New Information about Worldwide UFO Sightings

Billy Meier’s responses to new UFO sightings may raise even more questions

Answer to these UFO observations from Billy Meier

Well, various telephone calls and letters from various people in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, as well as England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, etc. contain questions whether these observed UFOs/objects are Plejaren beamships, which of course I always have to deny, which is true, because the observed “UFOs” are in no case flying objects from the Pleiaren, but flying machines of other origin.

The observed UFOs/objects, which are only named as such, because they are unknown to the observers, resp. unknown flying objects, so UFOs, so on the one hand they belong to a US-American special grouping, about which I cannot give any further information. On the one hand, the supposed UFO chains that could be observed at night are satellites of Elon Musk: His US space company SpaceX has already brought hundreds of satellites into a low orbit around the earth in the past months for the project of a space-based Internet. That is the whole secret, so the UFOs are terrestrial satellites. The whole world will not be happy about the final outcome of the whole project, if it can be completed, but I have nothing to say about that. This, while on the other hand two other groupings with “UFOs” refer to a different origin, one to an old-fashioned grouping in a completely different context, which already exists over hundreds of years, about which old-fashioned also in newspapers and chronicles there are records about observations, which report of “weird” flying objects.

A third grouping, which has nothing to do with the US-American satellites of Elon Musk, as well as not with the “old traditional” UFOs, leads back to a purely terrestrial secret grouping, which has a far developed futuristic technology at its disposal, about which however no information shall be given. Apart from these three groups, there is another one, but for a certain reason it is not mentioned here, so that it should only be mentioned here that the fourth group exists. Though I am asked again and again for decades already, because there are sightings, but even these UFOs/objects do not really belong to the Plejaren, who are very careful not to be recognized or located by the mentioned groups, nor to get in contact with them. This is because, as the Pleiaren have fathomed, all these groupings are still extremely inhuman, unscrupulous, and lacking in emotion.

The traditional grouping, which has been wandering in the earthly airs since the last and penultimate century and even for a much longer time, which it still does today, often arouses fear in earthlings and euphoria in others, especially when they generally mislead themselves with respect to this grouping by their own fantasies. But about the other grouping, just those, whose “UFOs”, as they are called by ignorant observers, nothing more shall be explained, because for good reasons it is advised against it, on the other hand – well, because it would be irresponsible for a plausible reason.

What the “UFO” convoys are really about, which are moving across the night sky, can be explained and said and also be read up in the internet, namely at Starlink and SpaceX. And if I talk a little bit mysteriously about UFOs and their crews as well as about their groupings, effectively related to flying objects and not to satellites, then it may seem mysterious to outsiders, but it is not mysterious, but it would not be good for me to say anything about it.

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Luis Sanchez

What can also be observed is, all of the groups have a history with earth. But the most memorable ships are the ones that shared the journeys, the stories…the history. Those are the plejaren and the federation ships.

Rocky Waters

AUGUST 31, 2020: Billy Meier

“The whole world will not be happy about the final outcome of the whole project, if it can be completed, but I have nothing to say about that. ”

OCTOBER 5, 2020: WASHINGTON — SpaceX and and L3 Harris will contribute satellites to track hypersonic weapons to the Space… Development Agency’s planned mega-constellation, with the nascent agency announcing Oct. 5 it has selected the two companies to build its first wide field of view satellites… SpaceX has made waves with its Starlink constellation — a series of satellites built to provide commercial broadband from low Earth orbit — and the Department of Defense has tested using Starlink to connect various weapon systems.