The Stupidest People on Earth

They don’t “believe” in a deadly disease, just in an imaginary Sky Daddy and their right to be irresponsible and endanger others   

This photo epitomizes the mentality of the American masses:

And while not exclusive to Americans, it reflects the dumbing down to the point of insensibility of much of the world’s population. They just want to…play.

Interestingly, the article appeared in the Arizona Daily Sun, whose publisher and reporters have censored outright all information pertaining to the advance warnings to state officials and media that I began sending, on March 5th, when there were only…five COVID cases in the entire state.

At this moment, there are over…215,000 cases and 5,500 deaths.

It’s said that one person’s death is a tragedy, while thousands of deaths are a…statistic. And we do love our statistics, don’t we?

Mr. Positive Disruption

A neighbor and I were talking the other day and I asked him if he knew anyone who might be an independent thinker in the media or government. He said there was a man running for office who might be helpful. I went to Daniel McCarthy’s site and saw that “he believes Arizona’s political leadership could use some positive disruption”. I didn’t read all of his info at that time but I left a phone message.

I received a prompt call back from a woman at his office. I mentioned being referred to Daniel as someone who might help me disseminate the COVID info we publish. She said that Daniel was very interested in the topic and had just interviewed a physician the other day. It didn’t take long though before she clarified that the doctor opposed the lockdown, a position that Daniel also agreed with.

Over the next 35 minutes that we discussed the pandemic, the woman repeatedly said, “We don’t believe it’s real” – and numerous varieties of “I don’t believe this and I don’t believe that, etc.” – along with “No one knows what’s true”.

I did the best I could to explain that we don’t base our information on any beliefs. We’re simply always the first to publish scientifically accurate information that’s later authenticated by the CDC, WHO, etc., (unbeknownst to them of course) when they finally come to firm conclusions about the facts.

She agreed to let me send her our:

New Online COVID-19 Test

While I requested that she contact me to discuss the results, that hasn’t happened. Of course not. I went back to read Daniel’s information and learned that he’s also afraid of “God” who, if he did exist, would be to blame for the disease and deservedly worth being afraid of.

So, a man who believes in, and is afraid of, an imaginary being doesn’t “believe” in a very real disease that has already killed (at least) 200,000 Americans, aka the “We’re Number One!” people on earth. And he wants to lift the lockdown and be a senator… for the survivors?

Keep Bailing

There’s an epidemic of infantile, self-centered, people who just want to “play” and feel that their “rights and freedoms” – to also spread the disease should they be infected – are being taken away. A nation of whiners who, no matter which of the imbeciles they elect as president, are tacitly endorsing their warmongering policies, designed to provoke Russia (and China) into a massive war. The result of such a war, according to the prophet Henoch, will be that “America will be a country of total destruction.”

Maybe the people who “don’t believe” in a deadly disease will be able to “don’t believe” their way out of the effects of the atomic radiation, fires, chemical and bioweapons, etc.

But if a little online COVID test scares the crap out of you because you can’t deny the results, and if you’re afraid of an imaginary Sky Daddy that you do believe in, it’s time to grow up and take self-responsibility for your life.

Maybe then , when it’s safe enough, you can go out and play…and not endanger other people.

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NOTE: Here are the names of the profit-hungry, cowardly publisher and reporters of the newspaper who’ve kept their readers unaware of the life-saving information that could’ve helped prevent the ever-increasing COVID cases and deaths in Arizona.



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Al Jedd

I think the UK now should hold the award for the stupidest people on earth.

UK to deliberately expose volunteers to Covid-19 in world first trial after study given green light

I still can’t believe it.


Screenshot_2021-02-17 Vaccine might not work properly against mutated Covid-19 variant, warns UK Minister hours after Pfize[...].png