The Stupid Is Rising Faster Than We Can Bail

New study shows that it takes “experts” to warn people to protect their young, as common sense, natural instincts now gone 


Because Americans are notoriously slow learners, with short attention spans, impatient and in need of constant entertainment, we’ll use this new study:

Study finds higher viral load in young children, raising questions about how likely they are to transmit the coronavirus

…to remind people about some of the articles we’ve previously published regarding children and the coronavirus, from February 25th right up until today.*

Apparently the heaven’s parted, and there’s this new revelation from a couple of the Johnny-come-lately medical geniuses:

Even with vaccine, ‘We will be dealing with this forever’: Virus experts Frieden, Osterholm

And, as for the loss of hearing, smell and taste, etc.,

Billy Meier was told about those symptoms, as early as February 3rd.

So as I recently said:

“It further confirms that the US-based media basically caters to the mass of Americans who dwell in stupidity, things of great irrelevance and whose personal lives, lived in desperate insignificance, only find relief in sensationalism, porn, playing video games, taking selfies, stupefying politics, worshipping celebrities, sports figures and imaginary deities, saints and saviors, etc.”

The Stupid Is Rising Faster Than We Can Bail

It’s staggering how absolutely resistant to truth, to being informed, educated, or warned, the majority of the population is – even about things that threaten their lives and those of their children and families. The formerly “rugged individuals” of this country have become hopelessly infantile and dependent on the “authorities”, whose discoveries, findings and conclusions are…always, verifiably preceded by the information from Billy Meier, often by weeks, months, years and decades. 

Common sense – and even the natural instinct to protect their young – have been supplanted by narcissism, the hunger for money, entertainment-at-all-costs, etc., etc. So, despite all desires to the contrary, there is no denying that these ugly aberrations have infected the people, creeping like a virus all throughout our country.

There are many articles on this blog about the coming US civil wars, breakup of the country, etc. So, when I last visited with Meier, I mentioned the topic, looking for some new information.

But he just looked at me and calmly said, “America will destroy itself.”

With the contemptible, willing, rapid surrender to sub-mediocrity, the stupid is rising faster than we can bail. So, is it really any wonder?

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Jim Portillo

Are children not one’s biggest asset/treasure and yet?..

Political misinformation aside of CDC involvement.

Jim Portillo

Update, SMH (no common sense): This a FREE COUNTRY!

Jim Portillo

We are in the appetizer phase of the natural events and disasters to come. Seems like earth terrestrial life spans will be on the decline towards the later years of this century. Contacts point to this too unless (?)…

John Webster

Please tell me there ISN’T a politically-fuelled conspiracy going on in the U.S! Maybe the following information has been covered on this blog, or elsewhere on theyfly, but this is insanity:

‘Ousted expert on Florida’s COVID plan’ … “They’re not listening to the scientists”

From The Guardian: After she refused to manipulate virus data, Rebekah Jones was fired – and subjected to vicious criticism from the governor. But, she says, she won’t be silenced.