Is Billy Meier Over 160 Years Old?

Information regarding time travel as well as the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, true statistics, etc.

New Translation Contact 748

Here is a new, official translation from the 748th Contact. It covers enormously interesting information regarding Billy Meier’s time travels with Sfath, his true age, etc., as well as updates on the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, which has been greatly under-reported.

As soon as the official translation is available it will be posted on the blog.

Coronavirus Mutations

I guess this is new…to most of the world

Southeast Asia Detects Mutated Virus Strain Sweeping the World

But you may recall that Meier was told the following, on November 30, 2019:

“For the time being, many human beings will die who have weakened primary and secondary immune systems, and that is unchangeable, while the virus will mutate several times and produce dangerous mutations. These new genetic variations will, on the one hand, bring forth a new type of disease which will affect children, just as other new diseases will emerge; for example, vascular inflammations, and so forth, which will also particularly affect children and young persons with stronger primary immune systems, but still underdeveloped, secondary immune systems.”

A Harsh Truth May Await “Recovered” COVID Patients

The Arizona Daily Sun just published this story: Coronavirus conquerors: Recovered Flagstaff COVID-19 patients share their stories. But there may be some unpleasant facts pertaining to recovery that might not have needed pointing out, had the newspaper been one of the main suppressors of the warnings and life-saving information that I began sending – state wide – on March 5th, when there were only five cases in the entire state.

There are now almost…200,000 and over 4,500 deaths.

To be clear, this newspaper and others have engaged in the brutal censorship of the information from Meier and the Plejaren…contributing to the loss of thousands of lives.

Fire Tornado Warning – Sound Familiar?

Also in the news is a situation with so-called fire tornadoes. This may remind some of what’s warned about in the Henoch Prophecies.

276. As already mentioned, enormous natural catastrophes and rolling walls of fire and violent hurricanes will rage all across America, while, in addition, all the terrible effects of war will bring thousand-fold deaths, destruction and annihilation.

From the Prophetien (1981):

These hurricanes, however, work in conjunction with horrendous giant-fire-cylinders, which race across the land and level everything to rubble and ashes, by which all life dies. But one of these giant-hurricanes, the largest one of all, devastates and destroys everything, and what it does not destroy, mercilessly falls to the screaming inferno of the fire-cylinder following it. This hurricane races northward, across the American continent, and then suddenly changes its course to a northeastern direction.

New Interviews

Packets and Bolts

Higher Density


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Take a Breath

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Salome Peace Meditation





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Diane Grebe

Ashley James maybe that is all you are really looking for is approval. As far as what I said above and your response, all I can say is – I rest my case. Good luck Ashley. I wish you well.


Greg Dougall

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it read the spiritual teaching.

In recent “news” :

“Study warns kids ‘silently spreading’ COVID-19

Now, a new study seemingly confirms a potential worst case scenario regarding kids and the coronavirus. Not only are children quite capable of “silently spreading” COVID-19, they appear to be significantly more contagious than infected adults.

All in all, the study’s authors from Massachusetts General Hospital and Mass General Hospital for Children say their findings suggest that kids likely play a much larger part in the spread of COVID-19 across the country than originally thought.”

This story 6 months too late, in my opinion.

Shiva Balu

I can always relate to ptaah’s statements about how religious Faith’s and beliefs affect people
My upbringing from religious household thankfully never lured me to false beliefs.
On festival days,my father used to recite mantras for several hours .
As children we were supposed to eat all the good stuff my mother prepared only after ‘offerings to god’ at an ‘auspicious hour’.which sometimes would fall between 2to3 PM.. Until then we could have coffee and bread if very hungry (Never understood the logic behind this)After the ‘offerings ‘ to god, my father would insist the birds must eat first On festival days, birds are very busy , they will not show up any soon
Finally when the birds taste the food, we are allowed to eat, but by then ,one has lost appetite.
When we recall this now we have a good laugh,but when you are say 8 yrs,old this is like ruining a festival day
Religious Faith’s and beliefs make people do too many unnecessary
things which are not even pleasant.

Jim Portillo

If not another reason to be thankful for the Beam’s contacts and P’s …

Alex Perez


It seems the official translation has gotten rid of the information about time travel and Meier’s true age.

Why has this happened? It seems odd that FIGU would want to get rid of this information which Ptaah himself advised it be made public.


Melissa Osaki

Hi Alex,

The full contact can still be read on the Future of Mankind website.

Andrew Grimshaw

Was anyone thinking of asking FIGU/BEAM if an old Sfath and a young Eduard popped in on a wiser Ptaah and said, “You should of looked at your old man’s stuff a tad earlier, eh?”