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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

$10,000 Reward – No Questions Asked!

With a doubling of the reward for the missing UFO photos, perhaps they will be returned to Billy Meier and also be seen by the public

Due to the generosity of another anonymous donor, we are increasing the $5,000 reward previously offered for the return of the missing photos of Billy Meier, Semjase and her beamship (UFO), to $10,000.

The same conditions apply as stated in the original reward offer:

No legal charges of any kind will be made against the person or persons involved in facilitating the safe return of the photo(s). The photo(s) must be in good condition, so as to allow for clear identification of Billy Meier, Semjase and the beamship (UFO).

We think that, just like the very unexpected find of the five amazing photos of Semjase’s beamship interacting with a Stealth fighter in the US:

  …it’s also quite possible that someone has some of the 35 missing photos and would be willing to return them in exchange for the now increased reward.

There is information about the April 14, 1976 event also described here. 



The result of over seven years in-depth investigation into the unparalleled Billy Meier ET contact case, They Are Here reveals long-hidden findings and the most compelling visual evidence of extraterrestrial UFOs present on Earth. Written in layman’s terms with more than 150 full-colour illustrations and photographs, it verifies the undeniable authenticity of Billy Meier’s evidence.

The book’s three parts investigate this convincing extraterrestrial spaceship evidence. Part 1: covers remarkable close-up Wedding Cake UFO photos. Part 2: analyses a collection of videos of a large UFO dancing around a nearby tree. Part 3: presents a dozen stunning colour UFO photographs and two videos of an alien spacecraft demonstration on a hilltop near Hasenbol, Switzerland. Also revealed are unearthly capabilities of these other-worldly spaceships, like jumping in space and visually cloaking itself to avoid observation by curious bystanders.

They Are Here hypothesizes that the evidence of ET presence has lacked absolute proof purposely to allow sceptics and the religious-minded an exit door to avoid forceful acceptance of an ET presence on Earth. For almost fifty years, we have lived through a “worldwide UFO controversy” as a transition to accepting the existence of ETs and their alien craft. As the controversy now ends, this book’s findings decisively demonstrate: They Are Here.

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Terry Carch
Terry Carch
Blog Member
November 22, 2020 1:03 am

And I wonder if our ET friends are still here since these people will never ever show their faces here due to and fore security reasons. Life on Earth is ten times shorter than on Erra,Timers and so on within the Plejaren Federation so I guess we will never ever know only by way of theses photos of beamships etc.

Ned Duke
Ned Duke
Blog Member
Reply to  Terry Carch
November 22, 2020 7:40 pm

Good news Terry, they have something on Earth which Meier seems to have gotten something similar from the P’s mentioned recently:

I read the article as giving your genes at least another 100 years of youthful work and activity. So 200 without a good diet or health.

Terry Carch
Terry Carch
Blog Member
Reply to  Ned Duke
November 22, 2020 9:45 pm

Hi ned Itried to get the article but somehow this wesite wil not let me read this article. How I wish we could all live to 1000 years or more just asthe people rom Erra do! I wonder just how man hours the people from Erra meditate each day so they can live longer and more healthy lives,etc. Salome Terry

Gregory Dougall
Gregory Dougall
Blog Member
November 22, 2020 3:02 am

Wow this is very exciting stuff!

Paul Wrenn
Paul Wrenn
Blog Member
November 22, 2020 10:49 pm

Hi Michael,
After reading the recent 757th contact report excerpt, I noticed it was Asket and not Semjase that met with Col. Stevens, so this mean that the $10,000 award offered photo is actually of Meier and Asket ?