Billy Meier Right Again: COVID Three-Month Asymptomatic Incubation

Confirmation of three-month, asymptomatic incubation, Long COVID, European surge & violent riots predicted by Billy Meier 

As the nation flounders hopelessly with the virus out of control, the utter incompetence, arrogance and ignorance of all the “experts” has come home to roost.

On February 25th, when we published the first and most accurate information about the COVID-19 coronavirus disease, from Billy Meier and the Plejaren, there were only…57 cases in the entire US.  There are now over 10,730,000 cases and almost 250,000 deaths.

On September 11th, we published a simple do-it-yourself online test that anyone could use to confirm the ironclad accuracy and first publication of our information. We’ve continued to publish the most accurate information about the disease and always BEFORE the CDC, WHO, etc.

Now, the up to three-month, asymptomatic incubation period has been confirmed in a new study.

And once again  it could’ve all been avoided. But, as Ptaah told Billy Meier on August 22nd:

“I am simply bothered by what that part of the responsible terrestrial specialists – which they want to be, but are not – is spreading concerning the rampantly spreading corona disease, with big and self-important words, as important ‘information’, although they only have little knowledge and do not know the real facts of the whole thing.”

Of course, the media and social media are filled with the pronouncements of self-important, publicity seeking medical “experts” who are precisely as clueless and irresponsible as Ptaah stated.


As for the now confirmed Long COVID, this was all previously described and published as far back as January 6th and February 3rd. And as also previously stated:

“We’ve continued to publish the most accurate information about the disease and always BEFORE the CDC, WHO, etc.”

More Fulfilled Predictions

In addition to all of the other information in the approximately 90 articles about the pandemic on this blog, there are these warnings – already proved impeccably accurate, of course – about the surge in Europe and the widespread, idiotic resistance, riots and violent protests against the wearing of masks and lockdowns:

May 22nd:

“That will certainly be possible with the mentioned persons, while on the contrary, due to the irrationality of the unteachable ones, in the coming time further harm will not be avoidable, although a rational action and behaviour will be necessary because the rampantly spreading corona disease is not ending quickly; rather, although for the time being it is indeed somewhat diminished in Europe, it will however flare up again, as our calculations show.”

August 5:

“Exactly these fundamental rights are seized more and more by those who are incompetent with regard to intellect and rationality – as we determined by looking into the future – from which terror-like revolts of the population occur in a demonstrating form, as have already taken place several times, but will increase in the future and become a danger in terms of the security of the people and all order. While looking into the future we observed that new insurgencies and demonstrations will take place in the near future – fired up and stirred up by criminal enemies of the state and order as well as corona liars and conspiracy elements – which will bring with them bloody acts of Gewalt, just as they did before. These demonstrations will be called forth by incitements of anti-state and anti-order elements which will gather many from the population, who are intellect-less, of low intelligence, irrational and simple-minded, in order to be able to live out their hostility towards the state and order. Partly also extreme right-wing but also extreme left-wing groups are behind these machinations, as, however, are certain politicians as we have ascertained, who take revenge in this form because, in their circles, they are unable to put forward or enforce their confused views, ideas, imaginations and wishes.”

August 22:

“Although this quarter corresponds to a minority of the entire mass of the earthly overpopulation, this minority is fully prepared to use violence, which is already evident in the United States and will soon be evident in Europe as well.”

September 23 

“The now spreading 2nd wave will be much more than the harmless term ‘2nd wave’, because it will spread very quickly to a worldwide conflagration, which will now also affect all of Europe and claim many victims. “


On March 5th, when there were only…five cases in the entire state, I began sending emails to various officials throughout Arizona. As of today there are…over 265,000 cases and 6,200 deaths in the state.

But the unspeakably incompetent, corrupt Arizona governmental and medical officials, disgustingly suppressive so-called “media”, including the Arizona Daily Sun and NPR in northern Arizona, have all refused to publish one word of our information, nor would they do any investigation, not even a word of public criticism, just so they could keep this life-saving information from the public. Even major press release companies have censored our press releases.

There’s an old saying that one death is a tragedy and thousands are simply…statistics. But please take another look at these, ever-increasing, numbers:

On February 25th, there were only…57 cases in the entire US.  There are now over 10,730,000 cases and almost 250,000 deaths.

Now that you know…what will YOU do?

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