European COVID Cases Surge…As Billy Meier Predicted

We continue to publish the most critically important, accurate COVID information, BEFORE the CDC/WHO, etc.

COVID Surging in Europe? Can’t Be!

There’s surprising news from Europe – surprising only if you rely on the “news” for the news – that COVID is once again surging:

Covid-19 Appeared to Be Under Control in Europe. Now It’s Surging Again.

It’s exactly as Ptaah foretold, first on May 22nd:

“That will certainly be possible with the mentioned persons, while on the contrary, due to the irrationality of the unteachable ones, in the coming time further harm will not be avoidable, although a rational action and behaviour will be necessary because the rampantly spreading corona disease is not ending quickly; rather, although for the time being it is indeed somewhat diminished in Europe, it will however flare up again, as our calculations show.”

“All around the planet the rampantly spreading corona disease will strongly spread further and demand many deaths; consequently it will also increase again in Europe and can claim many victims, and indeed due to that part of the population which inconsiderately, neglectfully, carelessly and irresponsibly, or as a result of low intelligence, disregards – against all intellect and all rationality – the necessary precautionary measures and consequently will be infected and, under some circumstances, will succumb to death.”

And on July 27th:

“And what is now going to happen in Europe, which until recently was spared from large numbers of infections and victims due to the more or less effective and state-imposed safety precautions, will now also be strongly affected by the corona epidemic as a result of the end of the lockdown and will claim many victims. However, this is also happening worldwide and has already begun, but it is only now that the original wave, or rather the first wave or fundamental wave, which is still spreading worldwide, will peak in Europe and quickly claim large masses of infections and fatalities.

It’s the Children: More Non-News from the “Experts”

Apparently no longer speculative, it’s now “official”:

Researchers show children are silent spreaders of virus that causes COVID-19

We were originally notified of the children being the greatest hidden spreaders, as well as initially immune, in an internal memo on March 1st:

We referred to it, in this March 4th article, over five months ago. So, let me repeat:

We continue to publish the most critically important, accurate COVID information, BEFORE the CDC/WHO, etc., as any interested, intelligent person can easily determine for themselves.

This in itself should be the number one story in every newspaper, blog, forum, TV, radio, news outlet, etc., in the world. But people are, unfortunately incapable of grasping and acting upon what’s real and important. Paralyzed with uncertainty, they wait instead for some so-called “authority” to tell them what they should think, do, etc., now at the cost of countless lives, possibly even their own.

Words to Live By?

A news report about the possibility of the virus spreading through contaminated food packaging says:

“But there has been no concrete evidence the virus can be transmitted through food, and experts remain doubtful that it’s a major threat.”

However, despite what the “experts say, just for the  heck of it, let’s remember what the Plejaren said, on February 25th:

In addition, the quarantine would have to be absolutely hermetic, which means that even those persons who come into contact with suspected cases under quarantine must be protected with a full body protection and appropriate breathing apparatus and under the necessary safety precautions such as airlocks, etc., because not only can they infect themselves, but they can also spread the virus through their clothing, their breath, bodily contact and possibly through food.”

It was reiterated in this document from March 16th:

9. Ninethly: An infectious contact can also occur via infected persons that are coughing and sneezing, or by dogs and cats, because also pets can be carriers of the coronavirus. Also, the indirect way of contact infection or smear infection with the virus from items, body surfaces or food on which the infectious air borne droplets have settled, leads to contamination if they subsequently get into the body via the mucous membranes, for example, the mouth, nose or eyes.

Clothe Yourself in Peace

And here are some nice examples of creative True Peace Apparel from William Colvard.

NOTE: This enormously comprehensive, important information, from February 3rd, explains much that still needs to be understood and implemented by medical authorities.

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Tim Thomas
John Webster

Coupled up with ‘European Cases Surge, As Billy Meier Predicted’, there are apparently, as reported, at least two cases where a second infection can occur.

Shiva Balu

Isolation seems to be the best way to beat covid 19 ,but not so good for economy.

Jim Portillo

Still think China’s not reporting the true Covid19 numbers but they have somewhat managed the pandemic better than a lot of populace countries.