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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

Reference Page for Press Releases

The Most Accurate COVID-19 Information Available

Below you will find:

  1. Press Releases
  2. Proof of First Publication of Critically Important Information*
  3. Situations of Great Concern: The Arizona COVID-19 Scandal
  4. Additional Information

1. Press Releases:

How Did He Know the Answers BEFORE the Questions Were Asked?

Accuracy of Swiss COVID-19 Information Confirmed by WHO, CDC

Swiss Source Foretold SARS-CoV-2 Infections in Womb in February; First Case Just Confirmed in France

Warnings of COVID Asymptomatic Spreader Severity from Swiss Sources Published Before CDC

*2. Proof of First Publication of Critically Important Information

NOTE: The following is the most important information available online, or anywhere, as it proves the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO contacts. It’s easy enough to understand for anyone willing to ponder how one man absolutely knew and published all of these accurate facts…always before any “official sources”.

Now you can verify for yourself who first published the most accurate information about these important aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Billy Meier or the “official sources”:

Simply compare the information in each of the underlined, dated links in each question below and mark your choice in the space to the left of each option. Then total the responses to determine which is the most accurate and reliable source of information.

Feel free to share this test with family, friends, news media, medical practitioners, schools, etc.

  1. Pandemic:

__ Billy Meier, November 30, 2019

__ CDC, March 11


  1. Self-isolate, lockdown:

__ Billy Meier, February 25th

__ Wikipedia,  March 15


  1. Airborne

__ Billy Meier, February 25th 

__ NIAID, March 17

__ CNN, July 8


  1. Spreads on surfaces:

__ Billy Meier, February 25th

__ NYT, May 28


  1. Hospitals, contamination:

__ Billy Meier, February 25th

__ CIDRAP, April 13


  1. Asymptomatic spreaders:

__ Billy Meier, February 25th 

__ CDC, June 30


  1. Asians initially more likely:

__ Billy Meier, February 25th 

__ June 19, BBC


  1. More aggressive

__ Billy Meier, February 25th 

__ Newsweek, March 5


  1. Kids less sick:

__ Billy Meier, February 25th 

__ Atlantic, May 15


  1. Reasons China suppressed:

__ Billy Meier, February 25th 

__ The Diplomat, March 26


  1. WHO not declaring pandemic:

__ Billy Meier, February 25th 

__ New Scientist, February 26th 


  1. Infants in womb, children:

__ Billy Meier, November 30, 2019February 3rd

__ July 14, USA Today


  1. Multi-organ:

__ Billy Meier, February 3rd

__ Mirror, July 13


  1. CDC says coronavirus cases 10 times higher:

__ Billy Meier, May 1st

__ CDC, June 25


  1. CDC wrong, too slow:

__ Billy Meier, March 12th

__ Propublica, March 26


  1. Coronavirus may last two years

__ Billy Meier, March 2nd

__ CNBC, May 1


  1. Disappearance of antibodies over time

__ Billy Meier, June 13th

__ CMI, July 8


  1. Danger to food supply:

__ Michael Horn, March 11th

__ Bloomberg, March 26


  1. Entrance of coronavirus through eyes

__ Billy Meier, January 6th

__ Web MD, May 26


  1. Droplets, aerosols

__ Billy Meier, March 16th

__ NCBI, June 13


  1. Animals can transmit COVID-19

__ Billy Meier, March 16th

__ CDC, June 22


  1. Virus remains in body after recovery

__ Billy Meier, February 3rd 

__ Jerusalem Post, July 19


23. Vascular inflammation:

__ Billy Meier, November 30, 2019

__ VascularNews, May 22


Where information is said to be published on, for example, February 3rd, in a blog with a later date (usually due to delays in obtaining the official English language translation) the date of the blog in which that information appears, is also always earlier than the date of “official discovery”.

Establishing the dates of publication, supersedes in importance so-called peer review although, in the cases above, it can be seen that the subsequent “official discoveries” serve as retroactive confirmation of the information first published by Billy Meier.

If earlier “official discovery” dates are found, please submit them and I will correct the information.


3. Situations of Great Concern: The Arizona COVID-19 Scandal

It’s now widely known that Arizona is one of the states hardest hit by COVID-19. What isn’t known is that, beginning on March 5th, a series of emails were sent to governmental, medical, scientific, educational and media officials warning of the real facts about the mega-contagious disease, along with specific, life-saving recommendations. At this time there were only…five cases in the entire state.

The current number of cases now exceed…145,000 and over 2,700 deaths. The numbers are increasing so fast, that even these absolutely staggering figures will most likely increase exponentially.

But the equally startling, easily confirmed truth about this situation is that every one of the officials, etc., to whom this information was sent chose to…suppress, hide and ignore it.

Considering the enormous, avoidable suffering the awareness and implementation of this life-saving information could’ve possibly helped to prevent, the arrogant and suppressive behavior of the Arizona governmental, medical, media and other officials, constitutes the biggest travesty, gross negligence and dereliction of duty during this unprecedented national emergency.

Add to this the incomprehensibly risky and irresponsible actions by officials in moving several dozen homeless, suspected and confirmed COVID-19 carriers into medically unsecured hotels and motels – with no open and honest accountability to the citizens. It’s especially unsettling since, in addition to the up to three-month incubation period, and the now well-known airborne spread of the virus, there’s no way of knowing if, and how much, the rising spread of the disease in this area may be connected to the ill thought transfer of these vulnerable people into those facilities.

Also complicit in the refusal to provide the public with credible, reliable information, is the local public radio station, KNAU.

4. Additional Information

Baby boy infected with coronavirus in womb

85 infants under age 1 tested positive for coronavirus in one Texas county

Regarding information from February 2020, pertaining to specific warnings about SARS-CoV-2 infections in the womb, affecting children, adolescents, etc., the first publication on our blog was on April 30, where we linked to the authorized English translation from the Swiss sources.

4) Due to the changing dangerousness of the coronavirus, in the coming weeks, first older human beings and also persons with an underlying medical condition will become infected, which also will lead to high mortality rates. Therefore, initially younger human beings, especially adolescents and children, are less susceptible to the coronavirus. However, through its independent mutation, new genetic variations come about, which will become more dangerous and aggressive; consequently they will then also spread to younger human beings, infect them and likewise claim victims.

It can be seen that the claimed date of first publication is February 3rd, while there is also this information: “Official Announcement from FIGU Switzerland 30-Mar-2020 & 2-Apr-2020”

While, in over 42 years of research, we’ve never found, nor been provided with, evidence that they have backdated info, etc., the March – April dates are still months before the first confirmed case in France, in July.

The following has a claimed publication date of May 30, which we verifiably published on June 29:

“This, in turn, clearly demonstrates the irresponsibility of all these persons, who consciencelessly accept that, yet again, as a result of their low intelligence, hundreds of thousands of coronavirus infections will occur, and by the end of June there will be more than 10 million of them. Correspondingly, the number of infections and corona deaths in various countries will also increase sharply, as will the number of infections of new-born babies, because the embryo in the womb will already be infected by the virus.”

(Note: This same document includes the following information about the number of corona infections and deaths to be announced at the end of June:
“According to our latest calculations, this leads to more than 10 million infected ones worldwide by the end of June, while the number of corona deaths will still be around 500 000, as we calculated early on and as I have explained to you on several occasions already.“

These numbers verifiably proved to be accurate.)

We first published the following, from 1989, here, where we linked to the source here:

“700. In the same way, this will be the case in the new millennium for a serious lung disease that results from a laboratory accident in China during criminal experiments for new biological weapons and is spread throughout the world.”

Regarding the information from Contact Report 2511995,  it’s been on since 2003 and Mr. James Moore attests to having a “hardback volume 7, copyright 2005, in my possession”:

Regarding “Virus continues to exist in body after recovery”, see the claim of publication for May 30, here on June 29:

“Furthermore it must be said, as I already explained earlier, that the coronavirus results in a form of disease that allows recovery but not an effective cure, because the virus – in a form unrecognisable by medical-virological examinations – continues to exist in a purely impulse-based form and, depending on the circumstances, can sooner or later become acutely effective again. It is not that condition which arises when recovery takes place and then, after a certain time, a reactivation takes place, because in a case such as this the effect of the virus continues to exist despite recovery, namely through the inclusion of a viral deposit in antibodies, whereby however, this possibility is still unknown to terrestrial medicine and cannot yet be researched by it.”

While the original publication date for the following is claimed to be February 3, it’s contained in the document claimed to be published on May 22, which we verifiably published on June 6.

6)  The coronavirus can never be finally eliminated, rather it will remain existent under the surface for a very long time, namely for many millennia, thousands of centuries or even millions of years, just as other viruses can continue to exist likewise and depending on their type.

10)  Even after a recovery, a corona affection can lead to possible life-long health disorders and various organic afflictions and illnesses.

14)  Further research cognitions show that immunities, which used to be present after recovery from previous diseases, can be reversed after an illness from the corona virus and consequently old ailments and diseases can reappear again.

Regarding “Disappearance of antibodies over time”, pertaining to these articles:

Research is coalescing around the idea that coronavirus antibodies may last just a few months

(July 13)

Disappearance of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in a Covid-19 patient after recovery

(July 8)

Please see:

Disappearance of Antibodies Confirms Information from Plejaren























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Tony Vasquez
Tony Vasquez
Blog Member
July 27, 2020 11:04 am

A woman I know contracted the Covid-19 disease in a motel lobby near Flagstaff last month as she was traveling from California to Colorado. She quickly became very ill, within 30 minutes, and almost died. She did recover, after 3 weeks of extreme pain, horrible discomfort, great difficulty breathing, bed-ridden weakness, and mega fear. Her husband would not let her go to the hospital, for fear of her dying there. Instead they just waited at home, to see if she would recover. It was a horrible, horrible experience. You don’t want to go through it for sure.

“Add to this the incomprehensibly risky and irresponsible actions by officials in moving several dozen homeless, suspected and confirmed COVID-19 carriers into medically unsecured hotels and motels – with no open and honest accountability to the citizens. It’s especially unsettling since, in addition to the up to three-month incubation period, and the now well-known airborne spread of the virus, there’s no way of knowing if, and how much, the rising spread of the disease in this area may be connected to the ill thought transfer of these vulnerable people into those facilities.”

– To me, below is the most important fact about Covid-19 that should be spread around the world – this pandemic is a bioweapon, a very deadly and very powerful biological weapon designed to kill millions, and it is working to perfection. If more people knew this fact, if everyone knew it, they would act differently about this pandemic, especially the medical profession. They would always use hazmat suits, hermetically sealed rooms, and the countries would shutdown for at least 8 months.

Instead, most of the people are treating it like a bad flu, including Dumb Trump, who calls it the Kung-flu, and the China virus. To me, that is the worst blunder, among many, that the governments and the populations are committing. This is not a flu. This is not a virus like any other virus. This is a very powerful bioweapon. Everyone should call it a bioweapon, not a virus.

This is biological war on a global scale. In my opinion, this is an Illuminati/CIA covert operation biological war attack on Humanity for the following reasons:

1. To reduce the population of the world to a more controllable number.
2. To destroy the US economy and the world economy.
3. To bring about civil disobedience and civil wars so Martial Law will be instituted, and all civil rights and freedoms abrogated.
4. To force a super dependence of the populations on the governments for basic necessities/survival.
5. To establish the CHIP throughout the world, starting in the USA.
6. To eventually establish the New World Order – a slave society with the Illuminati as rulers.

“700. In the same way, this will be the case in the new millennium for a serious lung disease that results from a laboratory accident in China during criminal experiments for new BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS and is spread throughout the world.”

Also, get ready to hear many lies from Trump and his administration officials concerning the pandemic, the economy, and racial issues. We are 100 days from the 2020 presidential election, and they will say whatever lie they think will help Trump get re-elected.

The truth is Dumb Trump and his gang of liars caused the pandemic with their initial incredibly stupid response, and continue to make it worse with their useless and mega stupid measures and decisions.

The US economy has been destroyed and will never come back to normal. This ongoing ever increasing pandemic will not allow it.

Race relations will only get worse with Trump in charge. In my opinion, he is a racist and encourages racism among his mainly white uneducated working class base.

Whatever you do, don’t vote for the mentally ill, racist, selfish, incompetent, unqualified, and catastrophic liar Trump. 4 more years of Trump would certainly be the end of the USA, in my opinion.

Many people do not like Biden. They say he is senile, and will be controlled by his advisers. But I don’t think he would be worse than Trump. I think that’s impossible. In America we always have to chose between the two evils, when it comes to electing the president. I think Biden would be a little better than Tramp Trump.

Tony Vasquez
Tony Vasquez
Blog Member
Reply to  MH
July 27, 2020 6:06 pm


As I said, what I wrote is my opinion. It may or may not be correct. We will see in the near future.

As far as the knowledge that it is a bioweapon – THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION. IT HAS MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE TO ME AND EVERYONE I HAVE SHARED THAT WITH. A bioweapon is much more dangerous than any flu or “virus”. Of course, only a few people accept any truth. I speak to the few.

Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart
Blog Member
July 27, 2020 11:53 am

WOW – What a wonderful resource.

I feel it myself, there is a tipping point approaching on the pandemic. The successes of the first lockdowns are creating a false sense of safety. The failed lockdowns are creating the its not so bad these economies will recover faster. Like a perfect storm, ignorance – the ostrich solution, is taking hold.

Thank you Michael- its all here, people simply need to peak from the sand.

This is the hardest time to ask people to be responsible. There has been hardship and suffering. Serving up more, the sand looks good to these people. Ultimately we don’t need to live with our heads in the sand. I hope people see this and realise. I hope they object to fast profit- higher taxes back to business as usual. I hope they stay strong and demand safety and demand accountable action. I hope they object to the higher taxes where these governments failed to act. I hope they insist on better character.

Hope is a bit like belief- it dont make it so. However anyone reading this consolidation of information has a better chance.

Al Jedd
Al Jedd
Blog Member
July 27, 2020 7:34 pm

Hi Michael
This came in today, and was expected.
Thank you for the update on this blog, and to all others who have shared their information from their country.

Diane Grebe
Diane Grebe
Blog Member
July 27, 2020 8:35 pm

I am getting so sick of hearing and reading about these absolutely crazy conspiracy theories that are sweeping our country. Isn’t it bad enough that the entire planet is affected by this pandemic and so many people are dying or becoming infected across the globe, but no, we have people creating conspiracy theories about why no one should get the vaccine when it is finally available. So there are 2 different vaccine conspiracies. First one is micro chips will be in every vaccine and those chips will control you like a robot and the other conspiracy is that the vaccine will alter your DNA and you won’t be the same person or human being you were before receiving the vaccine!! We are our own worst enemies. Why any logical, highly scientific intergalactic human species would ever want to live here or visit is beyond me!! When are these conspiracy theories going to stop??!!!

Terry Carch
Terry Carch
Blog Member
July 28, 2020 12:16 am

Hey everyone,this may be off topic but I`m back with a brand new pc tower from Best Buy! I`m finalkly getting al of my websites back and am now using Windows 10 but I need to work out all those pesky little details such as a desktop wallpaper for example for example. I`ll let you know when I`m ready to bl.og again. see you later. Salome Terry

Melissa Osaki
Melissa Osaki
Reply to  Terry Carch
July 28, 2020 12:35 am

Welcome back, Terry. Good luck with the decorating.

Tony Vasquez
Tony Vasquez
Blog Member
July 28, 2020 1:14 am

Ptaah said:

“Also, evidence of antibodies does not mean a final healing or immunity, because the antibodies of this virus can quickly diminish again, become weaker and, under some circumstances, completely dissolve again.”

There has been a lot of talk today about vaccines being developed for Covid-19. The statement above tells you why a vaccine will never work. The antibodies created by the vaccine will disappear within 3weeks/3months, and the disease can come back, or re-infection can happen.

There have been 3 recent studies, one in China, Spain, and England that prove the antibodies disappear in a short time. Plus, there are 6 known strains of Covid circulating, so you would have to take 6 different vaccines, every 3 months, if they even existed, which they don’t.

Since March when this bioweapon pandemic began to spread in the USA, you have had many people hoping and wishing that it would go away, or somehow the government would find a cure for it. Look where we are today – 60,000+ new cases daily, and 1000+ deaths daily.

No cure is coming, no vaccine that works is coming, it will continue to rage nationwide. The economy will continue to be destroyed even further. States will re-close and 1000s will still die everyday, unless the advice of the P. is followed. I seriously doubt that will happen. So, prepare for the worst case scenario. Covid is on it’s way to kill 500 million people in 2-3 years.

This pandemic will continue to rage and kill because no cure or vaccine will ever work. Protect yourself at all times.