom and harmony you are truly looking for.

Randy Arena

We can survive if we maintain the specific recomendations provided by Ptaah and Billy. If we do not survive, and of course we all die, we do not know when and where and I for one would not want to know. Billy once told me he would tell me, but I did not want to know. Life is inexplicably connected to death, it is a natural progression and we have to accept it without remorse or guilt or shame, we just have to relax and let it occur as it does… naturally.

Salome, Wow wonderful information no?

Gary McCusker

The Chinese and Russians have shown remarkable restraint in the face of full on provocation.

Terry Carch

URGENT: Here is a very vary important article I just read about what vaccines are really going to be in the face of COVID 19: “Solari Report by Catherine Austin Fitts The Injection Fraud- It`s Not a Vaccine May 27,2020 By Catherine Austin Fitts You need to read this article and check this out becuase thises vaccines will also include the COVID 19 vaccine too etc !”

Terry Carch

Here is another article from: NEWS Science&Environment Coronavirus: This is bot thelast pandemic By Victoria Gill Thes article is from the BBC website. If you can`t find it look it up from c2c in the news,the first article for Sunday June 7th, 2020

Norm DeCindis

I’m amazed that this American from the 70s can still not be named. I wonder if he is still alive?

Tony DiGiovanni

Watergate? I am not a crook! Only POTUS to resign…☺

Mark Weatherly

If it is appropriate, I would like to say hi FIGU Family. I feel like we are a particularly big family on this planet. We are a brotherhood of people who have been searching for the truth and have quite possibly found it. I know, without a doubt, I have found mine within the spiritual teachings of the prophets. It is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Since my days with the cult of Sant Mat, I’ve gleaned one platitude from their teachings, which is apropos and that is “Truth is Truth in any age.” All the Meier materials are worthy of consideration, however, it is the spiritual teachings that have been my anchor and have proven to be beneficial. Saalome

John Webster

Here’s an American general practice physician [transitioned out of the medical world] who states, “if we had a culture where people educated themselves and made their own decisions, you know, it would be a lot different, and a lot better, a lot freer.” The video covers use of masks, truth about tests and mortality rate, a view on mandatory vaccines, the media dramatizing death, what’s really going on in hospitals, the transhumanist agenda, and more.

I would normally send this to MH, but I don’t think he has the time to view anything that may seem contrary to the COVID-19 plot.

Shiva balu

After seeing this video John
Billy is totally justified in calling all the educated degree holder elites as “The last monkey in the jungle who thinks is the creator”.

John Webster

Oh yes, Shiva, I can easily ‘side up’ with your comment. As for posting the video, I came away with accepting the doctor’s generalized statement, ” “if we had a culture where people educated themselves and made their own decisions, you know, it would be a lot different, and a lot better, a lot freer.” Nevertheless, it’s a vague statement.

Al Jedd

Hi Michael
It looks like this multi-virus may be affecting the brain. Which of course; it goes without saying, that the world leaders will be automatically immune.


lolo courtemanche

A Baby Boy Was Infected With Covid-19 While In The Womb, In First Confirmed Case

The scientific article has been published on the 14th of july :