COVID: Here for Generations to Come?

They speak to us in the language of science and we are too deaf, dumb and blind to understand, care, or possibly…survive

For everyone who’s paying close attention, here is another “new discovery”:

Virtually all children infected with COVID-19 show signs of blood vessel damage, study shows

However, as early as February 3*, the Plejaren provided this information:

3)  The coronavirus is unpredictable and can infect any human being of any age, namely already the fruit in the womb as well as from infancy to old age, and indeed both woman and man.

4)  In its type of mutation, the coronavirus is particularly dangerous with regard to the full blood count, which, due to the virus, shows serious changes in all measurement parameters of the leukocytes, erythrocytes, haemoglobin, haematocrit, MCH and MCHC measurements; just as the virus also brings about blood clotting disorders.

7)  A corona affection can cause life-threatening forms of thromboses in all organs of human beings of any age.

As far as vascular inflammations and children, there’s this from November 30, 2019more than a year ago:

“These new genetic variations will, on the one hand, bring forth a new type of disease which will affect children, just as other new diseases will emerge; for example, vascular inflammations, and so forth, which will also particularly affect children and young persons with stronger primary immune systems, but still underdeveloped, secondary immune systems.”

As for children as asymptomatic and initially immune, from February 3:

4) Due to the changing dangerousness of the coronavirus, in the coming weeks, first older human beings and also persons with an underlying medical condition will become infected, which also will lead to high mortality rates. Therefore, initially younger human beings, especially adolescents and children, are less susceptible to the coronavirus. However, through its independent mutation, new genetic variations come about, which will become more dangerous and aggressive; consequently they will then also spread to younger human beings, infect them and likewise claim victims.

And from March 4, regarding children:

“It is extremely important that they understand the nature of the spread of the disease by asymptomatic people and that the Plejaren say that children are the main, hidden spreaders of the disease.”

And we were the first to warn of asymptomatic spreaders, on February 25.

The Imbeciles in Arizona

A couple of the useless, stupid and incompetent officials pose for photographs, as Arizona reports over 100 deaths; toll from COVID-19 tops 7K.

They are among the many who are responsible for ignoring and suppressing the warnings and life-saving information I began sending, throughout the state, on March 5, when there were only five cases in the entire state. And chief among those whose arrogance and ignorance censored the information, is the Arizona Daily Sun news paper staff and its publisher, Colleen Brady.

The suffering isn’t yet great enough in the backwards state of Arizona but the day is coming when the people will know the truth and the incompetent politically motivated, profiteering fools will be…held accountable.


We have now been informed about how:

“Earthly medicine will not be able to counteract this fact for very long centuries, because the mass production and mass births of the growing overpopulation will carry the whole thing far into the future by heredity, which started months ago and cannot be stopped or stopped anymore.”

An Appeal for Your Assistance

It should be clear by now – for those with their senses of perception and thinking abilities still intact – that we are awash in a sea of mediocrity, arrogance and stupidity, which has allowed this once containable disease to spread rampantly, worldwide.
While the stupid is rising faster than we can bail, still Billy Meier and the Plejaren speak to us in the language of science, even though we are too deaf, dumb and blind to understand, care, or possibly…survive.
Despite the seeming futility of dealing with the self-important, bloviating, know-it-alls, who only care about their own fame and profit, etc., please fight the good fight and bring this information to any and all persons you can reach. Even send it to the confused so-called “experts” on social media who want to be “COVID celebrities”.
The people were warned…and did they listen?
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*Here is the original German with English translation.

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Terry Carch

This may be off topic but this article needs to be checked out: 12/15/2020 The Big Push for nukes in Space By Karl Grossman

Al Jedd

Well this looks like “We told you so”.

Sweden suffers deadliest November since Spanish flu era as Stockholm ICUs hit 99 percent capacity

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Further towards the east


Shiva Balu