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Friday, November 26, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

You Can Do What the Real Leaders Are Doing About COVID-19

We will perish if we wait for the false “leaders” to lead, our future survival is up to…us

You’ll find documentation of emails sent to Arizona officials, educators, medical scientists, media, journalists, etc., who failed to protect and serve the public, along with their email addresses here.

Please become one of the real leaders, the ordinary citizens who aren’t content to wait for others to come and save them, or act in their best interests without being pressured to do so.

Here are some examples of the firm but polite emails others have already sent to various officials and media in Arizona. Please take a moment to speak up on behalf of yourself and your family.:

“Greeting Dr. Galanis, M.D. and MAYO,

The MAYO media group may be interested in this? I came across some COVID-19 advice while searching for the most effective way to keep myself, and my family safe from this COVID Pandemic which was in this blog.

There are some incredibly significant COVID19 claims. Are these claims the truth? I have provided Mr. Horn’s website ( as well, apparently he has an extensive viewership, in fact Michael Horn has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows.

By chance, have you or your contacts spoken to him regarding this Information? I also have Cc’d Mr. Horn on this email so that there will be no misunderstanding(s), this keeps all of us on the same page.

Thank you for your time, I genuinely look forward to hearing from you.


Ken Smith

Director of Operations/VP,

Orbital Science Aerospace, (retired)”


“To all concerned:

On at least one occasion in the last few months, you have been sent information from media spokesperson, Michael Horn, on life-saving and impeccably accurate information concerning COVID-19. The letters and the referenced articles on Mr. Horn’s website provided specific data on this virus that unequivocally predated “newly discovered facts” from researchers and medical experts by weeks, months and, in some cases, years. They have provided information on the true origin, nature and behavior of the novel coronavirus and have enumerated clear and unambiguous steps on how to mitigate the disaster we are now seeing unfold in the U.S. – and particularly now in Arizona.

I have just moved to Coconino County from North Carolina and I am disappointed to see what I can only describe as fumbling in the dark and, in some cases, pursuits in a diametrically opposed direction that the responsible state leaders here are undertaking in their attempts to overcome this tragedy. This, especially knowing they have been given information by Mr. Horn which has proven its prescience and pinpoint accuracy time and again. As is the case in much of the country, Arizona was nowhere near a state of being ready to open for business – now painfully apparent from the data – and the work to get on top of it at his point is going to be exponentially more rigorous and met with even more resistance by an already weary population.

Mr. Horn’s website ( has a broad viewership and Michael has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows. As an interested reader, I have yet to see any real acknowledgement of his letters on the coronavirus from any of the parties addressed. This amazes me given the unnecessarily high volume of infected and killed which could have been reduced if serious attention was paid and appropriate action taken to this guidance and advice.

These are just a few of the relevant articles:

Harsh Truth from Plejaren About SARS-COV-2 Pandemic

Now Harvard Expert Confirms Billy Meier on COVID-19 Spread

Newest COVID-19 Information from Swiss Sources!

New Info WRONG About COVID-19 and Temperatures!

More Meier Info About Longer COVID-19 Incubation CONFIRMED!

Stunning New Information About COVID-19 from the Plejaren

COVID-19 Email Sent to Arizona

The facts and data remain there – hidden in plain sight – as a testament to the logical and consistent source behind it….much like Galileo’s telescope, through.which the “enlightened ones” refused to even glance in order to learn the truth. My question to you: Are you going to take a look through the telescope?


Marc Juliano”


“To all concerned,

Is it true that you’ve received numerous emails, dating back to March 5, 2020, from Michael Horn? I would like to understand why you haven’t responded to or reported this urgent information?

We are in a much more serious situation than you could imagine. I implore you to do the right thing and alert the people of the still unrecognized truth about COVID-19.

Michael can be reached at the email below. If you need further documents or contact information, please let me know.


Melissa Osaki”


“To whom it may concern,

During the last 5 months I have discoverd information pertaining to covid19 that has been incredibly accurate and would have potentially saved thousands of lives here @ I have also recently discovered that this information has been handed over to you and countless people in the media from Michael Horn starting in early March. Knowing that you have kept life saving information from the public is incredibly irrisponsible, dangerous, and concerning. As a member of the global community I am troubled by this because you have had months to determine whether this was factual and had you taken this serious you could have helped prevent this new significant increase in cases from happening. In order to stop this current surge in Covid19 we urge you to take these warnings seriously and share all of the pertinent information Michael Horn has provided you with to the public.

I look forward to hearing back from you,




“Dear everyone,

While searching for the most effective way to keep myself and my family safe from Covid-19 I found some recommendation. The information in this blog: is making some very significant COVID-19 claims.

Are these claims true?

A concerning statement in this blog is that Mr. Horn states he provided each one of you with this information prior to this astronomically large surge of cases.

Has anyone looked into this information? Has anyone spoken to him in regards to this information?If each one of you had this information, why did no one act on it since the CDC guidelines and just guidelines are therefore unreliable?

This is a very consequential matter. As a citizen I am very concerned, and would like an explanation as to how factual this information is, and if so, why was nothing at all done?

I have cc’d Mr. Horn on this email to avoid any misunderstanding(s), and to confirm that there is an agreement on this disturbing matter.

I appreciate your quick response.

Kind regards,



“To whom it may concern, i.e., everyone!

I came across some covid advice while searching for the most effective  way to keep myself, and my family safe from COVID-19.The information I came across  in this blog is making some very significant  COVID19 claims. Are these claims truth? Another concerning statement in this blog is that Mr. Horn states he provided all of you with this information prior to this astronomically large surge of cases. IS THIS TRUE? Have you spoken to him in regards to this Information?  If you had this information why did no one act on it? This is a very serious matter, and as a citizen I am very concerned, and would like an explanation as to if this information is factual, and if so, why was nothing done? I have also cc Mr. Horn on this email so that there will be no misunderstanding(s) and we can all be on the same page.

Thanks for your time and I greatly look forward to hearing from you.




I write this email, because, as an European citizen, I am concerned about the (worldwide) health implications regarding the current Covid-19 outbreak, and I know, currently, the number of infections in North (and South) America, espec. in the lower states, like Arizona, are rising rapidly.

A friend of mine, Michael Horn, emailed you a couple of weeks ago, with some very relevant Covid-19 information, but he hardly finds a willing ear when he reaches out to others.

That’s very sad while the information, again and again, proves to be 100% legit and true.

However, the source of the information is not a common one and it may take some time getting used to that idea.

Having an academic degree myself, I too, find it sometimes to accept that fact, but because of the proven ‘ironclad’ information of our source (on more than the Covid-19 pandemic by the way), I personally got convinced of the legitimacy of the information, as well the legitimacy of the source of the information.

So, if I learned to look beyond the source, why wouldn’t you?

Is it about the uncommon source of the information or is it about the (again and again) 100% correct, true, legit, information about (a.o.) the current Covid-19 pandemic?

I think, I you didn’t contact Michael Horn yet, it would be a huge missed opportunity if you don’t (contact f.e. by email:

This concerns as all, that is to say, everyone on the entire planet, as is obvious by now, watching the Pandemic further unfold.

Why not take the time to spend one (one!) email to ask Michael Horn for some more information.

Below, I provide you with a couple of links to relevant Covid-19 information that, as I said, has turned out to be 100% true, legit, and (very important), this information was, on every occasion, provided weeks to months before the official authorities corroborated it.

I don’t want to preach, although I understand it might seem a bit like that, but I am afraid you’d hit yourself in the head, metaphorically speaking, if you miss out on this.

You might become the laughing stock of people, organizations, and authorities that will take the information (and the source!) very serious one day (for sure).

They will ask you, why did the media miss out on this most important information regarding the Covid-19 pandemic (and other topics by the way), and I think they should.

I would suggest you get in contact with Michael Horn, for example by his email address, as provided above, of via his websites and/or

Again, how much time will it cost you to write one short email asking him for some more information regarding this extremely life-threatening matter, so you can do your own research, and after that, act on it the way you seem fit?

We are all in this together.

Good luck, and,

Kind Regards,


The Netherlands”


“To all concerned,

I am a resident of Flagstaff, AZ, and a subscriber to theyflyblog. I have taken the time to read the emails apparently sent to all of you. The thought is staggering that not a single one of you, correct me if I’m wrong, have responded, challenged, or reached out to Michael Horn concerning the COVID-19 information he has been publishing for months—information he has shared with you personally. This valid and vital information has shown to be the most accurate and way ahead of the CDC, the WHO, media outlets, etc. In my opinion, this is a travesty of immense proportions that could have turned out differently. All of you should consider yourselves complicit in the staggering number of coronavirus cases and deaths that continue to multiply by the hour. The question is now, what actions will you take to help turn things around here in our state?

Sincerely Concerned,

See also:



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Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart
Blog Member
July 1, 2020 10:42 pm

So we have this light that stops cars. A pedestrian crossing. You push the button the cars stop and a light says to cross.

I told my friend aliens put it up. He stepped out and was hit by a car.

When I asked him why? He said I don’t believe in aliens. I agreed he could believe in anything he wanted – i said you believe in cars right?

The trouble is we really have lost our ability for reason. Lost is too strong. We were told it wasn’t required.

Its required now look, read, learn. If the message from Billy is the crossing light, we can still check. Its not set yet. There is danger and it will always be there. If there’s a light to help. Well, work it out.

Fingers crossed – madness abounds but sanity is a simple step. Thanks MH, thanks all.

For me who put the light there is profound and the possibility lifts my heart. The words bring comfort and charge my mind. But don’t forget the message – I believe in cars!

John Webster
John Webster
Blog Member
Reply to  Robert Stewart
July 2, 2020 12:12 am


Terry Carch
Terry Carch
Blog Member
Reply to  John Webster
July 2, 2020 1:57 am

Assumably Beautiful!

Shiva balu
Shiva balu
Blog Member
July 2, 2020 8:53 am

Some Individuals who are well informed about protecting themselves such as wearing masks ,gloves, keeping distance etc are at risk while advising others to do the same. In India
a physically handicapped woman , a contract worker was beaten up badly (the CCTV footage was all over TV.). by her boss when she insisted he wear a mask while speaking to her.
I really don’t understand why some people are intimidated when given good advice for their own benefit.

Tim Thomas
Tim Thomas
Blog Member
July 2, 2020 7:08 pm

I commend the e-mails written, but it’s hard for me to find the motivation to write myself.

Perhaps not neutral-positive, but I get hung up on the “What’s the use?” thought.

I can count on less than one hand the people outside of my nuclear family who even partially get it.

I’ve sent all I personally know the information, including Doctors.
And all it has done has put wedges between them and myself.

Not trying to be a negative nanny, but from my viewpoint at the moment that’s how reality seems to be to me.

Blog Member
July 2, 2020 9:07 pm

Thank you for all you do Michael, I know it is a thankless job, but someone (competent) has to do it! And you are that.

The materialist hold us for ransom, fear gives us reason to listen to them. This virus is real but folks have been lied to for so long we don’t know the truth when we see it.

Billy Meier shows us how to live with the truth and to understand it.

Writing to these know-it-alls is a lesson in frustration. I wrote to many and only got silence or their lawyers wrote back with demands such as environmental impact reports. It is the same old good ole boy network in play: “get the money then cover your A$$” N. Americans are no longer allowed to go to Europe and Europe counts on at least 10% of their income from the tourist industry, which is now null and void till further notice.

Here is some valid information and something we can all do to prevent dying of CoronaVirus, besides strengthening our immune system with natural vitamins like Moringa powder and keep up the exercise in fresh air, while we still have plants (organic not nuclear) to produce it. Notice how fresh the air is, now that we have taken the aircraft out of the sky!

We must stay in and six to eight feet distant from others till the R value is below one for six to eight months if you want to live through this. Here is how to find the “R” value:

Also, and this is important, we have to use our thoughts to KNOW we are going to get through this, and I don’t mean just bullshitting ourselves about it but actually adjust our mind to thinking logically and reasonably in the direction of health and well being.

Some examples:
Hungry? Cook yourself and others some food from your pantry which you can stock little by little. Maybe if you are not use to using The Creation for finding food you can plant radishes. You can have a radish in ten days. 61% of all Cornavirus cases were caught in restaurants.
Haircuts? Scissors and a mirror.
Dentist? Unless it’s an emergency I would wait
Doctor? If you have the Cornavirus or some other life threatening illness go NOW!
Money? That’s a hard one I know because we are such a materialistic society, but folks make money on Youtube and sell homemade masks (if they have carbon filters in them and fit well they might help) but no mask is 100% even though they may claim it to be so. So there is this false sense of security and folks go out trying to save the world.

If you are older than 60 have high blood pressure a BMI over 30 and waist over 40 your life will be shorter by about 20 years due to this virus.

This virus has mutated to be a dangerous ultra multi virus now so we should be more diligent rather than less diligent. Feeling very sick: Go to the Doctor or if you area is all congested find an answer online using the internet or someone you understand will know.

Keep a positive attitude and think before you go out for no reason.


Barry Smith
Barry Smith
Blog Member
July 3, 2020 4:09 pm

I see with clear eyes , the thoughts and feelings of the seven prophets , and the Plejaren . Giving out helpful information, writings, speaking , etc , only to have it ignored by the masses of know it alls. 10,000 years later , earth still wanders around in darkness. 9 billion people who don’t know how to think . A small group embraces the words, and fumbles their way through it. Sound familiar ? Immanuel and his core group/disciples. Seven times , SEVEN times. A special consideration is needed on earth, shortened lifespans, genetically enhanced for violence, we don’t live long enough to learn anything . Billy said it, evolution is a slow slow process. The virus is but one arm of the octopuse , we are in the time of times. Until we vaporize religions, the tenacles will keep reaching out and grabbing us. Most are waiting for Allah/jehova/budda/shiva to fix everything. Following instruction is not our strength. We can only be the change , and keep pointing those interested , to the spiritual teaching . Salome. rant over. sorry guys. uncle B can be a turd sometimes.

John Webster
John Webster
Blog Member
Reply to  Barry Smith
July 3, 2020 6:09 pm

Brilliant paragraph, Barry! Thank you! Now, not to advertise myself in anyway … I’m interested in bumping up the ‘gofundme’ effort to cross the $10,000 mark. Everything we can do helps, so, let’s grow it to the proposed amount!