Famous British UFO Skeptics Abducted!

Did US and Israel make deals with “aliens” to expand their petting zoo, in exchange for weapons to annihilate everyone else on earth?

With recent reports about the US and Israel being in cahoots with”aliens”, there are hints that they are possibly abducting and experimenting on human beings because of agreements with the two terrestrial powers. I think it’s partly right. That Israel and the US have secret and not so secret “experiments” (rendition, torture, false flag attacks, terrorism, etc.) appears to be quite true.

As far as any involvement on the part of “aliens”, where’s the evidence? It’s obvious that any highly advanced, space-traveling race…doesn’t need any agreements and/or “approval” to abduct earth people, should such situations exist.

However and on the other hand…

Actual Alien Abductions?

Case # 1

I recently corresponded briefly with Ian Ridpath, before his sudden disappearance. As you can see, Ian is an astronomer and a proudly…inaccurate UFO skeptic. I sent him introductory information about the Billy Meier contacts, and his first response was:

“I don’t really know why you have contacted me as I know little about the Billy Meir case, other than to say that it sounds eminently implausible, like a latter-day Adamski. I have no idea what the reason would be for the contacts, assuming they were real. But if they were real it would of course be enormously exciting and a complete paradigm shift. Might I also ask you: why are you bothered?”

I let him know that I contacted him because he seemed “to be the most scientifically qualified skeptic” and that I’d welcome a discussion, etc. I included more documentation for him to examine, to which he only replied:

“But I don’t waste my time on UFOs any more.”

Even though I reminded him that he was a scientist and that, if true, this is the most important discovery, information, event, etc., in all of science and human history…Ian went strangely silent.

Case # 2

The next to disappear was Nick Pope who, until recently, fancied himself some kind of UFO expert, despite the fact that he only had anecdotal evidence about the phenomenon.

A person very much interested in the Meier material sent Pope information, with links to my blog, to which Pope replied:

“Thank you for these emails.”

My friend offered to send him even more information and a resume, etc., to which Pope responded:

“Thank you. There is no need to send me a resume – while I still occasionally comment in the media on UFOs and other mysteries, now that I have retired from the UK Ministry of Defense, I am no longer actively researching or investigating this.”

Obviously, the “aliens” monitor UFO skeptics, so-called “experts” and other delusional types. As soon as they notice that their circuits are getting fried by Meier’s real, incontrovertible, still irreproducible evidence and prophetically accurate scientific information, they apparently whisk them away…right after vacuuming their brains of any remnants of responsible, scientifically based urges to honestly investigate the Meier contacts, lest they be disturbed by newly discovered, historically unprecedented evidence, etc.

And so the hysterical, idiotic, official disinformation continues!

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Check this out, exactly what you were talking about Michael.


Al Jedd

It’s also reached the gutter press, with the last video of Pope.


This will reinforce the “ha ha” factor in UFO’s, masks the Truth and will spawn even more conspiracy theories.


Screenshot_2020-12-09 REVEALED Why ‘UFO’ calls to new Trump ‘ALIEN’ hotline are soaring.png
John Webster

. . . and the intrigue builds, and builds! Really now, this blog has such a chronological diversity covering the most absurd, to the most real of human affairs, that everything else pales in comparison. I applaude the longevity of theyfly! [thumbs up]

Simon Walsh

Great effort Micheal, it’s unfortunate that neither of them can man up and check out the evidence. There’s not enough humanity in the world, just simply doing things for the right reason should be a standard practice. Keep on keeping on!
Take care

Brigitte de Roch

I have a question.

I found a bunch of scientists who say they do not see any hard evidence of visits on Earth or that there is no life elsewhere in the cosmos among many other silly things.

I have their names and email addresses. Do you recommend that I contact them directly Michael or is it better that I send you their contact info?

You told us many times to be pro-active but I want to know how far we can go as passive members.

Thank you for letting me know.

Terry Carch

Awhile ago I was watching the original black and white 1951 movie The Day the Earth Stood Still on the Turner Movie classics. While most iof these actors are now dead there is one who is still around who played the little boy Bobby Benson played by Billy Grey who is still alive today. A thought came to my mind and I wonder if MH, Melissa or anyone else would like to send all this information to Billy Grey and also David Serada too so these people might be interested in finding out just who Billy Meier and his extraterrestrial cntact friends are and what their mission realky is all about. Also you might also want to contact Miriam Delacado at Blue Star Prophes.com too se we can get alkl this information out to as many people as we possibly can etc,. If I find David Seradas website Ill send it to you on They Fly Blog. Salome

Al Jedd

Thank you Brigitte for your post.
Hi Michael
Would it be possible to email me the contact address’s of these scientists?
Thanking u all for your contributions to the mission.


Brigitte de Roch

Hi Al –

It turns out that I created a massive list. I am cleaning it up and hope to email it to Michael tomorrow.

It’s time for these scientists to really graduate!

Al Jedd

Thank you
Be aware and take care

Terry Carch

Here is David Serads website David Serada at https:// www.dfavidserada,.com There are also seeral other webistes too from amaizon,pinttrers,likadin,etc. I dont know if Billy Grey has a webite but you might want to look it up if I find it ,I`ll leave that webiste with you too and maby you cansend aklkl the the info on Meier anf the Plejarens too. Salome

Terry Carch

Billy Grey has his own webite too that you may wnat to look up and also Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore and Steven spillberg too so we can get as many people as we can and get all the UFO Billy Meier BEAM FIGU BEAM information out there to convince evryone that these human extraterrestrials are really out there and are rally here to help us out etc.

Terry Carch

Hwere is another idea, even though the Star Trek universe is based on the Plejaren Fedration why not add the Star Trek Ungives to the list of people and organization we need to send all this information too. This way we can prove to everyone that theses are really human extraterrestrials who are visiting and in contact with Billy Meier etc.