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Saturday, November 27, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

How Did He Know the Answers BEFORE the Questions Were Asked?

Most important development in COVID-19 pandemic – and entire Billy Meier UFO case – easily proved in a few minutes

Below is the latest press release that further builds on the fact that Billy Meier knew, and published, specific, accurate, COVID-19 information long BEFORE any and all official sources, who only later confirmed it:

Accuracy of Swiss COVID-19 Information Confirmed by WHO, CDC

Some of the information was published months in advance of key factors even being considered, with Meier effectively knowing the answers even before the questions were asked.

The singularly most important thing any thinking person could do is to compare the dates we published with the earliest official ones and then ask themselves. “How could this man have known this before all other sources?”

In the public sphere, that little, thoughtful inquiry, by even one genuine investigative journalist or reporter, could make a colossal difference in global awareness…which is why the world is still suffering from this ever-intensifying plague.

While I recently sent out nearly…400 individual emails to various, so-called journalists, there were no replies, not even questions, challenges or even an insult. Nothing.

It further confirms that the US-based media basically caters to the mass of Americans who dwell in stupidity, things of great irrelevance and whose personal lives, lived in desperate insignificance, only find relief in sensationalism, porn, playing video games, taking selfies, stupefying politics, worshipping celebrities, sports figures and imaginary deities, saints and saviors, etc.

More Corroborations

Here’s one of the recent articles about the temperature and climate independence of the disease. While this information from the Plejaren, over four months ago, already explained:

“How long the corona virus will remain active is not foreseeable at the present time. However, it can already be established that it will probably not dimiish with the rising temperatures. Influenza and some other viruses react sensitively to warmer external temperatures and therefore usually diminish in spring and during the summer months, which means they become inactive. Observations in regard to the coronavirus speak against this dependence on the ambient temperature, because it does not only appear aggressively in the colder regions of our planet, but also in Southeast Asia and, for example, in Australia and other warmer countries, where it is spreading just as quickly as here. Therefore, it is to be noticed that this virus is not subject to any climate dependence and that the risk of infection is also independent of the climate.”

The Eyes Have It

On July 29th, Dr. Fauci warned about the danger of being infected via the eyes, which most of already knew as early as:

Also the blood vessels, arteries and veins and even the skin are extremely susceptible to the Corona-Virus, as are the cornea of the eyes as well as the ossicles and the taste buds, because the virus can directly attack and infect all the mentioned organs, and damage them through inflammation right up to organ failure, consequently the function of the vessels is destroyed and all of it leads to death.
1) Special features: Before an infection can be detected externally, the corona virus already establishes itself in the tear fluid of the eyes and in the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth, which means that an infection, that is to say, a contagion to other persons, can already occur without an already existing infection being detected.

Also, the indirect way of contact infection or smear infection with the virus from items, body surfaces or food on which the infectious air borne droplets have settled, leads to contamination if they subsequently get into the body via the mucous membranes, for example, the mouth, nose or eyes.

However, the face shields are not a good idea, as Ptaah pointed out:
5)  Transparent face shields, so-called visors, are not only useless but also misleading regarding safety and are thus dangerous to health. Such visors are open at the bottom and on the sides and therefore do not hug the face but only the forehead, and therefore do not seal. Therethrough both the breath and expiratory droplets are expelled from the mouth uninhibitedly and spread all around. This also happens from elsewhere, that is to say, from other human beings whose breath and expiratory droplets can penetrate under the visor, which can then cause an infection in the person who inhales these particles.

And of course the news that there may be a…

Super-Covid? Vietnam reports 11 new cases of MORE AGGRESSIVE local strain of coronavirus

…was also specifically foretold, on February 25th:

  • Virus becomes more aggressive over time, claiming more lives

It’s quite likely that such reports will emerge from other locations as well.

You Could Be Pivotal

Again, it takes only a few short minutes to prove – to a legal standard – the prophetic accuracy of the COVID information from Billy Meier and, thereby, the singular authenticity of the contacts.

You can help if you personally know any journalists, media people, etc., who are credible and intelligent enough to investigate the information, interview me, etc.

You may also know professional people, like lawyers, who are concerned about the pandemic and who’d recognize the validity and importance of someone who has access to, and provides, such incomparably important information…verifiably long before the official sources.

The breakthrough could come through you, or someone you know. The COVID situation, and the world at large, may be greatly improved by your efforts. Remember, the core element in the spiritual teaching is…complete self-responsibility for everything in your life.

One way or another, this is certainly in…everyone’s life now. And it’s a good time to learn:


The Way to Live

Humankind doesn’t have the faintest idea regarding what life’s all about and how to live it. Consider this your personal sanity and survival system.




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Terry Carch
Terry Carch
Blog Member
July 31, 2020 7:35 am

With all the technology NASA has in its arsenal and since all of these viruses are airborne, would it be possible to raise the level up to 32.4% etc as the Ps have done etc to clean out the atmosphere of Earth in order to kill all these viruses? There are episodes of Star TrekTNG that shows you how this can be done. Also Cristian Weild has a website My Hart where he recently suggest if and when you do come down with COVID 19 etc, the drug for Parkinsons disease Percoloid, Selenieum, Magnesiuim and something else will kill the COiD 19 virus rgiht at the source. Checkthis out on with Cristaib Weild

Michael Borg
Michael Borg
Blog Member
July 31, 2020 10:00 am


There are missing articles on your blog when scrolling down. Could you please put them back?

Melissa Osaki
Melissa Osaki
Reply to  Michael Borg
July 31, 2020 3:03 pm

Hi Michael,

Those articles were pinned articles (pinned to the top of the homepage for a certain period of time) and now they are no longer pinned. You can search for them by typing the name of the title or by putting certain keywords in the search box. Do you remember the name of the article you are looking for?

Blog Member
July 31, 2020 1:09 pm

Hi Michael,

Was the blog dated JULY 4, 2020 BY MH, the first to speak of the Antibodies disappearing. Reason I ask is I found this article online dated July 06 2020.

The July 08th Blog doesn’t show a date that the contact actually happened.