Arizonans: Too Stupid to Survive?

How humanity decimates itself while profit, politics, religion and other diseases, trample all reason and run rampant

Today I sent the following email to the staff of AZBIGMEDIA:

“To all who should be concerned,

COVID-19 isn’t going away and neither am I.

My name is Michael Horn, I’m a science researcher of 42 years, and the information contained in the press releases below is substantiated in every detail. A great deal more is contained in the over 90 articles I’ve published on the disease, much of it still unknown to medical officials.

If what I’ve said below isn’t true, I should be sued for defamation, called out for fear-mongering, etc. At the very least, the investigation I’ve been calling for since March 5, should be conducted…now.

As you’ll see, my Swiss source is “controversial”. More importantly, they’re impeccably scientifically accurate. For almost 70 years. Do you think the now over 500,000 people with the disease – or the family, friends and loved ones of the over 8,400 dead – care a damn about anything except how unnecessary their pain and suffering has been?

So, here’s the choice. Do as the Arizona Daily Sun and others have done, circle the wagons, pretend you didn’t see this, try to un-know it, hope that everything will be back to “normal” at some vague point, etc. But ignoring the facts doesn’t grant immunity.

Or investigate, question, challenge the information and me. We can also include it all in the new documentary.

When I began publishing the information, on February 25, there were 57 cases in the entire country. When I began sending the information throughout Arizona, there were 5 cases in the entire state.

Now, what role do you want to play? It will be historical either way.

You’re good people. Please do the right thing. We are all in this together.

Michael Horn”


Very shortly thereafter, I received this deeply thoughtful response, simply oozing with concern for humankind and an unquenchable desire for the truth:

“We are not interested.  Please remove all azbigmedia emails from your distribution list.”


Audrey Webb
Vice President of Operations

O: 602.277.6045

Face It, We’re Surrounded

So, dear citizens of this state and the rest of this pathetically sad country, this is what you, what we, are surrounded by. Terminal stupidity, rising faster than we can bail. Suicidal shortsightedness. Crass profit-uber-alles capitalism run amok.

Face it, we’re surrounded by people who live in an alternate reality where, in the midst of a deadly plague, they see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil and sure as hell don’t want to acknowledge the hundred-thousandfold increase in cases and an eight-thousandfold increase in deaths, throughout the state, since I sent the first warnings.

Make no mistake about it, the shameless, profit-hungry cowards who refuse to investigate are also inescapably responsible for prolonging the pain, suffering and ceaseless spread of this disease.

Arizonans: Too Stupid to Survive?

So sit back, prepare to welcome in the new year and try to figure out…why the prognosis for the soon-to-be-formerly-United States of America is looking so bleak. After all, built on a firm foundation, steeped in solid, life-affirming values, compassion and concern for all beings, etc., etc., surely some imaginary deity, savior, etc., will bestow upon us its bountiful blessings and a nice little pat on our collective empty heads, after all…

We’re Number One!


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COVID-19 Emails Sent to Arizona Officials Since March 5th

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Norm Smith

There is a great deal of data on effective prophylaxis against the corona virus described by the I-MASK+ protocol

The data suggests 90% plus effectiveness pre/post/mild/severe/long-hauler cases of coronavirus infection as per Dr Chris Martenson podcast strong>Censored. At time of this post, could not connect to to retrieve URL for that video.

The best outcomes were as prophylaxis and early treatment as stated by Dr. Piere Kory M.D. during a Senate Hearing.

There is a SARS-1 study from 2005 on cholorquine:

Conclusion: Chloroquine is effective in preventing the spread of SARS CoV in cell culture. Favorable inhibition of virus spread was observed when the cells were either treated with chloroquine prior to or after SARS CoV infection. In addition, the indirect immunofluorescence assay described herein represents a simple and rapid method for screening SARS-CoV antiviral compounds.

The health bodies did and still do everything to sequester this study and the I-MASK+ protocol.

From memory, one of the CR’s mentioned there being NO chemical treatment for this virulent virus. My read of that suggested things like Vitamin-C. And this was before the I-MASK+ protocol and that Senate Hearing by Dr. Piere Kory.

Want to mention the scarce availability of adequate protection. It was only a week ago, that P-100 respirators and cartridges became available in limited supplies that went out of stock end of February 2020. The cartridges for these respirators have a service life of 40 hours and a replacement cost of $30 Cdn.

The disposable N-95 grade masks are expensive ($14 Cdn) with a service life of 8 hours.

The majority still trivialize this virus and think the cloth face masks offer adequate protection.

Norm Smith

BEAM prophecy did mention the population becoming dis-owned.

That is already in progress.

Catherine Austin Fitts mentions solutions at the end of her podcast suggesting the population collectively side-step Globalist institutions in all possible ways (banking, local business, food production, security, …) as the only way to survive. Failure to side-step the Globalists implies plantation slavery and subsequent replacement by artificial intelligence and robotics.

Ned Duke

Let see what a leader of another nuclear power did when he was in a pickle of a political position:

Terry Carch

HiNed I just saw the Youtube video of Gorby. Persionaly I think Gorgy was a wonderful passivist as I am too. That is how I found Billy and the Plejarens in the first place. What really galls my gut is the way the U.S> government is behaving now with all these stupid politicians bitching and fighting among themselves for power and lust etc. Everything is fior arms, weapons, war, one way or another these melevolent politicians think they got to fight a war one way or another for “TRILLIONS” of bucks when we really need all that very same cash to find a cure for the CIOVID 19 virus, even theses stupid shortsighted vaccine companies try to avertize even in public that there are no side effects from these vaccines. Billy is right. these vaccine companies dont care if we get sick with these terrible side effects after all Billy said we need to dio our homework and do the research and use this military money to do more work and reach to find a cure for all these viruses instead. Ater all as I the Chinese government wil have no compuction about using first nucklear stuike which means notjust killing the U.S. but the entire workld too so this is Mau Stons dying wish to kill the U.S. out of jealousy COVID. What about the big one which will be even worse and thed Plejarens wont even get us out of this nuclear nighmare let alone a vkrus that is even worse just to kilkl off Planet Earth. Im very scared and worried we will have to live with this COVID virus etc, wear a mask, social distances for the rest of eternity or a nuclear war soon unless the Plejarens or even more evoled humans in other universes such as the DAL Universe wont want to come to our aid to stop all these horrors now happening here on Earth. This nightmare is like living in the Twilight Zone and this to me is not living in a normal life being isolated like this. We humans are social beings loving caring and helping each other not isolating and hating each other. To me this is very wrong! this could cause not only isolation ,hate but could also lead to violence and disruptive behavior and even WW4 etc! The Chinese government is still in a communistic authoritarian state and will go to any legth to control Planet Earth, the U.S. must watch and keep an eye on the Chinese government to prevent them from make a very dangerous wrong move be it virus, nukes etc. Wating trillions of bucks on weapons,nukes will not sto9p the Chinese government who will only make threats agents the U.S. becouse Mau hated the U.S. back in the early 1970s etc. If this is Chinas reprisal, it will not work. Diplomacy and talk not war and viruses. We have come very close to a nuclear war in the past and this must stop NOW or millions more will die from the COVID 19 virus now and no more biochips and side effects from these vaccines please!

Ned Duke

Well, the thing is that people reach a conclusion by coming to a point of neutrality or normalization then decided on a negative outcome. If we think of the word ‘conclusion’ it is quite naturally a relation to a direct physical and natural relation of closing up or going to sleep like when someone concludes the end of the day by closing up their homes as they go to bed at night. This is a natural and creative process for the individual even though the physical world continues on while the persons themselves concluded their day whether or not they wished to examine their day (or their thoughts).

It can be either positive or negative and largely due to how active or inactive a person is with managing their own thoughts. Most conclusions result in neutral-negative outcomes, not neutral-positive since this is largely ignored by people. Most people actually prefer neutral-negative and in fact spend a ton of hours enjoying in this to the point of fantasy much like a religious person experiencing a heightened senses (or claim to). The problem from reaching the neutral-negative is when that crosses into a form of action, usually political but not limited to politics. So hence the devolution to burning down a Starbucks even though the folks there that woke up earlier in the day probably didn’t plan on that result.

Treating politics like religion is the result of the inner person’s neutral-negative conclusion. So quite obviously, an otherwise good person self-inflicts damage to themselves to do bad things because they want to create a new normalization via negative-neutrality from the conclusions they have reached whether conscious or unconscious about it. Conscious in the sense whether they watered and sprouted their own neutral-negativity or if someone else came along and poured negative-water over that. We generally refer to this as gaslighting done by a Pied Piper.

So from this we can see the point of Billy’s spiritual teachings which is to be capable of being neutral-positive. To be truly neutral is a more active or proactive effort to shape the inner world so that you essentially become immune to gaslighting and other bad behaviors since you’ve consciously refused to entertain bad outcomes even if one is surrounded by bad outcomes everyday.

Terry Carch

This seems to me why this world Earth is so young, underdoped and still prone to such bad negative behaviors i.e. a fear based predictor behaviors with little knowledge and understanding and very little education etc, hence the fear factor etc. Earth still has a long way to go and learn from our mistakes etc.

Norm Smith

The politicians are merely middle-managers for unseen/unnamed poweful that appear to be working in concert the world over.

No need for nuclear war as they appear to have this epidemic and the vaccines that will injure and kill many many people and maybe even 500 million.

Ned Duke

You’ll be surprised with the amount of independence folks can express through bad behavior. If we just look at the history of ‘socialism’ for example, its spawned mostly from religious thinking although not exclusive/limited to just Christianity but I will link it below just to reference it.

Norm Smith

There is a lot of talk of gain-of-function virus research but little mention of the development of genetic vaccines for AIDs, EBOLA, and now RONA that repeatedly demonstrated higher infection rates in those vaccinated versus those given placebo.

A recent CR mentioned inter-mixing of peoples should be avoided:

intermixings of peoples should above all be avoided because they generally negatively affect the immune system of the offspring, although in exceptional cases also a positive influence is possible, but this cannot be predicted. Any mixing of human beings from different peoples inevitably changes the immune system and weakens or strengthens it depending on circumstances. So the immune system of a member of a people with a stronger and more stable or much weaker immune system can be transmitted positively or negatively. A weakening can already occur through a longer or shorter stay in a country whose people have a weaker and more unstable immune system, which is why traveling to distant countries also includes certain dangers in this regard.

That should question the effort to develop those genetic vaccines that modify immune systems.

Terry Carch

I`m very very sensitive due to nose bleeds and have IBS. I have to worry if I come down with nose bleeds and a worse case of IBS. All these COVID 19 vaccines have terrible side effects that might make anyone sick maby even sicker than the corona virus itslef. If we can pick and choose a btter safer vaccine as we pick and choose a good brand product etc, we need to have more safer and less dangerous vaccines available if we must take any vaccine at all without all these terrible horrendous side effects etc.

Norm Smith

Likely also have Candida overgrowth.

Recommend reading The Candida Cure Cookbook by Ann Boroch.

Understand the theory at the start of the book and then start the diet for 90 days.

Can’t say the recipes are delicious, but some of the deserts are awesome and necessary as you will be hungry.





Yes, the deserts do take considerable time to make. For the Brownies, use natural Cacao or Coaco but not Fry’s Coaco with the toxin Sodium Carbonate.

There are recipes for all the meal times. However, recommend that you limit your meals to a six hour period from 3 pm to 9 pm. That will allow you two meals: dinner and supper. Force yourself to eat at 8:30 pm even if not hungry as you will need to intermittent fast for the next 18 hours before you can eat again.

The trick is high-fat, low-carb, moderate protein, and fruits low in sweetness (Granny Smith Apples, and lemons only). Yogurt will be your only dairy.

Do this for 90 days and then stop eating for three days. The 3-day fast will be easy!

After that you can again resume the diet and slowly start eating at the regular meal times.

However, after every three months, resume the diet with intermittent fasting for 30 days followed by a 3-day fast.

Of course, will need to take the daily vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids with meals.

There are lot’s of veg recipes, but recommend only one:

tsp olive oil in a frying pan with 1/2 tsp of mustard seed in the oil puddle. Cover and warm at medium till all the mustard seeds pop. Add lightly seasoned chopped veggies and cover. Stir every few minutes and cover. Cook for 10 minutes total and serve. The veggies should have tomatoes for the fluids so the veggies don’t stick to the pan. Also include an 1/8 section of yellow, orange, or red pepper for easy stool the next day.

This veggie medley will serve as your rice for any stews or curries.

Have to avoid flour, rice, corn, and dairy for the period of the diet.

After completing the 3-day fast, the gut will be like that of a 17 year-old.

No more IBS.

Terry Carch

Hi Norm I dont eat tnree meals a day so I just have either a bagel with cramchdese or a baiale with margerine for breakfast and them for dinner mostly plant based frozen dinners whioch you can just put in the microwave oven or an occational past dinner. I used to have an occationakl chiken but dueto the outbrake of COVID 19 in South Dakoda and Iowa meat packing factories I dont wantto take a chance on comming down with COVID 19. Due to the COVID 19 the food industry will have to learn to take serious precautions and clean up their act so people who buy food dont come down with COVID and or any other virus that comes along including salmonella etc. I used to do some cooking but now due to all theses terrible viruses I mostly stick with plant based dinners as a safety precaution. I also take alot of vitamins and supplements too mostly after breakfast and double up on my vitamins in the morning to build up my immune system so I dont come down with COVID or any other virus that will come along such as the UK offshoot etc,. but Iocationally graze late in the afternoon. that ismy diet regime for the time being unless life on Earth ever improves etc. Salome

Norm Smith

Interesting info on the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine coming from email exchange with UK MHRA – Exposing the genomic sequence of SARSCov2:

“The DNA template used does not come directly from an isolated virus from an infected person.”

Frances Leader:

When I read the Wuhan study in Feb 2020 I was mortified by the monkey kidney & foetal cell-lines which were used as a “culture” before rt-PCR amplification.

Isolation was never satisfactory at any stage thereafter.

I honestly felt sick. The genome sequence was computed from this.

I set about proving that the vaccine has been created from a computer generated genomic sequence & not one isolated from an infected person, either in Wuhan or anywhere else in the world since.

The Pfizer BioNTech vaccine was approved by UK MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) & I initiated a polite exchange of emails with them as follows:

Captured images of email exchange:









So this really is Russian Roullette for those taking the vaccine…

The URLs mentioned in the emails:

Package leaflet:

Public Assessment Report (now returns Not Found):

Al Jedd

Thank you for the links.

Norm Smith

This highwire interview of Dr. Sucharit Bhakd M.D. by Del Bigtree is an interesting perspective on Sars-Cov-2 and is associated with the book Corona False Alarm? Facts and figures that he authored with his wife Dr. Karina Reiss.

His findings contradict those of the WHO, NIH, CDC, and also the BEAM coronavirus warnings suggesting the data and experience show the immune system can handle this virus by itself and that taking a vaccine is a sure fire method for severe damage or even death. He also mentions prophylaxis and treatment as described in the I-MASK+ protocol.

Of course, he is not aware of the impulse-based nature of this virus as there is no way for him to confirm it’s existence.

He and his wife are critical of the masks but more so of the social distancing for children and the elderly.

Melissa Osaki

It seems a bit arrogant of this doctor when we don’t have all of the medical facts and the virus hasn’t been researched thoroughly. Many of the long term effects are still unknown. I don’t see how any of this is helpful unless you think that the Plejaren aren’t competent in their research or truthful in their reporting.

Norm Smith

I do not doubt the BEAM material especially as the CDC and the WHO themselves say covid-19 is very similar to the common cold (at least it’s spread characteristics).

However, I have to go with the data that is emerging that indicates foul play.

85% of nursing home residents took the vaccine when offered while 60% of nursing home employees refused the vaccine.

And we know that it is nursing home residents that are passing away all over at an unusually high rate. This is unusual from a statistical point of view.

The book Corona False Alarm? Facts and figures attempts exactly this.

In any given year there are deaths attributed to common morbidities with statistical averages that insurance companies use to price insurance.

All of a sudden, most deaths are attributed to covid-19. Statistically, that’s a problem.

Additionally, the authorities are employing psychological tactics akin to bio-terrorism (example: Bio-PASS vaccination schedule ID) that is reminiscent to the security state inserted after 911.

There is a blatant disregard for prophylaxis and treatment for covid-19 infection (at all stages) where the WHO and the CDC have actually made threatening statements against anyone suggesting the use of such drugs that have serious statistics supporting their successful use at the clinical front-lines.

And they are doing all of this to push mandated vaccines that have no long-term testing for safety and effectiveness.

Melissa Osaki

Seniors are at a higher risk of dying from the corona disease. That’s the unfortunate nature of this RAMPANTLY spreading disease. It also doesn’t help that many seniors are living in crowded nursing homes where they are at the mercy of staff and visitors.

There was never any doubt that they would use the pandemic as a means for more control mechanisms, but that doesn’t make this virus any less deadly or dangerous. How many times has Ptaah had to repeat himself about social distancing, masks, quarantines and lockdowns? He’s doing that because lots of people are getting sick and dying from this disease, which is far more deadlier and dangerous than the common cold or flu. The cases and deaths are actually much higher than what’s reported.

All these conspiracies about the virus are making things worse. People have become immersed in all the rumors about this and that while ignoring the very real dangers that await us.

Billy and Ptaah have repeatedly said that these conspiracies about the virus are coming from morbidly stupid lunatics who don’t have a clue as to what’s really going on.

I think what Michael said earlier was very good advice:

“Worrying about the big, long range picture now is not the priority. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we won’t be here to deal with the rest of the trouble. I know and know of too many people who are all wound up and running around in circles about this or that issue, conspiracy, etc. It’s a waste of energy because, actually, even any parts that may be true are outside of our control at this point.”


“It takes just a few minutes to determine that everything we’ve published form Meier and the Plejaren about the disease has either proved to be 100% accurate (and always before the CDC and WHO) or no discoveries have yet been about these aspects of the information.”

Norm Smith

There are lots of inconsiderates that trivialize the coronavirus epidemic moving about as if nothing has changed and putting others at risk who do take protective measures.

But more that that, I suspect foul-play at the hands of the WHO, CDC, FDA, Vaccine manufacturers and the politicians who are suspect in covert de-population as described by Kevin Galalae for more than a decade. Kevin Galalae is outspoken against over-population and covert-de-population.

Melissa Osaki

We’ve known that the WHO, CDC, FDA, etc. are corrupt and inept. The bottom line is that the Corona plague is killing thousands of people a day, and if we don’t do something to stop the spread, it will kill half a billion people. As Michael was suggesting, there isn’t anything we can do about the dark order and their agenda, at least not at this point in time. And Billy already explained that there isn’t a group or organization spreading the disease around the world. It’s we, planet of the stupid, who are spreading the disease around the world.

Norm Smith

The actual contact tracing number should be between 7.3% – 12% for RT-PCR test with 95% false positives and between 13% – 20% with 50% false positives.

Since most RT-PCR tests employ a cycle threshold > 40 with CT>35 giving a meaningless result, the contact tracing numbers reported should be less than that calculated for 95% false-positives.

Terry Carch

Im not going to take the COVID 19 vacine becuse I have IBS and have had nose bleeds in the past and I "DONT want to get sick because the vaccines makw be even worse than the corona virus itself so unless they are willing to tell us just what is IN these vaccines a nd if we are being biochippied against or free will, I will NOT take ANY vaccines that will try to control our minds, thoughts and freedom to do as we please there is NO possible way that I will be intimated against my free will etc! To say nothing of just what are the side effects too!

Tim Thomas

How does one explain the excess deaths in the USA this year?

The excess deaths toll points to many more SARS-COV-2 caused deaths (and cases) than officially counted.

No matter how much one might want to wish the seriousness of SARS-COV-2 away, I don’t personally see how anybody can argue with the excess deaths in 2020.

What caused them if not SARS-COV-2?

Also, this is happening all over the world:

Russia hid the true SARS-COV-2 death toll until recently:

To me the evidence adds up to under reporting of deaths and a severe undercount of actual cases.

95% false positives?

Although it is known that there is some inaccuracy with the tests, I don’t think so.

Shiva Balu
Norm Smith

The title of that article is:

COVID-19 cases in Wuhan might’ve been 10 times higher then official data showed: Chinese CDC report

Wuhan’s population appears to be growing.

Will be interesting to look at the stats in the coming years…

Norm Smith

Are you able to determine Excess Mortality after subtracting abortions?

This is important as abortions in 2020 were 25x higher than Covid-19 deaths. Would be interesting to see abortions in 2020 vs the average from previous years ad subtract this percentage from the Excess Mortality stats.

Keep in mind that abortion mortality stats are suspect as being under-reported.

From the linked article:

The excess mortality includes not only those who have died from COVID-19, but also those from other causes. When during the studied period fewer people have died from other causes (such as road accidents), the excess mortality statistics might suggest a death toll from COVID-19 that is lower than the actual total. This means both metrics are needed to understand the total death toll of the pandemic.

Tim Thomas

Abortions in 2020 25X higher?

Sure is up a long ways from 2017.

From the above link:

“The number of abortions fell by 196,000—a 19% decline from 1,058,000 abortions in 2011 to 862,000 abortions in 2017.”
And road accidents are actually down in total numbers for 2020 although the percentage of deadly accidents is a bit up when compared to miles traveled.

From the article:

In hard numbers, 2020 looks pretty good so far compared to 2019. The number of people who have died in motor vehicle traffic crashes was down from 16,988 in 2019 to 16,650 in 2020, a decrease of 2 percent.

Norm Smith

You are quoting US abortion deaths.

I’m looking at world numbers.

See this article.

Worldometers, a trusted authority for over 15 years on global statistics, presented in its website that as of Dec. 31, 2020, abortions caused the deaths of 42,655,372 babies last year, according to a screenshot of the website’s tracker uploaded by Breitbart.

COVID-19 (deaths) worldwide, which is at 1.8M as per John Hopkins University data by end of 2020.

42,655,372 / 1,893,420 =
22.53 x

Melissa Osaki

I don’t understand the connection to abortion?

Norm Smith

After my post on calculating the actual contact tracing numbers, the FDA Admits PCR Tests Give False Results.

On Sunday, 3-Jan-2021, we have this article asking What Vaccine Trials?

And there are reports from sounding the alarm at the flu shot (in Mexico) containing Covid-21 as there have been three deaths close to the family suffering coronavirus symptoms after receiving the flu shot.

In one of my posts above, a linked article suggested an estimated 85% of nursing home residents accepted the vaccine when offered. What proportion of nursing home residents accepted the flu-shot in early 2020 (January – March) and subsequently died?

Tim Thomas

It would seem to me that you’re preaching to the choir on this site when it comes to the vaccines.
I don’t think there is even one supporter of the vaccine who writes into theyflyblog, although I could be wrong?

Based on what I think I understand from the Contact Reports, the Plejaren recommend stay at home orders and a shutdown of all but essential services. Along with hermetically sealed quarantine for those with the virus and those who may have the virus.
And the correct protection for medical staff.

What is your answer to ending the SARS-COV-2 pandemic?

Do you not believe that it is an actual problem?

If not, what is the cause of the overstressed hospitals and hundreds of thousands (in the USA) of actual deaths above average in 2020?
And the millions of excess mortalities around the world?

(BTW, my wife’s friends brother just passed today. His wife is a nurse, she picked it up at work and infected him. It must be tough to be in her shoes right now.)

Do you believe it to be a hoax?

I can’t tell what your stance really is.

Al Jedd
Norm Smith

No not a hoax.

But the virus is being trivialized in part blatantly (by those who expect “herd immunity”) and in part with no recourse (limited supplies and high cost of good quality protection both respiratory and goggles).

But there also appears to be foul-play via the WARP-SPEED vaccines and also the flu-shot both of which are reported to induce covid-19 like symptoms in those that take the shots. Some have even died as a result.