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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

The Unknown Dangers of the COVID Vaccines

Based on these still unconsidered factors, people may have a false sense of security after receiving a vaccination

While the rush to find an effective vaccine for the disease is understandable, there are still some very important points and questions that haven’t been addressed, let alone answered, by the “officials”, as well as the vaccine manufacturers.

I think it’s important that the information below be satisfactorily answered, so as to absolutely minimize any danger directly from the vaccines, as well as from overconfidence that people may have, as a result of a false sense of security after receiving a vaccination.

NOTE: The following information has nothing whatsoever to do with so-called “anti-vaxxer” information, however accurate or inaccurate that information may be.


As was stated in the first warnings about the COVID-19 coronavirus disease that we published on February 25:

“the virus becomes more aggressive over time”

This was preceded by information from November 30, 2019, which we didn’t receive and publish until May 9:

“For the time being, many human beings will die who have weakened primary and secondary immune systems, and that is unchangeable, while the virus will mutate several times and produce dangerous mutations. These new genetic variations will, on the one hand, bring forth a new type of disease which will affect children, just as other new diseases will emerge; for example, vascular inflammations, and so forth, which will also particularly affect children and young persons with stronger primary immune systems, but still underdeveloped, secondary immune systems.”

January 6, 2020:

“If the comprehensive circumstance of the Corona -Virus is to be explained, then it basically corresponds to a partly mutating germ and, in different forms, to a germ that is becoming more dangerous, which indeed attacks the lungs – non-demonstrably in an impulse-form or even demonstrably – however, usually uses them imperceptibly only as a transitional host in order to then attack the vessels of other organs in a life-threatening inflammatory form, which then often leads to death. A particularly critical aspect of the Corona-Virus is the fact that it mutatingly calls forth changes in all vessels, however, it also attacks the protective cell layer of the inner surfaces of the various organs and has a destructive effect on them.”

February 3, 2020:

3) The dangerous and deadly nature of this insidious rampantly spreading disease comes about through a mutation through which changes and consequently new genetic variations of the virus arise, which will become more dangerous and aggressive.

4) Due to the changing dangerousness of the coronavirus, in the coming weeks, first older human beings and also persons with an underlying medical condition will become infected, which also will lead to high mortality rates. Therefore, initially younger human beings, especially adolescents and children, are less susceptible to the coronavirus. However, through its independent mutation, new genetic variations come about, which will become more dangerous and aggressive; consequently they will then also spread to younger human beings, infect them and likewise claim victims.

7) Also, due to the irrationality of the majority of the population, which does not change its illogical mode of behaviour and will not adhere to the given orders regarding the protective measures, the number of infections and fatalities continue to increase; this is also because all officially ordered measures are inconsiderate and extremely flawed and inadequate to a great extent. This is the case because the majority of both genders of the responsible ones of the government are incapable of foresight, and additionally they are completely naïve – which also partly applies to the experts in virology – with regard to the dangerousness and effect of the coronavirus which independently mutates genetically.

8) Since the time of the rampantly spreading disease, SARS, the experts of virology, and so forth, have researched the SARS virus, wherethrough so far certain valueful cognitions have been gained, although the entire approach, however, is far too lax. Therefore it is not recognised that through this valuable research and its results valueful substances have been acquired, which could be worked out in a relatively short time and be used against the coronavirus which is mutating and independently changing into new genetic variations.

10) The mutations of the virus, which have been ongoing for a long time and which will continue to occur now and in coming times, will not be recognised by the terrestrial researchers for some time, which additionally will lead to many infections and fatalities.

(Note this important information: “Therefore it is not recognised that through this valuable research and its results valueful substances have been acquired, which could be worked out in a relatively short time and be used against the coronavirus which is mutating and independently changing into new genetic variations.”)

13) The mentioned fact of the different immune systems among the Earth’s human beings, that is to say, their peoples, groups, tribes, genera and peoples mixings, is not known to the terrestrial physicians. However, these differences are to be especially considered because they are very significant, because not only are they dependent on the atmosphere and determined by climate and regions, rather they also depend on societal modes of behaviour and so forth. Therefore in various countries they contribute especially strongly to the infection with the rampantly spreading corona disease and to mortalities. In certain countries the atmospheric and climatic influences on the immune systems lead to particular viral genetic mutations, wherethrough also different infectious moments arise; consequently the ongoing gen-based mutations of the virus also show different symptoms with regard to the rampantly spreading corona disease. Accordingly, these are particularly pronounced in certain areas of emigration countries due to the mixing of peoples. However, regarding that there is still more to explain, namely also concerning the ‘purity of species’, species diversity and the mixing of peoples, because these have a special value with regard to resilience of the terrestrial human beings’ immune systems which are weakened or strengthened accordingly.

February 3, 2020, Part 2:

2)  The coronavirus corresponds to a mutating virus species, which can emerge in typical and atypical corona-forms, therefore, in atypical forms it is difficult to recognise it as a corona species.

4)  In its type of mutation, the coronavirus is particularly dangerous with regard to the full blood count, which, due to the virus, shows serious changes in all measurement parameters of the leukocytes, erythrocytes, haemoglobin, haematocrit, MCH and MCHC measurements; just as the virus also brings about blood clotting disorders.

May 22, 2020:

“As our research has shown thus far, this virus – in its ability to mutate– has developed into an extraordinary and dangerous ultra-multi-virus, that is to say, an extreme multiple pathogen. Overall this is a matter of a very peculiar virus in which many kinds of characteristics have come about through mutations, which cause many kinds of diseases and can infect and make any organ ill, just as it can also produce completely new diseases.”

June 16, 2020:

“The rampantly spreading corona disease, if a recognised or unrecognised infection has developed, can last for months, namely depending on the moment of mutation and intensity as well as regarding the immune status of the infected person and so forth.”

July 26, 2020:

“9. All the symptoms of disease called forth by the corona virus that we have mentioned in recent months remain valid and will also not experience a discontinuation due to potential mutations of the virus.”

August 5, 2020:

“However, this virus continues to go through phases of mutation, which from time to time cause new susceptibilities to disease, which, as a rule, is not recognised by the entire terrestrial medical science and thus also not by the virologists, because they neither have the necessary knowledge in this regard, nor do they have all the necessary requirements in terms of technology, apparatuses, chemistry and other things.”

“7. The dangerousness and lethality of this insidious rampantly spreading corona disease is due to a continuous mutation of the virus, in which case the mutation-changes which arise from it bring about newly occurring genetic variations that become more dangerous and aggressive, which, however, can neither be recognised by doctors nor by virologists and so forth, because they do not have the necessary knowledge and instruments for that at their disposal.”

October 29, 2020:

“A further mutation of the virus will also occur in the coming weeks. So, as you say, by the end of next November the disease will have killed around 1.5 million people, because all those in positions of government and public authority are incapable of doing their jobs and do not know what they should be doing.”

Immune Systems

In addition to where it’s mentioned above, there is this information to take into consideration regarding differences in the immune systems.

February 25, 2020:

“If and when the rampantly spreading disease, Covid-2, becomes visible/manifests itself in a person depends on the strength and stability of his/her immune system. Based on what the Plejaren or Ptaah explained, the immune systems vary from people to people and from race to race. The current Coronavirus, i.e. Sars-CoV-2, hits hardest the Chinese as well as all Southeast Asian countries bordering on China, such as North and South Korea, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Myanmar/Burma, etc., because the immune system of these peoples reacts/responds in a less stable wise against the virus than that of other peoples, such as the Europeans, where it is usually milder and causes flu-like or pneumonia-like illnesses without a necessarily fatal outcome. However, if immune deficiencies are already present in Europeans, then the Corona virus becomes dangerous for them too and can quickly lead to death.

Fundamentally, Ptaah explained, that the (inter)mixing of peoples should therefore be refrained from, above all, because it usually has a negative influence on the immune system of the descendants, although in exceptions a positive influence is also possible, which however cannot be predicted. Every (inter)mixing of human beings of different peoples inevitably changes the immune system, weakens it or strengthens it, as the case may be. So the immune system of a member of a people with a stronger and more stable or much weaker immune system, can transfer this immune system stability positively or negatively. A weakening can already occur/happen through a longer or shorter stay in a country whose people have a weaker and more unstable immune system, which is why travelling to faraway countries also involves certain dangers in this respect.”

(NOTE: For the sake of brevity, and because of the comprehensiveness of this information, still largely unaddressed by the “experts”, I will only provide a link to this earlier information, from February 3, 2020.)

Blood Groups

The following, from September 23, 2020, is quite comprehensive and demands serious study – and responses – by medical authorities:

“Furthermore, it is to be said – as far as I am allowed to explain something in this respect according to our directives – that the entire terrestrial medical science should not simply concentrate on working out a certain vaccine, but should at the same time also concentrate on the different blood groups. This is because they are important, because they determine from the outset – and this is something to which special attention should be paid – the level of the infection factor. In this respect I have to explain – and I will use the terrestrial medical terms to explain this – that the erythrocytes or red blood cells, which consist of different structures such as proteins and lipid compounds on their surface, must be influenced by appropriate vaccines. The term lipids corresponds to a term which is to be understood as accumulation, whereby the lipid compounds mentioned on the erythrocytes are mostly composed of water-insoluble natural substances. Due to their low polarity, lipids can be easily dissolved in hydrophobic or waterless solvents. Lipids are similar to blood groups, whereby each human being possesses a certain type of such antigens which, as foreign proteins, cause the formation of antibodies against themselves in the body and thus form a certain blood group. The most important blood group systems of Earth human beings are first and foremost the subscription system, then the rhesus system and the Kell system, which I must explain a few things to help people who are not medically educated. Blood groups in the narrower sense are all genetically determined erythrocyte characteristics or disc-shaped, 8.4 micrometre tiny cells without nuclei, which are slightly dented in the middle. Such erythrocytes or blood cells have a lifespan of about 4 months and can be calculated at about 26,000 billion in an adult human being.

Normally, every structure or organism of the human being develops an antibody on the surface of a cell, which represents a separate blood group property. This blood group determination has a comprehensive practical significance in itself, which prevents negative transfusion reactions, e.g. when a blood transfusion is necessary. This is also of importance in clarifying transfusion incidents, in prenatal care, as well as in organ transplantation, all of which are of great importance on Earth in forensic medicine.

If the human being receives blood of an incompatible blood group, this can lead to a dissolution of erythrocytes by destroying the cell membrane with the transfer of haemoglobin into the plasma, which destroys the blood components, which can be fatal. This is because each blood group antigen also has a specific blood group antibody, and this antibody can recognise the antigen and clump with it. So it is clear that blood group antibodies are floating in the blood of every human being, fighting against those antigens that do not belong to the human being. This prevents the body’s own immune system from acting against its own erythrocytes. If, however, a blood transfusion is carried out with the wrong blood of a different blood group, the foreign erythrocytes are fought in the blood system. The determination of the blood group is therefore of immense practical importance in a blood transfusion, especially in an organ transplant. And finally, it is important to note that blood group of ethnic populations are usually different and also unequally distributed. Just as the various blood group are, of course, fundamentally different in terms of their susceptibility to infection, depending on their ethnic origin, and also in terms of susceptibility to the corona virus, to which blood group zero is the least susceptible because it has a certain better immunity stability than the other blood group. These are the facts to be explained.”

So, how do scientists make a truly effective vaccine against an ever-mutating virus, a…manmade bioweapon at that? It would certainly seem that the information above deserves enormous scrutiny.

One thing that should be quite obvious is that there is absolutely no comparable, accurate and easily understood information available to the average person.

It was mentioned, however, that scientists had made some cognitions pertaining to the original SARS outbreak of 2003 and the information gained then should be revisited, as it may contain clues as to how combat this disease.


Though not directly connected to the factors under consideration regarding vaccines, there is this very troubling mention of heredity that shows the as yet not recognized scope of this disease, as made possible by inept, arrogant, ignorant, unqualified “leaders” and “experts”:

September 23, 2020:

“…the ever increasing overpopulation will carry the whole thing far into the future by heredity, which already started months ago and cannot be stopped or stopped anymore.”

The entire discussion about the COVID-19 pandemic is awash in theories, incorrect, revised and (supposedly) corrected information and, of course, a flood of brain-dead, denial-based conspiracy theories.

Now consider if my outrage might be warranted over the deliberate suppression of this information by people like Colleen Brady and her utterly incompetent staff, as well as all the other so-called journalists, governmental and medical officials, etc., throughout Arizona.

If keeping this life-saving information hidden from the public, as well as investigative journalists, medical and governmental officials, isn’t a crime against humanity…what is?

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Al Jedd
Al Jedd
Blog Member
March 24, 2021 1:54 pm

Care home workers in England face mandatory Covid jabs under plans, UK government considering forcing care workers to get Covid vaccine….all that is missing are the words:- Seig Heil.
After all, the health workers did get a massive 1% pay rise (for being on the front line?).

Ukrainian soldier DIES after receiving Indian-made AstraZeneca Covid-19 jab, as army warns against drawing ‘premature conclusions’

The news continues to dribble through from the media.


Al Jedd
Al Jedd
Blog Member
March 26, 2021 1:04 pm

Another European country is being careful with the AstraZeneca vaccination.
Denmark extends AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine suspension for three weeks.

Whilst Hong Kong checks it batch of vaccines.
Hong Kong halts use of Pfizer vaccine, cites defective lids.


Al Jedd
Al Jedd
Blog Member
March 30, 2021 11:39 am

It seems Canada is taking note about the dangers of the vaccines and halts AstraZeneca vaccine .


Blog Member
Reply to  Al Jedd
March 30, 2021 3:03 pm


no worries, we’ll just rename it, and it will be just fine…nobody will notice.


Al Jedd
Al Jedd
Blog Member
Reply to  Al Jedd
March 30, 2021 7:08 pm

It looks like I should have waited before posting my comments earlier today.
Now Germany suspends use of AstraZeneca COVID vaccine for under-60s

I guess we will have to wait and see how many countries suspends their vaccination program.
We live and learn.
And thank you CMT.


Al Jedd
Al Jedd
Blog Member
Reply to  Al Jedd
April 2, 2021 5:47 pm

And yet another country suspends the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Netherlands suspends AstraZeneca jab for under-60s over blood clot fears


Brigitte de Roch
Brigitte de Roch
Blog Member
April 2, 2021 10:56 pm

Melissa sent me this link earlier regarding a woman who broke out in a full body rash after getting the vaccine. It persisted for over two weeks and now she needs to see a specialist.

Since COVID-19 causes skin rashes too (69% reported itchy skin and skin rashes in the comprehensive Long Covid Study) many may be left wondering how they got the largest organ of their body in such an awful state. For now, we’ll stick to the official diagnostics.

Melissa Osaki
Melissa Osaki
Reply to  Brigitte de Roch
April 2, 2021 11:35 pm

Thanks Brigitte.

And I added the additional information that you sent me to the Long COVID blog. I think the evidence is piling up. Billy and our friends from Erra are always ten steps ahead.

Robert Olson
Robert Olson
Blog Member
June 15, 2021 4:34 pm

It is an every day occurence when talking with individuals that the comeback seems to be: God will save us or the bible says this & that, or Jesus Christ will…
Yet we have in real time the Plejarens, the figu information, BEAM, etc.., and most will not even give an hour of reading or listening to the information available.

Melissa Osaki
Melissa Osaki
Reply to  Robert Olson
June 15, 2021 5:10 pm

It gets so old hearing about the sky daddy coming to save us. It’s a wonder that our civilization has made it this far when we constantly rely on mythical beings to save us. I’ve also been hearing that it’s because women got the right to vote that society is degenerating. That one makes me laugh every time I hear it. I can only imagine how it looks to extraterrestrials who observe us. They probably need therapy after seeing such illogical behavior and massive levels of degeneracy.