How Long Will My New COVID Response on Quora Last?

And here is my response, without any links to the blog, etc.:

How Long Will My New COVID Response on Quora Last?

We received the first information from May 30, pertaining to there being no herd immunity possible, on June 29 (“End of June: Over 10 Million Infected People Worldwide!”):

“Furthermore, with regard to the coronavirus it must be said that, at least for the time being, no herd immunity is in sight, and moreover, not only adults but also children and adolescents can be infected by the virus and an overreaction of the immune system can be triggered by it, whereby various inflammations can also occur, while direct-acute corona diseases are however less frequent than in adults.”

As per the information we received and published on July, 4 which was actually first published on June 13 (“Coronavirus: The Catastrophic Cost of Carelessness”):

“Also antibody tests are necessary in order to be able to prove whether a human being had already been infected by the rampantly spreading corona disease or not, as well as whether he/she has developed a certain immunity against the virus or not, although this can however be just short-term but also long-term, depending on the case, whereby one cannot expect any so-called herd immunity.”

Information first published on June 16, which we published on July 19 (“Newest Information from Plejaren: Damage from Corona Virus”):

18) Even after the end of the pandemic, the coronavirus will continue to exist for all time.

19) There is no herd immunity.

20) Falling ill with the corona and recuperating does not protect one from a new infection.

From July 26 (“Coronavirus: No Herd Immunity Possible, Close Outside Childcare”):

“Persons who have fallen ill with the corona virus and recovered from it again – as I have already explained several times during the last few months in accordance with our research and cognitions – will not have lifelong immunity, just as no herd immunity against this virus is possible; rather immunity will be of limited duration, depending on the case.”

There’s also this from August 5 (“The Coming Corona Crisis, Protests and Terrorism”):

“Obviously, what I made clear months ago in the beginning of our explanations still has not gotten through to the virologists and physicians and so forth: namely that there is indeed no effective immunity of the convalescents as well as no herd immunity, even if ‘healings’ from the rampantly spreading corona disease take place and antibodies have formed.”

While skepticism is understandable regarding our publication of virtually every major discovery about the disease, before the CDC, WHO, etc., and with no errors, theories, or need of revision, anyone can check our copyrighted publication dates and compare them with the earliest “official” versions. We did some of this in our:

New Online COVID-19 Test

One can see many more details in the 90+ articles we’ve published since February 25 (“Harsh Truth from Plejaren About SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic”).

Et Tu, YouTube?

And now YouTube, in their newly assumed role of parent/guardian  gets into the act, as it has taken it upon itself to decide what is age appropriate, lest younger people learn to think and decide the truth for themselves with the assistance of their parents, guardians, etc.:

How Long Will My New COVID Response on Quora Last?

Hi TheyFly TV,

As you may know, our Community Guidelines describe which content we allow – and don’t allow – on YouTube. Your video ALERT! The WHO Is Dangerously WRONG! was flagged to us for review. Upon review, we’ve determined that it may not be suitable for all viewers and it has been placed behind an age restriction.

How you can respond

If you believe this was a mistake, we’d like to hear from you. To appeal this age restriction, please submit this form. Our team will thoroughly review your appeal and will contact you again very soon.For more information on YouTube’s Community Guidelines, please visit our Help Center.

– The YouTube Team

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Robert Jay Shawn Olson Sr.

I before this year hardly ever watched tv, movies, and/or you tube videos, etc.., I have been more of a reader as in books, etc… However, being inside and overhearing what ones are listening to & periodically watching is very alarming. Young children just starting school, their parents, relatives, acquaintance’s, etc.., and what the school teachers are teaching online is appalling, false, not appropriate, etc.., The point is that it is very apparent that the wrong things (factual, good, true) are being censored or deleted.

Daniel Leech

Its got badly out of control, I hear you, and I see it. Folk even have been misinformed about the so-called herd immunity principle. This principle, is that, several million die as is normal through history with all similar health things, no lockdown etc., and over the course of many years maybe 6 years or so, a herd immunity develops, but many don’t like the further detailings of it, the ‘herd’ it means the most vulnerable do die if they are not protected, it means the strongest survive yes, that is what it means. Billy Meier has discussed false humanism several times, and I am no scrooge about it, I’m a realist, unfortunately, very sad and tragic, people do pass away for many reasons, its part of the package of life. The idea of UK and Sweden, UK withdrew from the idea, is that folks assess themselves and make a series of informed decisions on their own behalf. This has worked well in Sweden despite what people have been saying, overall there has been a lot of dignity and honour in their delivery and they presented many facts and people listened and acted according to their own choices and protected the vulnerable. This is not possible in every country. The herd immunity is a series of values and culture that develops over some time after the facts have been digested and understood by a society.

Kenneth Smith

The intellectually stupid, as stated by the Plejaren, are having a difficult time with your originally information because it is coming from a highly advanced extraterrestrial source. They are still in that open-ended paper bag…

Greg Dougall

See picture

Terry Carch

have an idea,. Why not write an editorial in the op ed section of the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe and the Washington Post to get this very serous message out into the public the in newpapers, internet and so to get this very serous message across less this COVID 19 turn into a real plague that could possibly wipe out and
destroy Planet Earth. You need to get this message out loud and clear to the entire of Planet Earth or alse we will all perish and die of from all these CIOVID diseases and wars etc,etc,etc! This COVID might just mutate into something far worse if we don`t learn to get a handle on this very deadly disease NOW! This world need to learn to grow up and face this very dangerous deadly disease head on! This world needs to know that there are rally very good kind hearted human extraterresteial tryingf to hel;p us out with this mess! This world needs to wake up NOW or else will will ALL DIE! This is NOT UFO stuff these are REAL HUMAN beings from the next dimension over in our Milky Way Galaxy!!! Theses are the FACTS!!!

Terry Carch

Just to add maby we should not bring up the word extraterrestrial human beings in the op -ed editorials,instead why don`t we use the term our brothers and sisters from afar who are also human beings trying to help us out.

Greg Dougall

No one is stopping you from trying. They won’t publish it. I’ve sent info to those newspapers on several occasions.

Sheila Clark

Hi Terry there’s nothing stopping you from doing this yourself.

Greg Dougall

This is how you make Quora work for you… Copy the info Michael has provided. Then above that write, The following information was provided by Michael Horn of Theyflyblog:
Then copy the whole thing, and search for questions containing herd immunity and Covid. Then Paste the response in each one. You could probably answer 5 questions in 1 minute. Quora is a numbers game. One of those answers could get 10 views, but the same answer in a different question could get 1000 views or more. You can add an image or a youtube clip with your response if you like. You can also add footnotes with a weblink, but Quora doesn’t like when you put links in your answers.

Terry Carch

Oh well it`s just an idea?

Brigitte de Roch

Hi Greg –

As per Quora “You have reached your answer limit for today”.

I will continue tomorrow then.

Brigitte de Roch

I followed all the steps you indicated and just received this message after logging in again:

Your account has been temporarily blocked from editing on Quora

Some of your recent answers have been found to violate Quora’s Policies and Guidelines. Your account will be blocked from editing for two weeks, during which you will be unable to add, edit, or vote on content on Quora. Learn More.
In your future contributions to Quora, please remember:

Spam and questions that solicit spam are not allowed on Quora.

Please note that further policy violations may lead to additional temporary blocks, or to a permanent ban.

Not sure what it is that they don’t like/approve but the notice came in within 30 minutes.

Terry Carch

Bidgette All of Quora probably voted for that nasty Trump and his hoods including Amy Coney Barret who won`t even give a fig for affordable Care Act and minorities and womens right right to have the children they wnat to have! I huess Quora must be one of those strupid altr-concervative right wing gangs! Go Figure! If Quora wants to trash us,mabye we should trash them back! Quora diservded just what they got! “Fe Fy Fum!”

Daniel Leech

Eventually soothing sympathetic things will have to be said by you MH, BEAM or Plejaren, because not all are wealthy enough to island themselves; food, watered, bathed, all the various goods production, public services, fire, police, hospital etc., to pay taxes on their homes, mortgages, rent etc., etc., all must continue on, under difficulty and threat etc. Those who have had to continue on may likely develop a difference of opinion and those with ongoing conditions long-covid many have barely had a choice in the matter, not all can work from home, not all have had opportunities to avoid it etc., and those that have should certainly be thankful. But this has not been addressed so much I see.

Terry Carch

Thankyou MH:)))

Shiva Balu

You are right Micheal ,sympathy and soothing words are only lip service and would lead only to gossip.When valuable preventive measures are available to us.only way to go forward is to follow them.

Daniel Leech

Ok ok, but people still have to work, even if you don’t have to and can just lounge around, some people still have to take part in society, pandemic or not, don’t ignore them, arrogant.

Daniel Leech

You didn’t read what I said, you just read the first line. I am saying that slaves have been feeding you retired people and all you have said back hasn’t been helpful to them.

Andrew Grimshaw

Can I ask you, who has been around the Spiritual Teaching for longer than I, what do you not understand about the spirit-form (not only yours but all the forms of life close to you and on the other side of our Universe) and Self-responsibility?

Terry Carch

Daniel Trump and his hoods including Amy Coney Barret are not and won`t help us one iota, go figure!