THE MYSTERIOUS TREE at the Hinwil UFO Demonstration

Billy Meier filmed a UFO going around a tree in 1975 but that tree didn’t exist until…2005


Following the recent discovery of long lost Billy Meier UFO photos, of what appears to be a US Stealth fighter, there’s new, mind boggling evidence that when Billy Meier filmed a UFO circling a tree, in 1975, what he filmed wasn’t actually happening then but that it was happening…30 years in the future .

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THE MYSTERIOUS TREE at the Hinwil UFO Demonstration

By: Francisco Villate (Rhal Zahi) October 25, 2020

In a snowy afternoon on 18 March 1975, close to Hinwil in Switzerland, Billy Meier recorded a film of the famous Pendulum UFO. It shows a Beamship dancing around a tall tree, moving the treetop without touching it, and imitating pendulum movements that do not follow pendulum laws of physics. The tree itself is a mystery because it vanished just after this demonstration, and the inhabitants of the house where the tree stood had no memory of its existence. Meier explained that a Plejaren ET friend of his, caused this tree to vanish because it was affected by some form of radiation from the beamship (the UFO), and they move it to another location in time. If this sounds fantastic, the whole story is even more mysterious. The big tree we see that looks real and close to the house did exist. There is proof it existed; but not in 1975…in 2005.

When looking at available Swiss aerial photos, we find the tree did not exist in 1972, three years before the demonstration by the Plejaren woman Semjase. There is not even a small tree in that place. If it was present in 1975, how can we see a tree grow into a 20-meter tall tree, in just three years? The tree is not seen in photos of 1978, either, three years after the demonstration.

However, in 1996 photos we do see the tree, maybe half the height of the tree seen in Meier ́s film. In 2003 we find a full-size, 16-meter tall tree, at the same location with the same width, height and shape seen in Meier ́s film. In 2006 the tree is noticeably absent, but the grass is brown where the tree previously stood. The surrounding grass is green. A bare patch on the ground close to the house indicates a tree was recently there and recently cut down (or vanished?). What Meier shows in the 1975 film is a big tree, as it will be from 2003 to 2006 (maybe in 2005).

How could Meier show a film with a tree that will exist 30 years later? Some sceptics claimed Meier used a small tree and a little UFO model close to the camera, with the view of the distant house in the background. They have not yet, of course, explained how this little model moved the little treetop without touching it, and other aspects that show the tree is big and real. To assume the sceptic theory correct means Meier set up a fake scene that exactly matched the location, with a little tree the size and shape of a future big tree, 30 years ahead in time! How could Meier know the existence of a tree, many years before, precisely where he showed it in his film? Every explanation, even from the sceptics’ point of view, would be fantastic.

In this document, we will present evidence of these findings.

Location of the Hinwil Demonstration

The house in the demonstration is very close to Hinwil, and located at: 47° 17 ́ 37.55” N and 8° 50 ́ 09.68” E

The following figure shows a birds-eye view of the area. The main house and secondary construction seen close to the big tree and the UFO are indicated in this map. Meier’s location is approximate. The buildings to the East and the tall tree forest to the West are in another video Meier made later, after the demonstration. Meier might be at 330 meters from the house, estimating his location on what the film shows. Here we cannot use the Camera Formula to calculate the distance, because Meier was using his video camera and we do not know if he zoomed the image when recording this video. The ground level of the house is 13 meters higher than Meier’s location. (See profile in figure 3)

Figure 1 – Google 2020 image. Billy Meier’s approximate location during the demonstration.

Figure 2 shows a detailed view of the main house, secondary construction, and the location of the missing tree.














Figure 2 – Detail of the residence, secondary construction, and location of the missing tree.

Measuring in Google Earth, the diagonal width of the main house roof as seen from Meier’s location shows it is 23.2 meters (yellow dotted line figure 2). The UFO and tree are about the same distance from the camera, enabling us to calculate the size of this UFO (beamship) based on the roof length.




Figure 3 – Profile of Meier’s location at the place.

In figure 3, we show a scaled profile of Meier’s location. The terrain elevation is from Google Earth at an inclination of 4%, and Meier is 13 meters below ground level of the house.

The following figure shows an enhanced image of one frame from the film of the Hinwil UFO demonstration. We printed this image in the book, They are Here (Villate), and explained how the different levels of colour and intensity indicate the UFO, the house and the tree are at the same distance, while the grass, showing more vivid colours reveals it is closer to him. The scene indicates Meier is not showing a little UFO model with a little tree at just 20 meters from the camera. In this image, we measured the sizes (in pixels) of the roof width, the UFO and the tree, and we calculated the corresponding real sizes in meters. (Table 1)

Figure 4 – A single-frame image from the film with enhanced colours and tones.

The sizes we obtain in this image are:

Object Size in pixels Size in metres
Roof width (diagonal) 318 23.2
UFO (beamship) 96 7.0
Tree tall 245 17.9
Tree width 164 12.0
House height 66 4.8
Left clearance 82 6.0
Right clearance 72 5.2

Table 1 – Real sizes of objects.

Surprisingly, the size of the beamship is exactly seven meters in this calculation, just as Meier said. The tree is almost 18 meters tall and 12 meters wide at its widest. We will show this tree was 16 meters tall and 11 meters wide in 2003; maybe by 2005 or 2006 it would be a bit bigger, as in figure 4. The elevation of the roof at its highest point will help us later check what the height of the tree was in 2003. The clearance (left and right) helps us define or confirm precisely the direction of Meier’s location.

A time sequence shows the evolution of the residence, secondary construction and the trees.

18 July 1972

Figure 5 – Aerial photo from 1972. Right: Zoomed image.

In 1972 three years before the Hinwil demonstration, the main house stands alone, as shown in figure 5. In the following three years the secondary construction will be built. This low-resolution photo shows there are no trees, not even small ones, just a few plants surrounding the south corner in the house yard. If Meier shows an 18-meter tall tree three years later, we should see at least a 10-meter tall tree here, but we do not see it at all in this photo. The question is, how a film may show a tree that does not exist? A sceptic would quickly retort that the tree never existed. However, we will soon see that is proven not so and that the truth is far more complicated.

30 July 1978

Figure 6 is a photo from 1978, three years after the demonstration. We may expect the tree to be missing according to information from the Plejaren that they “vanished” or “eradicated” the tree on 18 March 1975, after the snowy afternoon demonstration. We see some bushes around the houses but no big trees. The secondary construction is there, just as in Meier’s film.

19 June 1984

Figure 6 – Aerial photo from 1978. Right: Zoomed image.

Now we move to nine years after the demonstration. We find more constructions around the secondary construction, and small trees close to the house, one of which is in the same location as the tree in Meier’s film, but it is still a small tree.

Figure 7 – Aerial photo from 1984. Right: Zoomed image.


22 July 1996


Figure 8 – Aerial photo from 1996. Right: Zoomed image.

In 1996, 21 years after the demonstration, we see a prominent tree at the precise location we find the big tree in Meier ́s film. We have already calculated the height of the roof of the main house at its highest part is 4.8 meters. Observing the shadows, we can estimate this tree measures around twice the height of the house, making it around 10 meters tall. The following figure 9 shows a detail of this tree.

Figure 9 – Detail of the tall tree.

The width of this tree, as seen from above, is around six to seven meters. Is it a mere coincidence that a tree is growing in precisely the same location as the big tree we see in Meier ́s film? How is this possible?







5 November 2003

Figure 10 – Aerial photo from 2003. Right: Zoomed image.

Now we are looking at 28 years after Meier’s film. We find a big tree around 16 meters tall based on the shadows and 11 metres wide based on the diagonal roof dimension. See the details of the branch structures in the shadows on the ground. It is most surprising to see this tree has the same shape, size, and location as the tree we see in Meier ́s film 28 years earlier. Figure 10 is an orthogonal view, which is a top view conversion from an original photo. In the following B&W images, we can see the same photo but from a different location of the aeroplane that took the pictures. The images show a diagonal view, not from above, revealing more details of the tree, even a stereoscopic view of it (a 3D image if using a stereoscope)

Figure 11 – Tree details. Left: Enhanced orthogonal view (i.e. view from above). Right: Diagonal perspective view as seen from the original aeroplane photo.

Details in figure 11 clearly show the structure of the tree branches. It is amazing how this tree looks the same as the tree in Meier ́s film, recorded 28 years earlier. Is it the same tree? Suppose Meier used a small tree with a UFO model. Did he visualize exactly how a future tree will look like and reproduce it in exacting detail as a miniature replica? Such a suggestion stretches the bounds of credulity. It is highly unlikely, indeed probably impossible, for the inhabitants of this house, to purposely plant a tree in the exact spot that after several years will look exactly like the tree Meier filmed in 1975. Any simple logical explanation tends to sound very fantastic. Furthermore, we have proved the tree in Meier’s film was real, and that the UFO was imitating a pendulum movement, that violated pendulum laws of physics. (See the many details in our 2nd investigation of The Pendulum UFO in part 2 of the book They are Here… – Villate)

The following figure shows a stereo pair of photos that can be used to see the tree and house in 3D.

Figure 12 – Stereo pair of photos for a 3D view.

In the technical Civil and other Engineering disciplines relating to the specialization of photogrammetry, aerial photos are taken from an aeroplane and composed in pairs to view terrains and determine elevations in 3D. Figure 12 shows a stereo pair that viewed with a stereoscope show the image in 3D. In our book, Researching a Real UFO, (Lock) in experiment 10, page 115, we describe how to construct and use a stereoscope to see these kinds of 3D images.

Now we calculate the size, width, and height, of the tree as it was in 2003, just as we did before. Using the length of the diagonal line of the house roof, measured from Google Earth, we can calculate the width of this tree. Figure 13 illustrates the process, and Table 2 gives the results

Table 2 – Real sizes of objects.

Figure 13 – 2003 photo from above (rotated to show the yellow line horizontally). The tree is 11 metres wide. The red arrows confirm the direction to Meier’s location.

The drawn red arrows in figure 13 indicate the direction of Meier ́s camera location. We previously calculated the left and right clearance distances, in Table 1, that must match what we see here. It is incredible how similar this tree is to what we see in Meier’s film.

To calculate the height of the tree, again we can use the shadows. The length of each shadow is proportional to the height of each object. Figure 14 shows the shadow lengths in the 2003 orthoscopic photo, and Table 3 shows the results. We know the house height measured towards the highest point in the roof from Table 1, is 4.8 meters, which helps calculate proportionally how tall the tree and secondary tree are that we see in the same photo.

Table 3 – Height of the trees based on the house height

Figure 14 – Shadows of the big tree and a secondary tree.

Finding the exact length of the shadow of the big tree presents the difficulty that the top part falls over some bushes elevated from the ground. We projected the sides of the tree to find an approximate location of the treetop shadow as cast on the ground. So our calculation of the height of the big tree may have an error of around one meter.

We find the big tree located precisely where it was when Meier recorded his film 28 years previously. The width is 11 meters, and its height is around 16 meters. In Meier’s film, as found in Table 1, the width is 12 meters, and the tree is almost 18 meters tall. In two or three years this tree will grow more, and maybe by 2005 or 2006, it will be precisely the same size as the tree in Meier ́s film. The secondary tree is also significant, but not as large as the big tree, and Meier’s film shows it not present in 1975.

12 September 2006

It is now 31 years after Meier ́s film was recorded. We find now the tree no longer exits here. In the big tree’s location, we see a brown patch of dry grass or just soil without grass surrounded by green grass. It suggests a recent cutting down of the tree, or perhaps a recent “vanishing”. Maybe Meier was showing a tree from 2005 or 2006. In these years the trees must have grown a bit more than it had in 2003.

Figure 9 – Aerial photo from 2006

This study is not offering final answers to this mystery, but just presenting the facts relating to it. We are sure, by different analyses, the UFO in The Pendulum UFO film was real, significant in size, and close to a big tree, as well as close to the house shown here. Observation of the movement of the tree after the beamship crossed above it shows it is a very sizable tree. A small scale UFO model cannot move a little tree without touching it. There is no explanation why the pendulum period changes continually, contrary to the laws of pendulum physics, and we showed other intriguing aspects of this UFO, like the jumps, the flip, and the pulses (see They are Here, Part 2 – Villate). Now, to complete the list of mysterious features of The Pendulum UFO film, we have to

include that it shows a sizable tree that will exist 30 years later. The theory of a scale model around a small tree fabricated by Meier, cannot explain how he showed the same tree that was found 30 years later. It is not logical to think that the inhabitants of this house planted a tree, expecting it eventually to become exactly like the tree shown in the earlier film and then cut it down. It is now obvious why the inhabitants of this house had no memory of the existence of this tree when interviewed by investigators in the 80s; the tree did not exist then.


We asked Billy Meier, through Christian Frehner, if he remembers or has any comments that could explain these facts. Christian informed us that Billy has forwarded the request via Florena to Ptaah, but was told Ptaah would ask Semjase on the next occasion; Semjase was piloting this beamship during the demonstration.

Here are some possibilities, but each one seems literally fantastic given our current knowledge.

  1. Billy used a small tree and a UFO model: This means Billy knew how a future tree will look 30 years in advance and he used a small tree matching precisely all the details of the future tree, unless we think it is an extraordinary coincidence. Also, we found the UFO moves the treetop without touching it while making a right turn. This is something a model of a UFO cannot do with a little tree as we explained in the detail in the book They Are Here (Part II – Villate & Lock), and the tree looks big and close to the house, not a little one close to the movie camera.
  2. The house residents grew a tree to match the one in Meier’s film: They checked in detail the UFO demonstration film, found the right place to grow a tree, and let it grow for 30 years until it reached the same height and width of the tree we see in Meier ́s film.
    They then cut it down, 15 years ago, in 2005 without telling anybody. This explanation sounds very far fetched.
  3. Semjase performed a demonstration with a “real-projection” of an existing tree: The Plejaren have the capability to project the image of something, like a tree, from one place to another. This activity is known as a “real-projection”. See The Billy Meier Case: True or a Hoax? – pages 111 (Frehner). We notice the beamship (the UFO) interacts with the tree, meaning they are located in the same place. In this real-projection hypothesis, Semjase was performing the UFO demonstration in another place, with a big tree, and projected the image to the location of the house in front of Billy Meier and his camera. The demonstration was done in real-time, but with a remote tree, not one close to the house at that time. In this scenario, there is the extraordinary coincidence of Semjase, in her demonstration, choosing a tree identical to the one that will be in this place 30 years later, unless she knew it from a trip or visualization into the future. Another possibility is that Semjase was performing the demonstration 30 years in the future in the same place and projected an image of the tree and her beamship back to 1975. This scenario presents a real-projection and time-shifted demonstration.
  4. Semjase instantly and literally transported the tree from the future to be one growing in front of the house; where she performed her demonstration around it in front of Billy and his movie camera. After the demonstration she then reversed the time of the tree, rolling it back to a seed that lay there in the ground in 1975, which grew later into the tree observed in later years, which perhaps Semjase took back to the year 1975 for the demonstration. Once it had grown to the height of the tree in Meier’s movie film the owners cut it down or Semjase “removed” it.

We await Semjase’s explanations that might appear in a future Contact Report.

Anyone may find all of these explanations literally fantastic. Something is obvious, however: every day we find new clues showing new aspects of this case that are difficult to explain without a thorough investigation, and sometimes even then questions remain.

To learn more:

First investigation of The Pendulum UFO: An Investigation Into the Pendulum UFO – An Analysis of a Billy Meier Film (Zahi).

Second Investigation about the Pendulum UFO: They are Here – Compelling Evidence of Extraterrestrial Ships Present on Earth – Part II (Villate & Lock).

Video with details of the first investigation about the Pendulum UFO: OVNI Danzante – Dancing UFO (Zahi).

Other trees that the Plejaren “vanished” (moved in time): The Billy Meier Case: True or a Hoax? – pages 114 and 118 (Frehner).

How to build a stereoscope: Researching a Real UFO: A Practical Guide to WCUFO Experimentation for Young Scientists – Experiment 10 (Lock & Zahi).

Aerial photos of the Hinwil area throughout the years: Karten der Schweiz – Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft (Swiss Confederation)

(Thanks to Christian Frehner and Chris Lock for the contributions and corrections to this analysis)


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The Billy Meier Case: True or a Hoax?


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