Arizona COVID Disaster: Could They Have Prevented It?

A completely incompetent governor, Arizona newspaper publisher who suppressed life-saving information, and now staggering numbers of cases and casualties 

The Arizona Scandal

It’s very clear that political opportunist Doug Ducey, the ever-vacillating governor of Arizona is unfit for office, not unlike many of his counterparts at the national level. His mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to predictable consequences.

Doug Ducey, Governor of Arizona

I sent the information first published on February 25th, to Gov. Ducey, other governmental and medical officials – and the media – throughout Arizona, on March 5th, when there were only five cases in the state. There are now over 326,000 cases and more than 6,600 deaths, only eight months later.

In addition to Ducey, recipients included the Arizona Daily Sun, and its publisher, Colleen Brady. Unlike Ducey, the newspaper’s supposedly in the business of…reporting the news. Ms. Brady and her staff expressed no interest in investigating, questioning, challenging, or interviewing me about the life-saving information.

From an emai*:

“We review, research and make the decision on what stories we bring to our readers and to Flagstaff. ” 




Colleen Brady
Publisher and Sales Director

Arizona Daily Sun

How could she “review, research” such specific, accurate information and NOT report on it? Why did she prevent her readers from determining the truth for themselves? And what did her supposed review and research reveal that compelled her to completely censor the information? Certainly her readers deserved to know at least that.

While one competent, responsible person can make a positive difference in the way events proceed in the world, it’s also true that one incompetent, unqualified person, in a position of power or authority, can do enormous damage. We have two examples above, of many.

For the Record

On Tuesday, November 24th, I spoke at the Flagstaff City Council online meeting. I put into the public record the role that I think Ms. Brady and her newspaper have played in deliberately preventing the public from knowing the real facts and in contributing greatly to the massive numbers of cases and deaths in the state.

A documentary will be released in the new year focusing on the arrogance, incompetence and culpability of the Arizona Daily Sun, Ms. Brady and her staff, as well as that of NPR radio station, KNAU, and other parties in Arizona who, despite ample, detailed, repeated, accurate warnings, failed in their duties to the public. They did worse than nothing. They suppressed, ignored and censored the vitally important, life-saving information…as the numbers show.

*The complete email from the clueless, dismissive Ms. Brady:
From: Colleen Brady <>
Subject: FW: The Flagstaff disaster
Date: May 8, 2020 at 7:43:02 AM MST
To: “” <>
Cc: Chris Etling <>
Mr. Horn,
I appreciate your email and concerns during this difficult time.  We received your emails from yesterday and your concerns have been heard.   The Arizona Daily Sun reports on Covid-19 issues daily which covers all aspects of the issue.  We have had a variety of stories on the issues facing our community, our state, local businesses and the health wellness of our community.
There is a lot of interest on how Covid-19 and how it affects our community.  Each day our reporters are reaching out to the community as well as community reaching out to us. We review, research and make the decision on what stories we bring to our readers and to Flagstaff.  
Please see the list of essential businesses in Arizona.  Day care facilities are listed if they are taking care of essential workers children.  As the stay-at-home order is lifted more businesses will open up following safety recommendations.
Best Regards,
Colleen Brady
Publisher and Sales Director


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One of my favorite lines from a song is by the band the Refreshments and the song is called Banditos. The line in the song is, “everybody knows that the world is full of stupid people”. Like you said Michael, we’re the planet of slow learners. You mentioned in the video that Billy stated leadership will not come from the top but from bottom. When you really think about, it makes complete sense. People at the top will never know to see through the eyes of us bottom feeders, but the bottom feeders are the truthsayers. So yes, I agree with that 100%. I heard a line in a movie but I don’t recall the name of the movie. The person was talking about a the son of a multi-billionaire who was accepting some reward for something he didn’t do. The line was “this guy was born on 3rd base and he thinks he hit a triple”. Amazing line, you gotta love it!!!

David Hurlburt


My inbox has 1284 emails and I am not at a newspaper. Digital distraction / short attention span may have been the case since it required thought and others’ breaking news over-rode independent pursuit as MH so valiantly showed. The message is the media and the media is the message. Thanks Michael, for championing truth.

Gregory Dougall

“No matter what actions are taken, Arizona will experience a hospital crisis in the coming weeks. However, if action is not immediately taken, then it risks a catastrophe on a scale of the worst natural disaster the state has ever experienced. It would be akin to facing a major forest fire without evacuation orders.”

-members of Univ. of AZ modeling team

Anita Marek

The more I observe the current situation the more I start to think that maybe everything needs to collapse for the people to finally wake up. We will reach 1 mln officially reported sick people in Poland this week and all the time in the news I read or hear even from the mouths of virologists that it will be all nice and calm in spring and summer due to acquired herd immunity of the population. People still don’t get that there will be no herd immunity. We can see that now in Sweden as they do not get the results they were hoping for. I’ve been mailing our local scientist but I guess they do not bother to read that information. Or even if they read it they do not pay attention.

Tim Thomas

I agree with you Anita.

What will it take for people to wake up?

I’m afraid even if everything collapses most know it alls and those they mislead won’t wake up.

No revised thinking will take place.

At least not in the short term.

The majority of the wrong/nonthinking will just go further down the paths of denial with their disproven herd immunity and conspiracy theories and become even more dangerous.
Carrying even more hate and distorted thinking and the actions that follow in their wake.
It seems way too many will just double down on their wrong views and actions, so to speak.
Evidence be damned.

That’s what I observe happening thus far, as things become worse and worse.

Trump and his followers being a current example in the US.


I personally don’t yet see an exit from the crazy train we are all being forced to ride.
Just more track ahead of us.

Their are signs on the track advertising exits to unproven vaccines with unproven long term side effects.
I’m pretty sure it’s just false advertising, however.
Even those exits just loop back around to the crazy train track.
For those who try to take those exits, likely damage to their carriages will follow them back onto the track.

Crazy times we are all living through.


The challenge for myself in these times is neutral-positive (positive) thinking.

Here’s a good section of “Might of the Thoughts” (pg. 362, 364 English version) that has helped me in my efforts to align my thoughts to the overarching true reality to balance out the negative realities we are observing and living through currently:

“And even when a great amount of every kind of bad, terrible, inhumane and negative activity prevails within the mass of terrestrial humanity, this humanity is indeed not worse than earlier humanities were with this, or than future ones will be. At least all those who were, and are, creative and constructive in every regard – and through whom progress in consciousness-based and material form has been guaranteed since time immemorial – took care, and take care of that. Thus, since ancient times, there have always been a sufficient number of positive thinkers who supported life and fulfilled the evolution so that humanity – in spite of all the negative, bad, wrong and evil, and so forth – moves forward and progressively overcame everything and created a future of which they can be proud. Thus, the positive thinker has the most healthy and progressive stance that a human being can ever wish for and achieve; consequently, he/she directly and openly looks all the terrible things, which appear again and again, in the eye, and nonetheless has hope – that is to say, confidence – that everything leads to a better and good end and therefore to progress and success, even when the present situation and all events are momentarily otherwise, and when – to the pessimist, the one without hope, the negator and the negative thinker – all progress and improvement appears impossible.” BEAM

Brigitte de Roch

The Committee of Concerned Journalists was created in 1997 and consisted of 25 of the US’s most influential journalists who
came together at Harvard University because there was “a shared sense that something was seriously wrong with their profession.”
Their plan was “to engage journalists and the public in a careful examination of what journalism was supposed to be.

“The “Elements of Journalism” is the result of this examination. It consists of nine principles that speak to the essential responsibilities of journalists:

Journalism’s First Obligation Is to Tell the Truth. Principle One
Journalism’s first loyalty is to citizens. Principle Two
The essence of journalism is a discipline of verification. Principle Three
Journalists must maintain an independence from those they cover. Principle Four
Journalists must serve as an independent monitor of power. Principle Five
Journalism must provide a forum for public criticism and comment. Principle Six
Journalists must make the significant interesting and relevant. Principle Seven
Journalists should keep the news in proportion and make it comprehensive. Principle Eight
Journalists have an obligation to personal conscience. Principle Nine

A curriculum based on the book has been developed for college courses and is now being used by news organizations in workplace settings as well (for those who they didn’t get this in journalism school or in newsrooms).

The abridged version is found here

With such a book, journalists sure cannot deny that truthfulness does exist.

Now, can’t they see this book was written because something was ‘seriously wrong’ with the profession? Is it that hard to use this book along with the electronic age, inform us of the verified facts and encourage us to form our own opinions, as is our right and responsibility as citizens? Don’t they know that journalism plays a role in preserving our democracy?

In my next emails to them I will remind them that Bill Kovach, the co-author of this book, is trying to save the profession and this
craft from dying. I will also include the blog links showing what Michael has been doing so diligently since the start of the virus as proof that the truth has been battered.

Al Jedd

Yes, battered I agree, its like knowledge filtration, as in suppressed!