European COVID Cases Surge…As Billy Meier Predicted

We continue to publish the most critically important, accurate COVID information, BEFORE the CDC/WHO, etc.

COVID Surging in Europe? Can’t Be!

There’s surprising news from Europe – surprising only if you rely on the “news” for the news – that COVID is once again surging:

Covid-19 Appeared to Be Under Control in Europe. Now It’s Surging Again.

It’s exactly as Ptaah foretold, first on May 22nd:

“That will certainly be possible with the mentioned persons, while on the contrary, due to the irrationality of the unteachable ones, in the coming time further harm will not be avoidable, although a rational action and behaviour will be necessary because the rampantly spreading corona disease is not ending quickly; rather, although for the time being it is indeed somewhat diminished in Europe, it will however flare up again, as our calculations show.”

“All around the planet the rampantly spreading corona disease will strongly spread further and demand many deaths; consequently it will also increase again in Europe and can claim many victims, and indeed due to that part of the population which inconsiderately, neglectfully, carelessly and irresponsibly, or as a result of low intelligence, disregards – against all intellect and all rationality – the necessary precautionary measures and consequently will be infected and, under some circumstances, will succumb to death.”

And on July 27th:

“And what is now going to happen in Europe, which until recently was spared from large numbers of infections and victims due to the more or less effective and state-imposed safety precautions, will now also be strongly affected by the corona epidemic as a result of the end of the lockdown and will claim many victims. However, this is also happening worldwide and has already begun, but it is only now that the original wave, or rather the first wave or fundamental wave, which is still spreading worldwide, will peak in Europe and quickly claim large masses of infections and fatalities.

It’s the Children: More Non-News from the “Experts”

Apparently no longer speculative, it’s now “official”:

Researchers show children are silent spreaders of virus that causes COVID-19

We were originally notified of the children being the greatest hidden spreaders, as well as initially immune, in an internal memo on March 1st:

We referred to it, in this March 4th article, over five months ago. So, let me repeat:

We continue to publish the most critically important, accurate COVID information, BEFORE the CDC/WHO, etc., as any interested, intelligent person can easily determine for themselves.

This in itself should be the number one story in every newspaper, blog, forum, TV, radio, news outlet, etc., in the world. But people are, unfortunately incapable of grasping and acting upon what’s real and important. Paralyzed with uncertainty, they wait instead for some so-called “authority” to tell them what they should think, do, etc., now at the cost of countless lives, possibly even their own.

Words to Live By?

A news report about the possibility of the virus spreading through contaminated food packaging says:

“But there has been no concrete evidence the virus can be transmitted through food, and experts remain doubtful that it’s a major threat.”

However, despite what the “experts say, just for the  heck of it, let’s remember what the Plejaren said, on February 25th:

In addition, the quarantine would have to be absolutely hermetic, which means that even those persons who come into contact with suspected cases under quarantine must be protected with a full body protection and appropriate breathing apparatus and under the necessary safety precautions such as airlocks, etc., because not only can they infect themselves, but they can also spread the virus through their clothing, their breath, bodily contact and possibly through food.”

It was reiterated in this document from March 16th:

9. Ninethly: An infectious contact can also occur via infected persons that are coughing and sneezing, or by dogs and cats, because also pets can be carriers of the coronavirus. Also, the indirect way of contact infection or smear infection with the virus from items, body surfaces or food on which the infectious air borne droplets have settled, leads to contamination if they subsequently get into the body via the mucous membranes, for example, the mouth, nose or eyes.

Clothe Yourself in Peace

And here are some nice examples of creative True Peace Apparel from William Colvard.

NOTE: This enormously comprehensive, important information, from February 3rd, explains much that still needs to be understood and implemented by medical authorities.

Since that’s still going to take some time, curl up with the NEW, hardcover edition of:

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Al Jedd

Hi Michael
The news has crossed the pond,

But ignorance seems to be the way here
NHS staff join study to see if dogs can sniff out coronavirus…..Crazy


Screenshot_2020-08-21 Coronavirus - all you need to know as new UK cases increase by 1,182 (3).png

The lockdown is destroying the economy. Anything to say about this?

Brigitte de Roch

I received the following Health Alert today from my cousin who is in the medical field in Belgium:

“The epidemic is over”

Dear friend, dear friend,
For a long time the great professors, the researchers, the independent epidemiologists were silent.

Epidemiologists were waiting for more figures, geneticists for precise information on the sequencing of the virus, doctors for a clearer picture of the results of their treatments.

They were careful.

They were right.

Little by little, they are starting to speak.

One of the first to shoot is Prof. Christian Perronne, an infectious disease specialist responsible for infectious diseases at Garches hospital, who has been in the medical system for a very long time.

In essence, he was saying that Professor Didier Raoult was right to use hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin and that those who opposed him were paid by the pharmaceutical industry.

At Garches hospital, this treatment was prescribed with satisfaction. This hospital is one of the hospitals with the lowest death rate.

He added that the level of corruption in the medical and scientific world has never been higher.
He confirmed these comments in another interview in which he inserts:

“The richest countries, which have been most influenced by the pharmaceutical industry, are the countries with the highest mortality. It is very shocking, French medicine has fallen into the gutter.”

This view has been confirmed in the United States by a group of doctors who have come together to make a public statement. These doctors stated:

1 / That the Americans had been victims of a campaign of fear;
2 / That hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc work at the start of the disease;
3 / That many doctors were asked to be silent by their superiors when they had good results thanks to this treatment; some have been threatened;
4 / That children tolerate the disease very well and do not transmit it to those around them. There has been no documented case in the world of transmission of the virus from a student to their teachers. Transmission is more among the elderly.
5 / That confinement in the United States has created public health problems: + 600% in suicides, more alcoholism, more domestic violence, etc.

The video was posted on Facebook, viewed by 600,000 people, then censored. It has been returned to alternative sites.

Prof. Yoram Lass is the former Director of Health in Israel.
He explains in an interview for a French-speaking media that since the start we have been doing too much.

He believes tests show the virus is no longer strong and the epidemic is over.

For him, the number of people affected by the virus continues to increase but the virus no longer kills.
And so, if you test, you automatically end up with more “sick” people but these people have neither symptoms nor risk of dying from the virus.

In reality, they are NO sick people.

For him, what matters is the death rate.

He said, with annoyance, that there are no more deaths from the coronavirus in Israel, that there has not been a second wave and “there are more ministers than people on ventilators.”

To him, this is all hysteria.

Pr Jean François Toussaint stunned the journalists
Finally on LCI, Jean-François Toussaint, professor of physiology at Paris-Descartes, explains in turn, in front of a dumbfounded journalist, that the epidemic has ended.

He explains :

“We were told that there was going to be a second wave after the April release, – no second wave, that there was going to be one at the May deconfinement, – no second wave, that there was going to have one after the music festival where there were very large gatherings. There were none either. The clusters were not followed by an increase in mortality. Unfortunately, a pandemic is measured by the rate of patients it kills. ”

He also recalls that half of the mortality affected people over 84 years old.

He then analyzes the French and European curves.
There was a peak in mortality in April, and now things are back to normal.

Jean-François Toussaint specifies that all European countries have followed the same pattern, including Sweden which has not confined.

And the doomsday predictions in March, which estimated that France or the UK would have 500,000 deaths or Sweden 70,000, turned out to be grossly inaccurate.

There were 30,000 deaths in France and 5,000 in Sweden.

And today, there are hardly any more deaths neither in France nor in Sweden.

What about vaccines?

The journalist asks Professor Toussaint if the vaccines will be useful?

And the answer is obvious: NO.

The vaccines will not help. They will arrive too late.

And the masks?

To wear masks or to ban the beaches “has no benefit” according to Professor Toussaint.

For him, it is necessary to “deconfinate”. People need as much “air as possible”!

There is no “scientific” argument to justify the requirement to wear a mask. This is a “political” response.

And now ?

All these scientists are worried about the future, particularly economically and for the poorest.
And it’s true, the coming months may be difficult.
But the most important thing to remember is that the time for fear is over.

This does not mean that all vigilance should be suppressed but that it is authorized and even widely recommended by our best scientists to breathe, to go to the beaches, to regain strength and to find joy.

In short, they urge us to live!

Who knows they may be dead wrong pretty soon.

Terry Carch

Here in the U.S.A. IV been hearing that if schools and colleges cant open safely the teachers and professors will walk out and strike and maby even protest unless these schools and colleges have a nurse,social worker psychologist etc, these etc and STILL Tramp Trump Clown STILL insist on opening schools,etc,etc, etc! Also NO more large house parties in peoples homes due to the COVID 19,etc, otherwise the police will brak in and brake yp larg parities in peoples homes! Even the restaurant is complaining that they can`t open their establishments indoors due to COVID 19 when the summer ends and fall and winter begins! So much for money,cash and economics and this Stupid world STILL clings to gods,daities and religions! How are we EVER going to get out of these “Dark Energy Forces!” and join with the Plejars and finally see,hear and meet Ptaah and his people from Erra? ” Where is ethics,morality, in making this primitive world suffer and die be it viruses,cancers,nuclear wars,environmental disstruction, etc? “Where have all the flowers gone,when will we EVER learn to do as the the Pljars have a long long time ago and learn to STOP all these horrors such as wars,diseases, crime,etc? “Must we all die one way or another without the cures without the third strand DNA, etc while the Plejars live a long healthy happy life into their thousands and so on! What gives?

Shiva Balu

I think it is a third codeTerry, and not third strand. Apart from adenine_tyrosine and guanine_ cytosine, there seems to be a third code we are yet to discover.

Shiva Balu

It should thymine not tyrosine.

Rick Ranum

I notice you have not talked about the large fall in Arizona cases and deaths. I am also very interested in exactly how you would implement complete hermetically sealed environments for eight billion people.

David Hurlburt

Greetings This is a FYI post

re: COVID-19: The Great Reset.

The World Economic Forum –

( The World Economic Forum LLC is impartial and not tied to any political, partisan or national interests. It is the North American subsidiary of the World Economic Forum, the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, under the supervision of the Swiss Federal Government. )

IMO – they are already planning the great reset- but with materialistic thinking – absent of course, is anything of the Teaching of Spirit, or UFOs borderline sciences, Plejaren help, etc. etc. so as you read it be aware – that they are not aware!

Globalist thinking with many ideas….that we can adapt and improve upon with meditation and neutral positive thinking.
Fear not!


‘The COVID-19 coronavirus crisis has wrought economic disruption on a monumental scale, contributing to a dangerous and volatile global upheaval – politically, socially and geopolitically – while raising deep concerns about the environment and the extending reach of technology into our lives.’

“COVID-19: The Great Reset. The book’s main objective is to help us understand what’s coming: it has three main chapters, offering a panoramic overview of the future landscape. The first assesses what the impact of the pandemic will be on five key macro categories: the economic, societal, geopolitical, environmental and technological factors. The second considers the effects in micro terms, on specific industries and companies. The third hypothesizes about the nature of the possible consequences at the individual level.”


Shiva Balu
Shane Chamberlain

Seems to me Michael that regardless of shutting ourselves away, eventually it will spread anyway just like the common cold, so sooner or later everyone will get exposed to it. What interests me more is this bill gates vaccine they’re going to force on us, what the damage will beand the agenda behind it. If you can get any information on that from Billy, wouldbe much appreciated. Regards shane c.

Tim Thomas

Humanity on this planet is definitely in a bad spot.
Especially in this country.

Those who have been responsible and have done their part to protect both themselves and others by having the discipline to distance themselves from family and friends and as many others as possible, to wear masks when necessary and contact with others can’t be avoided, (such as work circumstances, getting food, critical home and auto repairs, etc), have been totally undermined by the inability of others to control themselves and/or their inability to either understand and/or their choice to ignore the reality of this virus and it’s consequences.
It is not the common cold.
If everybody gets it, we’re looking at millions of deaths over the next year to couple of years, and tens of millions to hundreds of millions (just in this country) whose organs have been damaged and whose life has been shortened.
This last statement is based off of not just what the Plejaren’s say but arising evidence from medical studies:
If we throw up our arms and just give up and let the virus run it’s course, the widespread damage will be unfathomable.
And the damage will just continue to roll on as their is no long term immunity, and the virus mutates.
If something isn’t done to stop it, this virus and the damage it causes won’t stop.

I’m VERY wary of a vaccine myself, but I can’t see how else this virus can be controlled and “normal” life (which will never be normal again due to idiocy on all fronts) can continue.

Barring another lockdown.
Which we may end up having to do in the US, once the writing on the wall becomes clear enough that their is no ignoring it.

I’ll be looking for more guidance/information from the P’s on vaccines if/when they become available.
(I’ll of course make up my own mind but so far they’ve been right on everything else, seems to me.)
I find it ironic that the people who have supposedly planned this pandemic and who are supposedly forcing the people into having to take a vaccine for some nefarious purpose, are the same people who have warned us that we needed to stop the virus with lockdowns and our behavior.
And the people didn’t listen.

The people of the US, and the world, (not all but about half of them), are themselves responsible for the dire situation we are ALL in now.

And want to blame it on someone else.

Tim Thomas

Just my speculation, as I am not a prophet, but I could see the first of Henoch’s prophesied Civil War’s being over the results of this coming election.

The second of the back to back prophesied Civil War’s being over a necessary future lockdown to stop Covid-19 once it rages out of control through this winter and into next spring.
Remember, the only thing that has kept Covid-19 spread to the level it is at was/are the partial shutdowns (not lockdowns as we haven’t had those in the US) that we have had for the last almost 6 months.
And the kids haven’t even been in school.
We can already see the evidence of how the attempt to send kids back to school is working out:

We’re in a bad spot.
In the US especially.
This is probably a good time to share a couple of the 77 steps of meditative cultivation of thoughts and feelings from Billy’s “Meditation from Clear Sight”:

16) Because I cultivate myself I can depend on myself.
16) Dadurch, dass ich die Schopfung respektiere, respektiere und schatze ich auch mich selbst.

24) I view life and the world optimistically and make the best out of everything.
24) Das Leben und die Welt betrachte ich optimistich und mache aus allem das Beste.

I’m personally trying to make the 77 points/steps my own in the now and in preparation for the future.

david gustafson

I have been meaning to find additional information from FIGU material as to the Corona Virus and being ingested from food. There is some talk about that this virus can be found on food such as fruits, vegetables, bread or other baked goods (after cooking that is), nuts etc. I have read that —

“for example, by eating a piece
of fruit or something else which has been contami-
nated through droplet exhalation of an infected per-
son. If clothes are contaminated it is not enough to
hang them in the fresh air over night, because the
virus remains active for a long time. Therefore the
clothes must be washed at 60o Celsius so that the
virus is killed safely.”

Given that clothes are washed in temperature above 60 degrees Celsius with soap the virus can be safely killed. However, I have not come across information as to the ingestion of food that is contaminated with the virus and when consumed, would the virus servive the digestion process.

Shiva Balu

Does the virus survive in clothes soaked in soap /detergent for 30 minutes? because 60 degree celsius us damaging some clothes.

Rocky Waters

March 16th info corroborated: “A report from Shenzhen, a city located in South China, has stated that a sample batch of frozen chicken wings imported from Brazil was found to have been tested positive for the novel coronavirus strain.”

CR 742 excerpt: “As I explained earlier, air conditioning and air conditioning systems can distribute the virus particles over a wide area, as can various open or sliced foods can be virus sources, especially sliced meat, which allows the virus to spread.”

Rocky Waters

For two I should get a theyfly smug mug…

“Scientists have reported the world’s first case of a human being reinfected with the coronavirus in a discovery that could have significant implications for the development of vaccines, and hopes of natural immunity against the virus.”

Melissa Osaki

Let me check and see if there are any left in the warehouse. =]

John Webster

Coupled up with ‘surges’, there are reports of individuals becoming infected more than once: