Predictions from the Ancient Time Traveler Hilak

He foresaw the rise and prevalence of today’s deadly, degenerate religions, which will only be remedied through the spiritual teaching

Excerpt from the official 692nd contact meeting on October 29, 2017

Ptaah: Prediction of great-great-grandfather Hilak, from the year 1446 b. Jmmanuel/Chr.

(This is an unofficial, unauthorized translation and may contain errors. It will be replaced by the official, approved translation when available.)

NOTE: “Hilak, Ptaah’s great-great-grandfather, used a dimension transportation device, probably a Beamship, to go to several time-shifted space-times of Earth ie the future, in order to compile a report which later could be condensed into a chronicle of general but important and proceeding events surrounding the life of the prophet of the new age, which his great-great-grandson could deliver in the form of a prediction text at the point of delivery.”

Hilak: The life of the people of the world decays over millennia into the distant future of modern times, and very long after that, through delusional belief in deities and the like, declines to a pitiful, unpleasant and degenerate life in false faith-slavery, spoiled by faith. A grave captivity is created in a delusion that leads to discord and terrible wars over thousands of years and again and again to new perdition. Faith-conditioned sense illusions, deceptions, illusions, misleadings, lies and deception, mystifications, illusions and pretences of phantasmagorias will belong to the order of all coming times and many thousands of thousands of thousands of human lives and again and again destroy large parts of the world and its nature by wars etc., farthest possible life. And the origin of this calamity will begin in about 200 years with the formation of the coming Ysrjr Federation (note Ptaah: monotheistically delusional belief-decayed tribal federation in Canaan, later Syria; actual origin of Judaism), the first worldwide delusional belief, which will be carried over thousands of years far into the most distant future by wars, hatred, envy, retaliation and lies and deceit. This first delusional belief, which will be called ‘creed’ (Ptaah: religion) in the distant future, will then bring much misery, envy, need, suffering, delusional hatred and destruction among all peoples of the world for thousands of years. The actual origin of the greatest delusions of faith in the world will emerge from the first delusional confession of faith (Ptaah’s note: community of faith, association of faith, unification of faith), which is brought up, started and set in motion. From this origin, in another 700 years or so in the east of the world, another delusional faith federation will emerge, through which in the course of time bloodshed and hatred will be spread throughout the world. Another 500 years or so after that, a proclaimer (Jmmanuel) of the old ‘doctrine of the prophets’ will appear, but his doctrine will be falsified, misused and from this a new worldwide extremely slanderous, corrupting, hate-spreading, dangerous, death-pregnant and destructive new delusional faith will be derived. This will lead to worldwide wars, war atrocities, murder, hatred, persecution and enormous destruction of innumerable human works, nature and its creatures for well over two millennia. A vast number of people will also be involved in this process, who will multiply like locusts and will conceive and carry out machinations whose malicious effectiveness will destroy large parts of the planet and nature, whereby much of natural life will become extinct for all time.

But around 500 years after the appearance of the proclaimer of the ‘Doctrine of the Prophets’, a new proclaimer (Ptaah: Mohammed) will come into being in the revival of the same doctrine, in order to eradicate all that is wrong and reprehensible, which, however, malicious and delusional believers and those who misunderstand the doctrine will have made of the ‘Doctrine of the Prophet’ of the previous proclaimer. But also the teaching of this new preacher will be falsified in an extremely malicious way and will lead to wars, to hatred, slander and to innumerable dead, as well as to fear, horror, to extensive deadly violence (Note Ptaah: tyranny, despotism, dictatorship, reign of terror, totalitarian systems, absolutist rule and terrorism, which will bring riots, unrest, violence, riots, street fights, tumults, insurrections and attacks). Therefore, the people of the modern age must learn to understand their situation leading into the abyss through clarity and reason and free themselves from their false beliefs, find the way to themselves, become themselves and learn to consciously bear their own responsibility. So let it therefore be said to all mankind that they must leave their prison of faith and their delusion of faith, because otherwise great masses will be led astray by their faith in God, and a multitude in the millions will be tortured and murdered by degenerating persecutions of faith, when the sun cross (note Ptaah: sun wheel, swastika, swastika) as a malicious sign announces the beginning of the time of terror and the energy of the tiniest (note Ptaah: nuclear fission) is released, abused and becomes a destructive messenger of death. And if it happens, then it is also announced that all horrors will be more and more frequent in continuous succession, whereby many sufferings will arise and only a small part of the non-believers will be capable of reason, to whom alone the truth will be recognizable and understandable, whereby also only few will be wise enough to be able to find their actual happiness knowingly.

Everything around humans will collapse and disappear, and nothing of the achievements of civilization will retain its existence, because the perversity of humans will destroy everything, because it will shake the whole earth and finally no traces of the erroneous cults will continue to exist. The great mass of many billions of people will degenerate under the yoke of ignorance and godliness and become creatively alien to real life and degenerate in every conceivable way. Also heavy earthquakes as earth-mechanical natural phenomena, tremendously violent storms and undreamt-of fires will change the face of the earthly world. But the warnings will not be listened to, nor will the old ‘teaching of the prophets’, which the new herald of the modern age will bring and which will have the goal of awakening and sensitizing the intellect and reason of men to enable them to free themselves from their errors and the delusion of their religious faith and from its follies as well as from all their evil actions, deeds and crimes of all kinds. But nevertheless they shall be instructed by the new herald and learn to understand that they alone are responsible for all their actions, deeds and behavior, just as other intelligent life forms in the universe are.

Humans should and must strive to be in harmony with the currents of nature and the universe and thus with Creation and all its existence, and not refuse to go with the creative current, so as not to miss the advantages of the good conditions offered to them by the Creation guidelines, which can be developed higher and higher by the intelligence and power of man himself. They must, however, develop the evolution of their consciousness in order not to be left behind in their intellect and reason, in order not to have to wait millions of years until a foreign power helps them to an ascending wave of intellect and reason.

The earth and the whole solar system, as well as the universe as a whole, was not created by a cheap and non-existent deity, but as the only Creation by an immense distribution of natural consistency of creative-natural impulses and brought into a further developing direction. These creative-natural impulses, which also work in human beings, are called love in the human sense, but are disregarded by countless people, considered sentimental and ridiculous despite their great power. In fact and truth, these impulses, which are called love, are the greatest of all forces existing in man, besides which money and power are only trivial unworthy values, even if people depend on them for the course and preservation of their lives. In the future, however, people must be flooded with love and serve it in a special way, because otherwise their life and consciousness will be tortured and damaged by unimaginable suffering, difficulties and inhuman deeds and horrors, by which the mental order, the thoughts, the thoughts and aspirations, and their behavior will become evil, criminal, criminal, sacrilegious, reprehensible, primitive and boorish.

So then the terrible forms of the prophecies of the old prophets will be fulfilled, prophecies that refer to the coming epoch, which will soon begin and will be fulfilled, but which will continue in a malicious and frightening way from the sign of the sun cross on and will move continuously into the future.

There will also come the times of great floods over the world, and where the earth is, there will be water, and where there is water, there will be earth. Hurricanes, gigantic fires and earthquakes will rule and sweep away everything, as through horror, wars, murders, revolutions, tyranny, dictatorship, totalitarianism, tyranny, arbitrary rule, unlimited violence and crime unbelievable much human blood will flow. Terrible explosions will be heard in many places around the world as a result of blasts and terrorist attacks, causing fear, horror, awe and dread in many places and countries. And in many cases the wrong and crazy belief in God will be to blame for this, and it will always be a delusion of men, but never an answer or a demand of a God invented by men. On the contrary, nature will demand retaliation for the crimes that mankind, in its multitude, will commit and perpetrate against it and the earth.

Let men be advised to exercise themselves in peace, to live in peace and to rule the world in peace before the time of suffering and terror comes, for it has been written since time immemorial that not a single hair of the righteous will be bent. So may the righteous people not be discouraged, but simply follow the path of learning for the personal development of their consciousness, as the old true prophets taught it and as the new herald will teach it in modern times and his teaching will also be carried out into the world space. People must study his teaching and learn how the universe and thus Creation works, because it is necessary for them to learn to understand the world and Creation as nature and universe very quickly and in this way to merge with it in knowledge.

Human beings are predestined to learn to live in a way that is appropriate for nature and Creation, just as each individual is capable of striving for and living according to the laws of Creation. But for this, each one must form himself like a new continent and emerge like an island from the huge sea and spread out in his love and knowledge to the best of his ability.

In modern times, the new proclaimer will be the founder of a new civilization (Ptaah’s note: grouping, association), also called community, which will unswervingly stand up for what is good and right and for the old ‘teaching of the prophets’ (Ptaah’s note: ‘teaching of truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of life’). It will spread the old ‘doctrine of the prophets’ in a new way and represent it to people all over the world. Thus, in time, the humanity of the earth will form one big family, which will eventually be like one big and extensive body. In the new civilization (note Ptaah: grouping, community, association) love will manifest in a way that will be exemplified by the herald in a simple and unifying way. But unfortunately the earth will remain a planet of struggle, toil, misery and need, even if in the modern age the teachings of the new herald are gradually spread all over the earth through new modern possibilities and ways. The forces of evil and darkness will probably feel oppressed and slowly withdraw, but the earth and its humanity will never be finally liberated from them. Many people who follow the teachings of the herald will take a new, better and clear path, a path of new life, which leads to the development of consciousness, to understanding and reason, to inner peace, inner freedom and joy of life and to true humanity. Others, however, the unjust and degenerate, in their senseless pride and unruly behavior, will continue their lives in a notorious way, condemning everything of the creative and being unreasonable. In the end, however, they will have to learn to understand that the old direction of their lives is completely wrong and is no longer compatible with the new world created by the new teaching and from which a new culture and civilization will awaken. It will then only be a question of time when the light of truth, the good and justice will awaken and triumph. The religions will have to lose their strength and give truth its rightful place when the common basis of all systems of belief in God collapses. As a result, bad people will slowly give up the intensity of their evil deeds of faith and turn to the peacefulness of truth and their fellow men. But many of them will also harbor and hate the new herald of the modern age, and they will maliciously violate his efforts to teach with abject, hostile insults and false accusations, words of lie and malicious libel invented in rage in his honor. And his reputation is disgraced and disastrous intrigues are committed. ((note Ptaah:  injustices, assassinations, and assault) will be committed against him. Thus, hateful followers of the faith will also deliberately try to destroy his commitment and his work in a despicable and cunning way with many new tools of modern times (note Ptaah: information possibilities, internet, media, radio, television). But all those who attack him will harm themselves, because their lives will be joyless, and they will be hated by their fellow men, because they will not accept the new life with regard to the old ‘doctrine of the prophets’, so that they will already pass away in their lives like rotten, harmful fruits. But it will also be on earth that certain continents will perish and others will appear, because not only men but also the face of the world will change completely. And many dangers will threaten in the millennia to come, of which mankind is not yet aware and which will bring them much suffering, need, misery, wars, damage and destruction. Also, many people will continue for a long time to pursue dishonorable, unworthy, unreal, dangerous and dangerous goals that hold great dangers for all mankind, but which will ultimately be doomed to failure. And this will be so, while the others, who respectfully learn and follow the teaching of the new herald of the modern age, deal with their lives and with all things honorably.

Thanks to the ‘teachings of the old prophets’ the earth will one day become a blessed planet, but until then mankind will still be hit by much suffering, misery and need and its consciousness will not yet be awakened. So it will still take centuries and millennia until everything will be fulfilled in such a way that the ‘teaching of the old prophets’ will become the true teaching of life for all mankind. So it still has to prepare itself for great and difficult trials and to master them, for it cannot avoid them and must learn to master them – whether it wants to or not, otherwise it will one day perish.

Billy Gigantic. And that was predicted about 3,500 years ago by your great-great-grandfather Hilak. He looked very far into the future.

Ptaah He has looked into the future.

Billy So not probability calculations, but looking into the future.

See more about Hilak here.


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Ewan Freed

Here’s one for the list Michael, with regards to the invasion of Sweden, I think if you haven’t found it already you will find it interesting, it would appear that (as we know) people in power are listening somewhere.
You also download the full pamphlet from a Google search.

Sheila Clark
Evidence of directed microwave weapons from 2 years ago, now revealed.