Billy Meier UFO Photos with US Stealth Fighter!

Wendelle Stevens took photos in America showing Semjase’s UFO and US Stealth fighter!


The five photos previously believed to have been taken in Switzerland showing Semjase’s UFO and a Swiss Mirage jet, may possibly have been WERE taken in either California or at Area 51  by Wendelle Stevens – the only other man to be taken on board with Billy Meier by Semjase – and may actually show a US Stealth fighter.


More information to follow!

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Billy Meier UFO Photos with US Stealth Fighter!The Billy Meier Case: True or a Hoax?


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Billy Meier UFO Photos with US Stealth Fighter!

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Luis Cayetano

Oh goodness. Utter trash in so many ways:
1) Where are the original negatives?
2) Where’s your proof that these photos were actually taken in 1981 and aren’t just montages that would be trivially easy to produce?
3) Why did Meier only release this silly story in “Contact report 757” in 2020, DECADES after the F-117 was publicly available information?
4) Which is it – Groom Lake or California? How does someone NOT remember what state they were in if they were whisked through time and taken aboard a flying saucer by aliens to view a test flight of a classified jet? Did Stevens just forget to make a note of it? Pathetic! Groom Lake is in Nevada, in case you didn’t know. The maiden flight only lasted 15 minutes from take-off to touch-down, and the plane experienced some handling problems. It never flew through California air space (source: “Combat Legend – F-117 Nighthawk”, pp. 28-29, 2003, Paul Crickmore, Airlife Publishing Ltd). The entire sortie took place over Area 51.
5) Where’s the chase plane in the photos? The maiden flight of aircraft involves a plane that keeps up with the test plane and films it for diagnostic purposes. Here, educate yourself:
Here is YF-117A serial number 79-10780 on the maiden flight, as filmed from the chase plane: (note: no flying saucers anywhere to be seen)
6) It’s hard to tell, but the plane looks completely black in all the photos. In reality, the maiden flight plane was painted in a three-tone desert camouflage scheme:
“Black Jets – The Development and Operation of America’s Most Secret Warplanes”, pp. 72-73, 2003, general editor David Donald, Airtime Publishing Inc). This isn’t conveyed at all by Stevens or Meier.

Try again, Michael, this time with some actual research into aviation so that you can pull of a hoax that is at least slightly more convincing.

Luis Cayetano

Loving how you didn’t actually address a SINGLE THING I said in my post – just as I predicted. Why would you post my comments and then fail miserably to address them? Try this, Michael: stop DERAILING and start ADDRESSING. Think you can manage that? Or not?

Luis Cayetano

Ah, so you’e chosen more derailing and evasion
sprinkled it with fluff and bravado. How boringly predictable. You’re a coward and slime-ball, Michael, just like Silly Meier and the late convicted child molester Wendelle Stevens. My goodness, can you defend anyone who ISN’T a despicable criminal?

Ned Duke

I recall hearing a ton of stories about UFOs flying around top secret military installations. A few come to mind like although Rendlesham Forest seems to be the main one folks reference.

That being said, when we have one with clearly a top secret plane I’ll have to ask when taking such a picture would it be possible to fake? Do you suspect it was taking in the late 80s? How about the 90s? Maybe in the 00s? 10s? I only recall maybe a few video in the last decade where people can casually record a plane like that one outside of a publicity stunt.

Examine the photo a bit. How many UFO F-117 photos are there to compare to? Also, isn’t it strange from all the prior UFO accounts about interfering with secret military stuff that the Hopelss Diamond somehow escapes having its own ET intervention story.

Al Jedd

Thank you Ned for mentioning Rendelsham Forest. As I once lived in the area. And on new years day, phoning around to wish happy new year in 1981. Their reply’s were……ramblings of UFO..forest ..USAF Bentwaters….RAF Woodbridge…UFO. (RAF Woodbridge is now MoD Woodbridge).
A whole 3 minutes worth about a ufo. and seeing it(?). All the villages and towns were buzzing with the news and went as far as Southwold. I did not see the event.
What gets me about the ufo crazies out there,is, that they didn’t interview the locals, or survey the area. If one goes to the east to the Sufflok coast, ignore the Orfordness light house.
Going north there are Nuclear power stations (number 3 is being built) . Going south one will find Atomic Research building. What a conspiracy they could have made out of that.
And more….,1.3237765,1856m/data=!3m1!1e3


Rendlesham  USAF Bentwaters RAF Woodbridge.png
Al Jedd

The good bit is along that coast line, you will see the concrete remains of a fixed radar site, that points to Russia. It is now labeled as Radio Caroline mast which is wrong (BS) as the 1st pirate radio Caroline ship ( outside the 3 mile limit ) was sunk back in the 60’s/70’s. Sunk by who?? The government. The 2nd radio Caroline ship was then anchored 25 miles off the Suffolk coast.

At school we were told that it was a Long Range Weather Reporting Station.
What was odd is that the weather back then indicated the winds/weather etc came over land, from the west.
I haven’t heard from any of the charlatans/decievers out there, about a connection between the military air bases, nuclear processing/power stations and radar base. What information for UFO nutters; what conspiracies they could have made up.
They are sad people.


OverHorizon Radar.png
Al Jedd

Back in the mid 1980’s, President Regan said that there were no AWACS in the middle east. Strange as 6 other work colleague’s counted 7 AWACS’s at the Air force base in Riyadh Saudi Arabia; one was always in the air giving a total of 8 AWACS’s.
Almost 20 years ago a Vulcan bomber was flown along the Sussex, uk coast. We were on the top deck of the bus, and we all witnessed the bomber take a dive towards the cliffs. Thinking its going to crash into the cliff, all (about 15 people) stood up gasped,……. and then it gained height moving away out to sea. Speaking to an ex RAF person about it, he denied that a Vulcan was never on a flight that day. Oh well, I guess all of us on the bus hallucinated the same thing.
Along the Sussex coast,uk. unmarked, black, twin bladed Chinook’s travel along the coast. Ignored by many as its just another helicopter.
Making a complaint about these craft flying over civilian town/airspace was met by “it didn’t happen”.
Denial of the truth abounds, especially when it is the truth.

Luis Cayetano

In other words, you “evidence” is a lack of evidence.

Melissa Osaki

They can’t debunk the mountains of verifiable and scientifically proven evidence, so they attack the character of good and honorable men, which is absolutely shallow and disgusting. Isn’t it strange that they almost always attack the photographic evidence while ignoring the elephant in the room? The photographs are their last hope to defame Meier. And many of their fellow brain-amputees are too stupid to do the proper research, that which requires real thinking, reasoning and deduction skills. They like to be fed nut-ball conspiracies and told what to think.

He’s probably too far gone, like the many others who come here with their delusional crap. Sorry, Luis, you can’t debunk or cover up the truth no matter how hard you and your cohorts try. Use your noggin for something other than a cap.

John Webster

When the underlying ‘shallowness’ becomes all-too-repetitively obvious, then the patterns of debunking the evidence, and the attacks on Meier’s character, etc., isn’t ‘strange’, it’s typically common.

Brigitte de Roch

Hi Michael –

Three things here:

1. Analytical minds filter a lot what they say as compared to doing. Sometimes the filtering makes sense. In this case, it obviously does not.

2. In reading his writing I see that he finds joy in this. It’s excitement for him. But he is coming from the bubble of his group that finds this as acceptable thought processes. This is why there is no shame and there is no trying to hide this from something that is intellectually unacceptable.

3. When he gives his opinion as to what you should do, he wants to plant seeds in the brain. If he talks about it long enough it will be a reality for him. You can see that is already happening as he is going out of his way to defame the case and Billy.

There you have it. The seed has been planted and he will not change his thinking and position.

This is why Billy says that intellectuals are better off doing manual labor.

Al Jedd

Yes I agree to Knowledge Filtration. Michael Cremo explains this very well.
Forbidden Archaeology | Michael Cremo | Talks at Google
This comment is 10 minutes into the presentation. His scientific knowledge is extensive and the details of a 22 million y.o. Human skeleton in Italy,(What!); points to the fact that there was on this planet a human being that was buried here by a 2nd Human, or more.
The whole story, and others in his book are fascinating.
Video URL

Screenshot_2021-01-03 Forbidden Archaeology Michael Cremo Talks at Google - YouTube.png
Melissa Osaki

It’s very interesting. It also makes sense why Billy would say that the intellectual types should do manual labor.

I was reading a contact report just yesterday where Ptaah was explaining that our earthly IQ tests aren’t reliable because they only test for a small area of knowledge instead of all areas of knowledge. Someone who is intelligent with mathematics or physics can be totally lacking in all other categories, which means that they are only educated in a small range of subjects. Here on earth, we consider scientists to be high IQ, but many of them are not qualified or even capable of life outside of their bubbles. Everyone needs to be educated in all areas of life so that they are grounded, balanced, and capable of thinking and acting in a logical and reasonable manner.

Mait Kingumets

We are specialized in narrow areas of life so we no longer see the big picture anymore- Thats true. Indifference is ruling.

Brigitte de Roch

Hi Melissa –

Happy New Year!
I had a boyfriend who was a genius. He could read at lightning speed. He could also memorize long text such as Shakespeare for example. When he would speak to another genius like him, I could never understand what he was saying. But when it came to common sense such a boiling an egg he was totally lost.

So, yes only one area of the brain is overdeveloped. It’s also hard for them because they cannot relate to others.

This is one reason why I did not go for a Master or a PhD. I knew I would never participate in the real world if I stayed in college too long.

Many of my friends who are married to husbands with PhD have difficulties because of it. The children also follow the father in the same way. So, the wife cannot do much about it.

Brigitte de Roch

Hi Al –

Happy New Year.

Wow! the next stage for filtration is prohibition. So, that means one has to read more books if one wants to learn a bit about a subject.

At that rate real learning is going to be super slow. I would not want to read at all!

I would learn more by putting my nose in the dirt for sure.

We are so lucky to have Billy and all the wonderful teaching he provides us. I don’t think I will ever buy a book again!

Thank you for the video – you saved me a ton.

Al Jedd

Hi Brigitte
Happy Christian New year

The tightening up of the internet has already begun, links to various sites in Texas return message is”Not Allowed and a legal reason is given”. There were other world wide sites that returned similar messages.
ALL electronic transmissions are recorded. DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) of your data when being routed, is being carried out by a router/routers, ( by very familiar Router company in USA) from sender to recipient..
That started about year 2,000/03. The GSM system when it was rolled out started after 1998. Therefor your location could be found by the minimum of 3 cell sites, 4 cell sites and its within a few feet.
Books are definitely needed to learn a subject; especially if you want to be an electrician.
The internet is full of untruths and a book is a good reference and a contact.
However some researchers and their guess work/fantasy’s are clouding the subject, say, Archaeology (the science of rubbish). Mr G Hancock comes to mind.
Learning slow but sure, and then one reaches a stage where you teach yourself. The ST is great for just that.
To be in these times with Billy; I’m eternally grateful (if that’s possible). Yes I’ve got a lot of unread books, and Theyfly put me on the right path and saved me a lot of money.
The only books worth buying are from FIGU.


Screenshot_2020-06-11 Unavailable for legal reasons.png
Al Jedd

Thank you for the info on LC, and what a sad life he leads. In general when I come across such people on the web, within seconds Ive left that site, and possibly other people world wide are laughing at him.

His manner does somewhat support the theory that humans developed from the apes. Though he may not drag his knuckles when walking. But has the most massive inferiority complex. Getting a “High” from his veil manner.
I’m glad I haven’t been to his site. As I guess, that he was a school lever, Can’t get a job, buys ufo DVD’s, video games and plays with himself at home.

And thank you Melissa as this brain amputee really needs to grow up.

The FIGU sites are the only place one will find the Truth.


Ned Duke

I missed this summary. This explains a lot. Thank you. After all, it’s pretty common in the UFO field to have UFOs next to Nighthawks. 😉