Arizona Parents Demand More COVID Suffering for Their Children

As bizarre as it may be, it seems an extraterrestrial human race is more concerned about our future survival than we are


When the full extent of the COVID scandal in Arizona is finally made known, not only should those who’ve suppressed this life-saving information – for months – be held accountable, but perhaps it will contribute to greater awareness everywhere regarding the true facts about this disease…and the extraordinary assistance we received from an extraterrestrial human race, who are apparently more concerned about our future survival than we are.

Here’s some slap-your-forehead “news” about some of the dumbest people in America, the parents of vulnerable children in Arizona:

Arizona Parents Demand More COVID Suffering for Their Children

Now, when you factor in how the “experts” have just confirmed:

‘A Smoking Gun’: Infectious Coronavirus Retrieved From Hospital Air

…and remember that we first reported on the airborne nature of COVID-19 on February 25th:

“The Coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2) is highly contagious, obviously this applies especially for the Chinese, but also for other Southeast Asian peoples. It can be transmitted from person to person as well as through the air, that is to say, the breath or through clothing, etc.”

Then, consider the even earlier, unambiguously clear information from the Plejaren, on February 3rd:

Arizona Parents Demand More COVID Suffering for Their Children

…and it could be disastrous for children to be rushed back into schools, which may not have precautions against airborne transmission in place anywhere near as the, now shown to be vulnerable, hospitals. Remember, “the virus loves crowds“.

Of course, also remember that the Plejaren specifically called for the still unheeded HERMETICALLY SEALED QUARANTINES that could greatly reduce the risk of airborne transmission in hospitals.

In May, echoing concerns from the Plejaren about the susceptibility of children, I warned against sacrificing the children through hasty, ill-considered re-openings of schools and childcare facilities (I also sent emails asking bars, restaurants and gyms to not reopen). Of course, the impatient, immature people, who are primarily concerned about their businesses, keep going back and forth, with the help of equally short-sighted politicians.

Let the Suffering Continue

So, why have so many people become infected, and so many died, since February 25th?

Because people are stupid, arrogant, ignorant, blind followers of “authorities”, who are always behind the Plejaren information and who have to frequently revise, correct and update theirs.

Apparently the pain still isn’t great enough for most people to pay attention, research, investigate and seek the help of wiser human beings than us. And much of that is because of their financial concerns, putting profits over people. And then there are the absolute dummies who believe – and perpetuate – every idiotic conspiracy theory, because they are absolutely incapable of thinking for themselves.

All the know-it-alls dismiss, and/or outright attack, Billy Meier who’s the conduit for this information. Their narrow, suicidal prejudices continue to assure that the death toll will continue to climb, while they sit around babbling and pontificating, at the expense of more and more lives, ultimately…even their own.

Who cares what the source is if it’s this accurate?

Apparently the ones who care about the source – more than the lives of millions of people – are the usual crop of incompetents who’ve managed to mismanage everything they get their hands on.

Had enough yet, ready to think for yourself?

No? Then let the suffering continue.


Become proactive, and help young students like Tyler Best in his campaign to:

Arizona Parents Demand More COVID Suffering for Their Children

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Download These Films Here!

Arizona Parents Demand More COVID Suffering for Their Children


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If the discovery by the research team in Florida is correct about the distance the virus travelled being 7 ft to 16 ft of the aerosol, instead of what we’ve been told about social distancing to be 2 meters, that’s a game changer. If this is correct did they beat the Plejarens to this one. I don’t remember reading anything about that.

Jim Portillo

Seems as teachers are more concerned over the well-being of not just themselves but for the students as opposed to certain parents or school administrators.

Terry Carch

How about the rest of this STUPID US of A that insist on reopening schools including in the state of Georgia that insist on NO mask, No social distances,etcm,etc,etc?

Terry Carch

Also I recently heard that one school teacher resigned because if the children come down with the COVID she would also come down with the COVID too. If I were a school teacher I too would do the same because this COVId and possibly other COVIDS snd also other flues wuich are also contagious could spread to other children and adults too. Insistently if Joe Biden does become the next president he will make wearing a mask outside mandatory in the US where is Trump won`t make wearing a mask mandadtory in the US.

Tony Vasquez

The opening of schools in the USA is a topic I have been talking and writing about for a month. A month ago I told you that September will be one of the most tragic months in US history. The schools will open soon and 1000s of children will die of Covid across the nation. The saddest thing in life is to bury your own child. Parents will be crying hysterically in September.

And dumb mentally ill Trump is leading the charge to re-open schools, saying that the schools MUST open, and that children are ALMOST immune to Covid, which is a blatant lie. 1000s of children have died of Covid in the world.

Billy said Trump is dumb. Ptaah said he is mentally ill and the most dangerous man in the world. Well, dumb and mentally ill people are quite capable of doing very evil and stupid things, and of being sociopaths, psychopaths, racists, killers, liars, and very destructive. Trump is all of those.

Trump wants to re-open schools, and the economy, even in the midst of a horrific deadly pandemic, because he thinks both will help him get re-elected. He is an extreme narcissist. He truly only cares about himself. He obviously doesn’t care how many people, including children will die with those moves. He once said – “People die all of the time from various causes, we can’t stop people from dying.”

He’s dumb and mentally ill and capable of any and all incorrect evil decisions and actions.

If the schools in Arizona open soon, you will see 1000s of children and their parents and grandparents get sick with Covid and many of them die in September.

Terry Carch

Tony Look whatTrump just recently did with the US Postal Services! “Trump has NO compassion! NO mercy! No empathy and NO understanding of what being a moral ethical human being is all about!!!”

Shiva Balu

It is comforting to know the Ps really care for our well being This is evident from all the information they shared with Billy especially the covid info, well in advance.
While majority of world population value material things and govt offered freebies,the real value is the knowledge imparted to help them survive on their own .
Change will happen only when majority of people value this knowledge given freely and take steps to follow them.

Elias Gutierrez

There’s a private Christian school in front of my house that was secretly going to re-open until a few anonymous parents gave a tip. The Health Department is warning them to shut down or else they would be going to court. The Administrators of that school stated:

“As we believe these orders are unconstitutional, we are working with legal counsel and other Christ-centered and private schools to file a lawsuit to address these orders.”

It’s appalling to see some people that are like this. It’s also appalling to see hypocrisy because some of them demand State’s Rights while complaining about the Federal Government intervening in the past. Now, when State’s are actually exercising those rights, some of them are now complaining about State’s Rights. Ming boggling.

Here is the article:

Tony Vasquez

This very deadly pandemic is raging throughout the nation. One American is dying of it every minute, and there is no end in sight. And if the schools open, many, many children will tragically die.

Trump and his “doctors” continue to say that a vaccine is coming that will save us all. Don’t believe them.

It is becoming very clear that a vaccine is not going to end this pandemic. Three separate scientific studies conducted in three different countries have all shown that COVID-19 antibodies disappear very, very rapidly. And the P. have said the same thing. So, even if a COVID-19 vaccine could be developed that was safe, and even if it produced antibodies, and even if those antibodies were sufficient to confer immunity, that immunity would likely be very, very temporary at best.

Also, the masks that most people wear do not protect them from the disease. So, they are actually helping spread the disease. Mask-wearing mandates in all of the major cities – from Los Angeles to Miami – has been in place and followed by pressure and community shaming for months. Compliance in most of these places has been off the charts. Yet the pandemic is still spreading more than before the mandates.

The disease is now spreading in Japan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, which have near universal mask-wearing. At what point does the mask cult have to provide evidence of the effectiveness of these useless masks?

And with Trump, the mentally ill con-man from New York City in charge, there is no hope of anything good being done to stop this pandemic, or the very tragic economic depression that we are in.

Listen to what Michael Cohen, Trumps’ right hand man, fixer, and personal attorney for 10 years said in his soon to be released book.

“In some ways, I knew him better than even his family did because I bore witness to the real man, in strip clubs, shady business meetings, and in the unguarded moments when he revealed who he really was: a cheat, a liar, a fraud, a bully, a racist, a predator, a con man,” Cohen wrote.

That’s the true Trump.

That’s the man who wants to open the schools in the very dangerous environment of a deadly pandemic. If the schools do open, they will close quickly again, but not before 1000s of children will get infected with Covid.

Tony Vasquez

First, I am not condescending, that serves no good purpose. I simply state my opinions. Essentially, that’s what we are all doing on this blog, expressing our opinions. And for anyone to say that I think I never make mistakes, is ridiculous. I know I make mistakes, all humans do.

To me, some people are too sensitive and too quick to get offended and angry. Many people cannot control their temper. Getting angry is a very stupid thing to do, remember that.

Michael, I know you are always looking out for the popularity and success of this blog, and I understand that. That’s why I have been very soft on a number of people who have insulted me, and said very stupid and incorrect things to me. Trust me, I have held my tongue many, many times.

So, let me make this very clear to everyone. I contribute to this blog to share truth, and to discuss the Meier material. I don’t write anything to offend people, or to look down on people here. But if you insult me, or try to put me down, I will come back very strongly, as strongly as I can without Michael getting upset and angry about it. I do enjoy communicating on this blog with like minded people. So, don’t misunderstand me, I have very strong opinions about just about everything, and some of them you will not agree with. But, I think we can keep the peace and be civil, at least I know I can.

John Webster

The characteristics that Tony displays is very common within the construct of human ego. Sometimes an examination has to include the concept of ALTERED ego.
MH typed, ““What we resist…persists.”
For what it’s worth, I have a great respect for a similar phrasing, [“resistance] will bring about the opposite of [its intent.”]
You’re not negatively judged by me, Tony, because you serve as a healthy reminder as to how beneficial it can be to participate in this blog with others … call it a peer group, if you will.

John Webster

Allow me to add, MH states, “What is important is how other people perceive and receive your comments.”

Respectfully, Tony … as a fellow member of Earthbound humanity, I view ego [although seemingly necessary to navigate survival] is too much with us. The greater majority of people are quick to point fingers in judgement, while at the same time protecting one’s perceptions, which are all-too-often MISperceptions. Human ego, and its dark relative ‘altered ego’, so often represents a labyrinth of typical fear … I will use Trump as example. Now THERE’S a clear case of ego / altered ego doing what it knows how to do best. ’nuff said …
MH typed ““What we resist…persists.” I pair that statement with something similar, [“resistance] brings about the opposite of [its intent”.]
I don’t judge you negatively, Tony … because if anything, you serve as a healthy reminder that it’s beneficial to be here on this blog [in comparison to other social media sites] as equals within a peer group.

Shiva Balu

Wearing ffp2 masks as recommended by the Ps and keeping distance does protect against covid. Rising covid infections despite wearing masks is from ourside food and drinks, sharing of water bottles ,touching surfaces which is inevitable when people have to work ,sharing handkerchiefs and towels which happens all the time with people from vegetable and meat markets
Not washing clothes on daily basis etc.
None of this would happen if we are quarentined for 6 months atlest as recommended by Billy


Check out this link that was given to me by one of the stupids.

Melissa are you able to add a hyperlink to this link

Sheila Clark

Most are probably doctors who have never examined anyone and have another career as a lawyer.
Like this person: