Billy Meier and the Black Sand Dunes of Mars

How NASA Scientist, Dr. Jonathan H. Jiang, helped prove Billy Meier visited the Red Planet…in 1986


Please see this short new video that establishes the ironclad authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO contacts (perhaps I should say “again” but many people are very slow learners). I got a bit excited about the implications, so it’s not the smoothest video I’ve ever posted.

This video came about because of the graciousness of NASA scientist Dr. Jonathan H. Jiang responding to an email I sent him about his new study pertaining to the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Our conversation resulted in my writing a short paper that I sent to him:

Do Aliens Exist?

…which then led to a remarkable and unprecedented discovery, as I explain in the video. Perhaps it’s a positive indication of what can happen when the Billy Meier information is discussed with qualified, open-minded scientists.

You can order the new book, Introduction to Meditation – NOW here!

Excerpt from ‘Introduction to Meditation’ by Billy Meier 2020, page 58:

Purpose of the Book

The ‘Introduction to Meditation’ allows the human being to learn the meditation through one’s own study. Therefore he/she does not need to visit ‘gurus’ and ‘yogis’, who, for much money, want to make him/her believe that they could bring him/her ‘salvation’, although thereby they only make him/her dependent, exploit him/her and poison his/her thinking and thereby enslave him/her in his/her consciousness.

The study of meditation however is very hard and requires much commitment, willingness to learn and perseverance, if the human being wants to enjoy the unsurpassable gifts of the consciousness. A crash course, a short or intensive course, as they are offered everywhere for the impatient ones, may well be tempting, however, they are extremely delusive and dangerous, and above all – the reward fails to appear.

The human being of Earth is not used to creational-law-based thinking and acting, therefore the switch to patience and calmness, as the meditation demands it of him/her, is not easy for him/her. At school and also in one’s job, material-intellectual efforts (ambition, thirst for knowledge, and so forth) and the devout dealing with cognitions and knowledge which are not one’s own, are constantly demanded of the human being.

The religions have placed the human being under the thumb of an imaginary godhead and thereby have deprived him/her of his/her self-mastery. Worldly and human might-structures such as church, state, economy and science also ensure that the human being remains unknowing and manipulable. The human being therefore no longer knows the might that actually is present in himself/herself, which is why he/she searches for compensation in a purely material achievement, wherethrough he/she condemns his/her consciousness to inactivity. But perhaps nevertheless some human beings internally have an inspiration from their subconsciousness which tells them that many things, which they have taken part in, cannot be right. The human being, and above all his/her consciousness, wants to live differently, namely in harmony with the Creation.

Many human beings believe – idly expecting a flash of light – to receive the right kind of life and the right mentality while sitting by the roadside.

The human being needs not sheer off because he/she can begin in his/her own familiar environment to think and act based on the laws of Creation. However, he/she must not and cannot wait any longer to really concentrate for a few seconds on his/her inner self, only because it temporarily requires still more of him/her, for example, to find out the exact time from his/her inner self rather than looking at the clock. However, once the human being masters this concentration capability, then it is also useful for him/her where he/she, with his/her habitual material mode of thinking, would have to go for kilometres in order to check something, of which he/she then nevertheless still could not say with absolute certainty: IT IS SO.

The human being should consider that the Creation is never inactive. It also uninterruptedly fulfils all its self- created laws and recommendations, in order to secure all its creations in their existence. The human being is one of its creations and has to follow suit.

The meditation does not simply serve the relaxation – which is why it is also recommended by doctors. No, it serves especially the self-disciplining of the human being, the schooling of his/her consciousness, the cognition and the creating of inner peace and the equalisedness and the actual mastering of life in general.

If the human being studies this book accurately and heedfully and acts according to the presented knowledge, then these and many other cognitions will be granted to him/her.


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Armando morales

I need this book… I have been putting it off to long. Put me in on getting it Michael…

Stephen Lane

Thanks Michael. Good video. Would it be OK if others borrowed the ‘Do Aliens exist’ article?

Robert Stewart

I am looking forward to the book. I am delighted to have the truth present in my life. Thank you Michael for keeping the door open for us all.

Sam Thillaiyah

Great things happen on this earth from over 70 years. We human are ignorant, blind or stupid to open up our mind. The impossibility caused by lack of our knowledge to judge. Everyone judges according to the knowledge they possess. As Semjase said to Billy, the knowledge that human on earth earned only 11.6%, so we got a higher mark for our stupidity 88.4%. What could we expect from a kindergarten child. This is the time for human on earth to open up their eyes, learn from higher source of truth and evolve faster. You are not going to lose any thing but gain.
Thank you for Billy and others around him.

Brigitte de Roch

And when we die at 80 we are only like an 8 year old in knowledge and wisdom as compared to the P’s.

I have to be stricter with myself to reach the knowledge of a 9 year old. When I see and feel my progress, it’s really is just a speck of dust on the back of an elephant or a tiny needle point on the top left corner of a blank canvas. I do like it though because it shows me how much more I have to learn. It’s endless, just like the universe.

Terry Carch

“We are just a tiny speck of dust in all of the universes that I`m reading with 3% brain that is not being used ed! We need to use ALL 100% of our brains if we want to be equals with the Ps!”

Al Jedd

I should have posted this a few days ago. When I first heard of Curiosity had been on Mars for 3,000 days (Euronews).
Nasa is now looking for life in one of the ancient sea beds on Mars.

Nasa’s Curiosity rover: 3,000 days on Mars

Nasa should have asked Billy first.


Terry Carch

Hi All Gee I wish we had known about Billy and the Plejarens back then. We could have solved all of Earth`s problems back then and even now too. Just look at the awful mess we are in now. This is like living in a horror movie right now. There is this old saying: “Better late than never!” Salome

Nathan Gant

I’ve read some science that suggest complex life could not have evolved on Mars, because Phobos, the larger of Mars’s two Moons, is so small that the tidal forces it generates are just one per cent of those generated by our Moon. Its lack of relentless tidal cycles in large bodies of water on a planet would have the effect of diminishing instead of amplifiing molecules such as DNA that would lead to the first life forms. OTOH fast tidal cycling caused by the influence of our moon enabled the formation of precursor nucleic acids on Earth and the first unicellular life forms.

One question which is baffling to science: water, which was not originally on the planet, the formation of large amouts of water was not possible when the Earth formed 4 1/2 billion years ago. Earth was born with water, dust, and rubble from an early supernova. But most of it evaporated into space. So this means the source for Earth’s water had to come from somewhere else. The planet was nothing but superheated rock and volcanic material. How did it suddenly cover almost 3/4th’s of the surface of the planet? Not to mention the vast quantities of water underground. We know that the planets Uranus and Neptune are “ice giants” and are composed of 2/3 frozen water.

Was water formed by frozen comets of ice originating from the distant universe? Studies seem to back up the idea that Earth’s water came from asteroids .

Water in the deep mantle is highly unlikely to have been added from comets or asteroids
which could not have impacted so deep, thousands of kilometers beneath the surface. Some suggest water was formed from the reaction of hydrogen and silica quartz under intense pressure and heat deep underground. Recent theories have suggested that water itself can be formed by dissolution of SiO2 (silicon dioxide, the major component in granite and quartz, the Earth’s crust being 59 per cent silica. ), when in contact with fluid hydrogen under high- temperature and pressure conditions,
silicon one of the most abundant elements in Earth’s crust. In other words, under such intense conditions, each silicon atom in granite and quartz(SiO2, silicon dioxide) is exchanged and replaced with two hydrogen atoms to become H2O, water.

Al Jedd

Thank you

Screenshot_2020-05-03 Salome Peace Meditation.png
Sheila Clark

Hi Nathan, you are under the assumption that Mars has always occupied the same place in our solar system that it’s in now.
CR 251 encompasses our history:
It explains why Mars is not where it used to be and also the original genetic manipulation of human beings.
The atmosphere on earth used to be more saturated with water and yes it was due to collisions with water planets and comets.
Ringwoodite is the blue colored mineral that holds water in the earth’s mantle.
Sorry I’m unable to find the contact reports which explain these things and am hoping my memory serves me.

Nathan Gant

Yes the Meier info appears to be consistent with our understanding in astrophysics, that collisions by ice comets brought all the surface water to Earth. And the latest science theories on granite/quartz rock interactions with liquid hydrogen under extreme pressure/heat may have formed the vast stores of water deep underground in Earth.

Then again, that leads to another cosmological mystery: how do ice comets first form in the universe?

Will try to sort through all the vast libraries of Meier and figu databases out here.

Al Jedd

If memory serves me well, the earth as a gas ball formed over 600 billion years ago.
The moon appeared about 5 million years ago, and has its own history.

For our human history going back about 10 billion years.

2019 08 11 Nokodemion Presentation – Catherine Mossman

I once searched on for 49 atoms, but google has moved it.
You will be going on an incredible journey, there is so much on FIGU.


Screenshot_2021-01-18 FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada.png
rex resa

Peace meditation again tommorow guys.

Don’t wait! Don’t waste your time with dead-end pursuits! The planet needs your help…

I was with receptive people today and I didn’t do it, but told them about it.

No regrets. I’m doing it tomorrow.


Elizalde Roa

Thank you… again.